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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Why You Should Start a Business Rather than Have a Job


For most of us, there are two ways in which we can earn a living. We can either take up a job at some company where we get paid a regular salary with perks and incentives, or we can start a business of our own and earn the profits of whatever we sell. The former option is considered to be the more stable option, the more traditional one. That is why when most people think about what they would want to do in their lives, they think of nice cushy jobs that could pay them a large amount of money.


However, you should not completely denounce the second option either—starting a business of your own. Today, most of the people who are highly successful are those who have control over their lives in a professional manner of speaking. And this is only possible if you have a business. If you have your own company, however small, then you are your own boss. That even gives you more satisfaction from what you do.


It might have been true that businesses were difficult to start and manage once upon a time, but that is definitely not applicable in today’s world. Today, a lot of people are carrying out their business pursuits from the comforts of their home. The Internet has made it possible for all of us to be able to pursue our profession from our home itself—several people are managing entire virtual offices with dozens of employees from all over the world, just through their laptops.


But, the benefits of even these Internet based businesses are the same. You still get to be your own boss, you control your life, you have the option to work as much or as little as you want, which means you can decide on the size of the paycheck you get.


There is actually no point being in a job if you don’t want to. Why would you work for someone else when you could work for yourself so easily? If you have entrepreneurial skills, then it is certainly not a good idea to get into a job and work for mere wages.


So, plan your professional life well. Maybe you could consider a job if you are sure of growth and if the job is really good and from a very well-established company that pays handsomely, but if that is not the case, then a business is also not out of the realms of possibility either.

Monday, 6 June 2022

How To Choose A Life That You Love

A man is defined by the decisions he makes. Life as we have come to know it, is made up of decisions that we make, either wrong or right. These decisions at the end of the day, combined, give direction to the life that we lead today and have a bearing on what is to come tomorrow. They determine who we become and have an influence on our position in society. So vital is the process of decision making, that man was given the free will to choose. And we can only know what is right and what is wrong if we have knowledge and information to make informed and wise decisions.


So important is the process of decision making that sometimes, one bad decision can ruin not only one's life but it can also have a great impact on the lives of those around that individual, the community, the nation and even the world at large. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that as we develop ourselves as individuals, we dwell on decision making and equip ourselves with the skill, tools, and wisdom to make wise, sound decisions. Many scholars, writers, and researchers have put forward a lot of literature and theories about decisions and the decision-making process, all in a bit to educate you and l on how to make wise decisions. In psychology, decision-making is regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several possible alternative options. 


A lot has been said around the subject, however, to date, as individuals we still struggle when it comes to this part of our lives and find ourselves making poor decisions, some that go on to ruin our lives. The bottom line is with little or no knowledge at all, it is very difficult to make an informed decision. When decision making becomes more of a lottery than an informed choice, it becomes suicidal. 


A lot of great men and women, including kings and queens, have seen their kingdoms tumble down all because they failed to master the art of decision making. I say it is an art because it is an expression of oneself, one’s knowledge on a particular subject, and one’s boldness to make a choice and stand by it. Allow me to put forward 3 simple steps that can aid you and l in making a wise and informed decision. These simple 3 steps when mastered will help you develop to be a better decision-maker. Before l give you these 3 simple steps, allow me to state that when a decision is made, it can either be right or wrong. The moral standing of a decision made at any particular time depends on who is analyzing it and what impact that decision that has been made has on them immediately or soon. It is all about perception and this fact makes the procession of decision making even more important for the individual. Therefore, try and equip yourself with the following 3 steps or you can also view them as skills.

1. Gather as much information as possible 


Before making any decision, learn to equip yourself with as much information as possible about the decision you are about to make. It could be the various choices or options that are at your disposal. It could be the impact, effects, or the consequences that each of these choices has. Before making a decision, gather, research, assess, and be in a better position than you were before to make a decision. One can never get to a point where they have exhausted all the avenues or possibilities surrounding a decision but they can make an informed choice relying on work that they have done prior.

2.    Make the decision


Once you have equipped yourself with information, be brave enough to make the decision. Decisions will not make themselves. They need one to stand up and make a choice. This is not an easy thing to do but it must be done. Many successful men and women are where they are today because they were brave enough to stand up and be counted. They were brave enough to make that decision that many were afraid to make. 

3.    Lastly, stand by it 

Learn to always stand by the decision you make whether it turns out to be right or wrong. Learn to have a backbone, to trust your judgment, and stand by it. When a wrong decision is made, and as a result, a glass is broken, learn to apologize where an apology is due, clear the mess and pick up the pieces and move on. We learn from the decisions that we make. We will not be perfect overnight but it is in practicing and applying these 3 steps that we get better and grow to master the art of making decisions.


Always remember the 1..2..3 of decision making: gather information, make the decision, and stand by it. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

5 Strategies to Shine Bright on the Job

Shining bright at a job is often associated with being a “suck-up,” “brown nose,” or “teacher’s pet.” What shining bright at work is about, is being a nice person, working hard, and having the right attitude. Keeping reading for five useful tips that you can implement at work immediately to shine a little brighter and help others to as well.


1. Have a Positive Attitude


This doesn’t mean that you need be the annoyingly cheerful coworker at all hours of the day. Be kind. Don’t be a negative Nancy. Think before you speak. Being positive in less than stellar situations can take time, practice, and effort, but being the one with the right attitude can go a long way in making situations better and getting noticed for the right reasons.


2. Accept Feedback Gracefully


Sometimes even the most well-intentioned constructive criticism can sting. Even at those times, accept the feedback gracefully. Do not allow the negativity of others to cause you to act out. Instead, ask questions about the feedback so you can better understand how to do better next time, and this will also show that you are willing to learn and self-correct in the future. Look at every criticism as a chance to grow professionally.


3. Be a Professional


Being a professional can cover many areas. Consider your language (swearing), your attire, and your actions. Do your best to remain professional an all times. This doesn’t mean to altogether eschew your coworkers though. Be sure to be still friendly, joke around a little, and show that you are willing to contribute to the work culture as well.


4. Go the Extra Mile


Sometimes going a little bit above and beyond what was expected of you can garner big dividends. Always considering doing a little extra to show that you care about your work and the office. This will impress your supervisor and show your coworkers that you care about everyone in the office.


5. Volunteer for New Projects


Sometimes your plate is already too full, and you can’t consider taking on one more project. If your plate isn’t already too full, though, consider volunteering for a new project, be it a solo or team one. This will show that you are willing to try new things, take one for the team, and you never know, the new project might end up being a fantastic opportunity for you.


Shining bright in the office is not about outshining everyone else. It is about illuminating your own abilities and strengths while also casting everyone else in a positive light so that the team can grow together. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Monday, 23 May 2022

Bond with Your Passion and Set Free

There is so much to accomplish in life but there is only one route to bond with your passion and be a winner eventually. Learning to focus and by intensifying your concentration power is the secret to long-term gains. Masterminds are often noted for their unusual power to focus. Even the path to enlightenment in Buddhism is all about learning to focus. Remember, focus brings your passion together and focus only rips it apart. Those who can overwhelm anything through focus can dominate success and deceive failures. In a nutshell, don’t be undecided about what you want to accomplish in life, rather observe a person who is powerful in a unique way as he knows what he wants from life.


Since the energy within humans is very restricted, we ought to focus on them for a particular venture in a given frame of time. Learn to pre-arrange your aspirations and desires and pour all your energies on a sole goal without averting your focus prior to realization of success. If you want a union with your passion by learning to focus, then there are a only some questions which you ought to answer


  • Do you produce so many ideas that at the last part of the day you are not able to finish lone idea to conclusion?
  • Have you ever felt at the end of the day that you failed to bring about anything consequential towards your most sincere goals?
  • Do you frequently speculate where all the time is lost?
  • When there is a spurt of ideas in your mind, does that confuse people you share those ideas with?


Distraction obstructs imagination and internal seriousness from rising. It is tough to focus and complete what you began to perform, when you are greatly disturbed. Don’t let material distractions deter you from the trail to realize your passion.


Why Do You Need To Learn To Focus?

Mind power is undeniably powerful but it is principally unproductive without another constituent –focus. Our energies must be well channelized in the correct order to make them more functional. Unlike nature’s powers which cannot be caged and deflected, the human mind is free and more potent than any other power around us. It is extremely painful to see a person with potential, squander the possibility of a successful existence and end up living an average life. Our cognitive powers are ineffectual unless we learn how to focus on our goals and build up positive energy. The first step to learn how to focus is indulging in unwavering concentration. In actual fact focus is nothing but protracted concentration.


Focus is very important for people looking to lose weight. Spending all the time thinking about junk binging is a constant worry which most people find hard to deal with. There are four ways which will be of assistance to you to focus on weight control


  • Focus hard and picture yourself thin – Before starting with a work out plan frame a picture of your slim body and bear it in mind recurrently. Remember, no one can underestimate your mind power.
  • Eat neat – Focus on your eating habits and food weaknesses. Don’t let any temptations overpower your self-control.
  • Acknowledge help – Do not be hesitant to accept positive reinforcement and never avoid a question even if it hurts as it will help you to become stronger in your efforts.
  • Be your best buddy – Focus well on your strengths and weaknesses and let yourself down. Take pride in what you are and what you stand for.


When you try to solve a jigsaw puzzle, what is important? It is purely with focus that you can put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Our lives are similar to that puzzle and ultimately, we get what we focus on.


Sunday, 22 May 2022

Focus On Strengths Not Weaknesses

At job interviews we are often asked a question that, what actions we have taken in the past to improve our weaknesses and we wonder why the interviewer can’t ask about our achievements. The answer is simple; he wants to know how well we have learnt to focus on our strengths and not wasted time and energy on the weaknesses. People are often taught that in order to be successful, they have to overcome those tasks and incapacities which they battle to perform. All historical, corporate, sports and science geniuses have focused merely on building their strong points. These masterminds are considered epitome of wishful thinking and not only have they been triumphant in their fields, they have set an example that one should love to accomplish his goals.


You should have the nerve to follow your heart and instincts. If you really want to be thriving, your focus should not be on attempting to amend those areas which characterize our weaknesses. It takes away from us, vigor, time and labors from chasing what should be our actual goals. Life is quite short to be lived like someone else’s. If we observe noticeably there are people around us who have shaped their lives based on the strengths they hold. The ideal place to begin a similar journey is to look into our own strengths and which will unquestionably lead us to a greater sense of success, contentment and delight in our lives.


Once you locate the areas where you can attain the most, it becomes easier to pursue those areas and contribute positive energy on the whole. This enables you to face challenges despite hardships and do the work which you love doing and outshine others with. However it does not mean that you totally neglect your weaknesses. Explore the hidden skills within you, you never know it may be one of your weaknesses!


Learning to Focus is Like Learning to Win

Being capable to focus appropriately and to concentrate and isolate your precise goal is an indispensable feature of success. Just like an inadequately presented TV channel gives out low quality images, an unfocussed psyche results in reduced outcomes. By focusing on your goal you can obtain finely tuned visualization and desires rather than sheer visions and desires. Have you ever wondered why practice makes a man perfect? The secret to perfection is constant focus and absorption of the defined targets. It depends wholly on how you choose to achieve those targets. Some prefer to go slow and steady, while some want to take the short cut to success. Those who shun the short cut and pay detailed attention to work on their strengths to shape them into building blocks to success are the last winners.


Focusing on proper scheduling and usual practice is fundamental to realize quick success. You must know that success does not happen overnight and requires long-drawn-out practice with persistence, hard work and willpower. For instance if your ultimate goal in life is to become a famous guitarist, you need to devote at least one hour of practice every day with a ten minutes break to re-energize yourself. Exploring your passion is a must as, without knowing your passion your body is a mere vessel without a soul. If your soul lies in playing the guitar then choose the genre of songs you like to play the most and make practice a pleasant experience!


Sometime we cannot choose to focus on something, we necessarily have to. It depends on the frame of mind we are in and the circumstances around us. That is why you must always be with encouraging people, sharing constructive thoughts and learning positive things. So be around cheerful people, focus on the right things and let your versatility not go waste.


How to Spend Less Time Cooking

One of the biggest lies you see commonly in books and online is that you can cook a meal in ten minutes.


How often have you seen books with titles like ‘Ten Minute Meals’?


There are a few things you can cook in ten minutes but really these don’t get much more ambitious than beans on toast or ‘an egg’.


If you want to make an actual meal though, you’ll spend a lot more time in the kitchen.


The perfect example of this is when you see an instruction like ‘take your chopped onion’. Hang on a second! Where did this onion come from? Who chopped it? The onion fairies?


But even the books that don’t use these little tricks fail to acknowledge that you will spend more time clearing the surfaces, washing up afterward, finding the food in the cupboards and even shopping for those things. A ten-minute meal in reality takes 30 minutes if you’re lucky!


While I can’t promise to completely solve this issue though, there are some ways you can get around it and spend a little less time preparing meals. Here are some shortcuts that are free for you to use…


Cook in Bulk


One of the best things you can do to spend less time cooking is to cook in bulk. This way, you cook a large pot of food that will provide more food than you need. Then, instead of dishing it all up, you put some of it away in the freezer or in the fridge.


This then in turn allows you to get it out on evenings when you’re in a rush and heat it up ready for dinner!


Use a Slow Cooker


A slow cooker can save you a ton of time in the kitchen because it cooks your food when you’re on the way home. You prepare the food that morning or the night before then leave it in the cooker. It turns on at about 4pm and cooks slowly without risking a fire. When you get in at 6pm, the food will be ready to eat!


Get the Right Appliances


Many appliances can save you a lot of time and effort. One of the best examples is a food processor. But another good one is a waste disposal unit for your kitchen sink. This lets you throw anything down the sink without risking blocking it!

How to Workout in 10 Minutes

One thing you need to learn to do if you’re going to get more time back in your life is to work out in a small space of time. Why? Because exercise is crucial to giving you more energy which in turn will allow you to get more out of the time you do have. At the same time, exercise normally takes a very long time. If you are currently doing a 40 minute workout at the gym, commuting there and back and also washing up a bunch of your clothes, then chances are that you are spending 1.5 to 2 hours each time you train!


This will show you how to genuinely work out in ten minutes.


The Routine


This routine is a bodyweight resistance routine. That means you’re using your own body to provide the weight in the form of push ups and pull ups. At the same time, the routine is going to be a circuit. That means you’ll be going straight from one exercise to the next with no break or pause in between. You have 1 minute at the end to catch your breath and then you go for it again for a total of 3 rounds.


The workout is simple:


  • Push ups to failure
  • Pull ups to failure
  • Sit ups to failure
  • Jumping squats to failure


‘To failure’ means you stop when you physically can’t do one more repetition. If you do this right, then your muscles should be aching and you should be able to do fewer and fewer each time around.


But if you want to take this further and make it even more effective then try using ‘mechanical drop sets’. That means that if you can only do 5 reps on the last round for your pull ups, you make things easier for yourself for reps 6-10. That means you might put your feet on a chair and pull yourself up with a little help from your legs. Or it means you might let your knees touch the floor.


The Benefits


This works very well because it is ‘resistance cardio’. You are burning fat and improving fitness while simultaneously building muscle and strength. What’s more is that it can be done so quickly and shouldn’t cause you to sweat too much. That means you can do it without needing to shower after – or if you do it in the morning you can do it before your regular shower. Not 10 minutes plus travel: literally just 10 minutes.


Stop Deferring Your Happiness – You Can Already Do the Things You Want to Do

One of the biggest wrong assumptions that the vast majority of people on this planet make is that they aren’t able to do the things they want to do. To clarify, the assumption that many of us make is that we don’t yet have the means to live our dreams and that the only way to do so is to work harder.


Thus we put off doing the things we want to do and we end up taking on more and more work until the point where eventually we are spending every waking moment either working or feeling stressed about work. 


I’m here to tell you that it’s time to stop putting off your happiness and to embrace it. Here’s how…


There’s Never a ‘Good Time’


One of the most common arguments people make for not travelling the world, starting their own business or building their own home is that it’s not a good time. Right now they have too many financial commitments, they don’t have enough money or they have too much else going on. You probably are all too familiar with this!


But now think back to all the other things you’ve achieved so far. Was it ever a good time? If you’re a parent, then was it a good time to have a baby? Was it a good time to get married? A good time to start a relationship? A good time to buy a house?

When we have to, we make things work. There’s never a good time so if you really want to enjoy living your life to the full you only have one option: do it anyway.


It’s Easier Than You Think


And actually, many of the dreams we have are much easier to fulfil than we might initially think. For example, if you want to travel then you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune or take a year off work.


How about identifying places a little nearer that you can travel to and then using budget airlines to go there for long weekends? How about a year of visiting the capital cities you can reach on short haul? That would be a fantastic year and doesn’t need to upend your life!


Want a better home? You don’t need to spend millions – just empty out your property of things you don’t need or redux your kitchen. You’d be surprised what a different small tweaks can make!


Top Ways to Automate Your Lifestyle

Automation is a business term that basically means you set up a system to handle a part of your job for you. This in turn allows you to spend more time doing other important things and at the same time to exponentially increase your output and scale your production.


The obvious example is to use an automated assembly line to create a product rather than doing it by hand. This saves countless man-hours and means in theory that you can produce 10x or 100x the amount of product to sell and scale up your profits in accordance.


You can also do this in your personal life and in just the same way, it can hugely increase your free time.


Here are some ways you can do that:


Shop Online


Shopping online and setting up standing orders is a great way to save time that you would otherwise spend going to the shops. At the very least you should use this for your regular grocery shop and this way you can get a weekly shop delivered directly to your door every day without having to head out! This can save 2, 3 or 4 hours a week!


You can also set up standing orders for gifts. Want to make sure your partner gets sent flowers every year on your anniversary? That’s actually quite easy to arrange! Or how about using a ‘product as service’ such as one that will supply you with all the shaving products you need every week? There are plenty of these that can save you a lot of hunting and shopping.


Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


If you can’t afford a cleaner, then consider hiring a robotic vacuum cleaner. These will move around your home all on their own making sure to reach every small patch of floor to vacuum up crumbs, dust, dirt and anything else that gets on your carpet or wooden floor.


You can also get robotic lawn mowers that do the same job but outside!




In the kitchen there are tons of things that can save you time. A food processor for instance can automate the peeling process for you if you get one that is good enough.


Or if you want an even more automated service, consider signing up to a company that delivers healthy meals to your door every day. These exist and can actually save you hours while improving your health and energy levels!


Why You Need to Rethink Your Job

Right now, your job takes up the vast majority of your free time. You probably spend 8 hours a day at work and at least 1 hour a day commuting. Sometimes you’ll clock out late (most times in fact) and then there’s the time you spend getting your lunch and clothes ready for work. In short, you don’t really spend 8 hours a day at work… you spend 10 hours at least. You spend 8 hours sleeping too, so that means you have 6 hours max to yourself. 


Oh dear.


And here’s the thing: your job is only likely to get more stressful. As most of us try to gain a better salary, we are forced to take on more responsibilities and this ends up meaning we work longer hours and feel more stressed and more burned out at the end of the day.


The problem is that many of us don’t realize we have a choice. We assume that the only way to feel like we’re accomplishing something is to work harder. We feel like the only way that we can make more money is again to work harder.


The Alternative


Here’s an alternative: how about you aim to make your 9-5 job as easy as possible and in the meantime, you get your fulfilment and extra income from a hobby. 


Would you like to be a painter? Then you can work any job during the day and spend your evenings painting. The painting is where you can try and ‘achieve’ something and get the satisfaction, not your data entry job. And if you can sell a couple of paintings then you’ll be able to supplement your income as well!


Instead of looking for the job with the best salary, look for the job with the most flexible time. Time is worth more than money in terms of freedom and this will ultimately lead to greater happiness. 


Now you have a new aim: instead of working hard to get more work, work hard to reduce your work. Ask your boss about flexi-time, or if you can work from home one day in order to gain back more hours. You might be surprised how flexible they can be and if they’re not? Consider looking elsewhere.


Remember, even if you’re taking a pay cut, you can always make that money back in other ways and you can always find fulfilment in the things you’re really passionate about!

How to Get More Value From Necessary Tasks and Chores

Getting back time is all about having more time to do the things you enjoy in life. This means that you stop spending time working in the office and you cut back on washing up and commuting.


Instead, you’re going to try and start spending time doing things you love such as being with your family, watching great TV and pursuing your personal goals/projects.


But the way you go about this might be a little different from what you expect. Forget all the strategies you read about that tell you how to save ‘ten minutes a day’ or ‘an hour a day’. These cut off a little time at best and few of us stick to them.


Instead, ask yourself how you can get more value out of the time you’re currently using up. That means doing two jobs at once, or just enjoying the time you’re ‘wasting’ that little bit more.


Read on to see what on Earth I’m talking about…




One of the best ways to get more from your time is to multitask. You can’t multitask with jobs that require your full attention and creative awareness. But any job that can be done ‘mindlessly’ can be paired with any job that doesn’t require use of your body.


For example, you can catch up with correspondence or make important admin calls when you’re driving (if you have a hands-free system), when you’re walking to the shops or when you’re washing up! By doing two jobs at once, you free up one ‘slot’ to use yourself later.


Making it More Fun


At the same time, you can also multitask to make a boring job fun or rewarding. For example, if you’re washing up then why not watch your favorite TV show at the same time? You’re getting just as much out of that time and now washing up isn’t as dull.

Another great strategy is to do things with friends. Staying in touch and maintaining correspondence takes time. So instead of worrying about fitting it in, why not turn a boring job – the weekly shop, your workout – into something you can do with a friend?


If you commute on the train, then you can absolutely make more use of this time. How about using it to learn a language, read a great book or even start setting up your own side business using a laptop?