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The Power of Imagining Yourself Achieving Your Goals

How confident do you feel today? Probably like most people, you are feeling a little less self-confident about at least one thing in your life. That is perfectly normal, especially if our life experiences are taking us a little out of our comfort zone. The problem arises when low self-esteem and feelings of low self worth are something we carry around with us all the time. 


Whether we are experiencing a temporary feeling of lack of self-confidence, or one we face every day, there are some steps we can take to turn around low self-confidence into a belief that they can be successful in our endeavors.


1.  Imagine Yourself Achieving Your Goals


The first step is to imagine yourself achieving whatever it is you are feeling less than self-confident about. If we can begin to imagine ourselves achieving our goals, we are well on the way to achieving them. 


Articulating our goals, by either writing them down or telling them to a friend and then constantly reaffirming ourselves having achieved those goals, is essential to achieving them. 


2.  Act as if You Have Achieved Your Goal


To develop self-confidence, you must start to put action into your imagination. Once you have imagined yourself achieving you must begin to act as if you are achieving your goals, even if on the inside you still feel far from self-confident. 


People who want to feel more confident in public speaking must practice it or they cannot achieve it. This may be as simple as attending a group meeting with a list of pre thought about questions to help you overcome your fear of initiating conversations with strangers. To achieve self-confidence in talking to strangers, you must practice talking to them. 


3.  Practice Your Achievements 


Keep practicing until you feel self-confident and begin to enjoy what you previously feared. It’s important you praise yourself for achieving your goals. Even if others also praise your efforts, it’s what you tell yourself about your achievements, which could mean the difference between becoming self-confident and continuing to struggle with low self-esteem. 


Perhaps you are wondering if this talk of self-confidence and self-worth is something that is beneficial and if it is appropriate look act as if you are self-confident. In his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie wrote in the chapter on “How to Spur People onto Success,” the importance of “Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement… Be lavish in Praise.” Very few people give this gift to us, so we must learn to give it to ourselves. 

What Language Do You Speak?

We live in a time of ever-increasing uncertainty and anxiety levels are on the increase. Adults and children alike are experiencing a sense of bewilderment as they try to balance the many things happening in their personal lives and in a world that is experiencing turmoil and disaster on unprecedented levels. 


In such a world, it is easy to slip into a language of negativity, yet it doesn’t need to be this way. We can learn to speak the language of optimism and help those around to learn it too. When you learn the language of optimism, you are learning to experience life by embracing and acknowledging the things that go right and shrugging your shoulders, and moving on from the things that go wrong. 


Teaching this essential skill to our children is extremely important for all parents, teachers and caregivers to understand and appreciate. As we practice recognizing our own achievements and acknowledging them in the home, we are role modeling to our children the importance of doing their best and then having the pleasure of others and ourselves showing appreciation for the things achieved. A pessimistic perspective however would look at the situation surrounding the achievements and focus attention on them, rather than on the people attaining them. 


When a child (or an adult) leans to speak with optimism, they are able to take failure and turn it into potential for growth. Instead of seeing failure pessimistically and dwelling in grief on the cause of the failure, the optimistic person can focus on the failure being a learning curve and will use the opportunity to turn this failure into an opportunity to learn new skills or to develop a new understanding of the way things work. 


The optimistic thinker is able to see the problem as a temporary setback, it doesn’t affect their self-worth or self-confidence and they keep trying until they achieve their goals. The pessimistic approach would see this problem as more of a permanent problem Over time, as all problems become “bad or big”, the person eventually begins to see them all in a pessimistic way, gradually losing all sense of self-esteem and self-wealth.


Children learn from their parents. They often mimic their parent’s behavior. As you teach your children to become successful and well educated, they will display optimism in their own lives. They will learn to see life from the perspective of self-worth and self-esteem and even if this over exaggerated, it gives them the hidden courage to say" no" to peer pressure.

Establishing Online Dating Relationships: Safety First

Online dating can be fun. But don’t neglect safety and common sense when you try to hook up with a mate. At minimum, take caution in the following areas.


Protect Your Computer 


Take care of your equipment and systems before you head out into the Internet realm. You need to have a firewall and anti-virus protection for your email and for when you search websites and interact online. At the bare minimum, you may want these two solutions that are offered at no charge to home computer users (i.e. not for commercial use):


Free Firewall Download: ZoneAlarm 

Free Anti-Virus Download: AVG Anti-Virus 


Protect Yourself


Take care of yourself, too, by choosing appropriate dating sites. Seek and choose a reputable online dating service. How? Begin by asking around with friends, neighbors, co-workers and others you may know who have tried online dating, and see which places they recommend. In addition, search “online dating services” and keep a notebook of their URLs or website links, the fees, rules and regulations, complete contact information of each and any other useful information that spikes your interest. Then compare each place. Try only those places where you feel safe. Avoid the others.


So, take care. Arm your computer - and yourself- with the correct tools and knowledge!


Growing Online Dating Relationships

Just like regular real-world relationships, online relationships need tending, to grow over time. Here are some quick growing tips.


Take time and make time. Does your online date get in touch with you regularly? Do you do the same? Neglecting virtual meetings can be considered abuse or neglect, so treat each other’s time with respect. If it’s lacking, might mean time to move on.


Communication needs to “feel” right for both of you. If one of you is too pushy about meeting, for instance, that can give off bad vibes. So don’t rush. Take time to learn more about each other and develop trust.


Respect each other’s privacy. Don’t share personal email addresses or digital photos online, for example, if your online date sent you the information in confidence. 


Share special online and offline fun times. Online - send greeting cards, links to favorite places to upload digital photos of your favorite pet, download music and video clips, post on favorite forums of interest. Offline- if you’re exchanging addresses or post office boxes, send print greeting cards and postcards, small items from your area (like a key chain with your state bird).


Tend to your online relationship. Water it with care and over time it can sprout and grow.

More Popular Online Dating Activities

A couple of popular online activities are sharing recipes and bidding at auctions. And both of these easily fit well into online dating opportunities, one of the most popular online activities for singles today. 


To help many dates get better acquainted online, here’s what potential cyber-dates do. 


Sharing Recipes - People get tired talking about the weather. So a popular subject to turn to is food. Sharing favorite foods and recipes helps break the ice and even forms friendships over culinary skills - or lack of - and tastes. Search your favorite search engine for “free recipes” to share. Take photos of your culinary creations and share them with your date, too. 


Bidding at Auctions - Ebay auctions sell nearly anything and everything! So surf around and enter searches like the dates you were in middle school. Share cool memorabilia photos of old games and toys from when you were a child or when your parents or grandparents were little; The Dating Game, Oscar Mayer wiener whistles, The Partridge Family Album, Bobby Sherman’s Album, 45’s and more. 


Online dating can be an educational and fun experience. So, learn more about each other and have fun while you’re at it. Take a cyber-stroll down memory lane together and see what’s cookin’.

Saturday 26 February 2022

Popular Online Dating Activities

All types of everyday activities are growing in popularity online these days like sharing photos and greeting cards. In fact, both of these even go hand in hand with online dating opportunities, one of the most popular online activities for singles today. 


Before actually meeting in person, many dates get acquainted online first. Here’s how. 


Photos - As a wonderful keepsake of your budding romance, create an online photo album for your new cyber-mate. Include digital photos of favorite outdoor scenes, pets, flowers, cars, silly moments, your computer corner or laptop, etc. Then you’ll even have more to discuss during online dates via emails and chat rooms. Search for “photo albums” to find places that store your photos.


Greeting Cards - Regardless of where the person lives, you can mail a greeting card. If privacy and security is an issue, check into renting an inexpensive P.O. Box (check the Yellow Pages). You do not have to be an artist to make something homemade and special for the new friend in your life. Even making a special, personalized greeting card would be appreciated and show your date that you care enough to take the time needed to make something by hand. Search your favorite search engine for online greeting cards to send, too. They range from free to low cost and can be sent in a click.


So, get online and get active! No need to risk meeting in person until you get more familiar with each other online first. So take the online plunge!


Popular Online Dating Activities For Men

Heads up, gents. Online dating can open up new doors of opportunities with a little help from real world dating tips that work. Spice up your matchmaking with some of these ideas.


Looks Count 


Comment on how attractive she is. Yes, women do want to know they are pretty, even if they’re online and you can’t see them and have no idea. So, in your communications, ask questions that would help you know, but in an unobtrusive way like - how do you wear your hair? And then say how attractive that must look.


Kindness Counts 


Point out nice things or the lemonade in life - nice things the other person has mentioned, nice acts the person has done, good things on the news latterly, etc. Be upbeat, and forget those lemons in life. Even in email a person can shout, by using all capital letters. So, show manners and kindness. Keep swearing, unkind remarks, prejudice, etc. out of your communications. 


So, add some helpful real-world tips that do work (a lot of the time anyway) into your online dating equations. And come up on the positive side of romance - and enjoy more lemonade! 


Meditating for Self-Discovery

Meditating can be a good way of tapping in to the subconscious to understand the self. Consider practicing meditation if you want to discover yourself. It helps you answer questions related to life. Meditation is important in making or deciding the path in which your life should take. You should not be discouraged if you do not seem to get the right answers keep on practicing meditation and in the end you will get to discover yourself. When you are meditating the brain seems to go a state of theta state. When you are in this state you encounter very minimal interference from the conscious bit of the mind and thus you successfully contact the subconscious bit of the mind. 


The first step towards self-discovery, is to begin by sitting in a place that is very comfortable and a room that has very minimum or utmost no disturbance at all. Consider lighting a few candles so that you have minimal light. Have a Nag Champa as this will help you have a very comfortable environment.


Take in to account the state of your breath. You should have a deep breath that comes from the diaphragm. You should consider the breath as it comes or as it is entering and leaving the nose. Continue paying attention to your breath if you have the intention of proper relaxation. If you there’s a specific question that you want to answer, consider raising this question from the start of the meditation process. If you want to shift careers consider posing this question right from the beginning. 


As you meditate your mind becomes engrossed in thoughts. Pay attention as the thoughts come and as they go. If there’s a thought that keeps on coming for long consider digging deeper in to that particular thought. When you will get an answer, you will know because you will have a feeling that this is right. There’ a powerful sense that will make you feels that indeed this is the right answer. If you find that you are becoming bored and that you are losing track, bring your breath back and be patient.


It is important to become open with your day to day lives. Some answers may come at some other days. Others may be when you are driving. Keep in mind that you should not force anything. Do not force the answers but have a receptive and open mind. This will help you discover yourself better.


Personality Development—How to Reach Where You Want to Reach

We come across many people in life, and they are all different in how they behave, how they react and reason. These people are all made different by the different personalities they have. Therefore, personality is the combination of mannerisms and attributes that makes one person distinct and unique from the other. Personality is formed as a result of many factors. 


First, there are personality traits that one inherits from parents and relatives. No wonder you find some of your traits and your likes and dislikes similar to those of your parents or relatives. There are some personality traits that we pick up along the way as we grow and live our lives. As we grow and live, we pick up habits, values and beliefs that are dependent on where we grow and who we grow, live or interact with. However, the traits we pick up in childhood stick the most more than the ones we get as we grow up. 


It is possible to design and develop your own personality. It is not a sealed fate set for us to act out, but you can control it and determine how it is going to work out. In other words, you can redesign even the hereditary traits to be what you would like them to be instead of letting them be what they were set to be. 


If you want to have successful personality development, you need to be honest with yourself on your personality type. There are four main personalities or temperaments you can use to classify yourself. These include sanguine, melancholy, choleric and phlegmatic. These four temperaments are very different, and there is no one person who has 100% of one trait. When someone is called a sanguine, it means that this temperament is the most outstanding. There are many personality tests you can take on the internet for you to exactly know where you lie. Without being honest with yourself about your personality, you will find this to be an uphill task. 


After being honest with yourself, look at the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type. Do your best to build on the strengths. For instance, if you are talkative and confident, use this to your advantage and let this trait boost your career and ambitions. If you are very patient, use this to your advantage and to the advantage those that surround you. Also, identify your weaknesses in a very honest and open way. Work on your weaknesses by making deliberate efforts. For instance, forgetfulness can be improved by ensuring that you have phone reminders and lists on your notice board.

Self-Discovery Starts by Loving Yourself

Self-discovery is greatly dependent on whether you love yourself. Love for oneself is a great asset that one can have in life. First and foremost, you should ask yourself who you are? To a very large extent, most of us are deeply engrossed on the day-to-day hustles and bustles of life. This entails; making ends meet, running our various businesses, starting new paths for our careers. We are deeply engrossed in this till we forget who really are. We never stop to discover self. 


Knowing yourself first entails come to the realization that first and foremost we are all unique beings and that to a very large extent, we are endowed with special gifts. We all have one or two things that we can do better than others. It is after discovering this that everything else in life takes shape. To a large extent this is the key that can unlock the door to everything that you are undertaking. A great number of us tend to believe that real happiness rests material things which are not the case. Happiness comes from discovering yourself.


To a large extent we only believe on those things that we can set our eyes on and can feel with our hands. We tend not to trust our inner self. The inner wisdom that we are all endowed with. When we were young, we are always told to always be perfect and to some extent that we are not that good enough. When you realize you are not yourself you stop carrying somebody’s luggage. It is important that we always act ourselves, we should not look down upon ourselves but rather believe that we are okay just the way we are. Always put yourself first, do not look down upon yourself. 


To a large extent if you do not love yourself, then there’s no way you can love somebody else. Loving yourself has nothing to do with ego; it does not mean looking down upon others or being too proud and zealous. There’s no way you can love others if at all you do not love yourself, then there’s no way you can love any other party and here you would be cheating both yourself and the people whom you claim to love. Thus, loving yourself opens up your life and it is through this that you can discover yourself.


Questions You Can Ask Yourself for Self-Discovery

Even though we are all endowed differently in terms of gifts and talents not all of us is well aware of what our endowments are. It is also true that most of us know what our strengths are but they do not know how to maximize on them. We do not know how to use them both for our own benefit and for the benefits of others. One of the main reasons why people do not maximize on their God given talents is the failure to discover them. Many young people have the problem of identifying who they are really are and what they are in this planet. They are not able to make solid decisions towards fruitful career choices. Ones that augur well with their personality.


It is sad to note that it is not only the young people that are affected with choices regarding their lives but even the older people have the problem of discovering their real self. Many adults make choices in life without taking their passions in to consideration. The problem is that they deny this undisputable fact and tend to keep to their comfort zone. They are afraid of changes n their life and prefer satisfying external desires. 


There a number of questions that you can ask yourself for self-discovery. These include; asking yourself the activity did you use to love doing when you were a child? You can also ask yourself that if you so happen to write a book what subject would you talk or rather what would you write about? Ask yourself what area or aspect in life that you feel you can comfortably help people in? Also ask yourself what your close associates and friends or even what you relatives say about you. Ask yourself of the dreams you are always day dreaming about. Search your memory and try remembering a certain day that you felt you utter mostly felt that happiness from deep within you.


All these questions will lead to the discovery of the real you. You will at the end of the day have a personal satisfaction of the direction or path that your life ought to take. You will be motivated and inspired. You will find yourself facing each and every day in a different way. With energy and vigor. You will be more confident about yourself and you can handle anything that comes your way with ease. 


Understand Your Personality, Develop It and Be a Successful Consultant

If you are a professional consultant in whichever field, you basically are someone that others look up to in that specific area for guidance and direction. Therefore, you cannot afford to be a blind man leading another. You need to know your personality so that you will make the best out of it and so that your career will go to greater heights.


The first thing you should do is to analyze your personality type or temperament. Are you an artisan, guardian, rational or an idealist? We shall name these temperaments A, B, C and D respectively for ease of identification.


The type A person is a very flexible person, and he is not rigid to one routine or schedule. He can easily move with the wave. However, this person does not work on information whose foundation is not concrete, and he prefers to use his senses more than he uses hearsay. The type B person also loves working with the same kind of information as the type A person. This person will hardly pay for things simply because he heard that they are on their way coming. He will need to see them first and even touch them and have close scrutiny ion them before any commitment is made. However, this person is not as flexible; he works with a written plan.


Then, there is the type C person. This person is spontaneous in his thinking. He is also very positive minded about all things and he believes that something can be made out of even the most useless things. Instead of working with actual, solid information, the type C person works like an artist – with abstracts. The type D person is one who is also spontaneous in thinking, but also trusts in his instincts when feeling. This is also a person who loves working with abstracts as opposed to the types A and B persons, who love solid information. 


Therefore, you need to know what you can do best using your personality type. The type A person can work best as a coach in arts (music and drama) and as a gymnasium personal coach. Type B person can do well as a business consultant (especially in recruiting workers) and as the consultant in charge of teamwork and answerability at work. The type C person is a good consultant for management teams, research in medicine in business. The type D is good in the same areas as C but can also make a motivational and inspirational speaker.


Getting in Touch with Your Inner Self with Yoga

Yoga is a good way of meditating and simply having ample time with yourself. As a matter of fact, through yoga, one can actually speak to his or her inner self. To some, this might sound to be like a time waster. For those who have tried it, the story is not the same. I am sure that they consider it to be very helpful to their lives. It helps them concentrate and understand that which they could not understand before. In addition to this, yoga also has some benefits on the physical body.


Basically, yoga links the mind and the body. This makes it become one whole that can coordinate properly. As a result, one tends to connect to their inner self enabling them to listen to their inner self. This act is what defines the integrity that the individual will possess. This is because the act of listening to your inner self will help you awaken, you’re your integral self. With such prowess, various external feelings will not be a major hindrance in your search for inner peace. These are feelings such as pain, ecstasy or even bliss; none of them will come between you and your inner self since concentration will be at its peak. 


By speaking to oneself, one tends to fully be in control of your body. One finds himself having sunk deep into his inner self and exploring what makes him. This basically means that one wanders round the wonderland found inside him or her. As a result, one tends to access even the soul. However, this only happens to those who practice this for quite some time and becomes well conversant with the connection between inner self and the body. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can do this; it takes years of practice to finally reach this stage. 


By doing this, one can be a judge of himself. This means that one normally feels his inner self telling him that whatever you are doing is not correct, stop it! Basically, people base their thoughts of what is good on the normal truth that is in the society. This is not the case with yoga practitioners. According to yogis, one’s wisdom should lie in power of one to listen to him. This implies to the inner sense that tends to be superior than the other laws of the earth. 


Spiritual Enlightenment According To Zohar

Spirituality has brought about a lot of fuss in the world today as many try to come up with the real definition of spirituality. Many have tried it but none has ever come to a conclusion. However, one thing that they all agreed on is that there is spiritual enlightenment and it varies in different individuals. This depends on the religious devotion shown by one. As a result, many decided to research deeper on the qualities of a spiritually enlightened individual. This dates way back in 1995 when Goleman wrote a book discussing on this topic. At the time, he referred to it as spiritual quotient in relation to IQ; intelligence quotient. In the book, Goleman stated that the spirituality quotient is based on the ability of the left side of the brain. 


Later on came Dana Zohar who in collaboration with Ian Marshall came up with another whole new dimension of spiritual intelligence. They said that it was more than the left side of the brain but far much bigger. In the words of Zohar, “Spiritual intelligence is the ultimate intelligence in human beings”. As a matter of fact, he came up with a series of definitions related to spiritual intelligence.


To start with, Zohar said that spiritual intelligence is the state of having complete self-awareness. This is simply the act of being completely aware of your entire self; knowing each and every aspect of the inner and outer you in details. In addition to this, you also have to know that there is a connection between you and the entire universe. Secondly, a spiritually enlightened individual is said to be led by visions and values. In sort, this is what many may refer to as idealism. In the end of it all, this tends to bring about a spirit full of humanity. This is why it is said that spirituality is defined by humanity.


Thirdly, it was also said that spiritual intelligence is highly characterized by having a holistic perspective of things. This basically means that one tends to see the connections between various things and just how these connections link them. However, this requires one to be open minded and interested in everything happening around them. On the other hand, Zohar also said that spiritual intelligence gifts one the power to use adversity for the betterment of him or herself. Instead of lamenting about the problems, a spiritually enlightened individual faces them and celebrates the diversities since he or she has the ability to turn them around.  


The Different Stages of Spirituality

Spirituality enlightenment has to consist of the body the mind and the spirit. The basic goal for attaining spirituality is enlightenment and once attained, one senses the unity of the spirit, that inner peace and being able to abandon the earthly mental and physical engagements. For realistic reasons, achieving spiritual enlightenment has some few steps or rather stages. There are three of them and in each one of them, one evolves greatly. 


The very initial stage is animality where people have a bad tendency of putting themselves down or lowering themselves. Here one encounters and lives as any person would, in reality. One might occasionally participate in the normal activities like talking, socializing, gossiping, working, planning for their future and so on. One experiences just about everything that everyone else does be it heartbreaks, victory, losing a loved one but the unique thing here is the fact that one begins taking signals to uplift their soul’s enlightenment in the direction of attaining a more significant life. It is at this very point where you are getting everything as presented but at the same time you are trying your best to let go of the worldly things in your life.


In the next stage you ascend into humanity where you begin to negotiate with the nature of the human individuals. It is at this stage where a person relates with every person and objects in their surroundings and this makes them feel like disengaging with their own selves. However, the result is already getting active and shows that unity between the individuality and the supreme soul is actually taking place. This can be an incredible experience because enlightening of the soul guarantees that with the next stage things will be much better. 


In the final stage we have divinity whereby the religious experts in our present times assemble and combine using the very source in which individuals come from. Here we sought of have an isolation process because you no longer feel connected with your environment or the things you had a connection with earlier on. I call it sought of because it is not really a sense of isolation but rather you come into terms with reality that you are all that, you are everything. 


This is a clear explanation that spirituality enlightenment is taking over to provide you with the feeling of having a union with God. Divinity simply enables you to experience everything after humanity meaning you no longer own your mind or your body or your intellectual faculty. This is where your divine experience begins, where you are linked to God, the greatest level one can undergo.


The Power of Yoga

There are several ways of meditate that people use these days. One of the most ancient and powerful one is yoga. Basically, this is a variety of practices that were practiced in the Indian culture. They were termed as spiritual practices. It is believed that through yoga, one can understand past his or her ability. Using the meditation and asceticism that is associated with yoga, people tend to attain a level of insight that enables them to see past their eyes and understand various phenomena that many cannot with their basic human instincts. 


Yoga has existed for over 5000 years and is still going strong. The first place where yoga was used was in Mahabharata by the famous Lord Krishna. He was imparting the skill on one of his students known as Arjuna so that he may see life on another perspective and be able to live a quality life. Since then, yoga has set the pace for meditation practices. 


Yoga works in such a way that it unites both the body and the mind making them one strong whole. This way, one can use the mind to performing a lot healing practices on the body; at least this is what modern yoga is all about. For the ancient Indians, yoga was a way of understanding god by accessing the spiritual phase of life. 


The modern man has really grown into using yoga for a lot of purposes. These purposes can be termed as the power of yoga since it empowers man to do these things. To start with, it reduces stress and turns on a relaxing mode. It simply takes you off to a different world and helps you forget all the problems that are on the other side. In short, it can increase the ability of one to concentrate and control self. Secondly, it also said that yoga highly influences the physical body. It adds on some kind of physical strength as well as stamina. Thirdly, it helps one control his or her desires. This can be termed as self-control. On the physical body, yoga also increases the immunity power of the entire body system.


Yoga can also help one be highly tolerant to various kinds of pain affecting the body. This is basically due to the high concentration that enables one ignore the entire feeling. Generally, yoga has the power to enhance your mental ability on all fronts. That is just how powerful yoga is. 


Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality entails a lot of practices; some are physical some are spiritual. Physically, there are activities such as singing of religious hymns or even sitting on the wheel of prayer. As a matter of fact, some go to an extent of doing certain physiological body routines before performing any spiritual activity. However, one of the main activities that link both spiritual and physiological activities is meditation. This is the process through which many spiritual individuals tend to connect with their inner spiritual realm and even connect with God. All in all, not everyone understands the importance of meditation in spirituality. This can only be explained by understanding the power of meditation.


Meditation is a vital tool for anyone who wishes to grow spiritually. For those who ignore meditation, they tend to suffer from unease. Notice the difference; dis-ease and disease. The latter is a disorder in the body while the other is a disorder in the spiritual self that results in some sort of discomfort. This is mainly brought about by that disconnection with God. In relation to this, meditation tends to connect our souls with God hence bringing about growth of the spiritual self. This is the main power of meditation in terms of spiritual. 


Basically, meditation is said to have several benefits to the mind, body and soul. This is because the three are linked together to form the real you. As for the soul, it gets its nourishment from our connection with God which can only be achieved by regularly meditating. Therefore, not meditating is denying the soul its food. This is hazardous; just like denying the physical body food. With this trend, we might end up starving to death and the same will happen to the soul. And a body without a soul is ‘dead’. Therefore, if you feel some unease, the n that is a sign that your soul is starving. Take action before tings get worse. 


On the other hand, there are various levels of meditation each meant to serve a particular purpose. Many have the will to meditate but end up frustrated in the end due to lack of results. Why do you think this happens? It is simply because they perform the wrong meditation practices for their level hence bearing no results. Fr more information on meditation levels, consult a meditating expert who will give you directions on the various meditation levels and their uses. Therefore, you will be in a position to choose. 


Tuesday 15 February 2022

Understanding and Accepting the Concept of Passive Income

With so many people trying to wrangle out of their various financial problems, it is somewhat surprising that the concept of passive income is still not universally popular. If more people would understand that passive income, or residual income, means, and implement ways to create it, then their lives would be vastly enriched.


Passive income is when you do something once and it keeps on paying you for a long time. Like, writing a book. If you once author a book and get it published, you can earn royalties on that book forever. Or, like making a music album. The album sales will bring money forever. You do not have to keep doing things over and over again… passive income just keeps on coming in without you even knowing when it will come.


Today, there are several ways in which passive income streams are being generated over the Internet. It is right to say that the Internet has vastly improved people’s lives—at least the lives of those who know how to use it the right way—by creating these options for bringing in residual income.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways, and also one of the most popularly used. Here, you build a website and then allow online businesspeople to place an advertisement of their business on your website. Every time some visitor clicks on that advertisement and visits the site of the sponsor, you get some money. This is a great stream of passive income, which just keeps on coming in your online bank account.


People who develop software applications or write eBooks and put them up for sale on the Internet also get good passive income. Of course, some promotional strategies are needed, but they occasionally pay off quite handsomely. Once you have everything in place, your products and applications start selling and bringing you the money. Today, because of the presence of networks, the concept of viral marketing has come to the fore where someone who likes a particular product recommends it to another. This is another great thing because it helps the products to reach out to a larger number of people and brings in more passive income to you.


If you use these streams wisely and devote some amount of initial time and effort to them, then you will find that they really help you in taking better control of your financial freedom. You could be a happier person—a person who has several options of income and not just their conventional day job. 


Planning for the Future—A Wise Finance Plan

One of the most important things we need to secure our future is to have a good financial plan. There are several plans out there and all of them try to seduce us with great advertisement campaigns which leave a lump in our throats most of the time, but what should be believe in? Our financial plan should be something reliable, something we can count on to give us a good life ahead.


Here, we are not going to discuss what financial plan you should go for, but we are going to talk about what you need to consider. Financial plans—such as long-term insurances, mutual bonds, fixed deposits, buying assets, etc.—all have their advantages and disadvantages and you cannot paint a completely white or a completely black picture for any of them. But here are the things that you should keep in mind.


There should be a good deal of appreciation with your financial plan. Choose a plan that grows with you. Remember that when you will eventually need to dip into your salted resources, everything is going to become more expensive. Inflation is a sordid reality; you just cannot escape from it. Hence, when choosing your future investments, do not think about in today’s terms. Think about what will happen 10, 20 or 30 years down the line.


Choose an investment plan from a reputable company. It is best to go ahead with companies that have a very long-standing history and a good reputation because you are going to use them for a long, long time. 


Does the plan suit you? You need to be agreeable to the concept of the plan, or you are not going to make the most of it. Whatever plan you choose, think about how you will tap into it in future. 


Always appoint beneficiaries. These should be people you trust, people you really want to benefit from the plan you are selecting. Do not be hasty about it, but do it all the same. You can never be sure about life, and that is the reason why choosing beneficiaries is extremely important.


Keep something for charity. This is a sign of goodwill, and it gives you a great deal of inner peace. You do not get to take away everything that you make on earth, so why not give something to a cause that you truly believe in? Most financial plans will make it possible for you to give worthwhile charities.


At the same time, ensure that the plan will give you adequate returns when it materializes. You do not want to get pigeon-feed at the end of it all, especially after having diligently invested for the most part of your working life. 

How to Untangle Yourself from Financial Worries

Financial worries become our lot from time to time. We cannot help them in most cases and when they arise, they can cause a great deal of stress. Without eliminating these worries, we find that there cannot be progress in our life, and we start moving backwards instead of forwards.


But, in most cases, these financial worries are quite hyped. They are not what they seem to be. If you are not able to make a payment before a particular deadline, sit down and analyze your situation again. Is it such a difficult thing? Maybe you could make money from somewhere if you needed it. Maybe you could negotiate for more time. Maybe you could negotiate for a lesser payment. It is also possible that someone—a friend or relative—might help you in your hour of need.


When we worry about money, we actually start a chain of highly destructive events. Our worry prevents us from thinking clearly. Due to that, we are not able to work. That creates a greater shortage of funds. We cannot solve the difficult time we are going through. Eventually, the worry just gets compounded.


Instead, the right approach would be to think positively and keep a level head even if there are difficult times we are going through. Most monetary problems are not as difficult they seem.


Prevention is always the best cure for monetary problems. Consider good investment options. Let alone investment plans, even if you are able to just salt away a little money for the future, it could help you in great measure. Learn the value of money and try not to overspend when you have money. Save it for difficult times that might come in future.


It is always good to save on assets that grow. Think about investing in real estate and precious metals like gold. Think about bonds and equities, which have a good reputation for increase as well. Consider making fixed deposits in your bank. Invest in your children’s future and think about medical insurance for everyone in the family. These will ensure that you have money when you need it.


Most of your worries can be avoided through these ways.


Moreover, instead of spending time in fruitless worry, you could definitely do a much better job by taking up some new source of making money. With the Internet, there are so many options right now. Well, you could even write as a freelancer and make good money out of it. You could sell some of the things that you don’t need any more through places like eBay and Amazon.


At the end of it, money problems are not all that they are exaggerated to be, unless you are looking at a very large expense such as buying a building or a bridge. For everyday monetary issues, you just need to have a clear head and think about what options you have with you.