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Thursday, 19 May 2022

The Worst Kind of Pollutants Are The Ones You Can't Detect Physically

"To see is to believe." How many times have you heard that saying? Unfortunately, a lot of people have made that statement their life's mantra. In their minds, as long as they cannot empirically perceive something, then it doesn't exist. Well, I don't want to bring back nightmare memories of you back in high school or college philosophy class, but do you remember your professor asking this classic philosophy question? 


If a tree falls in the woods and no one was around to hear it, did it really fall? This is one of the most basic philosophy questions, because it goes straight to the heart of our conception of reality. The obvious answer, of course, is yes. If a tree fell in the woods, and we know what a tree is, and we know how falling works, and we know that falling often involves some sort of vibration in the air, and we know that vibration in the air can be perceived as sound, then the answer is a resounding yes. 


In other words, reality operates according to certain rules that don't change regardless of perception. I want you to wrap your mind around this truth, because when thinking about detox. Believe it or not, the worst kinds of pollutants in your life are not the ones you can detect physically. 


They go beyond your drug test. They go beyond the alcohol level in your blood or breath. They go beyond your x-ray. They go beyond any kind of test that involves the human sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. In other words, the worst kinds of pollution are mental, emotional, and spiritual. 


Why are they necessarily worse? Well, what if I told you that regardless of what physical shape you're in, if your mind is in the right place, you will be able to do things that you previously felt you were incapable of doing. This happens all the time. People who have serious physical limitations are still able to do what they want to do, because they have the right mindset. 


That's how powerful your spiritual self is. If you're completely honest with yourself, it makes everything in your life possible. Your choice of clothing, your physical shape, your overall health, your lifestyle, all of those began as choices, and where do you think choices come from? They start out with an idea which is processed through your mindset. 


This is stuff that you cannot see. But just because they remain locked within the deep confines of your consciousness doesn’t mean they have an effect. You find yourself going around in circles unable to do much about the patterns you constantly find yourself living out. Talk about feeling trapped. This is not the way to live. But, if you are stuck within this type of life pattern, you feel there’s not much you can do about anything in your life. It’s as if you are bound to repeat the same bad decisions over and over again. 


Unlock the power of holistic detox to finally resolve your issues in a deep and meaningful way. Learn to revolutionize your life, because it can change how you view yourself, your connection to the universe, and your personal purpose. Please understand that deep personal detoxification starts with one idea. 

What Is Spiritual Detox And Why Do We All Need It?

Usually, when you mention the word spirituality, people start to get nervous. I'm sure you don't need me to remind you that spirituality is a fairly touchy subject in our day and age. After all, personal autonomy is our number one value, and anything that we feel impedes or limits that sense of personal autonomy, is problematic. 


Either we're suspicious of it, dismissive, or we oppose it. It is something that we view as a problem. While most of us are perfectly okay with other people being spiritual, we definitely have an issue with others imposing their spirituality on us no matter how subtle it may be. 


Indeed, the whole concept of spirituality is some sort of philosophical landmine, and I'm not just talking about the West. With that said, please understand that human beings have a spiritual element. Now, that spiritual element is not going to go away just because you don't believe it. Just because you can't measure, just because you can't reduce it into numbers, or some sort of x-ray diagram, or some sort of MRI scan, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 


If you don't believe me, look at your life. Look at the situations in your past when you had a different purpose. Look at what you were able to achieve because you felt you had a certain purpose, or lacked purpose. Now, compare that with other periods in your life when you were animated by a different purpose. Do you see the difference? 


It may seem immaterial, it might even seem foolish, but a sense of purpose can go a long way. You have to understand that the big challenge of life is not so much how to figure out what to do and how to do things, or when to do them, and who to do it with. Those are the technical details. Most of us are smart enough to be able to figure those out. 


The real challenge in life is why we do things. What is it about that certain activity that enables us to try again and again despite all the discouragement, failures, and setbacks that life throws our way? In other words, it's all about purpose. Because let me tell you, you can tell somebody what to do, and they probably won't perform as well compared to how they would do if you gave them a sense of meaning. 


They will find the strength they need to keep going despite the challenges and setbacks. How come? They're moving purposefully. They know that they are not just wasting their time. They know that somehow, someway, they're not just chasing their tail. They know that they're working for something bigger and better than themselves. They are working for something more meaningful. 


That's the difference, and that truth highlights the power of spirituality in our lives. It also highlights the fact that this spirituality is often crushed, distorted, deformed, if not seriously compromised. How come? Spiritual toxins. Believe it or not, were surrounding ourselves with toxins that eat away at our sense of purpose. They eat away at our ability to turn our ideas into things that we can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. 


They eat away at our ability to claim and shape the reality we want for ourselves. The human being is the most powerful creature in the universe, and the problem is most people are all too content to live their lives like worms, or slugs. Tragic, no? Adopt a powerful spiritual detox program that would enable you to unlock your full potential and revolutionize your life!


The Three Most Common Forms Of "Invisible Non-Material Pollutants"

When people think of pollutants, they think about chemicals, radiation, or even rocks being thrown in a stream. No matter how natural or unnatural the pollutant is, at the end of the day, most people define pollutants in purely physical terms. This really is too bad because the real pollutants that we have to worry about in our lives are not things that we can detect. 


Think about it, if you can detect something, you only need to look at a sign. You only need to come prepared. Maybe you would have to wear a hazmat suit. Maybe you would have to wear a biohazard "hot suit." That's pretty much the long and short of it. 


But the problem is the most dangerous pollutants in our lives are things that we cannot see. These eat away into our sense of purpose. These pollutants and toxins distort our sense of personhood. They change our mindsets in dangerous ways. No matter how you define, and regardless of the angle from which you look at these issues, it's bad news. But if you're still unclear, here are the three most common forms of invisible non-material pollutants. 


The sooner you let go of these, the better your life would be. If you're feeling stuck, frustrated, desperate, or simply depressed, maybe it's because you've exposed yourself to these invisible non-material pollutants. Just because you can't readily see them, doesn't take their danger away.

Spiritual pollutant #1

Constant comparison 


When you are constantly comparing your looks, your wealth, your physical traits, your personality, or anything else to somebody else, you are polluting your mind. You’re filling your life with junk and you will eventually have nothing to show for it. 


You spend a tremendous amount of mental and emotional energy going through the comparison, but you know full well that the outcome is all too predictable. The outcome is you lose. The reason why people compare themselves in the first place, is because they're comparing something that they don't have to something that somebody else has. 


They're being envious, but they do it through comparison. Still, it all leads to a sense of inadequacy. You obsess more about the things that are missing in your life, instead of the things that are going right. 


Spiritual pollutant #2 



The Buddha said that the root of all human suffering is desire. There's a lot of truth to this. When you spend a tremendous amount of your time coveting or designing things that other people have, what are you doing to yourself? 


First of all, you are reminding yourself, yet again, that you feel that your life is somehow, someway deficient. There is something missing. There is something incomplete. There is something wrong with your life. Do you think any of this is empowering? Of course not. 


The second thing that you do when you're constantly desiring is that you are directing energy from creation to envy. Envy is not creation. You're not building something. You're not focusing your creative powers to where it should go. You're not planting. Instead, you're thinking about stealing. You are thinking about how you've been left behind because somebody has the things that you desire. You're beating yourself up. 


Spiritual pollutant #3 



One of the worst ways we can spend our time is to focus on the past. The past already happened. It already hurt, it already cut, it already did a number on us. Why do you want to keep reliving it? Now, a lot of people tried to play games with themselves and say, "Well I try to remember because I don't want that traumatic event to happen again." Well, fair enough. 


But the problem is when you pay close attention to what you're actually doing, when you're remembering things from the past and compare with what you're actually feeling, you're not learning; far from it. Instead, you are reliving the memory because you're trying to do something about it, without doing something about it. 


I know it sounds stupid, because it is. That's like trying to change the weather by walking around and chewing gum. There's no logical connection. Just because you feel bad about your ex-girlfriend, doesn't mean that all this negative emotional energy and catharsis is somehow, someway going to change her. She's moved on, she is living her life. It's high time you lived yours. 


Overcome the power of spiritual pollutants in your life so as to change the direction of your life. If you are in any way, shape, or form, feeling stuck, powerless, voiceless, or incomplete, this blog will take your life to the next level. Learn the skills that you need to fully detoxify yourself of the toxins that are holding you back from the kind of life you could otherwise be living. 

Three Reasons Why Everybody Needs To Go On A Mental Detox Program

Usually, when people think of detoxification, they usually think of some sort of drug program. They think of people hanging out and staying clear of drugs. Whether it's heroine, crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, or any other drug, the common definition of detoxification is that people simply stay away. 


While that's definitely one aspect of detoxification, it is just one small part of the puzzle. There is a bigger picture to concern ourselves with, and the big picture really turns on issues and toxins that you cannot measure. It is very easy to restrict detoxification to physical toxins. These are things that have an odor, weight. They react chemically. They have a certain impact on your blood chemistry. 


But if you really want to detoxify yourself, you have to look at the mental level. What you choose to think about in a moment-by-moment basis, plays a bigger role in your life's outcomes than you care to realize. In fact, even if you were subjected to the worst form of physical abuse and physical contaminants, you can still manage to do well, as long as you have your wits about you. 


As long as you have the right mindset and the right perspective, things will fall into place. Sooner or later, you will find yourself where you need to go. That's how powerful your mental state is. And unfortunately, so many people turn a blind eye to this. They take it for granted, and that's why their lives are full of mental toxins that hold them back, and drag them down, and keep them from the kind of life that they should otherwise be living. Here are three reasons why you should go on a mental detox program. 

Reason #1

Say goodbye to the past


The past is the past. The past is made up of facts that happened a while back. Whether it's yesterday or 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, it doesn't matter. It's not happening right here, right now. No matter how bad you feel, and no matter how pumped up you are, you are never going to change the past. Those facts happened. 


Your father walked out on your family. Your mother slapped you around. You did drugs. Your girlfriend cheated on you. Your boyfriend treated you like garbage, and on and on. Those things happened. What can change is how you interpret the past. That's the only thing you can do. Instead of allowing your past to get the better of you, today, you can start changing how you respond to it. You can start changing how you process that information. 


It no longer has to make you feel like a prisoner. It no longer has to make you feel small, voiceless, and impotent. You can turn things around, because it's all a choice. Is this easy? Absolutely not. Is it quick? Of course not, but it's also absolutely necessary. And the worst part to all of this, is that only you can do it. Not your parents, not your lover, and definitely not your boss, you have to step up. 


Reason #2 

You gain perspective 


When you're so focused on the things that you think should be important in your life, you end up, sooner or later, going around in circles. You put in all this time, effort, and energy trying to get things to happen in your life, but it seems that somehow, someway, you always end up in the same place. This is not an accident. In fact, it is to be expected. How come? You don't have a plan. 


When you try to get from point A to point B, and you don't have a map, much less a compass, how are you going to get there? When you let go of mental toxins, you start developing an appreciation for direction in your life. Sooner or later, you become more efficient in choosing the right path for yourself. 


Things that happened in the past no longer have a hold on you because now, your map is in the present moment. All that matters is the moment happening right now. You are able to maximize your personal focus and willpower on the things playing out right now. Accordingly, you are able to direct the present to the future you want for yourself.

Reason #3

Mental detox leads to better self-love 


I'm sorry break this to you, but you have to love yourself. You have the ultimate responsibility of loving yourself. No matter how much your partner says he or she loves you, it will never match the love you can give yourself. Please understand that for you to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. By the same token, for you to be able to respect other people, you must first begin with a fundamental understanding of self-respect. 


You can only give what you have. If you don't respect yourself, how can you expect to respect others. The same applies to love. When you do mental detox, you reclaim your ability to love yourself. You no longer are a people-pleaser. You no longer try to live based on other people's expectations. You are no longer live in your life based on some sort of schedule set by other people. 


Instead, you focus on what's important and you reclaim ownership over your life. That is real power. That leads to your real identity which leads to real self-love, and when that happens, you are able to love others in real terms. Not in stereotypes, not in formulas, not in any kind of artificial way, we're talking about the real thing. Because ultimately, we know what real love is - it's sacrifice. 


In other words, you're willing to let go of your needs just to make somebody else happy. Sacrifice is real love, and unfortunately, most of us don't have that. Most of us deal with toxins that eat away at that self-love, and replaces it with a counterfeit of self-gratification and self-absorption. I don't know about you, the last time I checked, the $3 dollar bill still fake. Nobody is going to take a $3 dollar bill. Stop feeding yourself emotional counterfeits. Go on a mental detox program that can unlock your ability to truly love, truly give, and truly share. You owe it to yourself. 

Spiritual Detox Transcends Religion

Usually, when people hear the word "spirituality" they often associated it with religion. This really is too bad. After all, religion, in our modern times, is one concept many people struggle with. Many even consciously try to run away from it. What if I told you that spirituality and religion are not synonymous? In fact, depending on the depth of your spirituality, whatever it is that you are doing, thinking, and believing may be 180 degrees different from religion. 


It's easy to see why religion has gotten a bad rap throughout history. You only need to look at religious wars, the often-repeated charges of intolerance, bigotry, and exclusion, and it becomes as clear as the light of day, why people would rather stay away from religion. 


Whether you agree with this or not, and whether this is justified or not, this is the case. It is true that certain religious traditions as well as family customs go a long way in distorting and misrepresenting the tremendous spiritual riches religion could offer. 


Maybe some people come from a very specific type of family or cultural tradition. Whatever the case may be, religion can easily become suffocating, repressive, and ultimately discouraging. It's not unusual for a lot of people, come from certain strict religious background, to feel that they have to always suppress themselves. 


They have this overwhelming need to always apologize for things. It's as if they're always walking on eggshells. This is the whole atmosphere surrounding religion, and that's why any talk of spirituality is usually distorted because of this background noise. Well, if you have discovered the power of detoxification and you have become interested in spiritual detox, I've got some great news for you. 


Spiritual detox goes beyond religion. While it does a good job of clarifying things and cleansing one of the typical hang-ups of old-school traditional, cultural religion, it goes beyond that. Spiritual detox is really all about reconnecting with one's sense of purpose. 


While it could be said that all religious and spiritual traditions do focus on the idea of purpose, spiritual detox goes beyond this because it reaches people who couldn't care less about religion. That's right, people who are agnostic, atheist, or humanist can relate to the broader definition of spirituality, which is one's concern with the meaning of one's life. 


This is the golden thread that unites all people of all backgrounds. It doesn't matter what kind of religious tradition you grew up in. It doesn't matter what part of the world you come from, we will all come to this question in one form or another, and one level or another. 


Spiritual detox enables you to achieve a tremendous sense of balance, because you let go of a lot of unnecessary baggage from you past. These poison your sense of purpose and deaden your sense of possibility and adventure. Formulate the framework you would need to tap the power of spiritual detox, so you can live at the level deserve to live at. 


If You Are Stressed And Feeling Stuck, You Might Need Mental Detox

If you mention the phrase "mental detox," it is very easy for a lot of people to think that this is some sort of psychiatric process. As you can well imagine, the idea of having to go to some sort of psychologist or psychiatrist, doesn't sit well with a lot of people. They don't like the stigma. They don't like to feel that they are somehow, someway sick. But, let's be honest, people who need to go to such professionals go to them because they need to be healed.


It's not much different from going to a medical doctor. If you're suffering from cancer, don't you owe it to yourself to go to an oncologist? After all, this doctor has specialized in that type of medicine. They probably would have a better idea of how to treat your condition than somebody who is a foot doctor. 


Similarly, when you go to a psychiatrist, you have emotional and psychological issues that you need to resolve. You don't go to a dentist, you don't go to somebody who treats diabetes. Instead, you go to a specialist. Unfortunately, all this is lost on too many people. 


The moment they hear psychology, psychiatry, mental detox, all sorts of stereotypical images come to mind, so they back off, they draw walls, they hide behind the convenience and comfort of old stereotypes and prejudice. This really is too bad because in many cases, the people who need mental detox are exactly the ones who believe in these outdated prejudices regarding mental health, mental health professionals, and most importantly, consumers of such services. 


How do you know whether you need mental detox or not? It really boils down to always feeling stuck. If you find yourself in a situation where you think you are putting in all the time, effort, and energy you need to succeed, but only to discover that you're going nowhere, you might need mental detox. 


The good news is mental detox transcends any idea of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health service; it goes beyond that. Mental detox is really all about reconnecting with your mental faculties so you can let go of things that you normally worry about, and things that kind of grind you down. 


Please understand that whatever you focus on grows. And if you have developed the habit of focusing on the wrong things, don't be surprised if they grow to the extent that they basically take over your life. This is the situation too many of us find ourselves in. Since we have filled our minds and our mental processes with so much garbage from the past as well as the future, it is no surprise that barely anything could fit in there. 


We could barely focus, were not as effective as we should be, and we end up where we are. You can be so much more effective, not to mention happier and more fulfilled. All it takes is mental detox. By learning to let go and learning to take full ownership of your personal ability and power to edit your personal reality, you reassert control over your life. 


You have to understand that you are the most powerful person in your life, because you always have the power to choose. Nobody can take that away from you. Whatever you have achieved in your life, whatever you are proud of, and by the same token, whatever you are guilty of, are products of choices. Change your choices and you change your life. To figure out how to do this as well as to tap the power of mental detox, so you can take your life to the next level, read on.