Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Understanding and Accepting the Concept of Passive Income

With so many people trying to wrangle out of their various financial problems, it is somewhat surprising that the concept of passive income is still not universally popular. If more people would understand that passive income, or residual income, means, and implement ways to create it, then their lives would be vastly enriched.


Passive income is when you do something once and it keeps on paying you for a long time. Like, writing a book. If you once author a book and get it published, you can earn royalties on that book forever. Or, like making a music album. The album sales will bring money forever. You do not have to keep doing things over and over again… passive income just keeps on coming in without you even knowing when it will come.


Today, there are several ways in which passive income streams are being generated over the Internet. It is right to say that the Internet has vastly improved people’s lives—at least the lives of those who know how to use it the right way—by creating these options for bringing in residual income.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways, and also one of the most popularly used. Here, you build a website and then allow online businesspeople to place an advertisement of their business on your website. Every time some visitor clicks on that advertisement and visits the site of the sponsor, you get some money. This is a great stream of passive income, which just keeps on coming in your online bank account.


People who develop software applications or write eBooks and put them up for sale on the Internet also get good passive income. Of course, some promotional strategies are needed, but they occasionally pay off quite handsomely. Once you have everything in place, your products and applications start selling and bringing you the money. Today, because of the presence of networks, the concept of viral marketing has come to the fore where someone who likes a particular product recommends it to another. This is another great thing because it helps the products to reach out to a larger number of people and brings in more passive income to you.


If you use these streams wisely and devote some amount of initial time and effort to them, then you will find that they really help you in taking better control of your financial freedom. You could be a happier person—a person who has several options of income and not just their conventional day job. 


Planning for the Future—A Wise Finance Plan

One of the most important things we need to secure our future is to have a good financial plan. There are several plans out there and all of them try to seduce us with great advertisement campaigns which leave a lump in our throats most of the time, but what should be believe in? Our financial plan should be something reliable, something we can count on to give us a good life ahead.


Here, we are not going to discuss what financial plan you should go for, but we are going to talk about what you need to consider. Financial plans—such as long-term insurances, mutual bonds, fixed deposits, buying assets, etc.—all have their advantages and disadvantages and you cannot paint a completely white or a completely black picture for any of them. But here are the things that you should keep in mind.


There should be a good deal of appreciation with your financial plan. Choose a plan that grows with you. Remember that when you will eventually need to dip into your salted resources, everything is going to become more expensive. Inflation is a sordid reality; you just cannot escape from it. Hence, when choosing your future investments, do not think about in today’s terms. Think about what will happen 10, 20 or 30 years down the line.


Choose an investment plan from a reputable company. It is best to go ahead with companies that have a very long-standing history and a good reputation because you are going to use them for a long, long time. 


Does the plan suit you? You need to be agreeable to the concept of the plan, or you are not going to make the most of it. Whatever plan you choose, think about how you will tap into it in future. 


Always appoint beneficiaries. These should be people you trust, people you really want to benefit from the plan you are selecting. Do not be hasty about it, but do it all the same. You can never be sure about life, and that is the reason why choosing beneficiaries is extremely important.


Keep something for charity. This is a sign of goodwill, and it gives you a great deal of inner peace. You do not get to take away everything that you make on earth, so why not give something to a cause that you truly believe in? Most financial plans will make it possible for you to give worthwhile charities.


At the same time, ensure that the plan will give you adequate returns when it materializes. You do not want to get pigeon-feed at the end of it all, especially after having diligently invested for the most part of your working life. 

How to Untangle Yourself from Financial Worries

Financial worries become our lot from time to time. We cannot help them in most cases and when they arise, they can cause a great deal of stress. Without eliminating these worries, we find that there cannot be progress in our life, and we start moving backwards instead of forwards.


But, in most cases, these financial worries are quite hyped. They are not what they seem to be. If you are not able to make a payment before a particular deadline, sit down and analyze your situation again. Is it such a difficult thing? Maybe you could make money from somewhere if you needed it. Maybe you could negotiate for more time. Maybe you could negotiate for a lesser payment. It is also possible that someone—a friend or relative—might help you in your hour of need.


When we worry about money, we actually start a chain of highly destructive events. Our worry prevents us from thinking clearly. Due to that, we are not able to work. That creates a greater shortage of funds. We cannot solve the difficult time we are going through. Eventually, the worry just gets compounded.


Instead, the right approach would be to think positively and keep a level head even if there are difficult times we are going through. Most monetary problems are not as difficult they seem.


Prevention is always the best cure for monetary problems. Consider good investment options. Let alone investment plans, even if you are able to just salt away a little money for the future, it could help you in great measure. Learn the value of money and try not to overspend when you have money. Save it for difficult times that might come in future.


It is always good to save on assets that grow. Think about investing in real estate and precious metals like gold. Think about bonds and equities, which have a good reputation for increase as well. Consider making fixed deposits in your bank. Invest in your children’s future and think about medical insurance for everyone in the family. These will ensure that you have money when you need it.


Most of your worries can be avoided through these ways.


Moreover, instead of spending time in fruitless worry, you could definitely do a much better job by taking up some new source of making money. With the Internet, there are so many options right now. Well, you could even write as a freelancer and make good money out of it. You could sell some of the things that you don’t need any more through places like eBay and Amazon.


At the end of it, money problems are not all that they are exaggerated to be, unless you are looking at a very large expense such as buying a building or a bridge. For everyday monetary issues, you just need to have a clear head and think about what options you have with you.

Money in Your Life—How Much Is Enough

Quite sadly, it is an irrefutable fact that we are living in a materialistic world. There is no escaping the fact. Actually, if you think about it, almost everything that we do—right from the start of our day until the time we retire to bed—we are doing it for money or for some other such similar material gain. The things that we do for other reasons, such as our physical development and maintenance and our spiritual growth are precious little in comparison to the things we do for money.


We are addicted to money. The more we get of it, the more we want. We want money to be at our disposal all the time, and we want money salted away so that we feel that we will be able to spend our future lives in luxury as well.


But, the important question is—how much money is enough? When should we put the tabs on it?


The bitter truth is that our lifestyles today have become such that we are chasing after money all the time. When we earn enough money to acquire one of our satisfactions, we feel the urge to earn more money and look for something bigger than that. Wants are unlimited. We always generate higher wants in our mind and then set ourselves to bring it to fruition as well.


If we put it in very simple terms, then you are doing very well if you have enough money to:

  • Pay all your bills
  • Pay for your necessities
  • Pay for luxuries such as clothes, various electronic products, and so on
  • Pay for your holidays 
  • Pay for investment for your business’ growth
  • Pay for your future investment plans

… and so on.


Maybe we forgot to add something in the above list, but you get the picture. The main point is that you have to have money for everything that is important for your survival and for the pursuits of your mind and for security in the future. Remember that we earn money to live—it should never happen the other way round.


Having said all that, we need to point out that it is not wrong to dream about becoming rich… You can dream, but for that you will need to keep rotating money. You earn money, you put it into your business, then you earn more money and improve your business still further.


In any case, money is important but you should not have money just for the sake of having money. You should use it for enhancing yourself; not for making yourself more complacent and vainer about your achievements. 

What Attracts Money?

People are always trying to find ways and means in which they can generate more money and make their lives more materialistically contented. We cannot deny the importance of money—though it a very superficial requirement for our existence, it is a requirement all the same.


But the sadder part is that people have the completely wrong idea about bringing money into their lives. What is it that attracts money? What are the factors that can make you richer in terms of money?


The first thing, and most people totally miss out on this, is to stay positive. Money cannot be attracted by negativism. You cannot think low about yourself, be stressed and depressed, have hate or jealousy in your mind, or try to mow down other people, and bring money in your money. Such negative elements will only push money farther away from you. Even if you have attracted such money, when you become vulnerable to such negative ideas, you will find the money going away slowly from your possession.


When you are positive, you are optimistic about yourself. This optimism manifests itself in various ways. You have a better frame of mind, and hence your efforts benefit from your good intentions. You are able to pool your resources in a better way. Various things automatically align themselves in such a manner that you are able to get better results and you reach your goals sooner.


In fact, the Law of Attraction says, in no unclear terms, how positive thoughts can help bring positive results. This has, today, become one of the fundamental laws of self-improvement, something that even leadership and self-improvement gurus are propounding in their various debates, speeches and discourses.


The other thing that attracts money is dedicated effort. Your dedication should be such that you focus on the quality of the work you are providing, not on the money that it will bring in. When you devote your energies to creating a better standard of your work, then people will automatically throng to acquire whatever you are promoting. Be zealous and passionate about your work, brook no compromises in giving the best quality, and you will see how your business becomes stable and the cash registers start ringing.


If you want to attract money, really the only way to do it is by being optimistic and honest. Shun all debilitating thoughts from your mind, and pool your energies into providing concerted effort so that everyone gets a great impression about you. This is what brings steadfast money into your life, and your balances never seem to dwindle. 


How to Set Successful Long-Term Goals

In life there is a big difference between dreaming and becoming a successful person. The one thing that differentiates between a successful person and a dreamer is attainments of a goal. Dreamers just like the successful person have goals and so is everybody else. The difference is that the one who is dreaming will only think of how good it would be if something happened whereas the one who is successful took a step and time to gain knowledge of three very important things that leads to long-term goals that he had set in the past. 


When you set goals, you are able to make your plans be real and so you are able to meet the goals that you have put for yourself. The most important thing about long-term goals is that you are able to live a life of very high quality because it gives you an optimistic direction. Long-term goals have got a big impact in our lives and so the only problem is that people do not know how to apply them. There are three things that you should follow for you to be able to achieve your long-term goals.


One of the key things is that you should deal with a single long-term goal at a time and make it your main concern. If you try to work on all your goals at a time, you will only get aggravated and so at the end of it all you find that you have failed in all your goals. If you take one goal at a time you will find that you are able to concentrate on it and thus very easy to work on it. You should give full attention to that goal that is very important to you. 


The second thing that you should do is to put down an agenda for you to achieve your goal. You will not be able to achieve your goal in a day. There are several steps that you are supposed to follow to reach your goal. You must first be very determined in achieving your long-time goal. You have to eliminate some things which are not of importance in your life and also a lot of sacrifice is required. You must have short-term goals for you to be able to reach to your long-term goals. This is because they are motivating in a way that when you achieve that small short-term goal then the closer you are to your main goal. The third thing is that you should never give up on your goal no matter the obstacles and the many trials that you may face. 


Deadlines, Feedback and Other Goal-Oriented Parameters

Most people depend on their leaders such that they expect them to give them feedback and also to act as their mentors. They do not depend much on the management and evaluations. These kinds of people usually do not have the guidelines to make their own destiny but rather that of their boss’. This is because most bosses do not have any experience in this field of goal achievement and so they tend to confront people and judging them and so the goals become ambiguous and they usually do this when it is too late and there is nothing you can do about it.


However, this can work by creating a system of appraisal. This will however work on improved performance, better relationships, management of individual goals and also that of the business, identifying prospect employees and also equal monetary rewards. You should have a system that first deals with goal orientation, the next meeting should deal with the progression of the goals. The other thing that you should address is the objectives that might come between your achievements of the goal. The last thing should be procedure that connects progress to rewards. 


One has got to ensure that he is working towards a certain goal and should therefore be able to time himself. Time is very important in our daily lives and so we should invest in it other than spending. For you to be able to achieve your goal, you must ensure that you put down the time, day, month or year that you are supposed to achieve. This will make you to work harder and especially when you have many goals to achieve this will help you work faster. However, you should work fast and effective so that you do not rush things and end up failing. You must have ample time in achieving your goal because this is a life changing experience and will determine your future and so work carefully on it.


You should always have a ‘what to do list.’ This list is to tell you how much you have accomplished by the end of the day. It gives you the feedback to questions like; I am going towards the right direction? All these things are very important in achieving your goal. If you do not have list of what to do then you will waste a lot of time in doing unimportant things. You will therefore not have enough time to do the important things in attaining your goals.


4 Things that Are Needed for Any Goal to Succeed

Setting a goal or rather goals is very simple but the thing that matters most if you want be successful in achieving your goal is taking action. The truth is that the world we are living in is very competitive and so if we delay a little bit then that means that you can be beaten at any point. People however delay in acting upon achieving their goals due to different reasons. 


There are four things that one should consider so as to be successful in achieving his goals in life. The first thing that you should stop is procrastination. These are the kind of people who need to be pressured so as to act and also the kind of people who do things in the last minute. You should stop this kind of behavior if you really want to attain your goals. The result of such acts is, not attaining your fundamental deadlines and so not achieving your targets. You should take things one at a time for you to be successful. This will be very simple if you achieve one goal at a time and so you will not be frustrated at any point. 


The second most important thing is to set the major goals first. Most people do not fail to reach their target because of this and with no procrastination. You should be able to prioritize responsibilities. It would be much easier if you separate the vital tasks from the ones which are not very important. The first thing that you should consider is that thing which has to be achieved first and after doing the analysis you can then put all your attention on it. You should concentrate on that task that will first change everything or rather change the other goals that you have set. When you do this, you will be able to make decisions in a much simpler way. 


The third thing that you have is passion. Be passionate about what you want. You can do this by listing the things that you want to achieve and also your likes and dislikes. This will remove monotony and so you will be able to work always wanting to achieve the next goal. You should do things that interest you because they will make you to be dedicated to your objective. 

The fourth and last thing that you should do is to be organized. If you are not organized you will waste a lot of time doing unnecessary things. You should therefore have a list of what to do. Time is very important in all that you do and so you have to spend it wisely in working towards achieving your goals. 


A Goal-Accomplishing Mindset—How to Create It

There are very many ways that one can create an accomplishing mindset. In this world we have people who are successful and those who are not, the only difference between the two are that the successful do things that failures do not like to do. Being successful is all in the mind, you have to first tune your mind. There are very many experts who have come out with different methods of creating a successful mind. The problem is not how to set our mind but rather the action we take. There is a saying that says ‘as a man thinketh so is he.’ It is not what happens that controls you but the way you react to those happenings. 


Whatever you think about is what will be attracted to you. If you think of success then that is the realm in which you will live in. the main thing that you have to note is that there are those who are very successful and so you can also be if only you follow their footsteps. It is very important for one to study those people who have achieved their goals and copy them. This is especially if they are successful in the same areas that you want to achieve your goal in. this enable one to think that it is possible. This will bring optimism to you. It is also very important to read a successful person’s life so as to know how they dealt with barriers. 


For you to have an accomplishing mindset, you must walk around successful people. This will help you to borrow their way of doing things in an optimistic way like their habits, way of handling matters and also their way of thinking. You should avoid those people who are pessimists. They are only draining you off your blood and using you. You should also make a list of what you want to achieve and see whether you are moving towards the direction of your goal. If you want to be successful, you must first accept it and also believe that it could happen. 


This will come down to you having to put down an accomplishment for that goal. In all this the most important thing is your attitude towards your accomplishment. You should also have a mentor. If you believe in yourself then the other people will also believe in you. You must have it in your mind that success comes from within you first and then your effort in acting upon it. You should carry yourself around as a responsible person and this will make those around you to respect you. 


Motivating Your Team to Achieve Goals

Teamwork is a very important aspect in the shared world. Without teamwork then you cannot be able to be successful in anything. The people who work in offices, you will find that there are different types of people who are expertise in different areas. Every person who is a professional in that company will make sure that he or she plays their role well to ensure that the company is running effectively. It is very important, however, that these people who are also employees to work together giving their very best.


Training is also a very important thing in team work. Everybody needs to do a lot of practice in whatever area he is specialized in so as to become better in it. A team leader should make sure that he gives his team the spirit, which is more optimistic, to get encouraging results. Many are the times that companies will tend to pay more for better work but then research has shown that most people will only work up to the point of higher payment but not as you expect. If this balance of work and pay is attained, the quality of work will start to go down.


Instead of repaying good work with money the only best solution is to reinforce your team psychologically. The first thing that you should teach your team is to know what exactly they are working for. A good team is that which knows the goal of the team and so they must put extra effort in their work so that they achieve the same objective. One way of telling your team about your goal is through one-on-one training gathering. This way you are able to bond with them much easily and also the discussion remains confidential between you and your team. 


During your discussion, you could also include performance. We all want to be successful at our place of work and it is inborn. Therefore, as a leader, you need to tell them the progression of their work and if you are able to advise them on how to go forward then that is the best motivation. You could also tell your team ways by which they can be able to make them work effectively like for example through training programs or even promotions. You should also provide steps for them to attain these goals. The other thing that you should do is thank your team every time. You could make a party for them or buy them lunch and so on.


Manipulating Your Subconscious into Developing Good Habits

Many of the actions and decisions we make in life happen at a subconscious level. Our subconscious is the feeling, thinking part of us that drives our perceptions, and often our decision-making processes. Often thought of as “instinct” or “gut feeling” we often rely on our subconscious and when we are feeling positive and happy about our lives, we are usually confident we are making the right decisions. On other occasions, however, our perceptions can be clouded by stress and other such factors and dwelling on these things can lead to inappropriate reactions as we focus on the perceptions and not the facts of the situation.


Is it possible to train and manipulate your subconscious to develop good habits of focusing on the facts and not being influenced by perceptions and feelings. It is important to remember when facing negative self-talk that you may not be able to change the situation you are facing but you can change how you feel about it. The situation is not a choice, but the way you react and respond to the consequences of that situation is a choice. 


Experts tell us that 90% of the things we worry about will never happen to us. This 90% worry rate is usually created in our subconscious. To reduce the worry, we need to refocus our thinking from our perceptions about the causes of our worry and focus instead on the facts or the cause of the worry. 


Confronting the self-talk by asking yourself reality-based questions is essential to reversing the process of self-talk. It often helps if you can write down the answers to these questions. 


·    Firstly, ask yourself about the facts of the situation and as you write them down try not to reflect on any emotions, but only facts. 


·    Secondly, ask yourself if there are alternative causes for a situation or event, rather than just the one your subconscious is suggesting. Challenge your perception with evidence from other sources that may prove your perception as incorrect. 


·    Put perspective back into the situation by reflecting on the facts and alternative causes.


·    Challenge the perception you have had and create an alternative perception.


As you learn to challenge the way your subconscious relates to situations, you can manipulate it to start thinking positively. The goal is to challenge your subconscious reasoning before it thinks and responds negatively to situations.


How to Create a Healthy Living Habit

We often think of habits as negative things. They are those things we do, that even though we would prefer not to do them, we still do them without consciously thinking about them. It is useful however to consider that habits can be both good and bad and that good habits that are beneficial to us, are just as important as removing bad habits.


Habits are formed in three weeks. Changing our life style, or eating different foods, or choosing to go on a daily walk will become second nature to us if we can maintain consistency doing the action over a that period. 


The most difficult part of forming a new habit is starting to form it. With discipline, consistency, self-control, and a belief that the habit will help you, you can develop healthy living habits. Once developed, they will become second nature to you and you will find them simple to maintain in your lifestyle. We all learn good habits in our child hood that grow into adult hood with us and in forming a new habit in adulthood, we are aspiring to begin to use the new habit as effortlessly as we clean our teeth or make our bed each morning.


The key to developing these healthy habits is to move them from the conscious level to the subconscious level. They should become something you do without thinking. To achieve this, you must prioritize the activity as essential in your life and ensure nothing can prevent it happening. For example, you may want to walk for half an hour before work each morning. It is essential that you set a time and you walk each day at the same time. Nothing should prevent that walk occurring. After 3 weeks, if you do not do the walk in the morning, you will feel as if you have missed something out of your morning routine. 


In forming new habits, it is normal to have a bed period where the resolve weakens. When this happens, it is important to focus on putting the weak moments “behind you” and to start the process again with no hesitation. Once you begin to form a new habit, if you regress, simply start the habit again and don’t look back. With patience, the consistency will pay off and you will succeed in forming a new healthy life habit. 


Are You Addicted to Porn?

How do you know if you are addicted to porn? This is a question that many people ask themselves but are sometimes too embarrassed to ask a professional. Is there a difference between being interested in pornography and being addicted to it? 


Porn addiction, like all other kinds of addictions, develops over time. It often starts as a curious interest in pornographic material on the Internet or on movies and gradually becomes an obsession; often without the person involved realizing that it has become a serious problem. 


There are some indications that you maybe addicted to porn. Checking your own thoughts and attitudes as suggested by counselors, would help you or your loved ones to identify if there is a problem, and to seek solutions to it.


There are some key questions to ask yourself and to be extremely honest in answering. Think about how watching porn makes you act and feel. Do you find yourself unable to resist the urge to watch a film or navigate to a website? Does watching porn give you a sense of intimacy and pleasure? If you answered yes to these questions you may like to consider these questions.


·    Is watching the porn something you keep secret from others?


·    How has watching the pornographic material affected the way you approach your own sexuality? Have you found your sexual preferences changing since you started to watch the material? Is there abuse involved? 


·    What else is going on in your life? Is there pain in your life and do you use the material to help deaden your pain? 


·    Do you indulge in watching pornographic material in preference to developing a strong sexual relationship with a partner? 


Experts agree that all of these are good indicators that all of these are good indicators of an addiction or other compulsive attraction to pornography.


If you are concerned that you are addicted to porn, as with all addictions, there is help available. For some people, pornography addiction is just a passing phase and there can be embarrassment when they realize that it has become more than just something that they are curious about. 


Making excuses is a normal reaction to explain this type of temporary phase, however with time and continued excuses, addiction becomes more of a probability and if this concerns you, seek the help of a counselor, before it affects your world. 

How Much Can You Rely on Your Subconscious

We all have conversations with ourselves. Often these conversations happen on a daily basis and they have the potential to create an internal struggle between the different “voices” we often hear when these conversations occur. These conversations are known as self-talk, and they are as the name suggests. Our subconscious “talking” to us and often answering itself at the same time. How much can we rely on our subconscious and our self-talk? The voices we hear and the decisions that arise from our self-talk can potentially help us make important decisions, so the answer to the question of it is reliability is an important one for most of us.


Self-talk is usually activated by an event that happens to us. It may be something we see, hear or experience and as we think about the situation at a conscious level; our subconscious also begins to respond. As it processes the event it tries to make sense of it. Many external and internal influences can affect what happens next. We may for example, remind ourselves we have an important exam the next day and our subconscious reminds us that we need to study for it. This may be considered positive self-talk and for many decisions, this type of subconscious activity can be life-saving. 


However, on many occasions, situations and events that may have been considered positive may produce negative reactions in our subconscious discussions with ourselves. Thoughts of that exam, instead of driving us to action and preparation may leave us feeling a sense of despair, thinking we will never pass this exam. We may make a decision based on our “instincts” which are subconscious decisions that cause us to “trust” our instincts and act on them. 


Perception can be altered by how we are feeling, or what stresses we are under at the time and therefore the more stressed we are the less reliable our self-talk is. On these occasions, self-talk can create negative thoughts in our mind as we dwell not on the facts, but on our perception of those facts and these can be influenced by many factors acting as filters and giving us false perceptions. 


Identifying which self-talk is based on facts and which on our perception of facts will help us know whether to trust our subconscious “gut feelings” on things that can happen to us.