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Friday 10 May 2024

For More Productivity and Better Outcomes, Stay in the Moment

Do you remember when multitasking was all the rage? In the 1990s, self-professed productivity gurus told us to constantly juggle multiple tasks. We were told that most big achievers in life could do several different things at once, all of them successfully and at a high level of productivity.


Best-selling books talked about multitasking to improve virtually every aspect of our lives. We were told we could do so much more in less time, giving us more free time to do whatever we wanted.


After a few years of generating billions of dollars in self-improvement sales, multitasking was unmasked.


It was found to be a productivity killer. Millions of people woke up to the reality that the best way to get something done is to do one thing at a time. Focus on a single task until it is completed. Then begin tackling something else. This was and still is the single best way to maximize your time and minimize your effort.


Giving All Your Attention to the Current Moment Is All about Focus


One of the oldest carpentry axioms tells us to "Measure twice, cut once." This minimizes errors. You don't spend more money than you need to on lumber. You're not wasting money on wood you miscut because you were in a rush with your measurement.


In other words, the entire focus is on the present moment. That moment is measuring the piece of lumber you are about to cut. You're not thinking about an upcoming vacation or what you'll eat for dinner. That can cause you to make a mistake. Nothing else should exist except whatever it is you're going to be cutting.


Then you measure it again. Your focus is so intense on getting this right that you understand the importance of double-checking your work. This is a simple example of living in the moment. The best carpenters are present in their current actions. They understand that letting their minds wander could lead to an incorrect measurement. That means having to buy more materials to replace their mistakes.


A lack of focus on carpentry could also mean smashing your thumb with a hammer. Or worse, if you aren't paying attention while using a saw.


We use these real-world examples of the importance of focus to help you appreciate living in the current moment.


You'll improve productivity if you focus on the "right now" slice of your life. It's really all you have control over, isn't it? Your past is behind you, and your future is far from guaranteed or controllable. Start spending more time in the present moment, totally immersed in your current existence, and you'll see more productivity and better results in your life.


Monday 6 June 2022

How Loving Your Life Makes Everything Better

The key to making your life work the way you want it lies in the power of your thoughts and emotions. Combined, they help create your reality.


This means that when you choose to be positive and love your life, it’ll love you right back. Deciding to be happy makes you better at handling challenging situations. It helps you build inner strength, resilience, and a sense of inner peace.


We rounded up five ways to show how loving your life makes everything better. Take a look.


You Feel More Authentic


When you start loving your life, you feel this calm flowing around you. Gone are the days of being anxious and on edge because you lived on someone else’s terms.


People who live their life this way enjoy more freedom and empowerment than they’ve ever felt before. The reason?


They’re doing the things that allow them to find their authentic self. It’s also knowing the little things that bring joy to your everyday life. This can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to read a book or do some mindfulness meditation.


It can also be more substantial, like volunteering or learning a new language. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you love life and brings out your true self.


You Stop Pleasing People


One of the things that can quickly rid your life of happiness is trying to be a people-pleaser. Whether it’s your partner, friend, or loved ones, trying to please everyone is taxing and takes its toll on our physical and mental health.


We sometimes get so used to pleasing others that we even do it with random strangers!


It may sound like a good thing from the outside. But it prevents us from being our true selves because we’re always worried about what others think about us.


Yet, this doesn’t mean you take other people for granted or don’t consider what they have to say. But it’s all about finding the right balance. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice your peace of mind for the sake of theirs.


You’re Content with the ‘Right Now’


If you’re not happy with your present moment, then nothing will ever be good enough for you. You probably think that buying that big house or shiny car is enough to make you happy and satisfied. But that’s just seeing the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.


Then, when you finally end up on the other side, you’re not as happy as you thought you’d be. Because you haven't perfected the fine art of fulfillment, you’ll soon find things that are wrong with that as well.


Instead, you have to take actionable steps toward appreciating your present just as it is. That’s the first step in loving your life.


Sure, it’s okay to dream and set goals, and work hard to achieve them. But just always be grateful for what you have today.


You Get Better At Handling Life’s Curveballs


Many of us don’t like change. It makes us anxious, afraid, and in a state of panic.

Yet, one of life’s constants is change. It’s an inevitable part of life as we know it.


So, we have to live with the fact that there will always be changes in our lives. One way we can accept this fact is by embracing change and seeing it as a good thing.


Not all change is bad. Some of it brings exciting events into our lives and gets us to meet new people that become lifelong friends.


Still, we’d be remiss not to mention that there will be changes that you don’t like. Life doesn’t always go your way. But, instead of freaking out, take this opportunity to learn and grow from it.


You Realize That Perfection Is Overrated


No one is, nor ever will be, perfect, not even those airbrushed models. Yet, sometimes, it’s easy to let yourself go down the path of doubting yourself. Questioning yourself and your choices is normal, but it should never go as far as to make you doubt your self-worth.


So, the first step is to stop comparing yourself to others. Once you learn how to do that, you can stop striving for perfection.


You’ll look at your life in a whole new way, and you learn how to embrace your mistakes, imperfections, and all. In fact, it’s these imperfect moments that help you grow and learn.


Wednesday 27 April 2022

5 Hindrances To Self-Sufficiency

‘Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward.’ Patricia Sampson.


Nothing gives you more control over your own life than being independent. Being able to rely on yourself, without constantly seeking the opinion or approval of others, will get you very far. It helps you to be decisive and allows you to go after the things you desire. 


There are a lot of misconceptions around self-sufficiency, with some arguing that it breeds egotism and narcissism. Self-reliance eliminates the need to depend on others in a way that does not allow you to make up your mind without consulting them. It is about being able to carry your weight. People shun self-sufficiency because they think it means carrying all the burden of hardships on your own and not needing the company or support of other people.


Instead, self-sufficiency is rooted in the need to discover your strength and potential. It is about having the courage to step out and be who you want to be without being apologetic about it. It is about being confident enough to live on your terms without feeling the need to conform to the standards of other people. More than anything, it teaches you to trust yourself to make the right choices and navigate through life without being limited by what other people think of you. 


A self-sufficient person makes tough decisions and takes risks. They find the strength to author their own stories. They take responsibility for their life without leaning too much on other people. 


The benefits of self-dependence.


There is beauty to be found in being able to rely on your strength and abilities. To make it in today’s competitive world, you need to hold your own. Discovering your potential puts you on the path to success. 


You learn a lot about your strengths when you have to rely on yourself.


Being self-sufficient boosts your confidence. It feeds your self-worth. Independent people often have high self-esteem. They are always up for a challenge because they know their strength can carry them to great heights. Self-confidence allows you to be bold. It gives you the courage to do what no one else is willing to do, which is an ingredient for success.


Another benefit of being self-reliant is the ability to think independently. This gives you control over your life. You have the power to make decisions that are best for you when you are not too reliant on the thoughts and opinions of others. Many people miss life-changing opportunities because they care too much about what people say. Being an independent thinker allows you to silence skeptics. You can develop a positive outlook by being in control of your thoughts.


Barriers to self-sufficiency.


While being self-reliant is amazing and has many benefits, there are hindrances to it. If you are not wary of them, you will lose your ability to control your life, which can be frustrating.


There are five barriers that you need to watch out for to live an independent life.


Lack of confidence in yourself.


Low self-esteem will stop you from being self-sufficient. If you feel inadequate, you can never trust your abilities. You can never make your own decisions. Believe in yourself and what you have to live an independent life. Be sure where you want to go and what you want to achieve. The more you develop confidence in what you stand for, the more assertive you become. This will make room for you to succeed.


The need for validation.


We are all guilty of seeking approval. We care too much about what other people think of us. This leads us to do things, not because we want to, but because we believe it will get us to be accepted by society. Many people are miserable today because they live according to other people’s standards. They want to bend so much to what people say they ought to be. To live a fulfilling life, you need to know that the only approval you need is your own. You do not need other people’s permission to pursue your dreams. Rid yourself of the need to be validated.




While no man is an island, there is a fine line between needing help and being over-dependent on others. If you base your happiness on another person’s actions, or fail to decide without consulting other people, then there is a problem. Being needy will not help your personal development. To grow, you need to take responsibility for your own life and make your own decisions. 


Clinging to your past. 


Everyone has a past. If you constantly look back to the failed relationships and missed opportunities, you will not make much progress in your life. You need to let go of the past to step into your future. Get over the mistakes you made when you were younger. They do not have to define who you are or dictate where you are going. To discover your potential, stop camping in the past.




Many people live within the clutches of fear. They are afraid to take responsibility for their lives. They are afraid of making decisions and taking risks. The possibility of failure leads them to average lives where they do not go after what they want. Knowing that failure is a normal part of life allows you control over how you react to it. You should never allow your life to be limited or your potential to be thwarted by fear.


To become more self-sufficient, you must know the barriers that you can put up against your independence.


‘It is astonishing what man can do when he has no one to do it for him, but himself.’ Eric Paskel.


5 Steps To Self-Sufficiency


While it is true that no man is an island, we also can’t deny the power that lies in one’s ability to survive with little to no help from others. The quality of life nowadays is not making it easier for anyone to put their trust in any man. We are living in a fast-paced world. At face value, it would seem that everyone else around you has it all figured out. Yet, the reality is that there are carefully selected moments that are also modified enough to give spectators an idea of perfection. Everyone seems to have an idea of how certain aspects of life should work. Yet, not so many seem to care to implement any of it. The point is, our world is already complex and people have their ideas of what life is or should be. As such, you might need to find your path and be prepared to walk it alone at some point if you want more out of life.


Living a purposeful and satisfying life is almost impossible when what is meant to be a personal journey becomes more of a community project. Often, he who has the means controls the outcomes. Thus, the help we get from people often comes at a price. For some, this happens at the expense of their dreams and purpose. Independence protects us from such. It allows us to write our stories our way and makes it easier to repel any influence that is likely to derail us. It is rare to have people support what they are opposed to or think is against the current normalcy. Life doesn’t have to be that boring and limited! Hence, the need for individuals to be able to sustain themselves financially and psychologically as they work on their dreams. 


There is no doubt, however, that self-sufficiency is not something that you just wake up and start doing randomly. It is a lifestyle that requires you to put your mind to it and carefully consider how you would navigate through life once you go that route. The following can help start and maintain an independent life:


1.  Know what you want – the first step to starting a new life is knowing what you want and why you want it. Without a goal or reason for the life you are choosing, you will not have a reason to continue when you face challenges along the way. Knowing what you want is often a constant reminder of why you should keep going despite the hurdles you keep coming across. It also gives you direction. Thus, it makes it easier to make choices and figure out the necessary steps to take to have what you can call a successful and meaningful life. In this case, you will know what you lose every time you ask people for help. For example, you might be missing out on opportunities to grow or discover and use your strengths.


2.  Prepare yourself mentally – once you know what you want, you should mentally prepare yourself for that life. You should know and acknowledge that the journey won’t always be easy. Most importantly, you should also have plans as to what you will do when the journey gets tougher. Contrary to popular belief, independence has more to do with the mind than physical possessions. It is mostly rooted in knowing and accepting your situation, plans to do more with your life, and learning to live within your means. It also takes mental strength to enable you to stay focused in all of your encounters. Self-sufficiency is not sustainable without such a mindset. This applies to the rich as well because they risk losing it all and going back to dependency if they lack these qualities.


3.  Align your budget – this is a crucial part of an independent life as alluded to previously. If you were good at managing your finances before your journey to independence, then you need to get better. Overspending shifts from spending recklessly to include spending on important things that may not be urgent or necessary. You need to ensure that your spending allows you to save for your other plans as well as emergencies. In short, all that is required financially is that you learn to live within your means. Ensure that your lifestyle is in sync with your plans.


4.  Set boundaries – boundaries are everything. Set boundaries for yourself and others. You can hardly live an independent life when you don’t limit your movements and everyone has easy access to you. Limit the type of people you spend your time with, and how you spend your time. Doing that will help you stay clear of any drama while you spend time on what is more important. However, this is not the equivalent of being mean to people and not offering a hand where it’s needed. Just be disciplined. 


5.  Change your habits – our repeated actions, especially ones that we do impulsively, make up a greater part of our lives than we realize. They often work against our will and pull us back to the exact things that we are fighting. These include how we handle stress and certain hobbies. An independent life requires you to have habits that will help you stay focused and maximize every moment of your life. Thus, although taking breaks from your scheduled tasks is important, the activities we do for amusement should be planned and regulated. For example, if you are planning to watch TV, ensure that you don’t find yourself doing it in place of a task. The session shouldn’t last longer than planned just because the show got more interesting. Cultivating habits that align with your goals will also help get the most out of your time. You can watch documentaries and other educational shows instead of movies.


7 Things Self-Sufficient People Do

Self-sufficiency helps you build confidence in yourself. It keeps you trusting in your abilities and working towards your dreams. It is key to accomplishing more and realizing that you have what it takes to live the best life possible. It also reminds you that you are enough.


The only way to succeed in life is by learning self-reliance and depending more on yourself and less on others or what they can do for you. This not only keeps you sure of yourself but also earns you respect. When people know that you are an independent thinker, they will respect you. You will not be constantly stepped on. Their criticism won’t affect you much because you have the upper hand and complete control of your life.


Here are 7 things self-sufficient people do that you should start doing right away to find the peace you need and become the best version of yourself; 


  1. Trust in your abilities


Self-sufficient people trust in their abilities and know they have what it takes to reach their goals. So, do you trust you can achieve your goals? If not, learn to trust yourself. Build your self-confidence and realize that you are the answer you’ve been searching for. You are the only one who can turn your dreams into reality. 


  1. Work on your dreams


Self-reliant people keep their eyes on their vision and are always working on their dreams. You have to understand that the only way to turn your life around is by acting. So, set goals and work towards reaching them. Make it your aim to get one step closer to your goal every day. 


Be content with the life you have right now but don’t settle. Look forward to the life you desire and work hard to bring your vision to life. 


  1. Stay positive


If you spend half the day thinking “My situation is hopeless”, “I will never go that far”, or “This is only meant for so and so” you will lose faith in yourself and fail to find the strength you need to move forward. 


Cultivate a positive attitude and tell yourself that you will make it. Picture the life you want and remind yourself each morning that you will get there. 


“I deserve all the best that life has to offer”, “Life is what I make of it”, and “I will make it” are phrases you need to use to stay optimistic and motivated.


  1. Provide for your needs


Self-sufficiency is about being able to provide for your own needs and take care of yourself. It’s about taking care of yourself financially and never relying on anyone for anything. So, be independent. Increase your earning potential or start a side hustle. 


Learn a new skill or look for ways to earn passive income so you can cover your expenses. 


  1. Manage your finances


Managing your finances is key to self-reliance. So, learn to manage your money the right way. Cut off unnecessary expenses and only spend your money on things that matter. Have a monthly budget and stick to it.


Save and make smart investments. Always set aside a certain percentage of your weekly or monthly earnings to sustain yourself or use in case of emergencies. Invest your money or time in things that you believe in or things that will help you get one step closer to becoming independent.


  1. Avoid debt


Debt is one of the main things that lead to stress, quarrels, and feelings of inadequacy. It can distract you from working on your goals and pave the way to negative thinking. So, avoid it. Learn to spend, save, and manage the money you have to avoid stress. 


Look for ways to double your income if you have a 9-5 job. Start a side gig or invest in something that will improve your earnings. 


Learn about entrepreneurship and find out how you can earn more money daily, weekly, or monthly. 


  1. Manage your relationships


You are only as happy as the people you surround yourself with. Self-sufficient people know that. That is why they are careful of who they spend their time with. 


Consider your inner circle. Who are the people you spend most of your time with? Are you learning anything from them? Do they motivate you to chase your dreams and constantly progress? Do they challenge your thinking and the way you see life? Do they encourage you to grow? If you answered NO to any of these questions, you need to re-consider your relationships. 


Surround yourself with optimists and people who challenge you to do better and be more. 


Your inner circle has the power to make or break you. So, be careful who you spend your time with.


Have the right people in your life and learn to make time for your relationships because they are as important as becoming independent in all areas of your life. 


Be The Anchor Of Your Life

An anchor is a tool used to hold a ship or boat in place to keep them from sailing away on their own. One of my favorite old hymns says, 'Will your anchor hold in the storms of life when clouds unfold their wings of strife? When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain, will your anchor drift or firm remain?’. Forget about singing the song and ask yourself those questions. Considering that life is so fragile and complex with so much going on, what is the best thing, or who is the best person to entrust your journey here on earth with? For most people, the source of strength is the faith they have in celestial beings. Their absolute being relies on their spiritual life. Thus, if you were to ask what their anchor is, they would name whichever deity they believe in. However, our faith normally lays a foundation for us to build our lives and leaves the rest to us. Can whatever you rely on for strength pull you through the worst situations of life? 


After our faith has built a foundation, it is up to us to then build the walls and secure our lives. Storms of life are inevitable and, they will come in different forms. Some will shack our boats to a point where we don’t see the possibility of a better life beyond the storm. As much as it would be greatly beneficial to have others carry our burdens with us, how effective or sustainable is that? 


Being the anchor of your life means having the ability to keep your life on your purposed track regardless of what you encounter. Even where you do find help, you are still the one responsible for the major tasks meant to carry you forward. It requires you to put together your faith and life lessons to build a more secure life. It is also about you finding ways to be your own hero. Here is why you should be the main actor in your story and be the anchor of your life:


1.  Others may not always be there – it is very common for people to put way too much trust in others particularly their friends, spouse, and family. This happens mostly in codependent relationships where one attaches their entire being to their relationships with other people such that they lose a part of themselves to those people. What happens when those people leave or grief strikes? That is where you then find people broken, confused, and hopeless, unable to move forward. What happens when the friend who often offers a shoulder to cry on is having issues and is unavailable to give you support. Does life have to stop and wait for that person to get back to you? As your support system, you learn to control emotions and other mental issues enough to stay focused and keep going even when people come into your life and leave. You maintain your identity and find contentment in the person you are.


2.  You know yourself and your life better – no one can understand your situation better than you do. That makes you the best person to deal with your situation where others would most likely miss the mark or mislead you. Sometimes we handle situations better with fewer voices suggesting to us different ways of running our lives. Handling our situations gives us a chance, to be honest with ourselves and self-introspect. Other than that, your dreams will keep you going where those who don’t understand your purpose give up on you and your dreams. 


3.  You become stronger and wiser – imagine yourself having people assigned to take care of all your tasks including solving personal problems. Where would that leave you? You miss the opportunity to learn more about life and yourself. When you are independent, everything goes through you. You know what you did wrong or right for things to turn out the way they are, which allows you to build onto your existing knowledge. Exposure to challenging situations will help you become mentally stronger while you also discover more of your abilities.


4.  Safety from exploitation and unhealthy relationships – self-reliance protects you from those who would take advantage of your situation had you relied on them more. Many people have fallen victim to various types of abuse while some have found themselves trapped in difficult situations because they put too much trust in other people. Being in control of your life allows you to choose the path that works for you. Dependence exposes your weaknesses and makes you easy prey to predators.


5.  Independence and identity – as alluded to previously, with self-reliance you choose how you want to run your life. You are not under pressure or too desperate to please people to the extent of losing yourself in the process. For example, some people are often forced to match their parents’ achievements and some are used to correct their parent’s mistakes. On the other hand, some spouses give their partners too much control and voluntarily surrender their all to the partner in an attempt to prove their commitment. Such levels of submission hinder people from living their lives to the fullest.


6.  Easier to stay true to your purpose – being the one who calls the shots keeps you from forgetting who you are and losing direction. Due to that, it is easier to keep your eyes on your goals and to work on the latter at a pace that works for you.


Believing In Yourself Is The First Step To Self-Sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is about being adequate and being enough, it is this adequacy that infuses, faith in oneself. A person cannot claim to say that they are self-sufficient without believing in themselves first. Self-belief is healthy confidence about who you are, what you can do and the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Believing in self is the bedrock of self-sufficiency. 


Believe in your abilities


The first step to believing in yourself is believing in your abilities. That which you can and cannot do. Your abilities distinguish you from the rest of all the people because you bring in that you factor. We can all be accountants but there is no way I can be the very same accountant as you are because I am not the next person. Each of us brings something to the table. To be self-sufficient you have to have a healthy belief in your ability to do something. Miley Cyrus says if you believe in yourself anything is possible. It may seem like an impossible feat but when you believe in what you can do you can even surprise yourself. Stories have been told of people that have thrived against odds, all because they believed in themselves and what they can do.


Believe in your talents 


Talents and abilities are different. Abilities are those things that you do and have learned to do them well over time. Ability is what you can do. Talents, on the other hand, are like heaven's little marble balls of giftings to each of us. For Serena Williams it's tennis, for you, it could be something different. To be self-sufficient, it is key to note that instead of just believing in your abilities, believe as well in the innate giftings and talents that you have. Sometimes these can afford you a career and you can use that to be self-sufficient financially instead of being reliant on other people to live your best life. 


Believe in your ideas


One of the greatest assets given to mankind to enable them to be sufficient is the mind. Your mind was given to you so that you can have ideas that will lead you to sufficiency. Anything that we see today in this world is all due to what someone thought and believed and then put in the work to materialize the dream. When you are self-sufficient you know that because you are worth it, your ideas are also worthy. So instead of looking down on yourself because your idea is not the greatest, be bold and believe that you are enough and that your ideas are also enough. No one had an idea that was supported the first time around. Oprah Winfrey had an idea that she wanted to be on television even though at the time, black people were not prominent on television screens and secondly, the environment was wreathed in patriarchy and chauvinism, she pitched her idea anyway, and she made it because she understood that she is self-sufficient and so are you.


Believe in your dream


Believing in yourself is also about believing in your dreams. Those things you believe you are meant to be doing to make this world a better place. Regardless of who you are, we have a place in this world and you have a role to play no matter how small you may think that role to be. Those dreams that you have are valid and they do matter. Believing in your dreams leads to being self-sufficiency because it's knowing that you are worthy of dreaming and being here. As the quote says, Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” 


In conclusion, for you to understand and harness the power of self-sufficiency the first step is believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself you have an appreciation of your self-worth. You know that you can be and do anything that you set your mind to achieve. You know that you are the value, not the job, not the opportunity but that you bring with you all that you are to the opportunity. Believing in yourself reminds you of what heights you can leap to and the things that are possible for you. You not only have the dream but you are endowed with everything it takes to succeed. So, believing in yourself is about believing in your abilities, your giftings and talents, your ideas, and most importantly your dream. The more you believe in yourself the more self-sufficient you are.