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Thursday 19 May 2022

Spiritual Detox Transcends Religion

Usually, when people hear the word "spirituality" they often associated it with religion. This really is too bad. After all, religion, in our modern times, is one concept many people struggle with. Many even consciously try to run away from it. What if I told you that spirituality and religion are not synonymous? In fact, depending on the depth of your spirituality, whatever it is that you are doing, thinking, and believing may be 180 degrees different from religion. 


It's easy to see why religion has gotten a bad rap throughout history. You only need to look at religious wars, the often-repeated charges of intolerance, bigotry, and exclusion, and it becomes as clear as the light of day, why people would rather stay away from religion. 


Whether you agree with this or not, and whether this is justified or not, this is the case. It is true that certain religious traditions as well as family customs go a long way in distorting and misrepresenting the tremendous spiritual riches religion could offer. 


Maybe some people come from a very specific type of family or cultural tradition. Whatever the case may be, religion can easily become suffocating, repressive, and ultimately discouraging. It's not unusual for a lot of people, come from certain strict religious background, to feel that they have to always suppress themselves. 


They have this overwhelming need to always apologize for things. It's as if they're always walking on eggshells. This is the whole atmosphere surrounding religion, and that's why any talk of spirituality is usually distorted because of this background noise. Well, if you have discovered the power of detoxification and you have become interested in spiritual detox, I've got some great news for you. 


Spiritual detox goes beyond religion. While it does a good job of clarifying things and cleansing one of the typical hang-ups of old-school traditional, cultural religion, it goes beyond that. Spiritual detox is really all about reconnecting with one's sense of purpose. 


While it could be said that all religious and spiritual traditions do focus on the idea of purpose, spiritual detox goes beyond this because it reaches people who couldn't care less about religion. That's right, people who are agnostic, atheist, or humanist can relate to the broader definition of spirituality, which is one's concern with the meaning of one's life. 


This is the golden thread that unites all people of all backgrounds. It doesn't matter what kind of religious tradition you grew up in. It doesn't matter what part of the world you come from, we will all come to this question in one form or another, and one level or another. 


Spiritual detox enables you to achieve a tremendous sense of balance, because you let go of a lot of unnecessary baggage from you past. These poison your sense of purpose and deaden your sense of possibility and adventure. Formulate the framework you would need to tap the power of spiritual detox, so you can live at the level deserve to live at. 


Sunday 13 March 2022

How to Save A Christian Marriage

A marriage is a union of a man and woman joined together by a sensitive and loving bond. It follows some principles such as to pray together, honor and respect together, give time to communicate with each other, encourage each other for progress together, honor and protect the marriage vows, avoid extra-marital affairs and thank God for your Mate & the life you live together.


If you are looking for ways on how to save a Christian marriage, then it is important for you to know that Christianity recommends resolving the problems in the marital life and saving a marriage. Faithlessness is not allowed in the Christian marriage and it is considered as a great sin. 


There may be some problems in marriage which may be due to extra-marital affairs, adultery, infidelity, physical, verbal or emotional abuse. However, separation or divorce is not recommended in Christian marriage. Divorce can affect the life of both the partners at physical, emotional, financial, legal, spiritual and family levels. 


If you are facing the same situation and wondering about how to save a Christian marriage, then you need not worry as you have various options. First of all, you need to talk to your partner and try to understand the problems in your married life. It is always better to seek the solutions by mutual understanding.


If the conflicts in your married life are because of ego, you should give away the ego and take an initiative to resolve the problems. Self-assessment is a very important step to save your marriage. Think about your mistakes and drawbacks and try to improve your behavior and avoid the things that may hurt your partner. 


If you are determined to remain with your spouse forever and worried about how to save a Christian marriage, then you should opt for some changes in your behavior. If the problems in your married life are because of lack of communication, start to develop good communication between you and your partner. You should spend some time with each other and go for outing. You should express an intense passion for your partner because if you are successful in developing love for each other, then other problems can be immediately solved.


Infidelity is strictly prohibited in Christian marriage. You should avoid the extra-marital affair, if how to save a Christian marriage is your query. You should be very honest with your spouse and should completely trust him/her. If your partner is abusive, try to understand him/her and understand the causes of misbehavior of your spouse and find out the solutions for that. 


If you are not able to resolve the problems, then you may seek advice from your friends, family or religious leader. Christianity as a religion preaches fidelity and if necessary, you can take the help of religious leaders from the church to counsel you or your spouse about what the bible has to say. This is one of the best ways on how to save a Christian marriage. You may offer the prayers to the God to save your marriage.


Many couples prefer to participate in marriage counseling which can help the couples to improve their communication skills, find out their differences and clear all misunderstandings.


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Monday 14 February 2022

The Law of Attraction and Your Life

The law of attraction in our lives has become the in thing. Everyone wants to apply this law in their everyday activity. Talking about law of attraction draws a lot of attention. This is because all of us have dreams and we would want these dreams to come true someday. Most of us want a very successful life with lots of achievements and happiness. We all want to have our desires true. Therefore, we can say that the law of attraction in our lives helps us to tune our minds and feelings to draw the lifestyle that we want and not vice versa. The way we are living now was or rather is dictated by our conscious and subconscious minds which are very vital parts. There are several steps that one can use to get the law of attraction.


The first thing that you should do is to describe the type of life that you want and be able to see it in your mind’s eye. When you want something, you should ask from the cosmos and you should also have an unambiguous picture in your mentality of what it is. Recognition of your dreams and requirements first begins with forming a mental image of whatever you want. You should be able to discover ways of visualizing and also train yourself on how to feel the passion and the approach that follows. To visualize is very important because you are able to involve both your conscious and your subconscious mind. This enables the manifestation of your desire. You should therefore start feeling your image as if it were already with you.


The other vital point in implementing law of attraction in your life is thinking positively. You should always be an optimist. Most of the times you will find that majority of failures have got that negative attitude within them thus stopping them from applying this law of attraction. Many are the times we do not have confidence in ourselves because we are insecure. We usually give up very easily. If you want to achieve the success that you want, then you must be positive. Always think that there are different ways to achieve something. Having a positive verification is the most important thing. 


You should also be thankful always and be willing to share whatever you have. This way you will be able to attract more. Always look at what you have and not what you do not have. Another thing that you need is focus. You need not only to focus your mind but also your brain and energy not forgetting your time. The last thing that you need to do is take action.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Discipline Is Important to Attain Spirituality

Discipline is the basis of the whole universe. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and other planets, all are governed by a set of laws to maintain perfect harmony and beauty. There will be utter chaos without this order. Similarly, discipline is one basic requirement to lead a spiritual and civilized life. Every man has to set certain norms to maintain peace and order within his or her mind. 


The strength of a man lies in discipline. It helps him or her to make progress. A man who is of a disciplined nature work in spirit of cooperation with other people. However, discipline does not mean negation of personal liberty. It means a self-imposed discipline. 


The importance of discipline in educational institutions is well recognized. A school is such a place that helps children attain spiritualism through the sense of discipline. Some children have the ability to follow this and learn more out this, while others who cannot follow this goes to the category of individuals who cannot hear what their inner soul says. In other words, discipline makes you lead a more organized life, and only when you lead an organized life, you have no confusions in life. A confused person cannot hear what his spirit wants to say, even if he wants to learn the process of hearing it. 


Therefore, though discipline may not have direct relation with the attainment of spiritualism, but its indirect relation makes it very important in a person’s life. You will see that if you have disciplines in every sphere of life, you can get success in all the spheres of life. School, political, domestic, professional personal or be it any sphere of life, discipline is the most important thing to attain the level of spiritualism.


Discipline though difficult is essential for personal growth as a human being. It helps you to be spiritually inclined, taking you to far-off places. Absence of it can lead to failure, defeat and backwardness. Today in society, it is very important to live in harmony with fellow human beings in a spirit of cooperation and mutual co-existence. If you do attain the level of spiritualism through a sense of discipline, then you cannot exist among others. All this is possible only if every individual follows a personal code of ethics and the one laid by the law for the prosperity of the nation and the progress of the society.

Marks of Spiritual Enlightenment according to Frances Vaughan

Frances Vaughan is one of the most renowned authors in the world. In addition to this, she is also a psychologist and an educator in the county of Marin. As a matter of fact, she is a member of the Fetzer Institute. Currently, she stands as the trustee of the institute. Fetzer has written several books based on different topics. However, she has specialized in the transpersonal psychology field. She discusses the various elements of the inner and even speaks of various spiritual traditions practiced by members of different religions. Frances is even a writer in various periodical publications such as the Fetzer Institute Newsletter. 


One of the areas that Vaughan has really emphasized in is spirituality. In most of her writings, Frances emphasizes on the need to be spiritually enlightened stating that it highly contributes to the general growth of the whole you. In fact, she has even come up with a list of items that mark spiritual enlightenment in an individual. Basically, these are the marks through which one can identify the level of spiritual enlightenment. 


The first mark basically relies on how one presents him or herself. In this case, one should be having that spirit in him or her that helps them consider the rest as well as themselves. In Lehman’s language, this is what we call being considerate. Being aware of those around you plus their relationships and also self-awareness are the characteristics the presentation of a spiritually enlightened individual. 


Another mark of spiritual enlightenment is the emotional self. How do you relate to the rest emotionally? Do you tend to be judgmental? Are you easily angered? If the answer is yes, then you are not spiritually enlightened. For a spiritually enlightened individual, anger should be replaced with forgiveness and judgment replaced with compassion. Generally, one should have that empathetic identity in him or her. 


Finally, motivation is a key mark in spiritual enlightenment. This refers to the inner or spiritual motivation. There are various characteristics of an individual that is spiritual motivated. To start with, one is normally full of wisdom. There is not even the slightest sign of ignorance in the individual. Secondly, the individual tends to replace fear with love. This brings about a sense f inner peace no matter the situation he or she is in. Finally, the individual is completely. This is liberation from all the earthly bondages such as addictions. With these characteristics, then it is a guarantee that you are spiritually enlightened. 

Reading Is a Way to Attain Spiritualism

Reading is a very rewarding leisure time activity. It is to the mind what food is to the body. It is a blessing for modern educated man who feels crushed under the pressure of daily life. Books provide an excellent means of diversion from day-to-day tensions. There are books to suit every taste and temperament. The quantity and quality of reading material is so enormous that anybody who is fond of reading is likely to find something that interests him or her. 


There are books on all subjects. The variety and number of periodicals are equally amazing. Modern man who is hard pressed finds magazines and journals immensely useful. He often complains that there is no line to read a book. However, a magazine can be picked up and glanced through even if one has limited time. 


Great books are a constant source of strength and inspiration. The Bible, the Gita, the Ramayana, the Koran, etc., are books, which provide comfort and solace to a disturbed person. These are books, which have enriched human soul. Anybody who spends a few minutes a day to read any of these books will confess to the amount of peace and joy he has derived from them. Such books are perennial and contain the wisdom of wise men down the ages. 


A well-chosen book is certainly the best of companions. The person who derives pleasure from reading does not feel lonely and bored. He is quite content to be left alone with his favorite book and indulge in the luxury of enjoying it in solitude. A book lover considers book his best friend and is generally possessive of them. In fact, one can depend on a book as much as on a good friend. Reading is such a satisfying pastime that any person who has it as a hobby feels enriched and content. It stimulates the mind and nurtures the soul. This nurturing of the soul leads to spiritualism that is very important to attain in one’s life in order to achieve pure success. 


Reading in a way relaxes the mind out the tensions of your everyday life. However, books on murder or detective books do not help you to alleviate stress but books mentioned above can help immensely. Therefore, if you want to attain spiritualism, then read more and more inspirational books in solace and understand the hidden meaning and underlying truths of life written in them.

Understanding the Concept of Spiritual Enlightenment

Enlightenment is frequently misunderstood as a goal or a state of mind that you ought to reach to be completely spiritual. The impression of enlightenment is diverse and it offers great perceptions to our lives in terms of our spiritual paths. The very first enlightenment is about a higher awareness. This simply means having the knowledge that there is something higher and beyond the normal daily awareness. It is about recognizing that you are not just a physical being with the occasional spiritual experiences but you in fact have a human experience which will be very helpful in terms of being able to see past the ordinary daily hustles and bustles that burden people up. Through turning your thoughts to God, your thoughts automatically become aware of God’s presence.


The very second insight is being able to accept the world as it is and understanding it is the way it is because that’s just why it is that way. Enlightenment is described as the quiet acceptance of everything. When you get to know and understand that everything that happens is according to a divine law then you will be aware of the fact that things do not just randomly happen and that there are no mistakes. 


Humans tend to rely on perfection a lot, we like it when everything should turn out just perfect and when things don’t work out, we get mad and awfully curse. The truth is that beneath our low perceptions there is something much bigger that is working that is why the wise remain at peace despite of a great challenge that faces them. Maybe when things don’t seem to be working for you maybe there is something else that is working.


The very final one and the most crucial one is having the inner peace. It may have very little value in our culture but every time you are at peace, you are highly enlightened. With a sense of inner peace, you are truly happy and content with yourself. It is at this time when your mind is calm, you are connected to God. It is said with the inner peace, there is an inner connection with God. Inner havoc suffocates your spirit and is responsible for the wall around your consciousness that prevents you from living from your higher self and from seeing life with a greater sense of clarity. Enlightenment is within our reach; it is not something we attain but rather something you connect with. It is simply being connected with God.

Monday 31 January 2022

Can You Attain Complete Spiritualism with the Help of Knowledge?

Man deluded himself to believe that he was all-powerful. He began to reject the presence of a superior power, the creator of this universe. Undoubtedly, knowledge gives the feeling of strength and power. One can defeat a physically stronger adversary who is ignorant by using his mental prowess and skill. Ignorance is really a course. However, it is better to be ignorant, live in bliss than boast because of a little knowledge, and make a fool of oneself.


Today, everything is on the basis of knowledge. Man thinks that if you have knowledge, you have power. It is on partially true. According to the religious scriptures, knowledge lies within one’s self. Only self-knowledge can give man the spirituality to withstand the vicissitudes of life, without getting disturbed. Knowledge of the world of senses is only superficial and tends to create waves of dissatisfaction, greed and lust only. Any person who has realized that can certainly say with clam authority that real knowledge comes from self-realization and generates power to take life with all its joys and sorrows, vicissitudes, pleasures and pains. 


It cannot be denied that religious preachers and teachers have tried to exploit the ignorant, underprivileged and the gullible due to their tall claims of having a perfect understanding of scriptures. It was this gross misuse of knowledge by the Brahmans, which provoked Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira to revolt against Hinduism, which had become too dogmatic and beyond the comprehension of the layman. 


However, despite gaining all knowledge, not all things that happen on this earth are as per man’s will. Nature still controls him – earth, droughts, floods, diseases, etc. Nature has its own ways of restoring the balance to keep the wheels of the universe going. Apart from that, man is until at the mercy of his basic instincts. Not all his knowledge has helped him to overcome his basic emotions of jealousy, hate, lust, greed, etc. Thus, he behaves in a most irrational manner on many occasions. No wonder, the world is divided into two power blocs and the people live in fear of another world war as some people in power make moves as if they are just playing a game of chess. They act most irresponsible.


Therefore, in spite of man’s tall claims to knowledge, man still today remains a victim of luck. Knowledge has certainly given him power but not the full power. 

Does Spirituality Control the Destiny Of Man?

The best and greatest creation of God is man. God has also imbibed the ability to do the most powerful things on earth. Therefore, he feels to be at par with God from some aspects. Hence, the destiny of man lies in his own hands. Claims that God controls man’s destiny is not at all true. The work that man does, he gets the results according to the work done. His character knows man. One has to pay hugely for some of their mistakes in themselves. 


“There is a divinity that saves our ends”, says Shakespeare. Sayings are that divinity controls the actions of man. The thought process is controlled by this divine power. Whether it is a Western or any other Eastern country, every country believes that stars control our fate. Astrology is the science of foretelling your future. One’s horoscope gives an indication of position of one’s all-powerful stars. The rulers consult tantrics and seek the blessing of priests before taking an important step. The common man believes auspicious days. The fear leads them to the hands of fate much more. It works through with hence. It is almost impossible to predict the outcome of any venture. History is full of examples, which show the ruthless working of fate. Battles were lost or won by a quirk of fate in the last minutes. 


However, this philosophy of fate is not acceptable to many. They say fatalists are cowards. They lack strength, a strong will and self-confidence. People who sit down without doing anything are nothing but too foolish. They believe that fate will do something for them. They do not realize the basic fact that if they do not work themselves, then fate too, does not have the power to make them stand up and move forward. Man gifted with courage and enterprise discards this philosophy. They believe in action and struggle to achieve their goal. These people conquer the Alps and cross the Pacific Ocean. 


In fact, the doctrine of fate is out of date in the scientific age. The realization that man can create something new has occurred in him. Not luck but labor is his watchword. He has adopted the motto of Ulysses to work hard, to search, to find and not to yield. Fortune only favors the brave. Fate is not blind. It also obeys the law of nature, the law of cause and effect. 

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Analyzing Your Personal Spirituality

The name analyzing is derived from the Greek words “ana” and “lien”. “Ana” can be equated to the word “throughout” while “lien” can e equated to the word “loosen”. Therefore, the word “analyze” refers to the act of loosening something and separating it into bits then looking at them thoroughly. Basically, there are three ways of analyzing spirituality, in accordance to the three parts that make up one’s personal spirituality. These are; the origin, the progress and the culmination. However, not everybody has reached the culmination stage. It requires one to have fully progressed in order to reach this stage. Analyzing your spirituality will also inform you whether or not you have reached the culmination stage among any other reasons to do this. 


The first step in analyzing your personal spirituality is checking whether or not you have started the spiritual journey. How do you do this? It is simple, just ask yourself if you have ever reached a stage whereby you feel dissatisfied with life to an extent of feeling like totally giving up. Contrary to most of your expectations, if the answer is no then you have not yet begun your spiritual journey. One has to have experienced this so as to begin his or her spiritual journey.  


If you have gone through this dissatisfaction in life, then it is now confirmed that you have already begun your spiritual journey. The second phase is to ensure that you are progressing in the journey. This can also be confirmed by answering one simple question; have you become so compassionate to other living beings as well as creatures and plants? As we all know, progressing in your spiritual journey simply means that you are progressing towards the Creator hence that urge to develop His creations. Therefore, in this case the answer should be yes for you to know that you are truly progressing. Unlike other sectors, progress in spirituality cannot be determined by the amount of knowledge one gets but by the compassion he or she shows to God’s creation.


Finally, the only way to tell if you have reached perfect spirituality also known as the culmination of the spiritual journey. Most people claim that there is no end to the spiritual journey, but this is not the case. One can know whether or not he or she has finally reached the culmination stage in the spiritual; journey by asking themselves whether or not they are afraid of death. If the answer is yes, then you have finished the journey and vice versa. 

Essential Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

The body is made up of more than just the physical self; there is also the spiritual; self. As a matter of fact, the spiritual self is the more important of the two. This is basically because it consists of the soul and all its elements that aid in the general growth of the entire body. Each and every individual is on his or her spiritual journey and the progress can only be defined by their degree of spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment also known as spiritual quotient brings about this growth and development in the spiritual self. On the other hand, it also brings about self-awareness. 


However, there is one major problem that affects the spiritual side of an individual. This is the strong cohesion to self also known as lack of detachment to one’s inner self. In other words, this is what many know as loving self. It is good to love yourself but too much of it might hinder your spiritual growth. Frances Vaughan, the renowned spiritual author, said that one of the main marks of spiritually enlightened individual is that he or he relates to those around them in that they care for them; whether plants, human beings or animals. This is one of the main characteristics of true spirituality. 


In order to achieve this, there are certain steps that one should take. Step one involves getting in touch with your inner self. Many people make a mistake of ignoring this step since they do not understand it. To many, it sounds like a cliché. What this means is that your physical body should be able to connect with the inner you. As a matter of fact, you are just but a spiritual being living in a physical body. Therefore, it is necessary for this link to exist. 


The second step is for you to set your mind in a relaxed state. This is o essential if the body is to co-ordinate with the mind and soul. For spiritual awareness to occur, the brain has to play its part. This is not possible if you keep stressing the brain with multiple thoughts at ago. Give it some breathing space. 


Ultimately, get rid of all the doubtful thoughts that might be bothering you. It is said that doubt is the only force that can drive you away from spiritual intelligence. It is normal for the conscious brain to be full of doubts but it is vital that you do your level best to clear them or spiritual intelligence will just be a dream for you.

What Does Spirituality and Enlightenment Actually Mean

So many people round the world are talking about enlightenment. Many are also trying as much as they can so that they attain it. The first thing that we are going to look at is the meaning of the word enlightenment. Enlightenment simply means wisdom or the ability of understanding. When you take the definition of enlightenment from the English dictionary you will find that it has two main areas. The first area is the spiritual enlightenment and the second area is the intellectual enlightenment or in other words secular enlightenment. 


The most interesting thing is that the people who have the intellectual enlightenment do not agree with the spiritual perception at any time. They believe in sciences and in the today world this is not possible considering many areas of spiritual enlightenment. 


When you consider the intellectual or the secular enlightenment you are talking about European movement called the age of enlightenment or the age of reason. This is where human beings documented on the miserable conditions of the humans and the call for serious transformation. Enlightenment was more a set of attitudes that it was a set of ideas. It main thing was a serious concern on puzzling traditional institutions, customs and morals submitting to theoretical growth connected to scientific wisdom in the C18th.


There are various quotes which are well known concerning the spiritual enlightenment and some of them are like, “to become one with yourself”, “knowing your inner self” and “obtaining inner peace.” The meaning of these quotes is like accepting yourself the way you are. You should also honor every one as they go their own way not put in your beliefs into them. You should know that you are the controller of your own life. You are also supposed to believe that there is a much higher power than you and that you are significant in this part of the worldwide energy.   


People have also agreed with the truth is that every human being is in the world for a purpose and to become spiritually enlightenment meaning looking for a cause and then taking action upon it. There are those who have taken the meaning of definition as spiritual enlightenment as it is whereas there are those who are still looking for more. The spiritual enlightenment and the spiritual world go together very well. There are those people who are born with powers whereas some have to work hard on their abilities. For you to attain the levels of spirit connection you have to meditate, focus and acknowledging mind.    

How Do You Know if You Are Spiritually Enlightened?

Our levels of spirituality matter a lot when it comes to the general growth of the entire body. Basically, spirituality mainly involves religious beliefs and practices that we involve ourselves in. Sadly, many people tend to ignore this part of their lives. They concentrate more on their physical selves and forget that the inner self matters most. Such individuals spend about two hours in the gym on a daily basis but cannot find at least an hour to meditate and build their spiritual selves. It is good to live healthily but not at the expense of your inner self. At the end of it all, such individuals end up without even the slightest bit of spiritual enlightenment. Sorry to say this, but living such a life is not worth it. 


Living without spiritual enlightenment is just like the story of Rip Van Winkle. This was a Dutch American man that lived in the days when Great Britain had colonized America. Van Winkle did not like working, all he did was play. One day, he decided to walk towards the Mountainous area of New York. On his way, he met the ghost of Henry Hudson together with his mates. They sat down and began drinking their brew. Within no time, Rip Van Winkle had passed pout and amazingly woke up after 20 years. To him, everything had changed.  


Individuals who ignore their spiritual side are just like Van Winkle; they are asleep. Not in the literal sense but in the spiritual sense. They are spiritually asleep and unless someone woke them up, they will wake up when it is too late. Most of you must be wondering whether or not they are in this group. It is quite simple to know this. All it takes is for you to analyze yourself in particular sectors and you will know just how spiritually enlightened you are.


Step number one is in knowing just how spiritually enlightened or awake you are. This is done by checking if you are aware of the inner realities of the spiritual realm that are surrounding you. Secondly, try and gain sight of the activities being carried out by forces of the spiritual world around you. Finally, behave in a spiritual manner and make the world around you a better place to live in. If you are in a position to do all these things, then it is guaranteed that you are not only spiritually awake but also enlightened. If not, then you are still in the Van Winkle mode; wake up! 

Introduction to Spirituality and Enlightenment in Your Life

The current generation is moving very fast in its study and the knowledge of diverse spiritual ways, the main thing that is needed is the dialogue relating to nature of individual enlightenment. You can also put it in a different perspective whereby you can ask yourself after you have studied a specific path for a standard traveler, how does individuals’ spiritual growth look like? 


Most of the time travelers begin on a spiritual mission not knowing about the results. The only thing that they have is a strong feeling about a specific way which is calling, not very sure if the study will show the way; they could have gotten some information from their teachers or the information could come from the other pupils or books. You will also find that many are times that the travelers explain their exploration in terms of results like reading minds, having mystifying powers, states of spirit, being at peace.   


There are various outcomes of spiritual education. The first one being life is spiritual. The first thing that we are going to look at is the common and what most religions and spiritual ways provide in some way either through nature or design. Human beings are spirituals essentially. The main reason is because we believe that the spirit is that only thing that makes us and also currently it is believed to be the power that is divided by everything all through the world. 


The second thing about spiritual part is that all the existing life is made up of unstable forms of spiritual powers and when we die, a piece of us goes back to a dimension that is additionally similar to this power. When you look at the scientific viewpoint, they have decided to define humans’ spirit as being made up of supra life power which is related and divided with all that is found in the world. However, this perception is greatly related to the numerous anonymous lessons.


The other thing that we are going to look at is the additional capacity. It is believed among traditional spirits and it is also understood and taught that enlightenment comes about the normal balanced personality. Moreover, enlightenment is a chance for everybody and be attained through a course of conducted study. 


You should note that does not by any chance relief us from being human but rather aids us by increasing a level of capability which helps us to rise above the normal consciousness. This life is full of many fluctuations and so we humans respond mentally, spiritually, emotionally and also physically to our daily activities.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Understanding the Concept of God

Whenever we speak of anything spiritual, we can connect it to our inner soul. Some others may connect it to the word God. However, this is a very complicated thing and this sense can only be attained through practical experience. Spirituality is nothing but the felling of the existence of God in our soul. God is great. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. His presence is in every human being and in every corner of the world. He is big, but He is so small that His every little bit, is in every corner of the world. 


Go back to those school days when you studied Biology as a subject. During the practical classes, many a times you may have watched unknown things happening under the microscope. These things are the ones that you had not known until then. It is like a discovery of a new civilization of microorganisms. We all know that a microscope magnifies a thing 200 to 400 times than it is. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that God is even smaller than that, though not yet proved by the scientists. 


The universe has so many large things that are too small to see. This is again a controversial topic, yet there is truth to it. For instance, humans can hear a sound range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Nor can they hear anything below 20 Hz, called infrasonic sound; neither can they hear anything above 20,000 Hz, called ultrasonic sound. Similarly, humans cannot see anything that is too small to see, or too large to see. Like hearing range, they have a sight range too. Therefore, God is so great that he is too small to see. 


The definition of God and belief of His existence may vary from one individual to the other. Some people believe in God, while others do not believe because they cannot see. Every individual has his or her own point of reason. However, it is proved that whether or not people believe in the existence of God, a spiritual force works on this universe and everything happens on the work we do. If we do any good work, we get good results, and if we do anything bad, we get bad results. It is like a divine feeling that brings the positive feelings within you in times of fear, mishap, or any ill conditions. Thus, the real existence of God or this spiritual force lies in your soul.

The World Is Moved More by Spirituality than by Men

There is no doubt that what is abiding, universal and impersonal has a greater appeal to man than what is fleeting, limited and personal. Spirituality, being such, has more appeal to humanity than men do. This is true in all aspects of human existence as it is in the knowledge man has gained. However, great a man may be, he has his limitations. He is in no way superior to the ordinary human beings as far as defects and shortcomings are concerned. However, spirituality, the children of his heart, have universal appeal. Therefore, spirituality influences man more truly and deeply than personalities. 


On the other hand, there is no scope for any doubt that personalities appeal more to the common man than spirituality. The reason is that a man who is concrete is more palpable than spirituality, which is abstract. However, the likes and dislikes of a common person do not determine the standard of human conduct. A bit deeper insight into the matter will reveal that we worship personalities; we really pay respect to them because they embody some lofty ideas or ideals. 


In the field of science, men who put forth spirituality were often ridiculed. They were even stoned to death but spirituality triumphed in the end. Copernicus was insulted and Galileo was tortured to death but their ideas like the torchbearers have been guiding the destiny of humanity through centuries. 


In addition, greatness of a literature or a religion is determined not by the number of men writing it but by the number of ideas, truths or spiritual words contained in it. Literary writers like Shakespeare, Tolstoy and Tagore have left an indelible imprint on the mind of humanity not because of their impressive personalities but because of the ideas and spiritualism contained in their books. On the other hand, a Sadhu in saffron robes cannot become a prophet. He can become Lord Buddha only if he has great ideas to convey to millions. 


All these examples support the conviction that ideas or spirituality is greater than men are. Without ideas or spirituality, men are philistines (uncultured, commonplace people). In fact, he is the true benefactor of humanity who gives ideas to the world and enlightens the world with spirituality. The greatest contribution of the greatest men to the material welfare of the world will be short-lived only. The ideas and spirituality imbibed from the great men transform the very brain, mind, and soul of man. As a result, humanity must become better and nobler. 

Intuition Is a Part of Spirituality

Many a times, you may have faced situations where you might have been in a tumbled situation. If you take a decision in a certain way, then it can harm you or your loved ones, and if you take it the other way, then it can harm you or your loved ones too. Generally, a person left in such a situation hears decisions from the mind. Very few listen to the decisions given by the heart. Those taking decisions from mind think it wise and logical. You must always hear the call of your spirit during these times. However, many people do not how to hear and talk with your soul or spirit. There is a secret, which if a person practices, can hear and talk to his or her heart to take the right decisions. 


Most of the people cannot make the difference between a thought and a call of spirit. They assume it the same. Though both are nearly the same, there is a very little difference between the two. And, the only person who is able to understand this difference tastes real success. The difference is like differentiating between a glass of water and a glass of soda. Understanding the difference is essential if you want to grow up as a successful individual. 


Intuition plays a major role while communicating with your spirit. Many people have this element of intuition more while many have this element less. However, by the help of meditation and spiritual guides, it is possible to attain this property of intuition. Intuition is like a message that your inner soul tries to convey you. It is different from thoughts. An intuition is always positive and if negative, then it is in the form of danger warnings. 


Only when a person attains spiritual satisfaction, then he is able to reason out intuition from his or her soul. An intuition guides you, solves problems, helps you to alleviate from a stressful situation, and relieves anxiety and so on. Many a times, it has been seen that mysteries could be resolved by this property of intuition. Overall, it can be called a trust and faith in your inner self that leads to the attainment of the element of intuition. It must not be confused with confidence. Confidence is something different that is temporary. A person can lose confidence anytime, but if a person gains spirituality and intuition, then it is a permanent attainment.

Insights into Spiritual Enlightenment

Spirituality is one of the main topics in the streets today. Most of the periodicals, newspapers and even books have specific sections meant for spiritual awareness. This is because the society has come to realize the importance of spiritual enlightenment to the entire body. All in all, nobody has ever come up with the exact definition of spiritual enlightenment. This is because it varies according to one’s religious beliefs. As a matter of fact, words are not enough to define spiritual awareness. It carries so much depth that only actions can describe it. When it comes to the spiritual sense of it, many mistake it for the optimum spirituality level that one can reach. The truth is that spirituality has no end; it is journey in the spiritual realm. 


There are certain insights that help in enlightening us spiritually. To start with, knowing that enlightenment is just but some sort of higher awareness is one of the main insights that lead to one’s growth spiritually. By higher awareness, I am simply referring to the awareness that you are a spit in a physical body. Most of us do not know this, we think of it in the opposite manner. Many think that we are physical beings with a spirit inside. With this realization, it becomes even easier to face life’s struggle since you will have the mentality that they are just but mare earthly problems that should not bother you at all.


Another insight that defines spiritual enlightenment is that the world is just as it is and will never change. In short, this means taking the world just as it is without any form of dissatisfaction or regret. With such a realization, you will understand that the world is perfect just as it is. All that happens in it, whether good or bad, is just because of the divine law. Nothing happens just as a mistake; everything has a purpose. Individuals with such understanding show a lot of maturity in life.  


The third insight is all about inner peace. In fact, this is the most important of them all. It so happens that each and every time an individual shows some sort of spiritual enlightenment, his or her soul is normally at peace. Enlightenment and disorder are two things that will never go hand in hand. This is because inner unrest tends to suffocate the spirit in you hence bringing unconsciousness within your inner self.