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Sunday 10 April 2022

You Don't have to Become Some Sort of Mystic to Benefit from Meditation

There's a lingering stereotype about people who practiced meditation or some form of mindfulness. In the eyes of too many people, mindfulness practitioners are entering some sort of mystic or religious space. They believe that if you close your eyes or you recite an inaudible or silent mantra that you are necessarily praying or engaging in some sort of religious or spiritual activity. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Mysticism is very different from meditation. Typical meditation, and I’m not talking about meditation derived from spiritual practices, I’m talking about basic meditation, is all about becoming aware of your body and your mind in the present moment.


Mysticism is about awareness that is beyond you. You're reaching out to some sort of greater truth that can either extend back in the or forward into the future. These are two totally different things. People are comparing apples to oranges.


When you engage in mysticism, you engage in external truth that may have been written a long, long time ago or is actually timeless. Regardless of whether you approve of mysticism or not, I think we could all agree that this is a totally different animal from mindfulness or meditation.


When you're being mindful, you don't care about the past. You really don't. This is why meditation is so awesome to a lot of people who are trying to overcome some sort of trauma.


Maybe your father wasn’t there when you were growing up. Perhaps you were abused by your mother. Possibly, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend abused you or cheated on you or betrayed. Maybe people laughed at you in the past.


Whatever the case may be when you practice meditation, you let go of the past. You're no longer going through your mental closet and unraveling very painful or traumatic memories only to put them back into the closet again, and then you repeat the process over and over. You take a break from that. You really do.


When you practice mindfulness, you are focused on one thing and one thing alone. You are focused on the present moment, nothing else.


The same applies to worries. If you are a worrier, meditation may be the solution you're looking for because instead of obsessing and wasting tremendous emotional and mental resources thinking about stuff that has yet to happen, you focus on what is.


You realize that the air coming out of your nostrils is real right here, right now. You are aware of how you’re breathing right here, right now. Nothing else.


This is why if you are still on the fence about meditation or mindfulness, understand it has nothing to do with mysticism. You don't have to become some sort of mystic. You don't have to become some sort of Shaolin or Buddhist priest. You don't have to do any of that. You just have to focus on who you are right here, right now.


Meditation is Rooted in How Your Mind Works

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding meditation and, by extension, mindfulness. A lot of people are under the impression that you have to have some sort of mystical religious belief for meditation to work for you.


Nothing could be further from the truth. When you practice meditation, you are tapping into processes that are already happening in your mind. You're not imposing something new onto it. You're not trying to make it do something that it normally doesn't do. Worse yet, you're not trying to get it to do something that it won’t do.


Instead, it's already proceeding in a certain way. It’s already operating in a certain way. When you practice meditation and mindfulness, you just align your consciousness with how your mind already works. This way, instead of your mind working against you, it works for you.


Believe it or not, when you think about traumatic experiences in the past or you worry about stuff that could possibly go wrong in the future, you are letting your mind work against you. The big tragedy to all of this is that you are doing it to yourself.


Nobody is pointing a gun at your head and demanding that you remain a slave to the traumatic experiences of your past. Nobody is slapping you around and forcing you to bow to your fears. Nobody is pushing you to be miserable because of things that may possibly happen in the future.


You're doing this all to yourself, and what makes this a tragedy is your mind is so powerful, so beautiful and so amazing but you task it to make you miserable. You choose to have your mind work against you to the extent that you feel stuck in your life.


Did you know that you can do whatever anybody else could do? Think of the most successful person that you know. Did you know that you can do what they do? When a thousand and one reasons appear in your mind explaining why you can’t do what they do or achieve what they achieve, that's your mind in operation. It doesn't have to operate that way. Sadly, you trained it to operate that way.


Meditation enables you to understand how your mind works and then choose the outcome of your thoughts.


What you focus on grows. The more you focus on your problems, the more they grow. The more you focus on your insecurities, the weaker you feel. The more you focus on your flaws both physical and emotional, the less attractive and the more doomed you feel. Stop it. It doesn't have to be that way.


Your reality is a choice. By understanding how your mind already works in the here and now, you can start making necessary changes that can take your life to the next level.


Get the inside scoop on how meditation works and how you can apply certain simple steps to change your thinking. It is probably going to be one of the best decisions you have ever made.


Believe me for people who have just discovered meditation, they get the feeling that they have just been released from jail. It's like day and night. When you enjoy the calm and serenity that meditation can bring to your life, you start thinking of why you’ve wasted all those years thinking the way you did.


Make no mistake you are always in control. I know that it's not a comfortable thing to here because you’d rather blame other people. You'd rather think that your life is set in stone by the past. If you really want to live a life of power, meaning and purpose, meditation is the key.


Believe it or Not You Do Have the Time for Meditation

Whenever I talk to people about the benefits of meditation or any sort of mindfulness practice, I get predictable answers. I really do. First, I get people who confuse meditation with some sort of religious practice. As you probably already know, we live in a secular world especially in Western Europe and North America. People simply do not want to hear anything about god, the deity or anything supernatural.


Regardless of whether you agree with that or not, this is the reality. The moment you engage in any kind of talk that comes suspiciously close to something supernatural or the divine, people shut off their minds. And that is on a good day.


On a bad day, you get somebody who would actually attack you. They would think that you're stupid. They would think that your IQ is very low. They might even accuse you of having extra chromosomes. It can get quite nasty. That’s just the world we live in. It’s very secular.


The other predictable objection I get about meditation is that they simply do not have the time. It is obvious that for too many people, time is a luxury. There are only so many hours in a day and they have basically overbooked their day. This is a fact. If they could, they would split themselves up and be found in different places at the same time. That's how busy they are.


Given this context, do people have the time or the energy to meditate? Well, if you can overcome your initial suspicion that meditation is somehow some way linked to religion and give it a shot, then the next problem is simple time management.


Believe it or not you have the time for meditation. First of all, you only need fifteen minutes or less. In fact, if you can invest five minutes or more to meditation, you're in a good place. You don't have to spend half a day. You don't even have to spend a full hour. Fifteen minutes is plenty.


You may be thinking, “Well, I don't have fifteen minutes.” Think again. Do me a big favor. List down all the things that you actually do at work. You'd be surprised as to how unproductive you really are. Sure, you're putting in eight hours a day, day after day, week after week, month after month.


That much is obvious. You’re overstressed. You’re overworked. You feel tired. However, look at the nitty-gritty of the stuff that you’re actually doing. I can bet you that you're not actually doing eight full hours of work. I’m talking about productive work here. I’m not talking about you checking out your social media updates. I’m not talking about you looking at your mobile phone to see what’s on Instagram or checking your e-mail.


I’m talking about actual work here. I’m talking about work that puts food on the table or at least the kind of work that your boss is paying you to do. I know it's uncomfortable to hear this because it is a moment of truth. If you were to compress those eight hours or filter it in terms of productivity, you probably would be lucky if you have two hours of actual work.


So, don’t tell me that you don't have time for meditation and mindfulness. You have the time. You just have to free up some of your unproductive activities.


Focus on the fact that meditation and mindfulness deliver a lot more benefits than whatever cost they bring to the table. Sure, you're out of fifteen minutes every day but can you really put a price tag on the sense of calm, inner peace and harmony that you get? Can you really put a price tag on the sense of calm, inner peace and harmony that you get? Can you really put a price tag on the amazing feeling of liberation that you often get after meditation?


You have to understand that you're carrying a lot in your mind. You’re worrying about a lot of stuff in the future. You even be carrying emotional baggage from the past. Those are precisely the kinds of things mindfulness will liberate you from.


So, stop looking at the price you have to pay and focus instead on the amazing mental and emotional riches that you stand to gain.


What Does Meditation Plug Into?

Please read the title again. I’m not talking about some sort of hardware plug here. I’m not talking about some sort of device sticking into some sort of slot. Instead, I’m talking about how meditation plugs into your mental processes. You have to understand that meditation is not a mystical activity. It is not an activity that requires religion, mysticism or spirituality. 


In fact, even though many strains of meditation and mindfulness practices can be traced to religion, the essence of this practice is plugged into your mind. The human mind is universal. People all over the world, regardless of what they look like, the color of their skin, how much money they make or their body type, are the same, mentally speaking. 


We all have the same hardware. What separates us is the software choices we make. Meditation is so powerful because it plugs into how the human mind operates off the shelf. If you were to clear out all the cultural programming that you have and if you were to eliminate all the residues of economics and history in your life, you would have raw processing mental power and this is the same across the board. 


This is what mediation plugs into. It connects with how your mind is already operating. The big difference is you learn how to make your mind work for you, instead of against you. You have to understand that people who are very successful or who seem to have the world by the tail are not physically different from you. 


In fact, there’s a good chance that you are physically superior to Bill Gates. Still, he has more money than you can ever imagine. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, that’s Bill Gates. He was born with all sorts of advantages and I wasn’t. It’s not fair to compare me to Bill Gates because he’s able to achieve a lot of stuff and I’m barely getting by.” 


Well, you’re more than welcome to think that. You’re more than welcome to choose that mindset. But the more you choose that mindset, the more you will remain stuck. You have to understand that what other people can do, you can do if you make the right choices. It all boils down to mental clarity. 


This is just the fancy way of saying that you have to let your mental processes operate and flow in such a way that they will enable you to turn a lot more of your ideas into reality. I’m not talking about hoping and wishing here. I’m not talking about hoping against hope, that somehow, some way, something good will happen. That’s not what I’m talking about. 


Those are fantasies. People who engage in that kind of mental pattern barely lift a finger to change their circumstances. They remain stuck, and rightfully so, because they hang on to that type of programming. What I’m talking about is to use how your mind is already actually operating so you can turn a lot more of your ideas into goals and from goals, you turn them into plans. 


When you’re able to do this, you successfully bridge the divide that separates ideas from reality. That’s right. You can turn the things that you think about into things that you can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. In other words, you can turn them into reality. That’s how powerful focus is. One of the best ways to achieve that level of focus is to adopt some sort of meditation or mindfulness practice. 


Is Meditation Just a Tool?

There is a lot of misconception regarding meditation. As meditation and other forms of mindfulness continue to grow in the American and Western European imagination, it’s going to continue to run into a whole range of misconceptions. One of the most common objections people have to meditation is that is some sort of religious experience. That somehow, some way, if you practice meditation or meditation paired with yoga, you are basically converted into a different religion. 


Of course, there are many different layers of intentionality to this. Some people are saying that, the moment you meditate, you are consciously trying to become a Hindu or a Buddhist. Other people say that even though you don’t intend to follow these spiritual paths, that’s exactly what you’re doing in practice. 


Both of these ideas are wrong. You have to understand that meditation is not a destination in of itself. This is where all these misconceptions get it wrong. They think that you’re meditating because you want to be spiritual. Meditation, in their eyes, is a goal. This is wrong. Meditation is a tool.


When you buy a hammer, it’s not because hammers mean the world to you. It’s because you want to nail something to the wall. Similarly, if you buy a saw, it’s because you are a big fan of saws from all over the world. Instead, you buy a saw because you’re trying to cut some wood. The same applies to meditation. 


While there is quite a bit of elegance and beauty in the different practices and steps that make up meditation, at the end of the day, it is just a tool. That’s all it is. It’s something that you use to get to where you want to go. What is this ultimate destination? Well, it’s all about personal clarity. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, discouraged, in any way, shape or form, it’s because of your thought patterns. 


Would it be great to think in such a way that the whole world opens up to you? It’s as if everything that you have found confusing, challenging, or even downright outrageous, about your life, has somehow become clear. That’s precisely the kind of mental and emotional state you can achieve with meditation. 


It does this without resorting to some sort of hocus pocus or magic. This is not some sort of religious activity. Instead, meditation really is a set of practices, discovered throughout thousands of years, that tie into how our minds work. Now, wrap your mind around that phrase. I said “how our minds work,” as in how it currently works, not how it could work or how it should work. 


I’m talking about how it currently works, right here, right now. The reason why people struggle and are dealing with all sorts of past traumas and worries is because they let their mind work against them instead of for them. Your mind is just a tool. You are always in control. You shape your world with your choices and how you think impacts your choices. 


Meditation is a tool for clarifying your thinking processes. You become aware of your decisions. You become aware of your ability to choose. You become aware of the impact of how you choose to think has an impact on your world. That is real power. But meditation in of itself is not the destination. That is not the goal, so don’t get it twisted. 


Use it for the tool that it is, so you can take your life to the next level. 


Wednesday 23 March 2022

How and Why to Use Positive Affirmations as a Stress Management Tool

The best tool one can use to reprogram one’s unconscious mind and change it from being negative to positive thinking is positive affirmations. The basic concept to positive affirmations is using positive statements and repeating the same for enough time to let them get into your system. You then see the world from that angle; this works as strongly as negative self-talk works. If you want to make up a set of personal positive affirmations, make sure you use the guidelines that follow: 


Look At Your Intentions: Firstly, be clear on what is that you want to create in life. You must know the end product in order to realize the traits, attitudes and behaviors that would help you to reach the final destination. Do you want to be a supportive friend? Do you need more peace in life? Do you want to have a healthier lifestyle? It is a good idea to begin writing a journal in order to brainstorm and figure what is important for you and get to the core of what is needed to create that in life. 


Create Statements: Once you know what you are aiming for put it into simple words that help to reflect the reality of the goal you have set out to achieve. Frame these sentences like they were already true, not like they are going to happen. For instance, “I am” instead of “I want”. This helps you to tune your brain to believe the statement and it will help them to manifest into reality. 


Be Sure They’re Positive: When you are making positive affirmations, make sure they are positive. In other words, you must say things you want to experience and see and not the things you DON’T want to. For instance, instead of words such as “I don’t” one must use “I will”. 


If you like the idea for affirmations that are designed to reduce the stress in your life use ones that suggest peaceful thoughts, fostering a strong sense of efficiency, feeling safe. You can use the game of ‘Affirmation Hangman’ or use your own techniques in order to deal with stress. 


Once you to deal with negative thoughts in life you can achieve the goal you set out to achieve. 


Individual Hypnosis

What a lot of individuals state is that many things may be accomplished by targeting the mind over matter. You might be able to see what individual hypnosis may do for you.


There are indeed many Advantages to individual hypnosis, particularly when an individual is determined to see matters to the very end or dedicated to do things that he believes he can, then the possibilities are perpetual.


Even when someone trusts that he may achieve what other people, or occasionally even he himself, would find hard, he may actually do it if he just puts his mind into it.


Individual hypnosis is a positive reinforcement of mental conditioning and positive idea paths. While it might be simple to state that positive thinking may produce many great results, still the idea of injecting the mind to believe that way might not be as simple as you think, particularly when we're at our witting state, particularly when weighing the pros and cons of every one of our actions.


However, with hypnosis, the brain may be convinced to do such things and work marvels when it comes to our positive mental training processes.


Here are a few of the areas where hypnosis may do wonders for the mind particularly with behavioral approaches and the positive mental conditioning procedure.


With hypnosis, even with self-suggestion, we may heighten our sense of concentration. This is especially helpful when we want to train our minds to center on what is truly important for us and separate out other trivial thoughts.


The concentration facet has been discovered to be specifically helpful for those who wish to improve social and people skills, communicating skills, memory and comprehension, creative thinking, centering and much more.


One’s personal mind-set may also be bettered dramatically through hypnosis, particularly for those who want to improve their personal welfare for the enhancement of their vocations, professional and personal relationships, and focusing toward accomplishing goals.


A different advantage of hypnosis is the life-changing capacity in helping individuals overcome their dreads. By hypnosis, those dreads may be accessed and modified, utilizing hypnosis processes that may eliminate irrational thoughts and dreads.


Taking away negative thoughts in the human mind is out and away the greatest breakthrough that forged the practice of hypnosis and brings about a great glimpse of what individual hypnosis may accomplish for you.


Sunday 20 March 2022

How Meditation Helps Insomnia

Insomnia simply is a chronic inability to sleep. I have had many restless nice with only a few hours a sleep. Many nights I would only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I had tried everything to help me sleep. I tried things like Tylenol. Mild nerve pills and even was tested for sleep apnea and had a breathing machine to use at night for the sleep apnea. That machine made me feel as if i could not get any oxygen. Insomnia can make you crazy after a while. 


I was having a very difficult time breathing with it. I had to quit using the machine because it was so uncomfortable. I was getting very irritable from not sleeping so a friend told me how using mediation helped her. I went on the computer and found out many ways meditation helps people for many different problems. The first thing I learned is that having insomnia can also be a mind thing. 


You can actually train your mind to go without sleep. I know that I think about the struggles I go through every day and keep that on my mind so I cannot sleep well. Through meditation I have learned to calm down, relax and know that getting so upset over things I cannot change will just make things worse. Now when I come home after a exhausting day I don't let things bother me so much. I actually first started my mediation in the morning before I left and again when I get home. 


In the morning I get up about 30 minutes earlier then the rest of the family so I can have time to myself. I go into the kitchen get a book I like or a newspaper, fix me some coffee and just meditate before I have to start my hectic day. When I come home at night I know that with my insomnia I will have another restless night so I start preparing for my night after I get supper cooked the dishes done and kids to bed. 


For my meditation at night I will first relax by listening to soothing music. I will turn on a music channel on my television and just kick back and relax. I then get in a hot tub and sit there and let the hot water sooth me. After I get out of the tub I do not wait to go to bed. Since my body is now very relaxed I go straight to bed. I have learned by staying awake watching TV after I am so relaxed will only make it harder for me to sleep. 


Since I used my meditation while listening to comforting music and relieving my tension with a hot bath why get upset by watching television. I turn my fan on low get under the covers take some deep relaxing breaths and go to sleep. I'm not saying that I am cured and get 8 hours of sleep every night but I can say that using mediation to relax me has helped me at least get a couple of extra hours of sleep then I use to. 


My husband also turns on the little clock radio to a country channel and leaves it on low all night to help him get some sleep. You have got to remember meditation is simply clearing your mind of thoughts that upset you. Once you have cleared your mind over whatever is bothering you it will be to your benefit. 


Relaxing is the key to having a better day and night. So find a way of meditation that will help you relax and just enjoy your night. You are worth it and most of all after all you do for everyone you deserve to have a few moments of relaxing meditation.


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How To Relieve Stress By Meditation

The word meditation simply is defined as to be in a continuous contemplative thought or to simply just think about doing something. We all have different types of stress in our lives. Some of us our stressed out over a job, or maybe a relationship, or children, or if you are like most of us you are stressed over finances. Taking the time to meditate in your own relaxing way will help with the stress you are feeling. I have learned that worrying about what is stressing you will not help solve the situation that is upsetting you.


You may think that taking time out of your already busy life to meditate is ridiculous. But it is not ridiculous it will absolutely help calm your nerves which will help you relax enough to sit down and calmly work out the situation that is upsetting you. I found that I can relax and meditate by sitting and relaxing in a hot bubble bath. If you are worried about not having enough time to sit and relax in a hot tub maybe you can just go outside for a breath of fresh air and take time to just collect your thoughts. After everything has calmed down you can then take the time to take a hot relaxing bath. 


If the kids are stressing you out you know how easy it can be to lose your temper with the kids, So things don't get out of control you can do breathing exercises to help meditate you. Let the kids go outside for a few minutes or maybe let them watch a movie or whatever they like to do within reason for a few minutes so that you can get your thoughts together when meditating. Breathe in and out slowly and take time to think about what options you have to control the situation that has upset you. With having to deal with our children, our jobs, our relationships, and our finances it's a wonder we all can even go on every day. 


Find a way of meditation that will work for you and you will see that even if it's for only a few minutes that will be a few minutes you don't have to worry about things. If you don't want to go on the Internet to find ways to relax then go to your library in your town. There will be many, many books on relaxation by meditation. When you are in a place like the library you can actually just relax in that environment where it is quiet and relaxing. Get you 2 or 3 books and find the one that will help you the most. 


You know you can also write down notes on the other books you have read. Maybe check out a couple of books that talk about different ways of meditating and write down the chapters that interest you the most. Even if you start out by just learning how to have peace of mind that is a very big accomplishment. After you have found peace of mind you can then start working on the daily things in your life that has left you feeling empty inside. Remember you can have the life you have dreamed of if you just take the time to learn ways to help you with relaxation techniques. You can find fulfillment in your life and defiantly make a difference in your life and the lives of others who feel the pressures of everyday life. 


Whether you find meditation and relaxation techniques through books, tapes, or even exercises you will find that when your life is free of every day stress you can then start to find solutions to the many different problems in your life in a calm peaceful way. You can go on line and find self-help tapes about meditation. Do you want to just settle on a life that can make you miserable day after day? You may feel so empty inside that you feel as if you have no purpose in life. 


You have to remember you are using your thoughts in your mind to meditate so you want to take the time to clear out all the negative feelings you have in your mind so that you can concentrate on how to improve your life and make a goal for yourself. Meditation can help. When you take the time to relax and really stop and think about things that are going on in your life you can also find that you are relaxed enough by meditating to find solutions to many different things you question in your life.


Learn More About The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is an art that has been around since the dawn of the age of man. This is not a statement to be brushed over. After all, many things about mankind have changed over time, but the profound art of meditation is something we have clung on to dearly. This is because there is no substitute for meditation. Nothing else, singlehandedly, bestows the many wonderful blessings that meditation brings... in fact nothing else even comes close. In this article I will outline the top 10 benefits that meditation brings and hopefully it will inspire all to learn and practice this timeless art.


The mind of one who meditates is like the easy, leisurely flow of the Ganges River, as compared to the ordinary mind, which is like Niagara Falls. In other words your mind is at peace, deeply silent and so you are at peace.


Meditation opens up the channels of communication between all levels of your being. What this means is that you have access now to the guidance that is coming directly from your Divine Self. 


This link gives rise to the flow of intuition and wisdom.


Meditation strips away the layers of false identity that mask your True Self from shining through. Once you eliminate these false egos and stop catering to their nonsense you can reside in your True Nature. This brings forth joy and happiness as it allows you to be at ease with life, existence and yourself.


All serious meditators know how much their brain function has been enhanced by meditation. 


Now, empirical studies every day are indicating this link. Meditation will undoubtedly increase your awareness and will significantly increase your intelligence.


The parts that are not put on but are natural. This will give you insight into who you really are and what you really love in life. That is the secret of mastering the art of living and discovering your true talents, gifts and purpose. That which you love, you do for its own sake without the need for reward of accolades. Once this is discovered, life can be lived with passion, zeal and independence.


Enlightenment: This is the one ultimate purpose of meditation. To help you discover the True Non-Dual Nature of Reality. To make you realize that your True Self is Divine and One with God.


All serious meditators know how much their brain function has been enhanced by meditation. Now, empirical studies every day are indicating this link. Meditation will undoubtedly increase your awareness and will significantly increase your intelligence.


Take your time and practice meditation today so that you can start feeling better real soon. This is going to be a life changing experience for you if you can make the most out of it and really start being a much more positive person, there is no doubt about that. Now, empirical studies every day are indicating this link. Meditation will undoubtedly increase your awareness and will significantly increase your intelligence.


Good luck and enjoy your meditation practices each day. 


Meditation: Explanations About It

For sufferers of insomnia inability to relax physically and mentally well enough to sleep is often a problem. Thoughts race and make it difficult to shut down and get to sleep until it is nearly time to get up again. The nightly routine of fighting with a racing mind in hopes of a few minutes of unbroken sleep becomes their routine. This article was written to give insomniacs tips as well as advice that is geared toward falling asleep easily. Meditation will always be beneficial.


The first thing we need to do in this battle against insomnia is discuss the problem with your doctor. Often there is a medical reason behind sleep difficulties.


Staying away from sleeping pills is the next thing you should do. Sleeping pills can cause addiction problems as well as add other issues that can cause insomnia defeating their purpose. Sleeping pills also impair mental acuity. Placebo studies have shown patients who were given a placebo actually slept better and were more refreshed than those who were given sleeping pills. 


After that you need to keep in mind that there in not a quick-fix for insomnia. While there may be instances that popping a pill can take care of the problem; insomnia isn't one of those instances. There can be many reasons for insomnia which sleeping pills wouldn't address, and chemically induced sleep is not as refreshing as the real thing. Having a routine will also help you to get enough rest as well as keep insomnia at bay. If you keep track of when you go to bed and when you get up for several days you will most likely find a pattern. Often insomnia can be treated by setting a schedule and following it while watching your sleep patterns. You need to be exposed to natural light daily as well. 


Going outside to get natural sunlight is also important. You need sunlight for over-all health in addition to stabilizing your sleep patterns. Meditation can improve sleep, you can also try listening to soft music in the evening to help you relax. Daily exercise is important for the brain as well as the body. Exercise can help you relax and ensures a deeper, more restful sleep. It is a good idea to have a dark, cool, quiet place to sleep with a comfortable and well supported sleeping surface. You should sleep in your bed instead of in a chair reclined in front of a television set. 


Start your sleep period by relaxing your body starting with your toes and working your way up until your whole body is relaxed. Proper diet plays a large part in sleep habits. You need to get enough vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. St John's Wort can improve mood if you are suffering from depression, which commonly occurs in people with insomnia. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba can help with concentration during the day as well. Before starting any supplements you should seek the advice of a licensed medical professional and through meditation. 


Meditation Can Help

As you exhale, listen to the sound and associate it with the word Ham. As a guide, So sounds as does if you are saying it in English. Ham could actually be written as Hom, as the in Ham is very weak.


Meditation is one of the most important spiritual disciplines. The benefits of regular meditation are numerous, too many to list, yet peace of mind is one of the greatest.


Try listening to our Let Go recording (see holisticmakeove m link below) which utilizes brain-mind technology to effortlessly guide you into a meditative state.

Avoid all drugs. Even “just” marijuana “only once in a while” hinders intuition and clouds your mind for weeks afterwards.


Try meditating with someone you love or with a group of friends. The combined energy will help you go deeper.


You may be sensitive to something you’re eating or drinking. Pick a day and eat lightly, perhaps about half of what you usually do. Consume what you know will be easy to digest, such as lightly steamed vegetables. 


You should be able to focus more easily provided you feel lighter and more alert.

Certain supplements, herbs, and medications, especially if they affect your mood, may be disagreeing with your system and causing you to be scattered. Ask your doctor or health professional for alternative recommendations or if you can do without them for a while. If you keep asking God or your guides or angels of the Light how you can be more successful with meditation, you’ll eventually become aware of effective ways to go deeper and focus better. 


You’ll be a pro in no time.


If you’re still having trouble perceiving anything, jump start the process by using your imagination. Tell yourself you’ll perceive the first image, thought, or feeling, in response to any of the questions or instructions in the script, on the count of three. Then count one, two, three and provide a picture or thought from your imagination or memory. Continue this process until other images that feel more related to the issue you are exploring start filtering into your mind.


Try relaxing music. Experiment with different kinds to test which works best for you.

Whatever works the best for you is what you should be thinking of trying out. Meditation can change your life for the better and once you begin feeling better you will know that you definitely made the best choices by choosing this to help you along the way throughout this difficult life. 


Learn more about meditation the next chance that you can because your life will be ever changing because of it. There is more to be learned about it even to this day. Things are going to be different in your life and meditation can be the reason for your healing and becoming a much more positive person that is happier and healthier. 


The internet is the best place to locate information about meditation, and there are many wonderful websites that could provide you with tons of information. 


Sunday 13 March 2022

The Value of Spiritual Self-Discovery – 1

When people embark on a journey of self-discovery, they usually focus on the physical and emotional side of their personality. Rarely do people consider the importance of spiritual self-discovery, even if they identify as spiritual side to their personality. When we take the time to explore the part of our psyche that we sometimes call spirit or soul, we discover a unique and different aspect to our personality we may not even have realized existed. 


We are people made up of physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional dimensions. We experience the world and the experiences we go through in the world, by looking at them through these dimensions. This is not new. We know that humanity has always considered these dimensions. Roman and Greek mythology, Roman astrology and ancient religions are all testimony to the very real role that spirituality has played in human development.


We perhaps identify best with the moment we see a magnificent sunrise, or an amazing act of nature that leaves us in a state of bewilderment and wonder, recognizing there are things in our life that are beyond our ability to control. We have a conscious or unconscious desire to know this power and it is what we can term spirituality. 


When people think of spiritual wellbeing, they usually think of God. Whoever or whatever they conceive “him” to be. Some consider him a supreme being and others consider him as “the man upstairs” a belligerent father figure. Still others reject the concept of any sort of being, and find their spirituality in the earth, or in nature. 


So how do we discover the spiritual side of our personalities? Some people discover it through embracing formal religion, others discover it through yoga or some other form of meditation that causes them to focus in on themselves and still others go on a journey of self-discovery and call this a religious experience. 


Some have compared this spiritual awakening with a heightened sense of experiencing. As we allow our inner selves to experience life at a deeper level than just what seems obvious around us, we begin to relate to things in a different way. 


In whatever we choose to embrace the spiritual side of our personality, when we do focus on spiritual self-awareness, we usually discover we come alive in our personality and this has an effect on how we relate to self and others. 


The Value of Spiritual Self-Discovery – 2

We have established that to embrace our spiritual side we need to acknowledge it exists. As we embark on a journey of spiritual self-discovery, we often find aspects of our personality and our character we didn’t know about before. Most people find it awakens something inside them that they describe as “completing them” or “filling a hole” in their lives. 


We subconsciously or consciously make bargains with “god” when we find ourselves in a position of need. For many people, this moment maybe considered a moment of spiritual awakening. This is for most people, the time when they stop asking for proof of a higher being and start talking or acting as if there is one. 


 Once the situation has resolved, for many, life continues without any more thought of “god” until another crisis and then the automatic response is to turn thoughts once again to help from something or someone outside our conscious control. For others though, that moment of self-awareness and spiritual awakening, stimulates something in them and they start to question reality, as they know it. People who go through a spiritual crisis or who choose to change religions often experience this moment in a different way. They may find themselves rejecting their existing and questioning relevance. The end of such questioning for some people may lead to the choice of a completely different spiritual path. 


Some people think of having faith or a spiritual awareness is like following something blindly without proof. Whilst in the early days of a spiritual awakening this may seem an uncomfortable place to be in for many people, once embarked on, most people come to accept there are many things in our lives we accept without proof. We know for example that humankind will live and die, or we will feel sleepy and need to sleep at night. Our experiences train us to believe that things happen and we anticipate them happening.


When we embrace spirituality, we are embracing something that enables us to find our place in the universe. We all ask ourselves, “why am I here’ and “where am I going.” Whatever we call our spiritual reality; these are two fundamental questions we ask ourselves. Spirituality helps us to discover the answers to those questions. Spiritual self-discovery can be a journey that embraces our true humanity. It provides us with a sense of personal “completion” and wholeness. 


Project Based Self-Discovery

A great way to learn about yourself is to blog your way through a project. A recent popular film, showed a woman blogging her way through her project to cook a recipe every day from a cookbook written by a celebrity cook. As she blogged her thoughts, reactions, successes, and failures each day as she wrote her blog, not only did she amass a great number of readers following her adventure, she learned much about herself and her partner. 


Choose a project you have wanted to do for a while. Assemble all the resources you need to complete the project and create a blog online to record your efforts and your thoughts about them. If you prefer, use an offline journal you can write in. Reflecting is an important part of the road to self-discovery.


Blogging or journaling is about keeping a diary as a place to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and successes. As you look back on it in the future, not only will you learn a lot about yourself, it will also be a lovely way to remember the project, especially if you add photos to it regularly throughout the project. 


As you complete your project every day, take time to write down what you did, whether you were happy with your achievement, what you felt about you did and what difficulties you faced. Write down any solutions you created for the difficulties and how well they worked for you. Don’t be afraid of using honest words, especially if the blog or journal is for your eyes only. This is the place you can be truly yourself and express yourself without fear of rejection or ridicule. 


As you work on your project, try to experience a sense of excitement that this project so long put off is finally being given priority in your life. Then write how you feel about the things you did today and how satisfied you were with your efforts. Write about everything, you can think of that relates to the project... You may choose to write about whether you put felt some parts of the project were too difficult, or maybe very self-satisfying. Perhaps you realized that interruptions to your focus make you irritable. 


The lessons we learn as we complete this project and journal our responses, will be invaluable tools for identifying our personal strengths and weaknesses. 


Self-Discovery Is Learning We Are Responsible for Our Own Happiness

We spend a lot of time looking outside of ourselves for happiness. We might feel happiest when affected by alcohol or other mood changing substance. We might need our family or friends around us to feel happy or we might think that losing weight or becoming fit is the way to happiness.


Whilst these things may contribute to our happiness, our true happiness is within us and as we find ourselves, accept ourselves and embrace ourselves only then can we find true happiness that doesn’t rely on external forces to keep us happy. 


This can be one of the most freeing thoughts of all self-discoveries. Once we learn this fundamental lesson, we determine how we react when things are not going well around us. Until that moment, things happening around us often create the responses and feeling of sadness or happiness that accompany them.


 Many people think of happiness as positive emotions. We associate happiness with feelings and emotions can range from feeling contented to feeling pure joy. While to think of happiness being in terms of an emotional response is normal, happiness is something that transcends emotions. 


We put a lot of unfair pressure on the people and situations in our lives when we expect them to be the sources of those positive emotions. Unless we are happy within ourselves, it’s likely our relationships will never live up to our expectations. They may add to our happiness, but they can never be the source of it. Henry Miller said, “I have no money, no resources and no hopes, but I am the happiest man alive.”


How do we find our personal happiness? Happiness is, as much about an attitude of mind as a response to it, so to find happiness we first need to change our attitudes. We cannot be happy all the time, but we can learn to put strategies in place from within ourselves to create inner happiness despite external circumstances.


Perspective is the creator of happiness and it may also be the destroyer of it. Training ourselves to remain positive and content is an important life skill. Once learned it will help us maintain healthy emotional responses to every situation, we find ourselves facing. Alain-Rene Lasage once said, “I am happy and content because I think I am.” This is the state of understanding of self; we all need to aim at reaching.