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Sunday 12 June 2022

The Digital Marketing Lifestyle: The Benefits (Infographic)

The Digital Marketing Lifestyle: Staying Productive (Infographic)

The Digital Marketing Lifestyle: Deprogramming Your Old Lifestyle (Infographic)

The Digital Marketing Lifestyle: Programming The Digital Lifestyle (Infographic)

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Will Your Startup Online Business Be Profitable? Here’s How to Know

You’ve come up with a winning business idea and you’re ready to get to work building your startup. But before you put in the work to make it a reality, there’s one crucial step that will save you a great deal of headache. You need to start with market validation.


What Is Market Validation?


Market validation means finding out whether there’s demand in the market for your business idea. It tells you how likely it is that your business will be profitable in a reasonable amount of time. If you find that it’s not a potentially profitable idea, you can abandon it or refine it so that it is.


Validation is important because you can’t tell all by yourself whether an idea is viable. You need objective data from your market, not just assumptions. This step in the process saves you time and trouble because it prevents you from launching a business that’s not going to take off.


Check out the Competition


A good way to get started is to see if your idea already exists and is out there making money. Get online and search. See if your competitor has an audience and if they’re selling. If so, this is a profitable idea. 


You just have to put your own spin on it. If you find that it’s taken, this doesn’t mean you can’t launch a similar business. In fact, it could tell you it’s a good idea.


If you find that many businesses are out there using your idea, you might want to refine it. This could mean the market is already saturated. You’ll face tough competition unless you can find a good way to differentiate yourself. 


Does Your Business Offering Solve a Problem?


Another way to assess your idea’s viability is to consider it in terms of problem and solution. The best business offerings solve a problem for their customers. What issues and challenges do your customers face? Does your product or service help to solve them?


Research your target audience. Follow them on social media, join groups where they’re members, and look for questions they’re asking. 


Use Web Analytics


You can gain a great deal of insight by looking at web analytics. Start by using a free keyword tool to investigate search terms. Enter terms related to your business idea and look at search volume. If people are looking for these keyword terms, it means they’re looking for what you’re offering.


This is also a great way to refine your idea. Keyword search tools will show you other high-volume words and phrases. You can discover what people are searching for.


There are programs that analyze social media behavior as well. Don’t forget also to look at Amazon and affiliate network programs and see what products are selling. 


Reach out to Your Audience


You can get great feedback on your idea by reaching out to your audience and asking them directly if they’re buying what you’re offering. You can start with friends, family members, colleagues, and employees. Reach out to social media followers, email list subscribers, members of your online groups, or any other access you have to your target audience.


Ask them whether they’re interested in your idea. While you’re talking to them, see what problems they’re facing. Find out what products they currently use and what faults they have. You can also ask how much they’d pay for a service like yours.


Validation Is Just the Beginning


Remember that market validation is no guarantee of success. It just tells you that there’s a market out there for what you’re offering. If you take the time to validate, your idea is more likely to earn in the short term. Now, your idea’s ready to launch.

6 Ways to Find Unique Ideas for Your Online Course

Ready to offer an online course? The first major challenge is to come up with a topic. It’s the most important decision you’ll make, so you really need something good. How do you come up with unique ideas for courses people will love to take? Here are 6 ideas for finding unique topics.


Frequently Asked Questions


What questions do people often ask you? What questions are people asking online? You can look at Q&A sites like Quora or social media and other online forums. 


Another idea is to check a similar company or site in your niche and see what questions are on their FAQ. If you can create a course that answers a question on everybody’s mind, you’ll have a great topic that people are interested in.


Identify Your Strengths


If you offer an online course in a topic where you’re truly an expert, it’s guaranteed to offer great value to your audience. Brainstorm a list of your greatest strengths. 


You can often say off the top of your head what you’re good at. You can also analyze your work history to see where you have the most experience. But the best way to find out is to reach out to people in your network and ask them. They know you well and can tell you objectively what you’re best at.


Channel Your Inner Nostradamus


Get clairvoyant and try to predict what’s coming in the future. It takes a few months to organize and promote an online course. If you can choose a topic that’s going to be trending in the coming months when you’re live, or in the months after that, you’ll really have a great topic on your hands.


The good news is that you don’t need to be psychic. You can find out about future trends through market research. Follow industry publications related to your niche. Use tools like Google Trends. Monitor the competition and see what they’re talking about. You can also hone your psychic abilities by knowing past trends and looking for patterns.


Look in Unexpected Places


Sometimes a great idea comes from somewhere else, not related at all to your business or niche. For example, you might turn on the TV and get a great idea from a news story. Something that comes along your Facebook feed might offer inspiration. Think back on a conversation you recently had with a friend.


Get into the mode of always looking for ideas and take notes on your phone whenever something strikes you.


Find Gaps in the Market


For a unique idea, look for gaps in the market. Look at courses being offered in your niche. You’ll see a few topics being covered by many businesses. Try to find a sub-topic within your niche that’s not being covered and you can make this the topic for your online course.


The great advantage here is that you’ll be the only one offering this topic. It may not be a big seller, but if there’s interest, you’ll dominate.


Check Analytics


People often won’t tell you honestly what they’re interested in even if you conduct surveys and ask them directly. But their actions don’t lie. This is why it’s good to look at analytics. Analytics show you your audience’s behavior.


Look at website and blog analytics. Run a newsletter and see which links your subscribers click or messages they open and engage with. Analyze reactions to your social media posts. Look for patterns and you’ll discover your audience’s real interests. 


Once you find one of the above ideas that works well for you, document it and refer to it whenever you need new ideas. Also, start an ideas list that you can carry around with you on your phone or in your pocket. Any time inspiration strikes, write it down. You never know when you might hit upon a profitable idea for your online course.


Monday 23 May 2022

Cheap Ways to Manage Time

Are you an internet marketer? If so, you may spend all day on the computer. Unfortunately, the computer and the internet make distractions easy. For example, researching marketing forums for new ideas is ideal, but not if you spend hours carrying on personal conversations with other members.


To be a successful internet marketer, time management is important. Unfortunately, many new to the business assume time management is difficult or costly. Yes, it can be, but there are easy and affordable approaches you can take. A few cheap ways to manage your time are highlighted below.


1 - Create a To Do List


A to-do list is a cheap time management tool, as all you need is a pen and a piece of paper. If you prefer, your list can be complied in Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet. Each morning or the night before, create a to-do list for yourself. What tasks do you need to accomplish throughout the day? For example, do you want to approach webmasters for banner exchanges or research website page ranks to find the best advertising deals? If so, include these items on your daily to-do list.


When creating your daily to-do list, go into great detail. For example, step number one could include approach five webmasters for link exchanges. Once the task as been completed, cross it from your list.


Not only will a to-do list give you a set guide to follow, but it helps to promote motivation. 


2 - Create a Schedule


A to-do list is an easy way to manage your time, as you are provided with a list of what must be completed in a day. Crossing tasks from your list may serve as a source of motivation, if not, a schedule is recommended. Set aside a specific time frame for you to complete a task. 


Do you want to submit articles to directories you paid an outsourced writer to write? If so, set aside a specific block of time to doing so. For example, submit these articles between 9 and 10 am. By keeping an eye on the clock, you know when you are starting to fall behind, allowing you to pickup the pace.


3 - Use a Desktop Calendar


Creating a detailed schedule or to-do list is ideal for internet marketers with serious time management problems. If you are good at time management or staying on task, you can take a laxer approach. One of those approaches is using a desktop calendar.


Desktop calendars are large in size, enabling you to write various tasks on a daily slot, but without great detail. Do so. Each time you complete a task, cross it from your calendar.


Desktop calendars are available for sale online and in many local department stores and office supply stores. They tend to retail for under $5, making them an affordable way to manage your time.


4 - Use an Alarm Clock


An alarm clock is a cheap way to manage your time as an internet marketer, as you should already have one in your home. An alarm clock is ideal when used in conjunction with a daily schedule. 


As sited as an example above, you created a one-hour block for submitting outsourced articles to directories with back links. Set your alarm clock to go off at 10am. This signals that it is time to stop and start a new task or quickly finish.


5 - Think of the Money


As an internet marketer, you may work for clients who hire you to drive traffic to their websites or you may do the same for your own websites, blogs, products or services. Regardless of who you work for, it is important to think of the money. This can serve as motivation.


When you stay focused and on task, you do your job. That job is to drive traffic to a website, blog, product or service. Many times, this will translate into money. Remember the more you work, the more money you will make.


Do It Yourself or a Hire Professional?

Have you just created a website? If you work from home, your intention is to make money with that website. Whether you generate income through affiliate links or by selling a product or service, internet marketing is vital to your success. An internet marketing campaign lets consumers know you have something for sale.


Since internet marketing is an important component of making money with a website or even a blog, it must be incorporated into your business plan. However, you might assume there isn’t enough room or time for it. In fact, your first thought may be to avoid doing your own internet marketing and hire a professional.


Professional internet marketers are easy to find online. To get started, perform a standard internet search. After a close examination, you will find that most have a long list of well-known clients they work with, have an amazing list of testimonials, and so forth. Also, a close look will show you that internet marketers do not come cheap. In fact, the cost may surprise you. Essentially, this may once again leave you rethinking your marketing approach.


So, what should you do? Should you do your own internet marketing or hire a professional? In all honesty, you should do your own. Even if internet marketing is a subject that you are unfamiliar with, you can learn it. It is a lot easier than you may have originally thought, especially when you have a good sense of time management. In fact, if you have poor time management skills, you should work on improving those before you start an internet marketing campaign.


In terms of improving your use of time, there are many steps and changes you can make. To get started, create to-do lists. These can be done on a daily basis and outline each task you need to complete. When finished, cross it from your list and move on to the next. You can also eliminate distractions or interruptions. Do you find yourself talking on the phone when you should be working? If so, don’t answer your phone and don’t make any personal calls during business hours. Once you eliminate distractions or at least learn to tone them out, you can start improving your use of time and productivity.


Once you realize the connection between time management and internet marketing and its importance, you can begin to get started. If you are unfamiliar with internet marketing, research the subject. There are many internet marketing forums where tips are shared. Visit these forums. What is nice about this approach is that you can ask questions if you have any. Just remember to use online forums for research, not for personal chats.


After you familiarize yourself with a few internet marketing approaches, such as keyword optimized articles, signatures in message forums, banner and link exchanges, and so forth, you can get started. Now, it will take you a little bit of time to master the trade. For example, keyword articles can be difficult to write. It takes time and experimentation to find the best keywords and properly implement them into your articles. So, don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. It will take time and a lot of practice.


Finally, it is important to not focus solely on one internet marketing tactic. Even if you find a successful traffic and sale generator, use multiple methods. The key is to properly manage your time so that you can give each opportunity a try over the course of a week or one month.


Get More Done

Do you run a website that sells a product, a service, or generates income through affiliate links? If so, internet marketing is a task you must complete. Unfortunately, internet marketing isn’t something you can do and be done with. To successfully generate income overtime with your website, you need to develop a lasting and long-term internet marketing plan.


When creating an internet marketing plan, there are many questions you need to answer. First, start with the large ones. These include how you want to market your website, products, or services. If you are new to internet marketing, research your options. You will find they are unlimited. Once you have developed a plan of action, such as buying advertisements, using article directories, link exchanges, and so forth, there is another important question you need to answer. 


When should you work as an internet marketer? What should your work schedule hours be?


Before outlining ways for you to carefully choose your work hours, know that you may not have a say in the matter. Internet marketing and making money online can be a full-time job, but not everyone uses it as such. If you work part-time, your hands may be tied, in terms of flexibility. However, if you are a full-time home-based worker, please continue reading on for helpful tips.


Work when you work the best. We all have grooves that we get into. These are times when we work the best, when we come up with the best ideas, or when we are the most productive. Some are early birds, rising and ready to work before the sun is even up. Others are night owls, working into the early morning hours. What type of person are you? Choose to work when you produce the best results.


Work when you have few interruptions. Are you a parent? Can you work when the kids are not home? If your children attend school, work during the day. If your children are home on vacation, there are benefits to readjusting your hours to late nights or early mornings. When you limit or eliminate your interruptions, you can work continuously.


Work when you have few distractions. Unfortunately, interruptions can’t always be eliminated as a problem, especially if you are a parent. You can, however, eliminate distractions. Do you have a favorite television show that you watch weekly or do you have houseguests every Tuesday night? If so, now is not the time to work. Readjust your schedule, even if just for one day a week, so that you can work without distractions.


When choosing what hours to work on internet marketing, many run into a common problem. That problem is not having enough hours in the day. That is why it is important to create a schedule. You cannot be expected to market your website a hundred different ways in one day, so spread the tasks throughout the week or month. And, in dire times hire a professional to outsource your work to. Freelance web content writers and graphic designers can help you market your website for an affordable fee.


As previously stated, you may not have the luxury of choosing your hours to work on internet marketing. If that the case, take anytime that you can get. Remember, the more you market your product, service, or affiliate links, the more income you will generate.

How to Get More Done as an Internet Marketer

Are you new to internet marketing? If so, you may want to improve your time management. So, how can you do so?


Realize that time is money. Time is money is a common phrase that you may hear all the time; however, it is very important to an internet marketer, such as yourself. Why? Because your ability to manage your time and market a website, product, service, or blog will have a direct impact on your income generated. For example, do you sell products on your website? The more traffic you generate with marketing, the more sales you will receive.


Do not let your computer be a distraction. As you can gather, internet marketing involves using the internet. Yes, it is your job to use the internet, but you must use it properly. Unfortunately, distractions are common when using a computer. For starters, computers come preloaded with games. There is also the internet factor. These are many interesting websites online, as well as fun instant messaging programs. Enjoy these things in your free time, but not during work hours.


Eliminate your distractions. As previously stated, playing games on a computer or using instant messaging programs can be a huge source of distraction. For starters, do not use them. If your willpower to stay away isn’t strong enough, disable these programs or entirely delete them from your computer.


Since most internet marketers also work from home, it is important to eliminate distractions in the home. When not working, do housework to have a clean and professional workspace the next day. Do not watch television or answer the phone when working. These tasks will disrupt your work, hindering your ability to market and make money.


Research. Unfortunately, many new internet marketers make the mistake of believing that research is a distraction or a waste of time. It isn’t. As an internet marketer, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings online. If you don’t, you may miss out on the “hottest,” way to market a product or service online. So, research. With that said, make sure research is all you do online. If you visit an internet marketing forum, ask questions if you need help, but avoid socializing or personal conversations.


Brainstorm and create a plan. Whether you are a new internet marketer or an experienced one, you should already have marketing ideas running around in your head. This is good, but what should you do with those ideas? Brainstorm and create a plan. A good example involves taking your ideas, prioritizing them, and creating a daily to-do list or schedule. For example, your first task could include updating a blog with a link to your website. Task number two could include choosing a product to give away in a marketing contest, and so forth.


Execute the above-mentioned plan. Once you have a list of internet marketing tasks to complete, get to work. Remember, it is important to stay focus and on task. Work on crossing items off your to-do list. Avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, checking your personal email account, or watching the television in the background. By focusing only on your list of things to do, you can get more things done as an internet marketer.


Outsource when you fall behind. Whether you fell behind due to poor time management or if you just have too many tasks to complete and not enough hours, seek help. That help can come from a qualified outsourcer. Who you hire will depend on the task you need completed? Do you want to design a banner for a link exchange? Hire a graphic or web designer. Do you want to write articles for article directory submissions? If so, hire a freelance writer.


In short, there are many ways for you to get more done as an internet marketer. The best way to see success, which should include extra income, is to work on your time management skills. Do you see a problem or distraction? Eliminate it as an issue and focus solely on the tasks at hand.


Create a Time Management Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Do you do internet marketing? Whether it is your job to market websites, services, and products for others or if you are marketing your own personal projects, time management is key. In fact, your ability to work and manage your time is directly related to your income earnings. The more links you distribute and the more interest you generate, the more money you should make.


Since time management is an important component of becoming a successful and profitable internet marketer, you may wish to revamp the daily managing of your time. If so, continue reading on for 6 easy steps to get started.


1 - Brainstorm


Do not make the mistake of jumping right into work. Instead, take the time to brainstorm and develop a list of internet marketing tasks. Decide what you want to do for the day. How do you want to market and advertise today? Do you want to update your website or blog? Do you want to submit to article directories? Do you want to buy advertisements on similar websites? If so, list these items on a scrap sheet of paper.


2 - Prioritize


You might assume that you are done after brainstorming your daily tasks, but you are not. Next, you want to create a to-do list or a detailed schedule. To get started, prioritize. If working for yourself, as opposed to a client, you have more freedom. It is best to start with internet marketing tactics you know will work. Since there is less gamble, your work and the energy you put forth should pay off. For example, submitting articles to article directories is “safer,” than using Twitter to generate clicks to a website.


3 - Set Time Limits


As previously stated, you can create a detailed schedule. When doing so, use blocks of time. For example, 9am to 10am can be used for writing and submitting one article to This gives you one hour to do the task. Yes, it does apply pressure, but a time limit can also serve as a source of motivation.


If you opt to create a detailed scheduled, set aside specific blocks of time. Even if you don’t take this approach, still create a time limit. Before you start each task, create a goal time to have it completed by.


4 - Stay Organized


Those who are unorganized often have poor time management. And, those with poor time management are often unorganized. To improve the use of your time, get organized. Make sure you are working in a clean and professional environment, even if only working from a laptop at your kitchen table.


5 - Know When to Outsource


Outsourcing is not the preferred method of internet marketing, as it does cost money. With that said, there will come a point in time where you fall behind or feel overwhelmed. This is when you should outsource. Outsourced projects do not need to be large. So, even if you only hire a writer to write one article for directory submission, you are still receiving much needed marketing help.


6 - Don’t Waste Time


The biggest time waster when working as an internet marketer is the internet. Yes, this seems ironic, but it is true. There are millions of things to do on the computer and online. Therefore, it is easy to get distracted and waste time. Set rules for yourself. For example, no checking your personal email, no communication with friends on instant messenger, no playing computer games, and no surfing the internet for random websites while working. The internet is a great source of entertainment, but not when you should be doing your job.


Tasks Ideal for Outsourcing

Are you a webmaster who uses your website to generate income? Whether you do so by selling a product, a service, or with the use of affiliate links, page views are important to your success. The more page views your website receives, the more your earnings potential increase. For that reason, you may not classify yourself as an internet marketer, but you need to become one.


As previously stated, the goal is to market a website, product, or service to consumers. This involves taking many steps. There are many common and successful internet marketing methods. In fact, you may be overwhelmed with your options. The more you advertise a website, product, or service, the more interest is generated. So, you may want to implement each internet marketing step you learn. What if you don’t have time to implement them all? Rely on outsourcing.


Before focusing on internet marketing tactics that are ideal for outsourcing, it is important to examine the pros and cons. For starters, hiring an outsourced worker will allow you to get more done. Remember, the more you market a website, the more money you can earn. Aside from increasing your earning potential, outsourcing also gives you freedom. This is ideal if you don’t want to spend 24 hours a day in front of the computer.


As beneficial as outsourcing can be, it too has its cons. For example, you must find a qualified individual to help. If you hire someone who is unfamiliar with internet marketing, the job may be done wrong. This not only wastes time, but money. So, remove this as an issue; only hired those who are qualified to do the job and properly.


As for what internet marketing projects you can outsource:


The writing of web content. Web content is important to internet marketing and it can be used multiple ways. Updated websites with fresh content keep readers coming back. Hire a web content writer to write pages for your website. Whether they write product reviews or keyword articles to drive in organic search engine traffic, they are helping you market your website.


When hiring a web content writer, look for an individual who has experience writing combination keyword and content articles. This means the articles will be interesting to read, but liked by search engines. Always review content before placing it on your website. Ensure it is professional and original.


Submitting to article directories. Do you like to write your own web content? If so, you may not need a web content writer, but someone to help you spread your content. Submitting articles to article directories with the use of back links can improve traffic and sales. The submission process is easy, but tedious. So, hire someone to submit your content for you. This is very affordable, as some will submit for less than $2 an article.


The writing of blog posts. If your main goal is to generate traffic to a website where you sell a product or service, rely on the use of a blog. Since blogs are updated often, they tend to accumulate more readers. So, hire a blog writer. This is cheaper than hiring a content writer, as blog posts are shorter and easier to compose.


When hiring a blog writer, provide clear instructions. Blogs are usually casually in tone. If you want your writer to take a professional approach, state so. Since the goal is to drive traffic to your website, be sure links are included in each post.


In addition to outsourcing small tasks to qualified workers, you have the option of hiring a professional internet marketer. This approach will work, but it can be very costly. It is more cost effective to do your own internet marketing and outsource on occasion.


As an important side note, if you are employed as an internet marketer, you market for other webmasters, not yourself. Yes, you can still outsource tasks, but know the risk. Your internet marketing business name will be responsible for all work submitted. You can suffer serious consequences from using an outsourcer that plagiarizes their work.


The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing


Do you run a website that generates income through the sale of a product, service, or affiliate links? If so, your to-do list may be filled to capacity. In fact, one to-do list could easily last you days. Unfortunately, you may not want to wait days. After all, the longer you wait to implement successful internet marketing tactics, the more money you can lose. So, what should you do? You may opt for outsourcing.


When internet marketers find themselves overwhelmed, many turn to outsourcing. When hiring an outsourced worker, you get help, but without having to pay a full-time employee. Since many states require you to carry special insurance and pay extra fees when employing full or part-time workers, outsourcing is considered a more cost-effective approach, but is it right for you?


The Pros


As previously stated, outsourcing your internet marketing tasks can save you money. This is because when you need help, you need help. Hiring an outsourcer to work on occasion is cheaper than hiring a full-fledge employee.


Outsourcing can give you a new set of eyes and experience. Internet marketing encompasses a wide range of tactics. For example, there is sending messages disguised as advertisements on Facebook and Twitter, creating keyword optimized content for a website, submitting articles to directories, and so forth. No matter how computer savvy you are, you will come across a tactic that you are unfamiliar with. Yes, you can learn, but why not just save time and outsource?


Outsourcing allows you to focus on other tasks. If you are self-employed and a sole proprietor, you work with and for yourself. If you are an online retailer, who sells products, your to-do list will be filled to capacity. For example, it may be your responsibility to find new products to sell, update your website, host sales, process orders, handle customer complaints, and so forth. You may not have time for internet marketing. Instead of overwhelming yourself, outsource.


The Cons


Outsourcing costs you money. As previously stated, outsourcing can save you money when compared to hiring a full-time or part-time employee, but the fact is you are still spending money. So, look for affordable workers and only outsource small and affordable tasks. Anything that costs more, do yourself.


There are no guarantees. When you hire an outsourced worker, hire a professional. For example, do you need web copy for your website? If so, hire a professional freelance writer. That person has experience. Even still, there are no guarantees. That is why it is important to review all work. Check for quality and uniqueness.


You may not get the results you wanted. In keeping with no guarantees, you may not get the results you had hoped for. That is why it is important to hire a professional who has experience with the task at hand. Not only that, but you need to provide clear and detailed directions. Don’t just tell your writer to compose three articles on the subject of pet products, give them detailed articles to write and specific products to link to.


In short, outsourcing has its pros and cons. If you are able to complete your current duties, as well as work internet marketing into your to-do list, do it. But, if you ever feel overwhelmed or fall behind schedule, use outsourcing as a source of relief.

Time Management and Article Directories

Do you work as an internet marketer? Whether you are a marketer for hire or if you work only on your own websites, you will likely turn to article directories. Article directories, like, are a great way to generate traffic to a product, service, or website. To get full use of article directories, you must also rely time management.


Article directories are large websites where articles are shared. These articles are written by internet users and uploaded for free. It is not uncommon for large article directories to carry hundreds of thousands of articles. Many use article directories for fun or to share an opinion, but they are a good internet marketing tool.


As an internet marketer, you can benefit from submitting content to article directories. They help to generate traffic. To get started write or hire a freelance writer to compose an article for you. This article should be related to what you are marketing. Do you want to increase page views for a dog grooming website? If so, write articles on the subject.


When submitting articles to directories, you will find a link or resource box. Many authors write a summary of their career or their interests. You can use this to generate traffic for a website or even a blog. Create a catchy phrase such as “Click here for more dog grooming tips.” By making your links clickable, interested readers will click.


Not only do article directories generate links at the end of an article, but they do so through distribution. Many directories make your articles available for use. This means your work may appear on other websites. Yes, this may be a big turn off at first, but all links and resource boxes must stay intact. This means that your link will still be present and clickable. In a way, this results in marketing without extra steps on your part.


When submitting articles to article directories, some content will do better than others. As previously stated, compose articles that are inline with the website, product, or service you intend to market. These articles should useful to read, not outright advertisements, and contain relevant keyword phrases. Most importantly, always include a link.


So, where does time management come in?


Submitting content to article directories with links is not the only internet marketing method. In fact, it is not the only step you should take. There are many other ways to market a website, product, or service online and you should do so. For that reason, divide your time wisely. One day you can submit an article to an article directory, the next you can host a contest on your website, then buy advertisements, and so forth.


Article directories are a great way to generate interest and clicks, but you will typically see short bursts of traffic. This is because article directories like to focus their attention on newer articles. These are articles that will appear on the front page of a website or high in search rankings. For that reason, you want to spread your time and your content out evenly, meaning you have to manage your time.


So, what is the best way to manage your time when using article directories as an internet marketing tactic?


It is best to submit articles on a weekly basis. For example, submit one article one week, two the next week, and then follow with one more. This will keep new fresh content with your website links appearing and on the front page or at the top of search results. Although you want to submit articles on a weekly basis, you can write them all at once and save until ready for submission.


By combining time management and article directories together, you will find one great internet marketing tactic. By submitting weekly content, as opposed to all at once, you will get new readers and hopefully more page views and sales.

The Connection Between Internet Marketing and Time Management

Time management is an amazing skill to have. It works in all forms of life, including business use and personal use. Unfortunately, many do not look at time management as anything more than a nice skill to have. If you are an internet marketer, you must look at time management as a moneymaking tool.


As great as it is to hear that time management can not only be a great skill, but a moneymaking tool, you may be wondering why. This is a common question that new internet marketers have. First, it is important to look at the process of internet marketing, what it is, and its goals.


Internet marketing is a form of advertising that is used to draw attention to something. That something can be a website or blog, product, or service. Remember, if consumers do not know that you have products or services available for sale, they will not buy. That is why internet marketing is vital to your success as an online or home-based worker.


Next, it is important to understand how internet marketing makes you money. To do so, examine the different types of internet marketers. There are those who work for pay. These professionals sell their internet marketing skills as a service. Webmaster pays for the service. They do so with the hopes of increasing traffic and generating a sale.


On the other hand, you will find internet marketers who do more than just market. They often create websites, make products, give advice, and so forth. These individuals are webmasters who sell a product, a service, or generate income through affiliate links. These individuals wear many hats. They must update their website or blog, as well as market and advertise.


If your goal is to sell your service as an internet marketer, time management will lead to more work. For example, you will receive instructions for marketing from a client or you may have your own to-do list. Once you complete these tasks, you are finished with your paid project. What does this mean? It means that you can move onto the next client. Yes, it is important to produce effective results, but with good time management skills you can produce effective results in a productive manner. This allows you to take on more clients and generate more income.


If your goal is to create your own website and generate sales through affiliate links or the sale of a product or service you offer, internet marketing will also determine your income. As stated above, no one will buy your product if they don’t know you have it for sale. That is why internet marketing is key. By effectively managing your time, you can market your website more. You do this by circulating links around the internet. Whether you do so with banner exchanges, paid advertisements, or article directories, the more you work, the more links are exchanged. This should result in more sales or clicks and income.


As you can see, your ability to manage time will be directly related to how much money you make, regardless of what type of internet marketer you are. So, why continue to lose money? If you find it difficult to stay focused and on task, start improving your time management. You can do so with the use of time management software programs, daily to-do lists, detailed hourly schedules, desktop calendars, and so forth. 


Another easy way to make money with internet market, not lose it, is to eliminate your distractions If you work from home, make sure your house is clean and creates a good work environment. Don’t stop to clean during your work hours, but do it the night before. If you enjoy background noise, turn the television on, but if you find yourself watching it, as opposed to working, shut it off.


In short, time management is a great skill to have. If you work as an internet marketer, time management should be your best friend. If it is isn’t, it is time to make a change.

Internet Marketers: When To Outsource

Are you an internet marketer? Whether you sell your service to webmasters or if you market your own website, blog, product, or service, time management is important. When you properly manage your time, you get more work done. Since this work involves marketing and sharing website links throughout the internet, that work can translate into more income.


Yes, internet marketing and time management go hand-in-hand. To increase your earnings, improve your time management skills. With that said, even the most experienced internet marketers need help on occasion. That help usually comes from an outsourced worker.


So, can you benefit from outsourcing some internet marketing tasks? What occasions call for it? Continue reading on to find out.


When there isn’t enough hours in the day. There are hundreds of ways to market a website, product, service, or blog on the internet. Popular approaches include article directories, search engine optimization, and meta tags. Less popular, but still effective approaches include giveaways, advertising on internet forums, and Twitter. You can manage your time and create goals, but you may still find that there just isn’t enough time in the day. That is the time to outsource.


When you need experienced help. As previously stated, there are many ways to advertise online. Keyword optimized content will draw readers from search engines and article directories can generate traffic through back links. But, to implement these two approaches, you need to write content. Do you dislike writing? Does it take you too long to write an article? Are you worried about the quality of your work? If so, hire a professional to work as an outsourcer.


When you want to spend time researching. Internet marketing is an advertising practice that is always on the change. A good example of this was the above-mentioned Twitter. When Twitter first started, it was typically used only for social communication. Overtime, internet marketers realized the advertising potential that existed. Since new methods of advertising online are always developing, take time to research those ways. If you lose time or money doing so, outsource.


When you need to take a step back. Do you operate an online retail store? If so, you generate customers by spreading the word about your store online. The more you market, the more sales you will generate. Unfortunately, you cannot market 24 hours a day. If you attempt to, which many new internet marketers do try at least once, you will find yourself overwhelmed. If that time arrives, use an outsourcer. This allows you to get a much-needed break, while still advertising online.


When you need to focus on other tasks. As used as an example above, do you operate an online store? If so, there are many tasks you will have to complete. If your operation is small, you may be in charge of processing orders, updating products, and so forth. Internet marketing is not your only job. If you have other, important tasks to attend to, outsource.


When you have a life outside of internet marketing. As previously stated, many internet marketers try to work around the clock. Many thinks of the money they lose by taking a break. As much as you want, you cannot spend 24 hours a day on the computer, especially if you have a family. For that reason, hire an outsourced worker on occasion. When doing so, neither your family nor your business has to suffer.


When you have a deadline to meet that you can’t. Many online workers double as internet marketers, but some sell their services to generate income. If you are one of those individuals, you may be faced with a deadline that you cannot meet. If so, consider outsourcing. Just be sure to hire a professional and experienced worker, as your company name will be attached to their work. Before opting to outsource, ask for a deadline extension.


As you can see, there are many situations in which you can benefit from outsourcing. Outsourcing is often regarded as a bad thing, but it doesn’t have to be.