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Sunday 12 June 2022

Tips To Study Better (Infographic)

Monday 23 May 2022

5 Key Habits That Ensure You'll Always Start Your Day the Right Way

Starting your day, the right way will ensure that you'll feel calmer, happier and more productive from the get go. It'll also make sure that you don't waste any time searching for missing or lost items. Remember that habits don't happen overnight. They take at least 21 days to become ingrained into your normal routine so the sooner you start the quicker you'll become a well-organized morning person.


Tidy Up the Night Before


We've all been there when we've felt too tired to load the dishwasher, clear the counters or vacuum the family room. Spending a little time every evening tidying and cleaning away the dirt, clutter and debris from the day really will save you time and angst in the long run.


Make it a fun routine by involving all the family. Set a timer for 15 minutes and zip through those chores. Of course, if you're on your own it may take slightly longer.


Prepare Lunches in Advance


Food preparation takes time and isn't fun when you're in a rush to get to school or work. Spending time preparing lunches for all the family the night before ensures you all get a nutritious lunch time meal which will save you time and money.


Plan ahead so that you know exactly what everyone is having each day of the week. This will make sure you buy or make everything you need so there aren't any last-minute panics.


 Get Clothes Ready the Night Before


How much time have you wasted trying to choose what to wear in the morning? Too much probably and it gets worse if you have kids. Instead get everyone's clothes ready the night before. Make sure the entire outfit is on a hanger and that underwear, shoes and accessories are with it.


An even better habit is to organize the entire week's wardrobe on a Sunday with everything hung in day order in your wardrobe ready to be picked on the relevant day.


Write a to Do List


Write down all the chores and calls you need to do the following day. If they involve dropping off items at the dry cleaner, then bag them and put them by the front door. If you need to post letters or packages then bag them and put them by the door. Your list will make sure you know exactly what you need to do and by having any items ready you won't leave the house without them!


Bag It


Spend time putting everything you'll need for day in your handbag or work bag the night before. You won't need your iPad or laptop overnight so putting it in your bag or case before you go to bed will make sure you don't forget it. Any work documents or school books should be put into bags so that they aren't forgotten or mislaid!


If your children have gym class, football or another school or after-school activity then get the necessary kit ready in their bags before you head to bed. Put the bag by their school coat.


Starting your day feeling positive and organized really does have a major impact on the way the rest of your day pans out. A chaotic start is hard to recover from. By developing the routines above, you can be sure that you and your household will always start your day the right way.


Sunday 22 May 2022

Solve Your Life’s Problems Calmly

Time and again, we come across several issues regarding health, family, relationships, job etc. Sometimes we find a provisional solution to such problems and feel contend that they have vanished forever. Why is meditative thinking and chanting considered a practical and passive therapy to resolve life’s major concerns? It is so, because; contemplative thinking reroutes our minds from the negative to positive. The feelings of resentment, apprehension, rebel and envy paralyse our efforts to solve issues between friends, companions, colleagues and even our own conscience. Focusing through meditation is highly productive and enlightening which is why it is believed that life’s biggest troubles are sorted submissively.


If your child is experiencing problems with studies, don’t try to force him to learn how to focus on his assignment. Instead, be cool, calm and collected in helping him build his concentration power. Teach them tolerantly, how to focus on schoolwork and put aside the ‘daydreaming’ for the future! You also need to create an atmosphere at home so that your child does his homework with attentiveness. The setting should have educational wall charts, comfortable desks, less traffic and clatter. TV is a big distraction for kids and you have to ensure that your kid will fail to focus when TV is viewed at the background.


It is a must that you develop patience to deal with life’s problems. When we experience repeated failure, we give up saying’ ‘maybe this was not my destiny’. Truthfully speaking, it is a cover up on our lack of patience as we give up too quickly without focusing on how to be tolerant. Being satisfied with second-rate results is not the answer to long-standing success. Our thoughts and actions have to be well planned out and precise with appropriate progress of the focal point. With firmness in your thoughts, you can acquire stupendous success even after a series of failures.


Importance of Focusing In the Era of Distraction

How to be able to we refocus the energy from knocking pencils dropping out of the seats, constant talking and scribbling into constructive learning experience? Student life is a very precarious time which needs to be utilized for fortifying for better professional prospects. Following are some tried and tested methods for re-directing student energy and retrieving focus


  • Instead of a teacher’s voice other noisemakers like chimes and bells can capture the student’s attention and create a positive habitual retort.
  • Figure out calming strategies for angry or hyper students.
  • Make quiet the pen tapper with a sponge back.
  • Use natural lighting like sunlight, floor light bulbs etc to create a soothing effect and increase productivity.
  • Play instrumental music in classrooms, auditoriums and cafeterias only during recess times to enhance learning. Don’t forget to turn off the music once you start teaching.
  • Encourage students who like drawings and sketching, to illustrate the notes with drawings. This will make learning, an amusing trip for them!
  • Keep multihued pens and pencils in the classroom for calming students. Coloring the outline calls for focus and coloring from inside unlocks creativity.
  • Students can utilize colorful pencils to doodle after they finish a test rather than distracting others.
  • If students are getting wriggly ask them to stand and draw out.
  • Ask them to stand and buy a ticket to be seated again by revising a question or paraphrasing.


These are only a few methods to build focus to channelize student energy into something worthwhile. A very essential thing while dealing with children is that they are restless and lose focus quickly so you as a teacher have to come up with practical ideas to keep their concentration power high so that they score better in school and at home. Teach them novel facts with reinforcement lessons.


How to Speed Read

Looking to save yourself time and get more done in the small amounts of time you do have in the day? 


Then how about trying to speed read? 


Speed read is the process of scanning through text while at the same time still taking in all the information. This is something some people are very good at and other people struggle with, so let’s look at some methods you can use to learn it.


Use a Tool


One easy way to learn to speed read is to try using a tool such as ‘spreader’. Spreader is a program that lets you paste a large amount of text into a website and then quickly runs through all the words, showing you one word at a time for a set duration. You can choose that duration and then by looking at the word count, the program can tell you precisely how long it will take to read that content. You can this way read a very big novel in a couple of hours!


Use ‘Jumps’


Normally we read by letting our eyes scan left to right across the page. You can speed this up though by letting your eyes ‘jump’ from one block of text to the next and by taking mental snapshots as you go.


When you do this, you may notice you are no longer sounding the words out to yourself but instead just trying to take the meaning in. This is a good thing – as you remove the need to mentally verbalize you can start reading with ‘unsymbolized thought’ which is much faster.


Time Yourself


Timing yourself at any task is an easy way to get quicker. Likewise, if you’re giving yourself 30 minutes to read in the evening, why not challenge yourself to see how many pages you can get through and then try to better that next time? The old saying goes: ‘that which is measured, improves’.


Eventually, try going just a little faster than you can comfortably understand.


Have a Goal


Often, we don’t need to read a lot of the text in an article or even a book. If you’re trying to get a specific piece of information from the text then set out with the goal of retrieving that and then look only for relevant content in the page. This is a good way to make sure that you aren’t wasting time by reading long introductions etc.


Sunday 14 November 2021

Thrown Into Schooling at Home

Finding yourself thrown into schooling the kids at home can be an overwhelming experience. It can also be rewarding. Whatever the reason why you’ve made the change to homeschool, it’s definitely an adjustment.


The prospect of staying home from work to not only care for your children, but to now be responsible for their education is quite overwhelming to most parents. Rightfully so, because raising children is not an easy job on its own. Besides the usual tasks that come along with parenting, can we handle being their teachers too? Take a deep breath, parents, we can do this! We were our children’s first teachers when we taught them to walk, talk and their numbers and colors. We can do this too! Implementing a few tricks will make schooling from home go more smoothly.


One of the things that may help both you and your child as they learn virtually from home is to stick to a schedule. Waking up early and at the same time every day to start school, even if it’s from home can help both you and your child feel more organized and in control. Children crave a stable and predictable schedule and this will set them up for success.


Limiting recreational screen time is important as well. Schools will need to rely on computers for communication with students using tools like Google Classrooms and Zoom. There is already going to be a lot of screen time needed for learning. So, when they are not on the computer doing school work, find other ways to entertain them. Go outside, ride bikes, go for walks, and go swimming. Remember to get that recess time in. Running around and getting their energy out will help kids be able focus on their school work later?


Lastly, try to remain calm and give yourself a break. Most of us are not trained teachers. But we can help guide our kids through this unpredictable time in a manner that is helpful to them. When tensions rise, and surely, they will, take a time out for yourself to cool down, go to another room and breathe. It’s important to remember that kids will be stressed or anxious too, so try to give them a break as well. With time, it will get easier. Putting use to these tips will help you and the kids get through the adjustment period. Homeschooling will feel natural before you know it.