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Sunday 10 April 2022

3 Great Marketing Tactics For Clubhouse Few People Know About

Clubhouse provides you with the opportunity to increase your brand awareness and to develop your brand. There are a number of ways that you can do this, and in this article, we will discuss 3 ways that very few people know about. It is good to be different on the Clubhouse platform as most of the members are going to employ the marketing tactics that most people are aware of.


Standing out from the crowd is very important on Clubhouse right now and will be even more important as the platform grows. We will reveal a great way that you can get help with your promotional efforts on the platform and also show you two ways that you can use Clubhouse to get some good results.


1. Use other People in your Company as Brand Ambassadors


It is always better if you have more than one person on a social platform spreading the word about your business and your brand. If you have a business with more than one person involved, you can persuade them to act as brand ambassadors on the Clubhouse platform.


You can invite other members of your company to join Clubhouse. Make sure that you brief them to the role that you want them to play on the platform. Tell them that you want them to join niche relevant rooms and also to find and follow niche relevant clubs.


Show the other brand ambassadors from your company how to complete their profiles properly so that they stand out. Make sure that it is clear from their profiles the role that they have in your company. Ask them to add good photographs and to write compelling descriptions.


When your brand ambassadors join Clubhouse, ask them to join rooms and ask questions. They can then move on to creating their own niche related rooms. Ensure that they are aware that they cannot be too promotional on Clubhouse. Ask them to help you out with the moderation of large rooms that you host.


2. Use Clubhouse to make Announcements


Clubhouse members are always interested in new things so this provides a great opportunity for you to make announcements using the platform. If you are planning on the launch of a new product or service you can create a Clubhouse room around this and get the opinions of your audience.


The feedback that you get from these types of announcements will be of great value to your business. It may result in you tweaking your new product or service by adding new features that the Clubhouse audience suggested for example.


3. Host Roundtable Rooms


A roundtable is where you can run a fairly open room to discuss the specific issues that your target audience is experiencing in your niche. Here you will use your experience and knowhow to help your audience. If you get your roundtable rooms right then you will start to attract large audiences in no time.


In order to run successful roundtable rooms, you really need to know your target audience well. It is vital that you chose subjects for each roundtable that will resonate well with your audience. Tell your audience how you overcame these problems and help them all that you can. Word will soon spread about you and your brand when you run a series of roundtable rooms.


Understanding Clubhouse Clubs

Clubs are another exciting feature of the Clubhouse platform. When you have just joined Clubhouse, we recommend that you take a look at the clubs that are available. You will be able to see the theme of each club which is often around a specific niche.


What are Clubhouse Clubs?


A Clubhouse club is a mini community that members create. You can create rooms in a club that are either public or private. If you create a private club room, then only the members of that specific club will be able to join it. With a public club room, any Clubhouse member can join it.


You need to Follow Clubs first


The owners of clubs are usually choosy about who they let become members. You cannot just join a club. Someone will have to approve your application to join the club. The best thing to do is to become a follower of a club that interests you. This is possible to do without the need of the approval of the club.


You can monitor the activities of a club when you follow it. But you cannot create your own rooms in the club and you cannot attend private room events. Other club members will see that you are a follower and in time it is very likely that they will recommend you for membership to those in control of the club.


The Different Types of Club Membership


There are four different types of membership with a Clubhouse club. These are as follows:


Club Founder – this is the individual that owns the club. As the founder they can set the rules of the club, and change them and also create and change the description of the club. A founder can invite members to join the club without the need to go through an approval process. They can also sanction new members that have been through the approval process. The club founder can create new public or private rooms within their club.


Club Admin – if a founder of a club needs help (which they will do as the club grows) they can appoint admins. A club admin has the authority to approve new club memberships and also to remove existing members that do not abide by the club rules. Club admins can also create public and private rooms.


Club Members – if you are approved to join a club then you become a member. When you are a member, you can create a new private conversation room but you cannot create public rooms. A club member can also nominate other Clubhouse members for club membership. Club members can also join private and public rooms created by the club.


Followers – we have already mentioned that a club follower is not a member of a club. As a club follower you will be notified if any public rooms are created in the club and you can attend these.


Creating your own Club


There are several advantages to founding your own Clubhouse club. In order to create a club, you have to have permission from Clubhouse. In order to create a club, you must make a commitment to host a minimum of one recurring conversation.


When you make a request to Clubhouse to be the founder of a new club, you will first have to have hosted your fist 3 recurring rooms. You will need to complete a special application where you explain what the club will be about. It usually takes a couple of weeks for Clubhouse to accept or decline your application.


Clubhouse Is Different To Other Social Media Platforms

One thing that you need to know about Clubhouse right away is that it is different to other social media platforms. Maybe you have experience using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn? If so, you will find the Clubhouse platform to be very different. In this article we will look at the main differences.


Mobile Only


At the moment, you can only use Clubhouse on a mobile device. Although there are other social platforms like this, Facebook and the other large platforms are all available to use on a desktop computer. When Clubhouse first launched you could only use it on an Apple iOS device. Recently they launched the Clubhouse app for Android devices as well.


You cannot create Business Profiles


With social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you are encouraged to create a profile for your business. This is not the case with Clubhouse. When you become a member of Clubhouse you have to use your own name. It will only allow personal profiles.


Of course, you can discuss your business in your profile and use Clubhouse to promote your business. In time, Clubhouse may allow the creation of business profiles. The founders are going to launch some monetization initiatives in the near future.


It is an Audio Only Platform


This is where Clubhouse is really different to other social platforms. Most social sites will allow you to post text, images, videos or a combination of these things. Clubhouse only permits audio conversations which makes it stand out from the rest.


Clubhouse does not have a Messenger feature


You may be used to using the messenger services of social platforms like Facebook. There is no messaging app within Clubhouse. If you want to make contact with other Clubhouse users then you can do this in conversation rooms and through the club communities.


There is no Newsfeed with Clubhouse


Just about every other social media platform has a newsfeed. It is the first thing that you see when you log in. Clubhouse does not have a newsfeed. Instead, you get a “hallway” page with Clubhouse which presents you with an overview of what is happening on the platform. You can also search for things of interest from your hallway page.


There are no Content Restrictions


Clubhouse does not have any minimum or maximum restrictions on the amount of content you can create. If you want to create a room that only lasts a few minutes or continues for a day or more then this is possible. Other social media platforms impose restrictions on the amount of content you can post. 


Think of Clubhouse as an Event Venue


One of the best ways to think about Clubhouse is as an event venue. You can set up events that include a room, a stage, speakers, moderators and an audience. There is nothing similar to this in audio only offered by other social platforms. 


There are features such as Facebook Live of course, but these operate in a different way to Clubhouse rooms. For a start, there are no moderators with Facebook Live. You are less likely to be distracted by other things going on in a Clubhouse room event.


There is no Paid Advertising on Clubhouse


At the current time, Clubhouse does not have any paid advertising opportunities like other social platforms offer. However, it’s very likely that Clubhouse will offer this in the future as they need ways to monetize their app and provide their investors with a return.


Mastering The Basics Of Clubhouse

In order to be successful with Clubhouse, you need to master the basics of it. In this article, we will explain the basic features of this social audio app so that you are prepared when you become a member of it.


You need an Invitation


Clubhouse is different to other social media platforms by virtue of the fact that you currently need an invitation from another member to join. There are currently more than 10 million Clubhouse members so it is possible that someone you know is a member and can invite you to join.


Reach out to all of the people that you know and ask them if they are a member of Clubhouse. If you find someone that is a member, ask them to invite you to the platform if they can. Members are given a specific number of invites based on their activity within the app.


There is a Waiting List


If you cannot find an existing member of Clubhouse to get an invite from, the next best thing is to join the waiting list. Download and install the app on your iOS or Android device and confirm that you want to join.


You need to register to join the waiting list. Provide your contact details and indicate your areas of interest. Clubhouse will inform other members that you are on the waiting list and there will usually be someone that is willing to invite you to become a full member.


Tell Clubhouse about your Interests


It is essential that you choose your interests from a list that Clubhouse will provide you. When you do this, Clubhouse will be able to notify you when rooms that meet your interests are available. This is also useful for other Clubhouse members as they may wish to network and collaborate with you based on your interests.


Clubhouse will also recommend existing users that you should follow based on the interests that you select.


You need to Complete your Profile


Your Clubhouse profile is very important. This will tell other Clubhouse members what your interests are, who you are and what you represent. If you currently have a Twitter and an Instagram profile then you can link these to your Clubhouse profile.


A good Clubhouse profile will go a long way to helping you to succeed. Take your time completing your profile and use keywords that can help you to be found by other members. Use a good photograph of yourself in your profile.


Familiarize yourself with your Hallway


Your home page on Clubhouse is called your hallway. It works differently to the home pages of other social media platforms. When you navigate to your hallway, Clubhouse will present you with an overview of what is currently going on that may interest you.


Use the Search Feature


Clubhouse has a good search feature where you can use keywords to find rooms and clubs that may be of interest to you. If you want to see if someone that you know is a Clubhouse member, you can search for them by name here.


Other Basic Clubhouse Features


When you become a member of Clubhouse you will be able to invite other people to join. There is a calendar that you can use to find the upcoming events that match your interests. Clubhouse has a “notifications” feature where they will alert you of important events such as new followers and the activities of members that you are following.


How To Optimize Your Clubhouse Profile

Having an optimized Clubhouse profile is essential for your success on the platform. You need to create your profile in the correct way so that other members can see at a glance who you are and what you want to be known for. In addition to this, a good profile will show up in the Clubhouse search results for related keywords.


In this article we will discuss how to optimize your Clubhouse profile for the best results. A lot of Clubhouse members make the mistake of not making their profile the best that it can be. You do not want to make the same mistake, so follow the advice below.


Add a great Photograph


The first thing that another member of Clubhouse will see is your profile photograph. You need to ensure that your bio photograph is the very best. Don’t just choose a picture of yourself that you have on your phone. 


Make sure that your photo shows you smiling and shows all of your face within the frame. Your photo needs to look good in different sizes. It also needs to be very clear and have the best possible background. A background with contrasting colors is best. This will show up well with the Clubhouse off white background.


It is important that your photo has a bright background so that it will stand out from the many other bio images on Clubhouse. You can go to a professional photographer to have a perfect photo taken. This will be worth it in the long run.


Your Description needs to be Awesome


The description in your bio needs to be great. You can write a full description about yourself and what you stand for as there is a lot of room available. Clubhouse provides you with a plain text editor. Just because you have a lot of space for the description does not mean that you have to create a really lengthy one. Less is often more.


The first 2-3 Lines are Critical


You need to bear in mind that the first 2-3 lines of your description are critical. This is because these appear in the bio preview. So, you need to add the most important pints about yourself in the first couple of lines.


When you are creating your bio think about the value that you can provide for others. Clubhouse is a networking platform and you need to tell other members why they should follow you. If the first couple of lines of your bio are weak then members are likely to dismiss you as being worth following.


Twitter and Instagram


If you have profiles on Twitter and Instagram you can add these to your Clubhouse profile. At the current time, these are the only external links that the platform will permit. This does not mean that you cannot add your business website URL. It will not be clickable though.


Use the right Format


It is best to use an external application when you are creating your Clubhouse bio. This is because the plain text editor is not great for adding spaces between paragraphs etc. You can use Notepad for example. 


We also recommend that you add emojis in your profile. This will make it stand out from the others. It is a good idea to use emojis in the first couple of lines of your description. You can also use bold and italic markup in your description.


Use These 4 Clubhouse Room Marketing Tactics

You can use Clubhouse to promote your business and your brand. This has to be done in the correct way as Clubhouse does not permit direct promotion. In this article, we will discuss some of the best marketing tactics to use that have worked well for other members of the Clubhouse platform.


It is very important that you use Clubhouse to engage with your target audience. By using the tactics below, you will be able to reach out to your audience and form beneficial relationships. Connecting with other Clubhouse members is what it is all about.


1. Join Related Rooms and Conversations


While you can learn a lot by just being a listener on Clubhouse, you are only going to form the relationships that you need by speaking out. Each time you speak you have the opportunity to show people what you have to offer and gain additional exposure for your brand.


Identify rooms that are relevant to your niche and join them. To start with we recommend that you join rooms that have a smaller audience. You will have more chance of speaking as a newcomer in a smaller room than you will in a large room.


2. Host your Own Niche Related Room


When you host your own rooms on Clubhouse you are likely to get the best results. If you are concerned about this then you need to overcome any fears that you have because this is very important. By hosting your own room, your audience will automatically perceive you to be an expert.


Each time that you schedule a new room, tell all of the people that you know about it using your existing social profiles. Create a room around a subject that you know will be popular with your target audience. Make sure that you inform everyone about the date and time your room will be open.


3. Be a good Moderator to achieve the best results


When you host your own room on Clubhouse you can be the moderator. You need to learn how to run your rooms effectively to achieve the best results. Make it clear what the purpose of your room is so your audience knows why they are attending. When your audience makes comments and suggestions be sure to add additional insight here.


Repeat the propose of your room every 15 minutes or so. This will ensure that latecomers know what is going on. If you are inviting others to speak then let the audience know what they are bringing to the table. Always keep your room moving and if your room is large then get some addition help to moderate it.


4. Co-Host with Influencers


It is a good idea to co-host a Clubhouse room with influencers and experts. Reach out to influencers in your niche and propose a co-host event. The benefit of co-hosting with influencers is that you will have access to their audiences as well as your own.


Talk to your co-hosts before you start your room so that everyone is clear and how the room will operate. You will be sharing the microphone with your co-hosts so you need to manage this properly. Audiences like co-hosted rooms because they find that there is a good diversity of thought and ideas.


How To Grow Your Following On Clubhouse

Having as large a following on Clubhouse as possible should always be your aim. The more members that you have following you, the greater the opportunity you will have to promote your brand and form beneficial collaborations. In this article we will discuss some proven ways that you can increase the number of followers that you have on Clubhouse.


Prepare to be Active


When other Clubhouse members see that you are very active on the platform, they will be more likely to follow you. Being active means joining relevant rooms and making a contribution and hosting your own rooms. Basically, you need to speak on the platform as much as possible.


When you are active in this way, more Clubhouse members will be able to get to know you. You want to build up your KLT (know, like and trust) factor. Your ultimate ai should be to create a mini community through your own Clubhouse club.


Always Provide Value


Whenever you are attending someone else’s room or hosting your own you need to provide value for everyone concerned. Always bear in mind that you cannot blatantly just promote your brand. You need to offer your expertise and help to other Clubhouse members and subtly introduce your brand into the conversation.


Have a Brief Announcement Prepared


Each time that you speak in a Clubhouse room you should announce who you are and what you will bring to the party. Your announcement needs to be impactful but brief at the same time. Nobody wants you to recite your entire CV when you are introducing yourself. Just tell people who you are, what you do and how others can find you.


Become a Clubhouse Member right now


Don’t hang around to become a Clubhouse member. At the time of writing this article, the Clubhouse platform was still fairly new. Take advantage of this and find a way to join today. You can establish a foothold with the platform before it gets really big. Build up your following so that new members will instantly want to follow you due to your follower numbers alone.


Make your Profile Great


There is nothing more important for your Clubhouse marketing that your profile. A great profile will attract followers so you need to make it the best that it can be. Use a high-quality photograph of yourself with a bright background to draw attention. Write an enticing description and make the first 2-3 lines really stand out.


Start following Related Clubs


Getting yourself known in niche related clubs is a great way to gain additional followers on Clubhouse. You cannot just join a club so start to follow those that are of interest to you. When you are approved as a member of a club you can create private rooms and host them.


Host Public Rooms for more Followers


Hosting your own rooms is one of the most effective ways to gain new followers. You need to do everything that you can to entice other Clubhouse members to attend your rooms. Be sure to schedule your rooms in advance and let your followers on other social profiles know about them. 


Invite influencers to co-host so that you will attract the largest audiences. Always be clear on what you will discuss and how this will benefit the audience. Use a compelling description for your rooms and moderate them properly. 


Reasons To Use Clubhouse For Your Business

You need to be sure that getting involved with Clubhouse is right for your business. It is a big commitment to make to get good results from Clubhouse marketing. There are many ways that you can use Clubhouse to develop your brand which we will discuss in this article.


You can Build Trust with Clubhouse


To convince your target audience to do business with you it is essential that your messages are authentic and trustworthy. These days, it is not enough to say that your company has been around for a long time.


You need to show your target audience that you really care about them and Clubhouse is a great platform to use for this. By hosting a room in Clubhouse, you can get your authentic message across to your target audience. Participating in other people’s rooms can also help you to build trust.


Demonstrate you are a Thought Leader


The Clubhouse app is all about thought leaders and influencers in niches. People join Clubhouse because they want to gain important insight and information about the niches that they are interested in. They also expect to listen to innovative ideas.


When you are a thought leader on Clubhouse this will do a great deal for your credibility. Be willing to host rooms and share your expertise and experiences with your target audience. Clubhouse members really appreciate experts.


Your Target Audience wants Audio Content


Other social media platforms permit you to use videos, text and images to get your message across to your target audience. He problem is that it can be mentally draining for people to watch a lot of videos and read text.


Clubhouse provides a great way to engage your target audience through audio content. Members can listen to a room conversation without the mental drain of visual content. 


Clubhouse provides Networking and Collaboration Opportunities


You will find a variety of rooms and clubs that are related to many different niches. By hosting your own rooms or participating in other people’s rooms that are related to your niche, you will have the chance to form connections with other members.


Add Value through your Expertise and Support


When you are using Clubhouse to promote your business, you need to provide value to your target audience. It is best to adopt the mindset that you need to give before you receive when you use the Clubhouse platform. Help your target audience as much as you can and always be willing to provide them with your expertise. 


Create your own Club Community


When you create a mini community on Clubhouse with a club, many of your target audience will be interested in becoming members. Your club needs to provide value to its members and let them know who you are and how you can help them.


Word-of-Mouth Marketing


If you want to raise the awareness of your brand, there is no better way to do this than word-of-mouth marketing. By being a Clubhouse member, you have the opportunity to tell your story and help the word to spread about what you have to offer.


Feedback, Trends and Investors


You can setup Clubhouse rooms to gain important feedback from your target audience. It is also a good idea to attend other rooms so that you can pick up on new trends. A number of venture capitalists are Clubhouse members so you can get in front of them with your business ideas.


Understanding Clubhouse Rooms

The most important features of Clubhouse are the rooms and clubs. All of the action happens in these. Rooms in Clubhouse are the most popular feature because they have speakers that will discuss a specific subject. They also have an audience and a at least one moderator.


Check out Clubhouse Rooms


Imagine Clubhouse as am imaginary corridor at a convention where you can check out various rooms where important conversations are taking place. Each one of these rooms has a name that you can see. You will also be able to see the speakers in the room and the audience members. If a room is public then any member can join them whenever they want. 


As a member of Clubhouse, you can create your own conversation rooms. This is easy to do from your hallway page. You can designate your room as public or private. With a private room, you control who is invited to it.


Start out by Listening in Rooms


Before you start to create your own rooms, you should attend other people’s rooms as a listener or audience member. This will help you to get the feel of rooms. You will have the opportunity to ask a question as a member of the audience.


When you have joined a conversation room it is a good idea to see who else is there. You are able to tap on any other member that is in the room to create a connection with them. It doesn’t matter if they are a speaker or a member of the audience.


While you are in a room listening, you have the option to navigate back to your hallway to check out other rooms that are going on. You will still be able to hear the conversation when you are doing this. 


Speakers in Rooms


When you become a speaker in a room you will be in the “stage” area. You can mute your microphone and unmute it when it is your time to speak. Always mute your microphone when there is someone else speaking as you do not want to inflict any background noise on them.


Always wait for a few seconds after you have finished speaking before you mute your microphone. This is because there is often a lag between the members of Clubhouse that are in the room. They may miss the end of your speech if you mute your microphone too quickly.


Room Moderators


There will be at least one moderator in a Clubhouse conversation room. In some larger rooms there can be several moderators. The main role of a moderator is to ensure that things flow smoothly and that a room does not become unruly.


Although Clubhouse encourages the freedom of natural speech and open rooms, there still needs to be structure and order. Without this, rooms can quickly become chaotic with many people wanting to ask questions and voice their opinions.


You can be the moderator in a room that you started or you can be invited by another member to moderate one of their rooms. Your aim as a moderator should always be to direct the tone of the conversation.


As a room moderator you will have the power to allow members of the audience to raise their hand to speak. You can also invite an audience member to speak and accept request to speak from the audience. 


What Exactly Is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app launched in March of 2020. Since then, it has seen significant growth and now has more than 10 million active users each month. You can use Clubhouse if you have an Apple iOS or an Android based mobile device.


Clubhouse is an audio only social platform. There are speakers on the platform that will discuss niche specific issues and other topics in an open and natural way. All of the conversation events on Clubhouse are live and there are no recordings.


Rooms for Conversations


The main feature of Clubhouse is the conversation room. These are launched by Clubhouse members and other members can participate in them. Each room has a specific topic of discussion and there is usually more than one speaker in the room.


Members of the audience in a room can “raise their hand” to speak. They may wish to ask questions or make comments on what has been discussed. There will be at least one moderator in a room that has control over it.


Speakers and the Stage


There is a stage in every conversation room on Clubhouse. This is where the speakers will be. Members of the audience who want to speak will also be moved to the stage area if they are permitted to speak by the moderator.


When you enter a Clubhouse room you can instantly see which member has the microphone. You will also see other members on the stage who are waiting for their turn to speak. As you enter a room you can see both the stage with speakers and the audience. There will be a photograph of each person and a preview of their profile.


Your Followers can see what Rooms you visit


As with other social platforms, you will follow others and others will follow you. All of your followers will be able to see which rooms you are visiting. It is likely that some of your followers will want to join the same rooms that you are in.


You can Network with other Members


You have the opportunity with Clubhouse to network, and collaborate with, other members that have the same interests as you do. It is in your interest to take advantage of this. There are likely to be Clubhouse members that are part of your target audience and could benefit from the products and services you offer.


The Clubhouse Hallway


Your home page on Clubhouse is called the “hallway”. When you navigate to this page, Clubhouse will present you with an overview of some of the rooms that are active that may interest you. 


There is a search or “explore” feature in your hallway page which is very useful. You can search for other users as well as rooms and clubs by using keywords. If you want to find a specific Clubhouse user then you can search using their name.


Clubs are Mini Communities


You will find a number of clubs established on Clubhouse. These are mini communities where like-minded people gather to discuss certain topics. Clubhouse members establish these clubs which are usually based around niches.


When you first join Clubhouse, you can only follow clubs that you are interested in. At some stage you should be nominated to become a member of a club you are following. You need to be credible in the eyes of Clubhouse to create your own club.