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Tuesday 31 May 2022

Useful Resources for Becoming Influential

There are several resources that can help you become influential. Use them as a guide to learn and as resources to keep your influence intact.


Although obvious, you should always start your search using this ubiquitous search engine. One trick that many overlook is to search beyond the first page of the results. You can often find some gems as these webmasters are trying to fight their way to the top of the search engine results. These gems are often resources that are less about selling and more about offering great value.


Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


This book needs to be singled out as it is essentially the bible on the subject. This belongs in everyone’s library and needs to be read multiple times to reinforce the lessons. It is available as a Kindle book and if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can get a version of it as part of that subscription. There are even several summarized versions of the book for those that don’t want to take the time to read the entire book. The book is really easy to read, though.


Udemy has several courses related to influence, charisma, etc. Some of them may seem expensive but Udemy runs sales on its courses often. You can also search online for “Udemy Coupon Codes” as instructors like to use these to lure learners to their courses.


Amazon has several books on how to influence. What’s great about Amazon is you can usually tell which books are good by reading the reviews and choosing the higher rated ones. Another great way to use Amazon is to scan through the table of contents of the bestselling books in that category and then searching on those topics to see what you can find.


It’s amazing how many people overlook YouTube when they are trying to learn something. YouTube has videos on just about any subject. You will have to do some digging and weed through the videos that disguise themselves as courses but are really just sales pitches for a product. But there are definitely some great videos that can help when learning how to become influential. Another advantage is YouTube is free for most videos. One tip when evaluating videos: read through the comments and stay away from videos that have high thumbs down rankings.

Wednesday 27 April 2022

3 Best Editing Tools For Captivating Videos

Shooting a video can be a great way to show your creativity and make something that will really capture the attention of the audience. Before you can complete that video though, you need to make sure that you choose an editing software that is simple to use and has a lot of power. 


As you begin your research, you are going to find lots of options available. But which one will provide you with the captivating videos that you would like? The three best editing tools you can use for captivating videos include:


Adobe Premiere Pro


The Adobe Premiere Pro is a great option for even the most demanding users out there. It has a professional-level video editing program that can turn even a simple video into a masterpiece. There are a lot of things to love when you choose this one including:


1.    An interface that is clear and flexible. 

2.    Lots of tools for organizing

3.    Responsive speed

4.    Unlimited angles for your camera

5.    A great stabilization tool so things do not bounce around. 


This is a great option for those who have some experience with creating videos and editing. If you are new to the game, this one may be a little bit advanced to use. 


Apple Final Cut Pro


Apple has some great video editing software that you can use, and the Final Cut Pro is one that you should choose. It brings a lot of power to the game and has a lot of AI powered tools to help make video editing a bit easier. Some of the benefits for this one includes:


1.    A magnetic trackless timeline

2.    Fast performance

3.    Can support more than one camera

4.    Lots of organizational tools for you to get the work done. 


This one does lack a bit with the stabilization compared to the other options, which may make the videos wobbly and shaky. 


CyberLink PowerDirector


This is a great video editing tool that has a fast and full-featured library that can offer the technology you need, even when you are not a professional in the field. Some of the benefits of this editing choice includes:


1.    Fast rendering and a clear interface

2.    Multi-cam editing

3.    Allows for 3D and 4K capability

4.    Motion tracking

5.    Lots of effects


The biggest problem with this one is that it is going to have so many options that the interface will feel a bit overwhelming. The weak color matching leaves much to desire as well. 


Choosing one of these great options will ensure that you are able to get the right videos created that look the way you want. 


Wednesday 20 April 2022

3 Effective Ways To Make Each Of Your Videos Great

Creating videos is a time-consuming process so you want to ensure that every one of your videos is great. In this article, we will reveal 3 very effective tactics that you can use to get the best results from all of your videos. 


1. Use Storytelling in your Videos


People really enjoy stories so you can use this to your advantage with your videos. A lot of video marketers make their videos too salesy. They try to aggressively push their products and services on to the viewers who do not appreciate this. Nobody wants to watch a video where they are going to be sold to.


The very best videos always add value. They provide good information and advice that the viewer can use to improve their life. Just creating ads for your products and services is not going to have the desired effect.


With every one of your videos, you want to stir up strong emotions in your viewers. The best way to achieve this is to use storytelling. Tell your viewers the story behind the creation of your products and services. A story that explains how a product changed your life will have a good effect on your viewers.


Plan out your videos to include good stories. If you have proof that your products and services work (which you should always have) then weave this into your story. When you tell your story, make sure that you emphasize the benefits to the viewer of using your products and services to achieve their goals.


Your aim is always to make a good connection with your viewers. Tell stories about your business, yourself and your products and services. Explain how you got involved in your business and why you decided to create your products and services.


2. Make a Good First Impression

These days, people have very short attention spans so you need to make the first 10 seconds of your video really count. This is a very short amount of time for you to make an impact but you must focus on this. 


Bear in mind that your viewers have a lot of choice. If they are not impressed with the first few seconds of your video then they are likely to go elsewhere. During the first 10 seconds, tell your viewers what your video is about and what they can expect. Do this in a way that will make them want to stick around and watch the rest of your video.


3. Tell your Viewers what you want them to do


One of the biggest mistakes that some video marketers make is expecting their viewers to know what they want them to do. It is very likely that your viewers will not know this so you need to tell them more than once in your videos.


If you want your viewers to click the link in the description and sign up to your email list then tell them this. Of course, you need to put this in a way that they will perceive this to be beneficial to them.


Don’t just add your calls to action (CTA) at the end of your videos. Not everyone is going to watch your videos until the end. Tell them at the start and in the middle if your video is long enough. Make sure to tell them to subscribe and like your video too.


Create Different Types Of Videos To Meet The Needs Of Your Audience

There are a number of different types of videos that you can create to ensure that you cover the needs of your audience. Some of your audience will not know much (or anything) about you while others that are existing customers will know a lot. Make different types of videos to cover your bases here.


Explainer Videos


Explainer videos are high-level and provide a good overview of things. These are perfect for members of your audience who know little about you and your business. Think about explainer videos as an introduction to your business and brand.


A lot of savvy video marketers use explainer videos to generate new leads for their business. In all of your explainer videos you want to convey the message that you can help your audience and that you know what you are talking about.


How-To Videos


How-to videos are extremely popular. When you create these types of videos you will be showing your audience how to achieve something. Make sure that all of your how-to videos provide step-by-step instructions that your viewers can easily follow.


Find out what burning questions your audience has in your niche. Create how-to videos that answer these questions. Your audience will really appreciate that you have created these videos and will perceive you as an expert. 


For how-to videos to provide the best results for you it is essential that you know your audience really well. When you are able to provide answers to the questions that they have they are going to trust you a lot more which is exactly what you want.


Create Product and Service Demo Videos


Demonstration videos are a great way for you to increase your conversions. You are letting your audience know what your products and services do and the benefits that they will get from using them. It is important that you are not too pushy in these videos. They are “show and tell” videos that are gently persuasive.


When you are planning your demo videos always think about “what’s in it for them”. Explain the reasons that you created the products and services and the problems that they solve. Show your audience how easy it is for them to use your products for maximum benefit.


Create Videos that show you are an Expert


It should always be your aim to prove to your audience that you are an expert in your niche. Your audience will always prefer to work with experts and it will definitely increase the trust that they have in you.


Think of ways that you can demonstrate thought leadership in your videos. Be prepared to give your perspective on things and suggest that your approach is the best. You need to be prepared to share what you know in these videos and not hold back.


Create Videos with Social Proof


Nothing will increase your conversions more than social proof. Nobody in your audience wants to be the first to try out a product or service that you offer. They will want to see that others are using them and getting good results with them.


Case study videos are very effective. Think about the case studies that you can put together and use in your videos. Make sure that you add facts and figures that fully support any claims that you make.


Effective Tactics For The Best Video Marketing Results

Having invested a lot of time and effort (and sometimes money) creating your videos, you want to ensure that you use the most effective video marketing tactics to get the best results. There are things that you can do which will always get good results for you. In this article, we will reveal 3 proven video tactics that work time and time again.


1. Be Consistent with a Video Schedule


You are committed to provide your audience with great video content that will help them. They really appreciate this and want you to provide more videos. We recommend that you treat video marketing as a series of campaigns rather than just creating a bunch of videos. 


Having a large number of subscribers for your YouTube channel or followers for your Facebook Page will provide great exposure for your videos. One of the best ways to increase your following is to be consistent with your video posting.


Your audience will want you to upload great video content on a regular basis. When you provide value in your videos, your audience will look forward to your next video. It is best for you to create a video content schedule and decide how often you will create and post new videos.


No matter how good your videos are, people are not going to wait too long for you to post the next one. By creating a video schedule in advance, you can plan for your video content for a number of weeks ahead. This way you will always know what your next video is going to be about.


It is critical to establish a regular posting schedule for your videos. When you do this, your audience will be keen to come back for more. If you decide that you will create and post a new video every week then stick to this. Make sure that you post your new videos on the same day each week as well. Your audience will get to know your schedule and expect this.


2. Create Demo and Tutorial Videos


Demo videos are a great way to showcase your products and services. When you create these in the right way, they will really help your audience to understand the benefits of your products and services. If people see a product demo video on your website, then there is a very good chance that they are going to watch it.


Tutorial videos are also very popular and helpful. Your audience is likely to have a number of burning questions that they want answers to in your niche. You can create videos that answer these questions and keep your audience happy.


A good tutorial video will have a number of simple steps for the viewers to follow. If your tutorial video is getting long then break this up into different parts. When you help your audience, they will reciprocate by purchasing your products and services.


3. Expand your Reach with Facebook Targeting


With a Facebook video ad, you can define your audience using different criteria. This will ensure that only people within your target audience will see your video content in their newsfeeds. It can be a very cost-effective way to reach a lot of people with your videos. You can easily define your audience by their interests and other factors and target them specifically.


Get Setup Right For Creating The Best Videos

To create the very best videos you need to use the right tools. Your audience is not going expect a Hollywood production from you but they will expect good quality. If you make low quality videos then you will quickly lose your audience. Worse than that, you will destroy any trust that you have built up with them.


Get the Right Equipment


A good HD camera is essential for making the best videos. If you have a smartphone then the camera in this is likely to be good but you should think about investing in a good quality web cam or outdoor camera. A smartphone video is better than nothing but other cameras will produce better results.


If you are going to shoot most of your footage indoors then an HD webcam that you can connect to your computer is a good choice. There are some good examples available on Amazon and other online retail websites. You should be able to find a high-quality web cam for under $100.


When you are planning to create a lot of videos outdoors then you will need an appropriate camera for this. These can get expensive so do your homework here and compare prices. The money that you invest in a good camera will pay you back in the end.


You must use a high-quality microphone for your videos. Your audience are not going to be impressed if the audio quality of your videos is poor. There are plenty of good quality microphones available for under $100.


Do you need to purchase lighting equipment for your videos? Again, this is a concern for indoor videos more than outdoor ones. It is crazy to put in a lot of planning and effort to make your videos and have them spoiled by poor lighting conditions. There are low-cost lighting solutions available.


Video Editing Software


You are going to make mistakes when you are creating your videos so you need to use a good video editing application to make your videos the best they can be. Fortunately, there are a lot of free video editing solutions available for both Mac and Windows computers.


There are premium video editing suites that have a lot of great features but you don’t need these to get started. Search for free video editing software and you will see many useful applications you can use. Make sure that you learn how to use your chosen video editing software.


Screen Capture Software


It is very likely that you will want to record your computer screen and use this in your videos. In order to do this, you will need screen capture software. There are some really good free options available for this and you can use premium solutions too.


You can integrate slides that you have created in Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation applications. Screen capture software is great for making over the shoulder videos where you are demonstrating something on your computer.


Use Audio Editing Software 


The audio quality of your videos is very important. A lot of video marketers record the narration for their videos after they have the main footage. You can use a powerful free audio editing suite like Audacity to produce the best audio results.


How To Optimize Videos For Search

One of the major advantages to uploading your videos to YouTube is that people can find them using the search feature. This is true of Facebook to a lesser extent as well. If you do not optimize your videos for search then you will reduce the chances of your videos being discovered. Your YouTube videos can appear in Google search too.


Conduct keyword Research


The first step to optimizing your videos for search is to perform keyword research. You need to know what terms people are using to find the information that they need in your niche. It is not difficult to conduct keyword research for videos and you can do this for free when you use the Google Keyword Planner.


With the Keyword Planner you will find related search terms and the estimated search volumes. Although this is based on Google search, the numbers will be fairly accurate for YouTube search as well. Another great tool for keyword research is the free browser extension called vidIQ. This will show you the tags used by high-ranking videos and other useful information.


Add your Main Keyword to your Video Titles


The title of your video is very important for optimization. Look at your keyword list and identify a main keyword and some related secondary keywords for your videos. Add the main keyword in the title of your video. 


When you are at the start of your video marketing journey, we recommend that you target long tail keywords rather than the very competitive ones. As you start to rank for these terms, YouTube will take notice and start to rank you for the tougher keywords as well.


Make your Description Keyword Rich


You must provide a description for your videos. In this description you want to add a link back to your website and provide a persuasive text body to encourage people to watch your videos. You can add your main and secondary keywords in the description.


Don’t go crazy with your keywords in your description. There is no need to add your keywords more than once. Make sure that the keywords naturally flow with the rest of the words you use. YouTube does not like keyword stuffing and will penalize you if you do this.


Use Keyword Tags


For your YouTube videos you have the chance to add tags to your videos which you need to do. Here you will enter your main and secondary keywords. Use vidIQ to identify the tags used by the most popular videos and use some of these as well. Don’t overdo it with the tags. A maximum of 8 to 10 is recommended. 


Create a Great Thumbnail


Use a different thumbnail for each of your videos. Your thumbnail needs to encourage users to click and watch your video. You can create YouTube thumbnails very easily using for free. Decide on the style of thumbnail that you want and stick with this for consistency with your videos.


Add Transcripts to your Videos


A lot of people will want to use subtitles with your video so make sure that you provide this. There is an automatic transcription feature in YouTube that you can use first. Afterwards you can go and edit the transcript (there will usually be a few mistakes).


Research And Plan Your Videos For The Best Results

Never rush into video creation. No matter how excited you are about the prospect of video marketing you need to take the time to research and plan your videos. Videos produced “off the cuff” usually do not work out too well. You need to prepare for every video that you create so that it can be of the highest quality.


Conduct Keyword Research


What are you going to create your videos about? To answer this, you need to know what your audience is looking for in your niche. They will have burning questions that they need answers for and you need to identify what these are. 


The best video marketing campaigns start with keyword research. This is the process of identifying the search terms that people enter into search engines like Google when they want information in your niche. Without this information you are just guessing.


It is easier to perform keyword research than you might think. Use the free Google Keyword Planner tool to identify the keywords and the associated search volumes. Think about the seed keywords for your niche and then enter these into the Keyword Planner. You will get a list of related keywords returned as well.


When you have finished your initial keyword research using the Keyword Planner be sure to download the list you have created. Keep this as your master keyword list that you will add to over time. Look at your list and decide the keywords that you want to target with your videos.


Plan each of your Videos


Now that you have your keyword list and ideas for your videos you need to plan each of them. What message do you want to convey in your video? What call to action (CTA) will you use? Is the video for lead generation or to make sales?


It should not take you too long to come up with an outline plan for each of your videos. Decide what you want the viewer to do once they have watched your video. Also, determine what questions your video will provide the answers to. You will get much better results from your video marketing when you plan your videos.


Do you need a Script?


Some video marketers like to use a script for their videos. It helps them to have a structured flow that they can use. In addition to this, a script ensures that they will not overlook any important points that they need to make.


The problem with scripts is that you can easily provide a boring delivery with them. As an alternative, consider creating a list of prompts that you can refer to throughout the video. This will help you to talk more naturally while also ensuring you do not miss anything important.


Learn from Other Video Marketers


Take a look at the videos that your competitors are creating. Find those that have the highest number of views and levels of engagement and identify why they are so popular. The aim is not to copy what others have done but to give you ideas for the creation of your own videos.


There are many video marketing experts out there that have training courses that you can invest in to enhance your knowledge. Do not be too proud to learn from those that have done it before. You can find some useful resources online about video marketing too.


The Advantages Of Video Marketing

It is essential that you understand the main advantages of video marketing. This will provide you with the inspiration and motivation to create the best videos for your audience. There have been numerous surveys conducted about video marketing and they have all revealed positive results. People prefer to watch videos these days than they do reading text.


Get more Leads and Sales


When you regularly create and post videos you should see an increase in the amount of visitor traffic to your website and your offers. You can use videos to persuade your audience to take the action that you want. They are much more likely to be persuaded to do this with videos than other forms of content marketing.


A lot of video marketers use their videos to obtain new leads for their business. This is an effective strategy as a good video will always leave people wanting more. You can also make more sales of your products and services with videos as well.


Videos Increase Engagement


If you post your videos on the right platforms and create them so that they provide value to your audience then you will drive up engagement levels. This is necessary to build trust with your audience and persuade them to get more involved with your business.


Videos on social media platforms are shared more than any other form of post. Ask your viewers to like and share and also to leave a comment. Make sure that you respond to comments swiftly. All of this will help you to achieve higher conversions.


Build more Trust with Videos


You will not create a lot of trust with your audience if you just make text and image-based posts. People want to know who you are and what you stand for and videos are the best way to provide this. It is very important that you make a personal appearance on some of your videos.


Create videos to answer the burning questions that people have in your niche. This will go a long way to establishing you as an expert. Your audience will trust you much more if they perceive that you are an expert.


Use Videos to Increase Brand Awareness


Videos can really help you to increase your brand awareness. By creating the right types of videos, you will introduce your brand and be able to showcase your products and services. There is no better way to make your audience more aware of your brand.

Be sure to tell your story with all of your videos. Explain why you created your business and the reason that you created your products and services. Emphasize the fact that your brand is all about providing the right solutions for your audience.


Decision Makers watch Videos


CEOs and other senior executives will watch videos to learn more about a business and their products and services. If they are impressed with the videos, they watch they will share them with their employees. 


It is tough to get through to decision makers a lot of the time. So, make impressive videos and use the right platforms to post them so that decision makers will see them. Surveys have confirmed that senior executives in companies and organizations watch videos too and you need to get in front of them as much as you can.


Where To Share Your Videos For The Best Results

After you have created your videos, you will need to share them in places where your audience will see them. There are certain platforms available that will provide your videos with more exposure than others will. In this article, we will look at the best places for you to share your videos.


Add your Videos to your Website


The first place you need to share your videos is on your website. There are several ways that you can do this. We recommend that you create a new post and use a similar title to that of your video. Embed your video at the top of the page and then provide some SEO optimized text underneath it.


Most of your visitors are going to watch the video but there may be some that prefer to read so give them the option. Using keywords in your text will help the search engines to rank your web pages that include videos. When you have videos on your website you should reduce your bounce rate as visitors will stay and watch them.


You Must use YouTube


There is no bigger video platform than YouTube. We strongly recommend that you create a YouTube channel for your business and upload your videos there. Each month, YouTube receives more than 40 billion visitors. It is the second largest website and the second largest search engine after Google.


The key to success with YouTube is video views, likes and shares and comments. Your aim will be to increase the number of subscribers that your channel has. When people subscribe to your channel, your new videos will appear on their home page.


You probably know that Google owns YouTube. Because of this, Google will display three YouTube videos for the majority of its search results. So, you have the opportunity for your videos to be found in Google search as well as YouTube search.


Videos are Very Popular on Facebook


Another giant platform where you need to upload your videos is Facebook. It is the third largest website in the world and video content is extremely popular with the users. You will need to create slightly different videos for Facebook than you do for YouTube.

The format for Facebook videos is different to YouTube. Also, you need to add more visuals to your Facebook videos. This is because a lot of Facebook users will not turn the sound on with videos so you need to use text and images to make your points as well.


Other Video Sharing Platforms


YouTube is not the only video sharing platform available but it is by far the biggest. Platforms like Daily Motion and Vimeo receive millions of visitors a month and it is worth uploading your videos to these as well as YouTube.


Do a search for other video sharing platforms that you can use. You will be surprised how many other options are available. If you believe that your audience will visit these sites then upload your videos to them.


Share on other Social Platforms


What other social platforms do your audience use? Do they use Twitter or Instagram? If you are in the B2B market then you must have a profile on LinkedIn. You can share your videos on all of the major social networks.