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Monday 6 December 2021

All About Tanning Bed Lotions, Tanning Bed Lamps And Other Tanning Bed Products

There are several types of tanning beds and tanning bed products available in the market which can offer you that healthy golden glowing skin.


Tanning Bed Lotions


Using tanning bed lotions are one of easiest and convenient ways for sunless tanning. Tanning bed lotions helps you to get the perfect shade of bronze to your skin. But the real trick to effective and healthy sunless tanning is to finding out the best tanning bed lotions which can give you that healthy golden glowing skin. While selecting tanning bed lotions you need to be careful to select tanning bed lotions which contain moisturizers, cocoa butter or aloe vera. This is important as tanning bed lotions which lacks these ingredients can result in drying out of the skin.


Tanning bed lotions can be applied on a consistent basis to keep your skin healthy as you tan. For those people who used to burn easily can apply a thicker coat of tanning bed lotions for the initial few visits in the salon. By using more tanning lotion, one can reduce the effects of burning or peeling.


As the skin type and pigment level of one person differs from the other, it is always a good option to first try out various indoor tanning bed lotions to find the one which best suits one’s skin. Tanning bed lotions can be purchased from beauty salons or other stores.


Tanning Bed Lamps


Tanning bed lamps are designed in similar manner to general lighting low-pressure florescent lamps. The major difference between the two types is the phosphor used. The phosphor used in a tanning bed lamp allows UVA and UVB rays to be emitted at controlled levels.


The latest tanning bed lamps available in the stores are great at delivering a golden bronze tan for your skin. The lamps are designed so as to work quickly as well. Tanning bed lamps also helps to reduce your exposure to the harmful UV rays.


There are several types of tanning beds and tanning bed products available in the market. Many of them are designed to be used in home while several others are designed for commercial and tanning parlours. Before purchasing tanning bed lotions, tanning bed lamps, or any other tanning bed products, it is advisable to shop around and compare the latest models available in the stores. This is very important as the technology used in tanning bed products is constantly changing; so it is the responsibility of the customers to keep up with the technology and changing tanning bed products to achieve the best possible results.

Sunday 5 December 2021

A Quick Look At Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds, also known as sunbeds, are used to emit ultraviolet radiations for cosmetic reasons such as artificial tanning or sunless tanning. Tanning beds generally come in two basic formats - horizontal tanning beds and Vertical tanning beds.


Horizontal tanning beds are mainly used in residential as well as commercial settings. Horizontal tanning beds come with a lid lined with tubular ultraviolet lamps and a plastic or glass ‘bench’ contoured for optimal relaxation. One can simply lie down, close the lid and permit the ultraviolet light to penetrate into the skin. For even tanning, one simply needs to turn the body over one time halfway through each session.


Vertical tanning beds are another popular type of tanning beds available in the market. Also called stand-ups or tanning booths, these types of tanning beds are easy to use and are very efficient. The interior of the vertical tanning beds is lined with ultraviolet light bulbs in a 360 degree pattern. What you need is to just step inside and close the door. As your body is exposed to ultraviolet light from all sides, there is no need for you to turn your body over halfway through each session.


Majority of the high pressure tanning beds emit more tanning rays (UVA) and less burning rays (UVB). Most of the high pressure tanning beds use lamps made of quartz. This helps the internal air pressure to be higher when compared to conventional ultraviolet lamps. High-pressure tanning beds are found more useful for intermediate and dark skin tones.


All UV lamps come with a marking showing a UVB percentage. That is, if a UV lamp is marked 6% UVB, which means that the lamp emits 6% UVB rays and the remaining 94% UVA rays. This is comparatively a low UVB percentage; that is tans produced with the help of this radiation will be brown and not burned.


The latest tanning beds available in the stores comes with a cooling system, which provides more comfortable during tanning.


Before purchasing any tanning beds, it is advisable to compare the pros and cons of each model. This helps you to purchase a prefect tanning bed which gives you better results without spoiling your skin and health.

A Quick Look At Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning, also known as indoor tanning, is becoming much popular these days. As the term implies, sunless tanning is the process of attaining a suntan by sunless means. The main reason behind the popularity of sunless tanning is that there are several people who live in a place where constant sunshine is not available and most of the people cannot afford such a vacation every month to top up their tans. Another reason why people are more attracted with sunless tanning is that the regular and constant exposure to the sun rays increases the chances of contracting skin cancer. Sunless tanning offers several harmless and easy ways for people to achieve the desired result.


Sunless tanning can take the form of tanning lotions, tanning sprays, tanning beds, and tanning pills. The results and efficiency of these methods differs from one another. Let us look on the four main sunless tanning methods:


Sunless Tanning Lotion


Majority of the sunless tanning lotions come with the bronzing ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a colourless sugar which can interact with dead skin cells resulting in a colour change to that skin. Generally this change in colour lasts for five to seven days from the initial application. Using sunless tanning lotions is a well-liked method for sunless tanning. However, the only drawback is that, getting an even tan is very difficult.


Spray Tanning


Spray tanning is also the same as tanning lotion; the only difference is that tanning solution used here is a spray. Spray tanning can be done manually by a spray gun. If you wish to use it automatically then you can go for a tanning booth. A recent development in spray tanning is the colourless tanning solution. The solution does not have bronzer and affords a less streaky, more even tan.


Tanning Beds


Tanning beds, also known as sunbeds, feature fluorescent tubes to tan the applicants’ skin by emitting UV (Ultraviolet) Rays. Though, tanning beds are considered as an efficient sunless tanning method, continuous use of this method can cause skin cancer and skin aging.


Tanning Pills


Tanning pills usually comes in three varieties - pills which contain carotenoid pigments, pills which contain tyrosine, and pills with no active ingredients. Tanning pills which contain carotenoid pigments when consumed internally saturates the fat layers just below the skin, which results in the change in skin colour. The other two varieties of tanning pills are not proven to have any desired effect on the colour of the skin.


The cost of sunless tanning methods differs from just a few bucks to $100 or even more for one or more visit in a tanning salon. However, with sunless tanning you can easily achieve that beautiful bronzed look without damaging your skin.

A Guide To Tanning Bed Bulbs And Lamps

Tanning bed lamps are used in every tan bed or suntan lamp. When purchasing new or used tanning beds, look at the lamps. Make sure they are good for tanning and meet FDA guidelines for safety. Another consideration is access. Be sure the lamps are easy to change when needed. Being able to easily perform the maintenance yourself is important when you buy a home bed.


There are differences in lamps used in conventional and high pressure beds. Make sure you are buying the right tanning bed lamps for your bed. They aren’t interchangeable. If purchasing replacement lighting bulbs on the internet, check the make and model of your bed carefully. Make sure the lamps you are buying are made for your bed. 


High Pressure Tanning Bed Bulbs 


High pressure beds use quartz lamps in a variety of sizes. The gases inside these bulbs ( or lamps have pressure that is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. In these beds, the lamps are located in the top of the bed, so you tan from above only. When you have tanned on one side of your body for about 10-12 minutes, you turn over and tan the skin on the other side. The surface of these beds is much more comfortable than a conventional bed.


The biggest benefit of these lamps is the time you need to spend in the bed. Since you tan faster, you need to spend less time in the salon. You can achieve your tan in about 3 weeks of 3-5 sessions each week. With a conventional bed, it would take at least a month to achieve the same level of colour. Maintaining your tan is easier too. You only need 2-3 sessions each month to maintain the colour, compared with that many sessions each week in a conventional bed. These bulbs use UVA rays only, not UVB rays which are responsible for burning. 


Conventional Tanning Bed Lamps


Conventional beds use long, tube like lamps that resemble fluorescent tubes. The lamps ( are located on the top and bottom of the bed. All areas are tanned at the same time, without the need to change positions during the session.


Conventional beds use UVA and UVB rays in varying levels. Some use both and others use mostly UVA with a bit of UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for the aging effects on the skin and UVB rays are the burning rays that cause sunburn when you are outside in the sun. It’s important to determine which type of rays your bed emits. You want to be sure to replace your existing bulbs with comparable newer lamps.


Another consideration in the type of bed you have at home or in the salon is the tanning bed lotion you will use. Different lotions are better for each type of bed. The owner of your tanning salon can help you choose a lotion that will work for the bed you are using as well as your skin type. Regardless of the bed you are using, you should always use a lotion. Lotions help you tan faster and nourish your skin.

A Guide To Sunless Suntan Lotion

The danger of exposure to the ultraviolet lights of the sun and tanning beds has been well established. The only safe tan is a fake tan. Using a sunless suntan lotion is the best way to get the colour you want without the risks to your health. Skin cancer and premature aging of the skin are the most common health dangers resulting from exposure to UV rays.


Sunless tanning products are available in a wide range of formulas. You will find them for every skin type and colour. It’s important to choose a product that is made for your skin type for the best results. Using a darker formula on very light skin can result in skin discoloration and an orange hue to the skin. Many products are marked for light or fair skin.


Using Sunless Suntan Lotion at Home


A variety of self-tanning products are available for home use, including sprays, cremes and lotions. Even application is essential for even colour. Coloured lotions are available that allow you to see exactly where you have applied the product. You will be able to see any missed areas. As the lotion soaks in, the colour fades. Apply to thicker areas of the skin, such as the elbows, knees and ankles last to avoid darker colour in these areas. Wear plastic gloves during application to keep the palms of the hands from getting stained.


Prepare your skin before applying the tanner. Shower and use an exfoliating product to remove dead skin cells. This will help with even absorption. If you take time to prepare your skin, you will get better coverage and your colour will last longer. Some self-tanners come in a complete kit with the lotion and an exfoliating product.


Sunless tan products take up to an hour to work. For an all over tan without tan lines, apply the product in the nude. It can take up to an hour for the product to soak in and begin to work. The effect will last approximately one week. To maintain your colour, re apply the lotion every three to five days. You can make this part of your regular beauty routine, or just use them for vacation or a special occasion.


Suntan Lotion in a Booth


If you want a great safe tan, but don’t want the hassle of applying the lotions, consider visiting a salon for a spray on tan. These use products like Mystic Tan or Sunshower. They are applied by spray nozzles, while you stand in a booth. The process only takes a few minutes, but the full effect won’t be seen for several hours. Most solutions have a bronzer that will give some immediate results. This initial colour will darken throughout the day.


Your spray on tan will last between one and two weeks, depending on your skin. Shaving, chlorine and sitting in the sand will make your skin exfoliate faster and your tan will fade quicker. An extending moisturizer can help extend your tan. You can use a home tanning product in between booth sessions to keep your colour.

10 Tips To Minimizing A Plus Size Body Type

A plus size physique is no longer left out of the ever-changing world of fashion. Not so long ago, curvy women didn’t have the opportunity to shop from the same trendy selection as a more petite lady. Luckily, plus size clothing has taken a turn for the better. To that end, there are a few tips to help in the selection of the most figure flattering attire for your body type.


Tip 1


Dark, solid colours are slimming. Any plus size gal will recognize that black is the ultimate colour to help in minimizing those curves. In addition to classic black, navy blue can also help to instantly provide the look of a slimmer physique.


Tip 2


Princess seams. These are ideal for plus size wear because of their slimming design. Princess seams are those that curve in, on both sides, to form a very lazy stitch.


Tip 3


Long sleeves help to minimize the appearance of full-figured arms or wrists. It happens to all of us. One day we wake up and our arms are no longer the tight shape that they once were, but that is what long sleeves are for. The length will minimize a plus size wrist or forearm and draw attention to any unwanted thickness in either area.


Tip 4


Shorts may show off plus size thighs or leg, but capris pants with an ankle bracelet will draw the eye to the ankle and will decrease any signs of a plus size presence.


Tip 5


Most plus size ladies want to wear baggy clothes, but this doesn’t hide anything. Always go for a more figure flattering approach. This doesn’t mean to wear tight clothes, but it does mean to wear something that accentuates the figure in good taste.


Tip 6


If you have love handles, don’t wear extremely a snug shirt with jeans as this may make the bulge a little more obvious. Instead, wear your favourite jeans with an a-line or flutter shirt. This will hide any problem areas and maximize your sense of style.


Tip 7


Do not wear clothes that are overly tight. This is simply bad taste. Enough said.


Tip 8


A monochromatic look, meaning clothing that is all one colour, can give the wearer a taller and more slim appearance. And, after all, what woman wouldn’t want either of those characteristics in an outfit? Consider a black figure flattering top with a black pant in soft material. For a special touch, add a trendy belt, but take a look at the new you with an instantly slimmer look.


Tip 9


A suntan will give a healthier and possibly even a slimming glow. A tan looks healthy and health is beautiful. Avoid the sun or a tanning bed, but check out a high quality self-tanning lotion instead.


Tip 10


Control top pantyhose or a tummy control panty can help to eliminate belly bulge. Any woman, whether plus size or not, has a stomach. If you want to slim up your tummy area, either of these will help to minimize any bulge.