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Sunday 17 April 2022

What If I have Not-So-Smart-Genes?

We will not have a debate as to whether it is true or not, that “smart-o-meter” is in the genes. However, we are to learn a few facts that could help you understand how your brain functions and how you could help it reach its maximum potential. Note though that there are irreversible damages that could be done to the brain like the result of malnutrition. So, the earlier the intervention, the better. Here are some tips you can apply, depending on your current state: 


If you are an expecting mother:


·    Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice and take folic acid. This is to help in the development of the baby’s brain. 

·    Do not take any medicine without your doctor’s approval. Over-the-counters are a no-no.

·    Never smoke, drink alcohol or take illegal drugs while pregnant. 

·    Try your best to be in a calm and happy state as much as possible.

·    Eat nutritious and whole food.


If you are already and adult: 


·    First of all, stop thinking that you could do no more. If, unfortunately, there were complications when you were still inside your mother’s womb that could have affected your cognitive capacities today, then keeping a positive mindset is the first step in having a smarter brain. 

·    Have a supply of superfood (acai, chia seeds, kale, beets, berries, etc.). This helps nourish your brain and keep your neurons functioning. 

·    Educate yourself – Do not equate education with age. Learn as much as you can. Even those that you don’t like. You are never too old for a university. It is only attitude that grows old. 

·    Keep your emotions at bay – Remember that your emotions play a big role in the development of your brain as well. And, another thing to stress here is that negative emotions do not make your brain grow. It actually hinders it. 


There are still a lot of things you can do to help your brain reach its maximum potential. E-books are readily available for your convenient reading.


Tuesday 29 March 2022

Superfoods for a Smooth Transition Into Change of Life

Menopause is a tough transition for a lot of women. It commonly begins to occur in late middle age when the efficiency of the ovaries starts to decline. Issues associated with the related estrogen deficiency that occur might include arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, decreased skin elasticity and changes in the sympathetic nervous system that result in “hot flashes.” But, by including the following superfoods in your daily diet, symptoms may be alleviated, memory power maintained, and osteoporosis prevented. 


Tofu is a great protein alternative for meat and it may be very helpful in lowering your cholesterol and preventing cardiopathy. Tofu and other soy products might also help lessen the side effects of menopause, like hot flashes. 


Recent studies have shown that fiber may help reduce your risk of colon and other types of cancer, as well as diverticulosis. Women require approximately 30 grams of fiber daily. Navy beans come in at nineteen grams, so they’re a fantastic choice. Utilize them in your chili or soups, or try them for a nutritious side dish rather than the usual pasta or rice.  


As we grow older, we might find that our memory starts to slip a bit, and we discover ourselves forgetting things. By eating blueberries, we may actually be able to curb that short-term memory loss. Toss them on top of some plain yogurt for an excellent breakfast or snack choice. Yogurt, which is loaded with calcium, may help prevent osteoporosis. As an added bonus, it may help strengthen your immunity and support your weight loss efforts. Pick yogurts that contain high amounts of good bacteria like acidophilus, which may also help prevent yeast and urinary tract infections. 


Avocados are high in antioxidants like vitamin E, which is crucial element to protecting both your vision and skin. They likewise contain monosaturated fats, which have been shown to better the condition of hair and skin, which may suffer when a woman goes through menopause. Chunk up a nice ripe avocado for a delicious guacamole dip, or even try them on your sandwich with a tomato. 


Try likewise to avoid drinking a large sum of caffeinated drinks daily, and boost your body’s vitamin C absorption by teaming an orange with an iron-rich food like whole-grain oatmeal.


Monday 7 March 2022

Exercise And Stress

Even though exercise may not be the most exciting word in your vocabulary, it sure is a word with a lot of benefits. Participating in daily exercise will not only make you healthier in general, but it can also diminish the effects of stress on your body as well.


Think about all the times you have heard someone say "the doctor says it's stress related". Normally people will laugh it off, concluding that doctors say that when they don't know the real answers or diagnosis. The truth of the matter is that too much stress will play a role in many diseases.


To help increase your immune system and decrease your stress level as well, try exercise, as movement is the key word here. Bending, stretching, reaching and walking. There's really no need to buy any expensive equipment either, as you can implement more movement into your daily routine and reap the benefits.


If you like aerobic exercise, you should grab a partner and have a blast with one of the basic aerobic videos. Or, you can simply go out for a walk and enjoy spending time together. As you may have heard, walking really is the best overall exercise you can do for your health. As long as you have a pair of walking shoes, you'll be fine.


As you go through your daily activities, make it a point to walk a little farther, bend down and pick something up without using a pick-up stick or moving the item towards you with your foot. 


While you are sitting, you should also do some simple and quick stretches for your neck and shoulders.


If you enjoy sitting around watching television, you should consider buying a jogging board. These padded boards will make running, jumping, or walking in place less stressful on your knees and joints. They are easy to store as well and also very portable.


In many people's opinions, jogging boards are the best pieces of equipment you can buy. They are also far cheaper than bulky treadmills and stationary bikes.


There are several different exercises that you can do to help you eliminate the stress in your life. Walking is by far the best, as you can easily lose yourself and your troubles by walking. Even if it is just around the block, walking can do wonders for your health as well as stress.


If you have a lot of stress in your life, you may want to consider a gym. Working out then sitting in the sauna is also a good way to relieve tension. If your gym has a pool, you may find swimming to be very beneficial as well, as it helps you to relax.


Exercise And Your Complexion

As we all know and hear all the time, exercise can do a body good. It can help you to stay trim, tone muscles, and help to boost energy as well. What you probably don't know, is the fact that exercise can actually help you achieve the complexion that you've always wanted.


It's true that regular exercise will nourish the skin all over the body with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients. As well, the increased blood flow and circulation that come with working out will help to draw toxins out of the body and improve the condition of all your vital organs, including the epidermis.


A lot of people think that sweat can trigger acne flare ups. The fact is, sweating is great for any type of congested skin, as it helps promote the flushing of impurities from the epidermal layer and will clean out the pores. As well, vigorous exercise can actually correct the hormonal imbalances that can trigger blemishes, therefore reducing the likelihood of outbreaks.


Any physical routine that you like to do, such as yoga, running, biking, spinning, pilates, boxing, and such, will help to lessen the stress that you encounter on a daily basis and help to prevent stress related acne.


Keep in mind that exercise may not be a miracle cure for everything, as you may still experience breakouts from time to time although your acne will certainly be less severe and last for a much shorter time frame.


Exercise is also great for other skin conditions that may or may not have to do with the presence of acne. Your skin losing its elasticity or becoming thin and less resilient is something that we all encounter. This is a common problem for may of us as we get older.


As we all get older, we start to lose collagen, which will make us look tired. As many of us don't know, physical activity can actually help to promote the growth of collagen in your skin cells, which will plump up your facial skin and make you look younger and more vibrant.


If you are worried about wrinkles, you should consider relaxation that comes after you exercise. This has the effect of making your muscles, facial muscles included, soften up. What this means, is that your lines will appear less pronounced, helping to contribute to the youthful look that you are trying to achieve.


With exercise you can achieve a smaller waist, better muscle tone, softer skin, fewer blemishes, and an overall younger, fresher look. If you've wanted to add or change to your complexion, you shouldn't hesitate to exercise. Exercise will help you feel more alive as well as improve your body. All you need to do is take a little bit of time out of your schedule to exercise - it’s as simple as that.

Exercising During Pregnancy

Everyone knows that exercise is very good for your health. During pregnancy, exercise can have many other benefits as well. Normally, exercise should be light, especially during your first few weeks of pregnancy while your body adjusts to the changes.


Any type of heavy exercise can divert the blood flow from crucial areas, and most women that exercise on a regular basis should tone down their workout regimen during pregnancy.


Swimming, walking, and yoga are two very popular exercise activities that are suitable for pregnant women. There are other forms of exercise such as weight lifting that are acceptable as long as it isn't too strenuous. Most specialists recommend exercise 3 - 4 times a week, unless you have a medical condition that prevents it. If you are ever in doubt, you should consult a physician first.


Below, you'll find some of the best reasons as to why you should exercise during pregnancy.


1.  Exercise can help to reduce the length of labor and recovery time. The right exercise routines will also increase stamina that is needed for delivery.


2.  Improved mental health. Exercise can lower stress and improve your emotional health, making it easier for you to get through the new experience of becoming a mother.


3.  Exercise can also help with weight management after the child has been born. A common concern with most mothers is the weight they lose after pregnancy. During pregnancy, exercise can make postpartum weight loss easier.


4.  Exercise is very good for your unborn baby. By keeping your body healthy, you are also looking out for your baby as well.


5.  Exercise can help reduce the side effects of pregnancy. Symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, swelling, and constipation are all common with pregnant women. Studies have shown exercise to reduce the occurrence of these symptoms.


6.  Exercise can also decrease the risk of premature birth. Exercise has been proven to decrease the risk of premature birth by at least 50%.


You should always make sure that you drink plenty of fluids before you exercise, follow a nutritious diet, and avoid over exertion. You should also listen to your body, and if you start feeling sick you should immediately stop and rest.


If you exercise during your pregnancy, you'll find it a lot easier to deliver when the time comes.


Exercise will help your body strengthen up, which will make it very easy on you when you go into the delivery room. Women who don't exercise find it much harder when the time comes to give birth.


Exercising during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your unborn baby. Your baby will reap some of the benefits, which is reason enough to exercise. Always be safe when you exercise, and don't hesitate to ask a doctor for advice if you have any questions at all. As long as you exercise safe and use good common sense, you'll do a world of good for your pregnancy.


Exercising Properly

There are two main types of exercise that you can do - aerobic and anaerobic. The first one, aerobic, means with oxygen. Aerobic type exercise has an important distinction, it burns fat as the main fuel. 


Anaerobic on the other hand, burns sugar as the main source of fuel. Despite common myths, exercise doesn't have to be drastic in any way to provide massive benefits. Even if you choose light exercise, you will still burn fat.


Light exercise will clear out lactic acid, which is a waste of the body, and stimulate your cells to regenerate. To be sure that you are burning fat rather than sugar, it's very important to make sure that you are doing several things as you exercise.


The most important thing you can do as you exercise is breathe deep. You should always breathe in deep into your stomach through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and then exhale hard through your mouth.


Second, you should make sure that you exercise at a comfortable level. You should exercise at a level of 7 out of 10, and still be able to carry on a normal conversation while you exercise. You should do this for 45 minutes or so each day, then you'll begin to notice just how much your energy will explode.


Even if you don't think you have the time to exercise, rest assured that there is always time. If you have to, use the time that you would normally spend sleeping. With exercising, you'll actually need less sleep than before.


You can also use the time of your lunch break to exercise as well. The increase in productivity will have you more on the ball, and you can save your time through the dramatic increase in your overall productivity. 


Cellularise, or rebounding, is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise there is. If you have access to a rebounder, you shouldn't hesitate to use it. Use any break you have at work to engage in some type of movement and deep breathing.


Any type of exercise you do will strongly benefit your heart. It will make it a stronger and larger organ. Deep breathing will help your lungs become stronger and larger as well. There is research now that links exercise to helping benefit and almost prevent each and every type of disease or ailment.


Movement of the joints will promote proper blood flow and create energy, as sitting down all day will rob your body of much needed energy. If you sit down all day, it's very important that you promote blood flow, circulation, energy, brain flow, and the strength of your heart. With just a little bit of your time devoted to exercise, you'll find yourself healthier than you have ever been in the past.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Natural Beauty Products for Nature Lovers

There are so many different cleansing and cosmetic products these days, now not only available in the shops but even online. Most of them have excellent reviews and groups of people claiming its miraculous benefits. This makes it hard to know what is really true and which beauty products will be the best for you. 


There are some products which are completely natural and these are much better for your skin and of course also the environment. Products coming from Australia tend to be much better for your skin, compared to the many chemical products which are highly perfumed.


What you should be aware of is that natural products are much better for you, especially when you’re putting it on your skin. Naturally produced products minimize the risks of having allergic reactions to the cream we are using. One widely spread misconception amongst consumers is that natural products aren’t as effective as others; however the exact opposite is true. 


Mother Nature has provided us with everything we require. Essential oils are very powerful and they should be handled carefully, particularly when they are mixed together. In order to avoid consequences like holes burning through plastic bottles, one should be knowledgeable about which oils compliment the other before trying to mix them. 


Essential oils can be as powerful as or even more powerful than regular cosmetics. Lemon Myrtle for instance has very powerful antibacterial qualities, its also used as an insect repellant. Patchouli is a great remedy for skin conditions such as acne. Bergamont is known to be a good mood lifter. 


Nowadays there are a lot of multi-purpose products. This reduces the need for buying a different product for every different condition or area of skin. Products which can be used on the body, face and even on hair are great to have. Some naturally based Australian beauty products are from companies which make one product for everything—body, face and hair. They can be good for clearing your skin of dead pores, ridding children from head lice, and also as an industrial all-purpose soap. 


A product that you can use for many different things is usually of good quality, safe to use, it’s diverse and is good value for your money. If you can replace several different products with just one, it saves you cupboard space and money. You can feel secure knowing that it is safe for any area of your body. 


Good quality cleansing products should be child and also pet friendly. If your children get into a product unsupervised you should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that it cannot harm them. Natural products and products derived from essential oils can give you that secure feeling, as they are usually not dangerous to children. They are often even encouraged to use them. 


Something people are not aware of is that a lot of products from various companies can even be used on pets. These days, pets are often diagnosed with allergies or skin conditions. Customer testimonials have revealed that certain natural products help against certain ailments in their pets.


You should always be sure to first find out from the supplier/company if the product you’re buying is also suitable to use for children and pets.


If you are looking for decently priced and highly effective multipurpose natural skin products for your skin, you should try naturally based Australian skin products. The quality is superior and the results are too. 


When you are using essential oils (natural) you can feel confident that these products can be used safely for anyone in your family, even your pet. So check out the properties of these natural Australian products and find out which benefits they have. Then you can find the right product to solve your all your skin problems.


Skin that Glows from the Inside Out!

You can tell healthy glowing skin when it is, clean, free of pimples or blemishes and doesn’t show signs of sun damage such as wrinkles or lines. It is as clear as a child’s skin, with that glow that comes from within. Glowing skin doesn’t look oily; it is shiny but has a clear glow. 


Your first step towards glowing skin is having clean skin. You skin is made up out of layers, the pores on these layers can become blocked which will result in blemishes or pigmentation and even premature aging. It is a good idea to steam your skin about once a week. This will unblock your pores and allow your skin to breathe. Facial saunas are available from most chemists, but it is just as easy to do over a pot with boiling water. You should do this for about 5 to 10 minutes. 


You can put a few drops of rosemary extract or lavender extract in the water. This works as a conditioner for ordinary skin. If you have greasy skin, lemon and peppermint can be used. For dry skin chamomile is great. Steaming your face also unclogs those pores and rids you of the dirt found in the deeper layers of skin. 


Exfoliating cleanser should then be applied to scrub away particles and dead skin cells. After doing this you can apply a firming mask to moisturize and close of the pores of your skin, this gives it that healthy glow. Steaming your face no more than once a week will help you get that healthy glowing skin that all the ladies want. 


In order for your skin to keep that glowing appearance that you want, you can keep facial routines. Steam once a week, apply both exfoliating mask and moisturizer. Be sure to wash your face with a light cleanser in the morning before applying makeup and at night before climbing in bed.


Another good tip for great glowing skin is giving your skin therapeutic massages after you have washed it. You should use light and round motions, do this for about a minute. Always be sure to apply cream to your skin before you go to bed. The next morning you should follow this up by washing your face once again. And always apply face-cream before you apply your makeup. There are different types for every skin type, oily and dry, medium. 


If you follow this routine your face will show it. Hydrating your skin properly is important so you need to drink enough water throughout the day. Sleeping enough also keeps your skin healthy. Eating a nutritious diet and avoiding excessive amounts of unhealthy processed food is also vital. Eat enough wholesome foods, like vegetables and fruits; you also need to remember that a regular workout is a must. Getting lots of sunlight can age your skin so make sure you use a good sun block before heading outside. 


Ridding yourself of unnecessary stress has also been proven to have a positive effect on your skin’s appearance. So, developing a stress-free and wholesome way of life, is the best way to ensure glowing skin and a healthy physique.


Tuesday 15 February 2022

Pregnancy Woes and How to Avoid Them

Anticipating the birth of a new baby makes pregnancy an exciting time for most women. It can however also be a time when a woman must potentially deal with a variety of unpleasant conditions that may accompany a normal, healthy pregnancy. While it is impossible to prevent them from occurring, there are ways that a woman can reduce them and control them so she can continue with her life with minimal disruption.


A normal pregnancy lasts 9 months and each 3-month period is known as a trimester. Different conditions are common with each trimester and the symptoms associated with each trimester often subside as the next trimester period begins. Learning how to overcome those pregnancy woes will help pregnant women feel more in control of their symptoms and enjoy their pregnancy.


1.  First Trimester Symptoms (0-3 months)


Feeling excited about being pregnant is often mixed with needing to deal with nausea and vomiting and a feeling of extreme tiredness. The early pregnancy hormones cause these symptoms and while them can’t be prevented; there are some simple safe ways of minimizing them. 


·    Eat small meals regularly to prevent a low blood sugar level.

·    Discuss drinking ginger tea with your doctor.

·    Avoid smells and foods that increase the nausea.

·    Rest regularly and where include an afternoon sleep.


2.  Second Trimester Symptoms (3-6 months)


Nausea and vomiting usually subside during this semester and the chronic tiredness is usually replaced by a feeling of wellbeing and health. As the trimester continues and the uterus starts to enlarge, some women complain of nasal congestion, stretch marks, dizziness increased need to pass urine and constipation. Same ways to control these symptoms include:


·    Increase dietary fiber and continue to drink plenty of water.

·    Change position slowly and keep blood sugars stable by eating regularly.

·    Discuss laxatives with a doctor before they are used.

·    Use Vitamin E cream on stretch marks.


3.  Third Trimester Symptoms (6-9 months)


The final months of pregnancy, may create back pain, general discomfort and fluid retention. These symptoms can be controlled by:


·    Wear low shoes and if necessary, support stockings with a doctors approval.

·    Maintain fluid intake, even with fluid retention and frequent need to go to the toilet.

·    Rest where possible. Lie on side not back 

·    Hot showers can reduce discomfort. 

·    Gentle exercise.