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Wednesday 23 March 2022

Tee Shirts for Advertising

Promotional tee shirts have been a part of business packaging and marketing of brands for a while. Promotional tee shirts may be given to customers, to prospective buyers, and likewise to your employees to give them the added belief of belonging to a brand. You don't need be a world celebrated brand to benefit from promotional tee shirts. Even fresh businesses have utilized tee shirts to produce awareness of their product, brand or business.


Presenting Promotional tee shirts to your employees is a grand way for brand endorsement. You are able to design tee shirts with your company brand and promoting message for your employees and whenever you're hosting a conference, exhibition or promotional event, make it compulsory for your employees to don promotional tee shirts. It's a really cheap technique to make your staff stick out from the herd and you present an orderly oneness among your employees, the same way in which a uniform does. 


A few businesses believe that it's too expensive to purchase a tee shirt online but they're often wrong. Buying tee shirts online is a quick and simple process and the selection of online shops is a great deal better than you expect it to be with a few allowing you to do the whole design process and payment online.


Corporate branding on tee shirts may significantly improve the brand awareness of a business in a really brief time period and apart from the obvious marketing benefits branded tee shirts and additional clothing may enhance the perception of buyers to your business. Considering the comparatively low cost of buy and printing tee shirts against the length of time a great quality tee shirt may last makes branded tee shirts among the most cost-efficient techniques of marketing for a lot of businesses.


It's widely thought that DTG tee shirt printing is more environmentally friendly than screen printing. DTG utilizes water-based inks to print directly onto apparel, this means that there are no extra inks utilized in the actual printing and the only scrap that occurs is from the occasional print head cleansing – it’s worth observing that head cleanup doesn't involve any outside materials only ink. Then as long as waste ink is cast out correctly, printing tee shirts using the DTG technique should have nearly no environmental impact. Screen printing all the same has excess inks from parts of the stencil not published to the t-shirt and when screens are cleansed these excess inks are commonly flushed down the drain.


Sunday 20 March 2022

Organic Clothing and Our Environment

Few of us would connect the idea of organic clothing with the Earth’s environment and yet, a strong connection between the two exists. In fact, now that global warming is becoming more of a fact than a probability, consumers need to think of the impact on the environment of even the clothes they wear. 


Have you considered what would happen if the entire world stopped buying conventional garments and instead purchased only organic clothing? Immediately, all of the toxic chemicals used in the production of conventional clothing would begin to disappear from the soil and the groundwater and all of the chemicals used in making synthetic clothing would be of no use. 


Using organic clothing throughout the world would save thousands of lives - those of the farmers killed every year from pesticide toxicity, particularly in third world countries. In addition, there may be a reduction in the number of people with chemical sensitivity syndromes, which is also often related to chemicals in clothing. With organic clothing, chemical dry cleaning would not be necessary. If buyers went totally “organic” energy wasted in conventional dryers would be restored.


In truth, however, the garment industry does participate in environmental pollution and global warming - even those who participate in making organic clothing. Consider all of the sheep, alpaca, llamas and other wool-producing animals that 

provide clothing fibers in the form of wool but that also contribute to methane gas emission from belching and animal flatulence. Cows, which produce leather, create about 600 liters of methane per day per cow. 


The growing of even organic fibers requires tractors and trucks - all of which use fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Improving the fuel efficiency of farm implements would help reduce such emissions.


All fibers, even organic fibers, go through a manufacturing process that relies on fossil-based energy. Petroleum-based fabrics like nylon and polyester use additional energy in their production. 


Much of the clothing we buy - organic or otherwise - uses plastic for packaging. Plastic is made from non-renewable resources and, if not recycled, is sent to landfills where the chemicals in the plastic leach into the soil and cause harm to the environment. Recycling of all plastic materials needs to be a must if we are to stop this process from happening.


Consider the energy costs of shipping clothing from manufacturers to the public. As a great deal of the conventional cotton clothing is made in China, you also need to consider that most of the energy these factories use comes from coal - a substance not very good for global warming. From there, all garments, organic garments as well as conventional garments, need to be shipped all over the world. One solution would be to produce and purchase clothing as close to the source of the manufacturer as possible. 


Another solution to improving the environment is to purchase organic clothing and to wash them in cold or warm water. Use a clothes line if possible. A great deal of energy is spent washing clothes in hot water and drying them with high heat. 


While buying organic clothing is just the beginning of what it will take to improve the environment, there are clearly things consumers can do to do their part to reduce energy use and to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Clearly it will take everyone to make the biggest difference.


Wednesday 26 January 2022

How to Tackle Fashion Angel Investors

Incredible highs, incredible lows. That’s what the fashion industry is made of. If have made that decision to step out into the fashion world, you might be in need of a little help from Fashion Angel Investors. Being successful, especially in fashion is all about having some good connections as well as good backing. It’s more important even then having talent. This is what a fashion-angel-investor can help you with. 


Why would you need one?


When you’ve just started out it’s good to think about hiring someone to invest in the business. A financier is better than a venture capital firm. Venture investment is quite different these days than it used to be. Before the rise of technology, these firms often had smaller businesses approach them for funding, this has changed because of the fact that venture-capitalists have a good deal more money at their disposal. They now prefer to invest in bigger companies and businesses. 


Angel investor groups are filling the vacancy left by the venture capitalists. Being an accredited investor is a basic requirement for an angel investor. This means they have more cash than the actual amount at disposal. A cautious angel investor will be able to invest ten percent of what they have into your business. 


Financing is very important in fashion business. The fashion industry requires a lot of funding to start out because: 


  • Lots of money goes towards marketing
  • You have to attend a lot of social events in order to meet potential clients. 
  • Experienced and skillful tailors and seamstresses are necessary. 
  • You need good designers who have talent and a good education.
  • All the material for your clothes, shoes and other accessories should be of the highest quality. 


How Do You Get Their Attention? 


These are all costly investments. In the fashion industry you need to have enough working capital from the very beginning. At the beginning it’s not possible to generate all the capital you need solely from your business. If you’re rich to begin with, then of course it won’t be a problem for you. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough money from the beginning and will need to find a way to fund the undertaking. 


Before trying to approach the fashion angel investors it would be a good idea to create a business plan in order to convince them. Don’t reveal your trade secrets, but do give the necessary details. A lot of times the fashion-angel-investors will be able to understand what you are trying to do without a great deal of explanation. 


You can propose that they become a part of your company. You could attract attention to your business through press releases. The investors always look through the press releases to see the upcoming businesses. Be sure to do as much networking as you can, in order to attract the right investors. 

How to Get Beautiful Hair Naturally

Most men and women consider their hair to be very important to how they are perceived, and spend time looking after their hair. The industry providing products for this has seen a large increase in the number of products designed to help people look after their hair. Although there is a general impression that it is mainly women that spend time and money on their hair, research has shown that men as well as women take an interest in how to care for their hair.


With a large range of products available to suit every type of hair, there is a product to suit almost every consumer. However, even products that can be found in the everyday kitchen can be used for a more organic approach to hair care. Here are details of a few of products that can help provide the best hair, listed according to hair type.


People who have greasy hair have to consider using products specifically designed for hair care, with the use of a lemon grass or mint shampoo being used thrice a week being particularly beneficial. More frequent use will prevent the hair from returning to its usual Ph balance, and can cause problems and deterioration of the hair. A solution made from lemon juice can be applied after washing which will work against the excessive production of sebum with the astringent properties of lemon juice.


If you suffer with dry hair, it is important to ensure your hair is hydrated, and a conditioner designed to provide moisture for dry hair is essential every time your hair is washed. A simple way to add moisture to your hair is to apply hot water to a towel, until it is wet, but not dripping, and then placing it on your head. It’s like a sauna just for your hair instead of the body.


Those who have problems with dandruff would be well advised to use a lotion combining mint leaves and vinegar. Not only does this help prevent dandruff from becoming a problem, but will also leave your hair looking both sleek and shiny. The examples mentioned here are just a few of the problems and solutions that can occur with your hair, but a little bit of research can help you find even more useful tips for your hair. 

Thursday 13 January 2022

Resolving Hair Loss Problems

Keeping your youthful appearance is one of the biggest challenges that you will face in life. The biggest indicators of age are your hair and your skin. Concealing your age in your hair is often difficult to do, however, if you are able to master this art, you will astound others with your age. Hair in particular is a strong social indicator of age and social status, and is worth protecting for many individuals. Hair loss is one of the most common signs of aging, but it is preventable. 


By taking early prevention steps to stop hair loss, you save yourself the extra efforts of trying to stop the balding process after it has begun. The process of hair loss often occurs at a specific time and rate. It is important for you to take action at the first signs of hair loss. Different products may work differently depending on how your body reacts to them. Be sure to always take precautions when starting treatments for hair loss, to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction, and to ensure that the treatment will not interfere with any other medications that you may already be taking.


Daily maintenance of your hair and your overall health can have a drastic effect on the appearance of your hair, and the rate at which baldness sets in. Be wary of chemical treatments involved in styling or in dyes. Chemicals involved in the dying or styling process are designed to give your hair a healthy appearance for a short amount of time. Afterward, your hair will feel the full effects of the chemicals, and will be subjected to lasting damage. Heat can often speed this process up, so using a heated blow dryer on your hair can often be attributed to your hair looking brittle and old.


Remember that your overall health is a key factor in how your hair will age. The hair loss process can often be slowed, if not stopped, by taking care of your health. It is important to avoid any substances, such as drugs and alcohol that may negatively affect your health, as it will show through your hair. Ensure that you get all of the right vitamins and nutrients in your diet, and exercise often. Not only will your body thank you, but your hair will continue to be thick well into the later years of your life.

Friday 31 December 2021

Tips on Saving Money on Apparel

Are you hungering for the freshest designer apparel, a pretty tank top, and that pretty dress? All this fashion comes at a cost - you pick. Purchasing apparel these days is always an option between the designer-made outfit or those cheap but quality items that you may pull together and convey your personality in a lot of different ways.


Most authorities contend that apparel may definitely make or break an individual. They state that your personality is commonly reflected by how you dress. But it doesn't inevitably mean that great fashion would utterly mean expensive apparel.


Therefore, you are able to still make a remarkable fashion statement without having to drop 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars just for your clothes.


Here is a list of a few money-saving hints when buying apparel that would turn others heads but wouldn’t break the bank.


Picking out fashionable apparel may be truly tricky, not unless you know how to do the math! So, before you purchase 3 sets of clothes that would cost you 100’s of dollars, attempt to go for the budget-friendly dozen items that you are able to mix and match.


The number of expensive items that your revenue may buy is definitely doubled or even tripled when you purchase cheaper ones but can still make a great fashion statement.


Saving money is decidedly based on recognizing what you want whenever you spend your revenue on something. If you understand what you want, this means that you've researched the item, have compared them with the other items, you'll be able to come up with the bottom price for the product. 


Commonly, these “thrift stores” are non-profit organizations. This means that they're commonly operating for charity. They give their proceeds to a few charitable institutions. Therefore, the prices of the clothes being sold in the thrift store are cheaper than the ones being sold in the department store. So that would mean a lot of savings for you. Best of all, you don't only get to save a lot of money; you get to do some charity work too.


The bottom line here is that when shopping for apparel, don't shop for the brand name, shop for the quality.


Today, you simply have to be practical. Better spend your income on more crucial things than designer apparel.

Monday 6 December 2021

Changing Your Look With Coloured Contact Lenses

The 21st century very well may be remembered as the point in history when people made rather drastic changes to their physical appearances on what might be considered something of a whim. Plastic surgery -- once a relatively uncommon procedure -- has become commonplace. However, such drastic changes really are not for everyone.


One avenue through which a person can make a less invasive and far from permanent physical change is the use and wearing of coloured contact lenses. As technology in regard to contact lens coloration has advanced over the course of the past ten years, an individual desiring a striking physical change can accomplish his or her goal through the use of coloured contact lenses.


When coloured contact lenses first hit the market, they were designed in such a manner that only subtle eye coloration changes could be had. All of that has changed in recent years. In this day and age, it is now possible for a brown eyed person to sport blue eyes and for a blue eyed person to make the rounds about town with brown eyes.


In addition to changing a person’s eye colour from one naturally occurring hue to another with ease, it is now possible to make even more drastic changes to one’s appearance through the use of what might be considered pretty unusually contact lens designs. For example, if a person were so inclined, he or she can now obtain contact lenses designed in such a manner that a person’s eye appearance can be altered to look like tiger or lion eyes. These types of contact lenses were first used on movies sets. In time, such lenses have become available to consumers generally.


While a person most definitely can make a fashion statement with coloured contact lenses, it is important to remember that contact lenses are invasive. By that it is meant a contact lens -- when all is said and done -- is a foreign object on a person’s eye. With this in mind, it is vitally important that if a person is inclined to utilize contact lenses for fashion reasons, it is important for that person to visit a trained and licensed eye doctor. In obtaining contact lenses for fashion purposes, it is incumbent upon a person to undergo the same types of initial and follow up examinations that are necessary when contact lenses are obtained for matters relating to improving vision.

Causes of Hirsutism

Hirsutism is defined as excessive and unwanted facial and/or body (say in the neck, chest and lower abdomen) hair in a male-like formulation. Estimates suggest that it affects between 5% and 15% of women, varying according to characteristics. At least 5% of women of reproductive age suffer from this ailment.


It is a common issue causing significant social and psychological distress mainly among women, but modern diagnosis and treatment can surely take care of the problem.

Causes of Hirsutism 


Before we lunge into the probable causes of hirsutism it is better to remember that it is a sign of hyperandrogenism.


The causes of increased androgen level in hirsutism include:


  • Familial and Idiopathic Hirsutism - These are common causes of hirsutism resulting from peripheral androgen goings-on. It begins in puberty and slowly steps forward. The patients have normal menses, normal testosterone level, 17alpha hydroxyprogesterone and DHEAS. The diagnosis stands on exclusion. 


Idiopathic Cause


Idiopathic cause triggers hirsutism in 6% to 17% of hirsute women. Hirsutism occurs in the body where the circulating levels of androgens and ovulation are normal. The pathophysiological indicators are exaggerated peripheral 5 alpha reductase activity, altered androgen metabolism or different functioning androgen receptors.


Excess secretion by the ovaries (For example tumours, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)).


The most common example is polycystic ovary syndrome, which affects 6% women of the reproductive age bracket. Over 70% patients with PCOS have signs of hyperandrogenism. This is manifested by hyperandrogenaemia and chronic anovulation. 


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is typified by formation of follicular cysts, which are detected by ultrasound. PCOS is a combination of polycystic ovaries and other typical symptoms like hirsutism, amenorrhea or dysfunctional uterine bleeding, infertility, obesity, irregular menstrual cycles and acne.


This is better diagnosed clinically rather than laboratory findings. The diagnosis of PCOS is based on exclusion, which means this disorder is attributed to patients whose body shows proof of ovulatory dysfunction supported by either clinical or biochemical evidence of hyperandrogenism. 


PCOS is a broad scale disorder with patients ranging from women having regular cycles who have hirsutism to those people who are anovulatory.


Excess secretion by adrenal glands (Examples are congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), Cushing ‘s syndrome, tumours).


Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or CAH, is a gamut of inherited disorders of adrenal steroidogenesis. In this case diminished cortisol production results in overproduction of androgenic steroids. The common symptoms are acne, menstrual dysfunctions, hirsutism occurring in adolescence or adulthood.


Cushing’s syndrome is caused by amplified production of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) by the pituitary, adrenal carcinoma/adenoma or secretion of ectopic ACTH. The clinical symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome are quite evident. People with macro-nodular hyperplasia are common prey to intense hirsutism. 

Ovarian or Adrenal Androgen secreting tumours are rare triggers hirsutism/hyperandrogenism. These conditions are indicated by rapid virilization remote from menarche. 


A person may suffer from Hirsutism as a result of using exogenous pharmacologic agents including testosterone, anabolic steroids and danazol (Danocrine).

Oral contraceptives containing nongestural, levonorgestrel and norethindrone are predisposed to more powerful androgenic outcomes than those with norgestinate, desogestrel and ethynodiol diacetate, which have lesser androgenic effects.


Some Rare Causes of Hirsutism 


Medications: Hirsutism may be caused by the medications, which are the sources of hyperprolactinemia.


  • Greater production of growth hormones
  • Hyperinsulinemia
  • Hypothyroidism


The insight into the roots of hirsutism will accelerate the bold step forward, towards the cure of the disease.


Can I Wear Contact Lenses If I Need Bifocals?

As we age, the lens in our eye starts to lose its elasticity, and the muscles that control the lens shape get weaker, resulting in a form of farsightedness called presbyopia. There are several other factors besides age that can accelerate the onset of presbyopia, including eye injury, diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis, drug use, gender (women tend to get it at a younger age than men), and occupation (if your job requires a lot of close up work, presbyopia may occur sooner). While you may be able to control some of the risk factors, there is no known way to prevent presbyopia and it is considered part of the natural aging process. If you find yourself having to hold books and other reading material farther away from you to read it, you may be developing presbyopia and need bifocal vision correction. Contact lenses are now available for people who need bifocals and after a discussion with your eye care professional, you can decide if contact lenses are the right choice for you.


Bifocal contact lenses are available across the whole range of contact lens materials, from rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, to traditional soft contact lenses, to the new silicon hydrogel soft contact lenses, which allow much more oxygen to reach the eye. They are also available across the spectrum of wear schedules, from the RGPs which can last several years, to daily disposables.


The location of the distance and near correction in bifocal contact lenses varies with style. Some, called aspheric, have near and distance correction dispersed around the contact lens, and the eye will learn to use the part it needs at the correct time without you being aware of it. In others, called concentric, one type of correction is found in the middle of the contact lens, while the other kind of correction encircles it around the outside of the lens. Translating lenses work much like bifocal glasses, with one type of correction on the top, and the other on the bottom. Another option for people with presbyopia is to have the different corrections in different eyes, called monovision. In other words, in one eye you would wear a prescription to correct near-sightedness, and in the other, you would wear on to correct farsightedness. You will probably not even notice the difference, and because the lenses are less specialized, it may be more economical to purchase contact lenses this way if it is a style that works for you.

Bridal Lingerie Buying Guide

It's your special day. You've probably thought about it for years, maybe since you were a little girl. But, how much thought have you given to the Wedding Night? When the wedding dress comes off, your bridal lingerie will tempt the groom (as if he actually needs any tempting) and help turn your special night into the romantic scene of your dreams.


Bridal lingerie has traditionally been white, ivory or cream coloured. You can use pale colours, however never do this with a white dress as the lingerie could show through. If you have chosen a darker colour dress, then darker bridal lingerie is fine.


When purchasing online be sure to order early to ensure the lingerie will arrive in time for your special night. Also, lingerie inventories and styles change often, so something you see one day might not be available the next. 


Lingerie sets are always a good choice. They match a top (like a camisole or bustier) with panties or a thong. Remember, when you purchase as a set you also usually save money.


When buying your bridal lingerie, don't forget garter belts.


Bridal Lingerie Fit


Whatever bridal lingerie you choose, be sure to try it on with your wedding dress. Bridal lingerie, especially a bustier or corset, may change your shape and make your wedding dress look different.


Baby dolls are loose fitting and look good on everyone. Bustiers and corsets are more restrictive and will shape your figure into more of an hour glass figure.


Honeymoon Lingerie


Remember, on your honeymoon all bets are off. You might consider something a bit more risqué.


Perhaps a sheer or see-through baby doll or teddy. You should also stock up on sexy clothes for nights on the town. 


Bridal Lingerie Checklist


  • Lingerie in white, cream, or ivory if you are wearing a white dress or choose a colour to match your dress
  • Purchase early so the lingerie arrives well before the big day.
  • Check out lingerie sets in order to save money
  • Be sure your bridal lingerie fits with your wedding dress
  • Don't forget the extras - like garter belts
  • For the honeymoon choose whatever you want - go a little crazy

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Bridal Gowns - How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

Style, colour and ceremonial importance of the bridal gown worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony depends upon the culture and religion of the couple getting married.


White is the preferred colour of the bridal gown among the westerners. Creamy shades such as ivory, ecru and eggshell are also used in making bridal gowns. Queen Victoria of England, wore a white bridal gown when she got married to Albert of Sax-Coburg in the year 1840. Since then the white bridal gown became the norm in all marriages. In the earlier years, bridal gowns were made in any colour except black. Innocence of the childhood and purity of heart was symbolized by the white bridal gown.


A bride to be can spend weeks and sometimes even months looking for a perfect bridal gown because of the variety of designs and styles available. Determine three things - theme of the wedding, time of the year the wedding is held and the budget - with these three things finalized, picking up the correct gown will become easier.


Choose a gown style depending upon the style and formality of the wedding function. In a formal wedding it is better to wear a formal bridal gown. Besides a white bridal gown, another appropriate choice is ivory which is also considered as a formal wedding gown. Bridal gowns in pink, peach and ice blue are also becoming very popular. 


The average retail cost of a bridal gown is around $700. Prices of designer and premium gowns start from $2000.


Maggie Sottero, Mon Cheri, Marisa, Pronovias, Mori Lee, Davinci, Demetrios, Bonny, Eden Bridals and Mikaela are some of the popular designer bridal gowns.


When selecting the bridal gown, take someone close to you and who knows what is best for you. This will help in getting a gown which is not radically different from the usual style suitable for you.


It is better to ensure the bridal gown is comfortable and it is not restricting your movement. Getting a bridal gown can be a demanding process so initiate the process well in advance. Compare the designs from various fashion magazines and also go through family photo albums to know which will be the most suitable style.


Prior to committing yourself on a particular design, try different types and designs. If the bridal gown is custom made, allot six months for the making of the gown. Too many friends accompanying you during the shopping for gowns will only confuse you and you may end up making an incorrect selection.

Brazilian Waxing: Brilliant Or Barbaric?

Spring is here and summer is on its way. And that means that women are flocking to salons in search of a solution for those horribly embarrassing hairs that are always threatening to escape your bikini line. A surprising number of women are turning to a solution popularized on ‘Sex & the City,’ known as Brazilian waxing. 


If you’re familiar with what Brazilian waxing entails, you understand what ‘surprising numbers’ means. If you’re not familiar with the term, you probably want to read on before you make your reservation ...


What’s the Big Deal?


Quite plainly, a Brazilian wax is a salon hair-removal treatment (trust me, you don’t want to try this at home) where warm wax is used to remove unsightly pubic hair from your nethermost regions - front and back! Typically, with a Brazilian wax, you’ll be left with a small strip of hair (sometimes referred to as a ‘landing strip’). So, if you’re looking to go completely bare, you might want to clarify that in the beginning. This version of the wax is often known as the ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Sphynx’ Wax.


If you’re curious as to why anyone would pay someone to cover their most private parts with warm wax and then rip it off, read on about the advantages and disadvantages of having a Brazilian wax.


There Are Advantages?


Across time and distance, I can still hear a lot of women shrieking, ‘There are advantages?’ And actually, there are - depending on who you ask. Some of the most commonly cited advantages are listed below (and don’t be surprised if you see the polar opposite statements on the other side of the fence).


  • No more embarrassing escaped hairs
  • It’s not as painful as you’d expect (okay, okay, quit snickering)
  • No more razor burn or bumps
  • You lover will most likely find the new look sexy and arousing
  • You can have a wax done for as little as $25.00
  • The pain is said to lessen with each waxing, and
  • Many women report an overall improvement in confidence, especially regarding cleanliness and odour control.


Drum Roll, Please...The Disadvantages


It goes without saying that a Brazilian wax is going to come with some inherent disadvantages. And the most obvious is the pain. Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed? If so, imagine the procedure done on an area about ten times larger and infinitely more sensitive. 


And there’s another kind of discomfort that some find a bit more traumatic than physical pain. Chances are, you’ll have to quite literally let it all hang out. And for the best end result, you may wind up finding yourself in some rather odd poses. Needless to say, the whole experience may leave you feeling silly and self-conscious, if not a little traumatized. Plus there are other, more minor drawbacks to consider...


  • Some people may still experience bumps or irritation
  • Since you have to wait 10-14 days in between waxings, you’ll still have to suffer through stubble.
  • It can also be hard to find a salon that offer Brazilian waxes in smaller, less urban areas, and
  • You might have to spend as much as $100.00 (possibly more) to have it done!


Think It’s Brilliant?


If you’re appalled at the thought of this procedure, your next move is clear - you mentally file Brazilian waxing away in your brain as a great way to get back at someone you really dislike. But what should you do if you’re still not scared? Your best bet is to do your homework (you’re off to a great start); then, start looking around for a good salon. Here are a few other things to think about:

  • The credentials and experience of the person who’ll perform the procedure.
  • Whether you’re really ready to go bare below. You might want to take it slow. Start with a standard bikini wax, then a Brazilian, and then maybe warm up to the Sphynx.
  • Don’t try to trim or shave before waxing to ‘pretty up.’ In order to work, your hair must be longer than º’. Let them take care of it - it’s part of what you’re paying for!
  • To get the most out of a waxing, find a quality hair growth inhibiting lotion. You’ll be able to go much longer between sessions!


So, what do you think - brilliant, or barbaric?

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Body Hair Removal - Solutions For Today

As we as a race become increasingly conscious of the way others look at us and not just the way, we look at ourselves, personal grooming has never been more important. And top of the list for many men and women today is to gain a superior attractive quality by getting rid of unwanted body hair. Be it facial hair removal for women, or back hair removal for men, quick hair removal treatments have fast gained in popularity with the masses. As your search continues for the treatment best suited for you, we have tried to put together a concise set of hair removal solutions available in the market today for your benefit.


The commonest form of quick hair removal today is shaving, which as the name suggests is the simple application of a razor blade, either manually or electrically on the skin surface to remove the hair by cutting the hair stem. While it's a quick painless hair removal method which is effective, it lasts only for very short bursts of time and can never be termed a permanent hair removal solution. Still for people short on time and low on cash, shaving still promises to be an affordable practical solution. For the slightly advanced enthusiast, depilatory creams are a good bet to do facial hair removal and leg hair removal. These creams effect quick hair removal through surface chemical reactions with the protein in your hair, breaking it down and making it easy to come off. Available in a variety of forms such as gels and aerosols and typically calcium-compound based, this treatment offers a solution which however is not a permanent hair removal method.


Of course, if you are a girl, you have probably gone through the painful procedure of waxing for body hair removal especially for hands and legs hair removal. Tweezing like waxing works by plucking the hair out of the skin right from its root s, thereby giving a hairless skin which can last for several weeks until the roots of the hair grow back. Electrolysis for hair removal on the other hand works on the principle of destabilizing the hair roots through surface electrical currents charged through electrodes implanted in the skin. While the effect of electrolysis hair removal is long standing in nature, frequent sessions and a serious dent on your bank balance are realistic possibilities that you need to keep in mind.


The best hair removal method available today is laser hair removal for men and women alike. This treatment is swift, precise, painless hair removal technique which normally guarantees an extended period of freedom from unwanted hair. In just a few sessions, whether it is facial hair removal or back hair removal, the laser technology effectively answers all your needs and desires for looking your personal best!


Visit your local salon or contact your beautician for understanding which of these hair removal treatments would work best for you. All the best to looking good and feeling great!

Body Hair Removal - Your Choices

If you suffer from unwanted hair and are looking for a body hair removal solution there are several options that you can choose from. These body hair removal options will safely remove the hair and in some cases can produce a permanent hair removal solution.


The first body hair removal option that is available to both men and women is shaving. Shaving is a very popular method of removing unwanted body hair but the downside is that hair can grow back very quickly.


Using a depilatory product is another form of body hair removal. This process chemically dissolves the hair but as with shaving the hair will return. Another downside to using a depilatory product is that many of these creams can cause irritations and skin tests are always recommended prior to use.


Waxing is another very popular method of body hair removal but as with shaving this is not a permanent hair removal solution. Waxing is also very painful but re-growth is slower.


Electrolysis as a form of body hair removal can in some cases prove to be a permanent hair removal solution. An electrical current is used to destroy hair follicles but several sessions are required and the results are not guaranteed. Electrolysis can also be very painful and only small areas can be treated at a time.


The last choice available for body hair removal is laser hair removal. Using a laser hair removal treatment destroys hair follicles and results in permanent hair removal. A laser hair removal treatment can be used all over the body and large areas can be treated at a time. The only drawback with this body hair removal solution is the cost of laser hair removal which can be quite expensive. With laser hair removal there is minimal pain unlike electrolysis which can be very painful and after a laser hair removal treatment the skin will heal quite quickly, usually within 20 minutes.

Bobs And Short Haircuts

Bobs and short haircuts for women made their debut in the 1920s and were greeted with raised eyebrows and allegations of scandal. Since then, bobs and short haircuts for women have become permanent fashion fixtures and are here to stay. Bobs and short haircuts can be quite easy to manage and can look appropriate for any occasion, depending on how they are shaped and styled.


The classic bob was a blunt cut that made the hair the same length as the ears all around (except the front, of course) with a hint of curl formed by old-fashioned curlers. Today, there are as many bobs and short haircuts as there are types of women who wear them, and the famous bob has evolved to fit almost every fashion requirement.


Styling bobs and short haircuts can be quite simple, since there is less hair to work with. However, trying an unfamiliar style also has its challenges, and sometimes patience and trial and error are required before creating the perfect look.

For a classic, blunt bob: Make the hair straight all around, and ask the stylist for bangs. Using gel, comb your wet hair straight as you blow dry. Spray it well.


For a pageboy bob: Use a wide-barrelled curler and curl the back of your hair and bangs under. Wait for the curls to cool, and brush gently, encouraging the large curls, with a large, round brush. Spray well.


For a flip bob: If you like the mostly straight bob with a little flip in or out at end, use a flat iron to make most of your hair straight, and make your hair flip in or flip out at the ends by twisting inch wide sections around the flat iron.


Kinky bob: If you do not have naturally curly hair, create curls using wacky curlers or by using a narrow-barrelled curling iron. Leave the curlers in your hair for at least half an hour and blow your hair dry, or, using a curler, wind your hair around the iron in one-inch wide sections. Use a pick to arrange your curls and spray well.


Layered bob: If your hair is layered, and you would like a soft, natural looking bob, rinse out your conditioner well and work mousse through your wet hair. Dry well, using your fingers to style your hair and twist some strands of hair for extra wave.


Super glossy bob: This look is great for formal events. Use shampoo and conditioner specially designed to bring out the sheen in your hair. Sculpt wet hair with gel and brush straight. Blow dry on a low setting, and finish with a hair spray that will make your hair very shiny.


Super short bob: Paris Hilton sported this bob shortly before getting her hair sheared. This bob requires very little maintenance. The hair should be cropped close to the face. Use a little mousse to give the hair a bit of volume. You needn't worry about making the bob very curly or very straight, since this is a natural looking hairdo. Simply use mousse, coax your hair into the desired style with a brush as you blow it dry.


Emo bob: Although emo's claim to ignore fashion, the bob has hit even the emo crowd. Cut your hair into a blunt cut with scissors. Don't worry if the ends are not exactly even. Dye your hair black and add red or frosted highlights if you wish.


Bobs and short haircuts can create a very "sweet" look. A short haircut that has as much sass and elegance as a bob is the "pixie" look. This hairstyle is great if you have an oval face and want soft bangs that emphasize your eyes. The back is cut in the shape of a wedge, and more hair is left at the top. The bangs can be curled under or combed straight. A little curl is quite feminine and brings out the eyes.