Tuesday 29 March 2022

Blog Your Way to Personal Development

The advent of the Internet has made several new ways possible to do the same old things. Even in an area such as personal development, it is possible to use the Internet to bring about a difference. Among the many ways in which you can use the Internet to develop your personality, one of the most effective ways is to have a blog of your own.


Today, almost everyone worth their salt has a blog and they run it religiously. Blogs are weblogs; they are sort of like online diaries that you can submit your written entries to. These written entries are called as posts. All the posts that you make are chronologically arranged, with the newest ones appearing first.


But, unlike your personal diary, blogs are accessible to everyone that uses the Internet. In fact, that is one thing bloggers aspire to do—to reach out to the largest number of people. They want people to know about their thoughts and ideas; they want people to comment on them. By doing that, they find people who have the same likes and desires as them, and they exchange ideas and improve. People who blog belong to an entirely different section of the Internet, known as the blogosphere. The blogosphere is always buzzing with activity, with people flitting in and out of each other’s blogs and sharing thoughts and ideas.


You could make a personal blog through Blogger.com within a matter of minutes. If you wanted to make a business out of your blog, that would be eminently possible too—in fact, that is a way in which millions of people around the world are earning a healthy amount of passive income. If that is your prerogative, then you would do well to start out a blog with WordPress.


When you are trying to develop your personality, blogging becomes an important tool. It helps you know more things; you can see how other people around the world are doing the things you do and you are able to build your network of contacts. You become an influential person and you overcome your hang-ups. This goes a long way in taking you further in terms of progress than you already are. 


10 Things You Need for a Better Personality

Personal development is an accumulation of several things. All these factors contribute to make your personality more enriched and impressive for others. Though there are many ways in which you can improve your personality, the following are some minor things that can really help.


1.  Improve your grasp over your language. This seems to be small thing, but it really helps when you know the right word at the spur of the moment. Knowing your language helps you to speak in a more refined, eloquent manner, and that can impress a lot of people.


2.  Always be clean. Have the right haircut, and keep your nails trimmed. Pay attention to personal hygiene. You don’t have to be beautiful or handsome to have a great personality but no one likes a person who doesn’t take care of personal hygiene.


3.  Dress well. That doesn’t mean you should go out and stock on Armani’s and Gucci’s, but you have to make sure you display something of a sartorial sense. A good dress is always a good point for making an impression.


4.  Enhance your knowledge on your subject of expertise. Whenever anyone comes to you with a query about your line of work, you should be ready with an answer. People always respect those who are experts in their respective fields.


5.  Keep abreast of current affairs. It really helps when you are informed of things. That ensures you don’t come across as a nerd at conversations.


6.  Make friends. Be a social person. Move about. This helps you get invited to places and the more places you are seen in your elegant form, the better it is for improving your personality. It isn’t enough that you are an amiable person; people should know that you are an amiable person.


7.    Eat well, stay fit and exercise. This is a very important aspect of personal development. You cannot hope to impress people with bad health.


8.  Be a family person. Everyone likes people who are devoted to their families. Never leave an opportunity to express your dedication to your family. Be seen together with your family more than you are seen with your friends.


9.  Be wise with money. Don’t throw it around and don’t be too stingy. Spend on things that everyone needs to have. Remember that a person who doesn’t take care of money isn’t respected too much.


10. Work on yourself. Always keep time for personal relaxation and recreation. Spending time with the family can itself be a great rejuvenator. Pay attention to yourself at all times. Take care of all health problems and you will be fine.


If you are looking for effective personal development, then these are the points that you surely cannot miss out on. Incorporate them in your lifestyle and see how that helps. 


Building Self-Confidence—What Must You Do?

It is true that a person with confidence is considered to be a person with an impressive personality. You have to work on personal development at all times, because this is what really helps you grow as an individual, and for that, you will need to work at improving your self-confidence. But what are the ways in which you can do that?


Learn to confront your fears. No person in this world is without apprehension. You might be skeptical about achieving a particular thing, or you may be fazed by some weakness that lies within you. These are your fears. They are the detrimental factors in building your personality. The first step towards beginning to improve your self-confidence is to be truthful to yourself and understand what it is that hampers your growth as an individual.


When you know what your fears are, you will automatically know what you can do about it. If your fears are about your work, then all you need to do is to concentrate on the results you want to achieve. These are the results you want—what must you do for achieving them? In your mind, find the answers to this question. When you know for sure what methods you need to adopt to achieve the results you want, you will become confident about them. Your conviction levels will increase.


The best way to achieve self-confidence is through achievement. If you achieve something, however small, you become confident that you can do it. Even if your achievement is minor, it gears you for the bigger things. Having done something once is a great motivation for doing the same kind of thing again. So, don’t be hesitant to try new things. Try whatever you can within your field of work, or passion. It is these small achievements that will egg you on for greater glories.


Always keep working at your personality. You must amass as much knowledge in your field as you can. Read about the famous people in your field. See how they went about their achievements. This gives you great inspiration to surge ahead as well.


When you are building your self-confidence, these are the things that really work. Be better acquainted with your own pluses and minuses and don’t let that spirit dwindle. Soon, people are going to think of you as a stronger, more confident person.


Self-Realization—An Important Aspect of Personal Development

When you are trying to develop your personality, there are several things that you need to look at, but probably the most important thing is that you should have the correct realization about yourself. You should know who you are. It is only when you have a complete realization of yourself that you can plan to make improvements.


Each and every one of us has their own strengths and weaknesses. You have them too. You may be a very confident person, but at the same time, even if you don’t admit it openly, you surely have some shortcomings. If you are trying to develop your personality, the first thing is that you have to come out of this denial. Denial leaves no scope for improvement, because you become shortsighted about your weaknesses. Overcome the denial and accept to yourself what your limitations are. When you do that, it is as good as telling yourself that these are the aspects where you have to improve.


At the same time, you have to realize the things that you can do very well. There will certainly be a host of such things. And there will be one special talent at which you excel. This is the talent that defines your profession, or maybe your passion or your hobby. This is the one thing that you can pursue for your entire life, and keep becoming better at it. This is what you need for your professional, personal and creative growth, and it becomes the focus of your life. You may have a flair for writing, or maybe you can build websites, or probably you are good at sales, or perhaps you can handle a truck very well. All these are special talents. Realize what talent you have and keep improving upon it.


Understand your personal limitations as well. Do people think of you as a good, friendly person? Do you have many friends? Is your spouse happy with you? Do you keep your children happy? Are you prone to temper outbursts? These are the things you should know, and work upon them. The main thing is that you should understand that you have follies in you and improve.


In conclusion, if you are looking for personal development, you have to have a pragmatic view of your faults and your talents. This tells you which direction you have to take your life into. 


Your Way to a Better Life—The Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? If not, you are probably missing out on a very important thing, one that could probably turn your life around.


To put it quite simply, the Law of Attraction states that if you want something to happen, you have to think positively about it. So, if you want to become rich, you have to think optimistically about becoming rich. If you are looking for true love, then you have to think as though you have already got it.


The Law of Attraction works on the principle of ‘like begets like’. When you think very strongly about something, you automatically begin doing things accordingly. Your way of thinking influences your actions. And that is why you get the desired results.


For example, if you want a car, you must think very positively about having a car. In fact, you should think that you actually have a car already. Then, automatically, you will begin doing things such as saving money, finding out about cars that are available, checking out which are the best and so on. So, somewhere subconsciously, you are preparing for the arrival of your car. It will be just a matter of time before your thoughts begin to take a material shape.


Popularized in Rhonda Byrne’s famous The Secret, the Law of Attraction has a lot of appeal for people who are looking at personal development today. This law has helped several people succeed in relationships, profession, their financial and social status, etc. These are the people who thought about the single thing they wanted to achieve, with complete conviction. It was this conviction that lent shape to their desire and helped them to fulfill it.


The Law of Attraction surely works. But what you have to ensure is whether you are able to get convinced to the extent that the law begins taking a material shape. You have to be highly optimistic, without a shadow of apprehension, and it is only then that you will see things automatically falling into place.


How to Develop Your Own Style

There are people who spend their whole lives conforming to the ideals of other people, while there are some people who want to develop their own style. If you are the latter type, then it does not mean that you have a large ego or that you are vain about yourself. If you have decided to develop your own style, then it is the sign of a confident personality. You are trying to be unique; there is no harm in that.


The first thing you have to do when you aspire to develop your own style is to have a full realization of your limitations and capabilities. You cannot be unique unless and until you know what you can and cannot do. Think about the things you are good at, and think about the things you are bad at.


Always try to work to your strengths. If there is something you can do well, try and see how you can improve at it. This is what will characterize your personality. People will remember you for your talent. Aren’t all famous personalities of the world remarkable because of just one talent? Try to find out where your special forte is, and work on it.


That does not mean you should ignore your weaknesses completely. You should try to improve on that too. A person with an impressive personality is one who can manage various tasks, but excel at one.


It is also important that you listen to your ‘inner voice’. When you are planning on something, ask yourself—What does my inner voice say? And act accordingly. If you have firm conviction in a particular thing, you should probably do just that. There will be several detractors on the way, but you should only heed the advice of people who have noble intentions for you. Don’t be obstinate, but know what’s good for you and act accordingly. Be confident about yourself.


Don’t blindly copy others. Don’t try to do something just because someone else is doing it. Do what you believe in, even though other people don’t recommend it. If you are firmly convinced that it is good for you, then it probably is. Weigh the pros and cons of anything that you take up, and when you take something up, commit yourself to it.


Developing your own style isn’t something that you can do overnight. Your whole life is a process of developing a personality or a style. Everything that you do will affect it. So, you need to be careful about everything that you do and, above all, have faith in yourself and the people who mean well for you. 


5 Tips to Build an Impressive Personality

Everyone wants to have a personality with which they can impress other people. Our existence is all about being what we are and still being liked by people. However, we must realize that we aren’t perfect as we are. We can actually never be perfect, but there are ways we can implement in order to get closer to what people want of us. If we want to build an impressive personality, we have to fit ourselves within the expectations of the people that we encounter, and then some more.


That might seem intimidating to you, but if you are just starting out with your aspirations to develop a better personality, then there are some simple things you can plan on:


Lend an Ear to Everyone


People will constantly tell you of their opinions and give you ideas. Never mow them down. A person with an impressive personality is always a good listener. Make sure you hear people out, and then take it from there. Just like you like it when people hear you out, others want that too.


Don’t Give Out Too Much Advice


People who are always ready with some advice are actually detested. A lot of people you will meet want to do things their own way. Just like you, they want to be free and independent. That’s the reason you’re doling out of too much advice won’t always be appreciated. It mars your personality. Give out advice only when people ask you directly for it.


Always Be Confident


You don’t need to know everything, but you have to be confident within your special expertise. This could be your line of work, or your hobby, or some other passion that you pursue and are known for. Other people are going to approach you about these things. You are going to have to make decisions. At such times, you have to make sure that you are confident about your actions.


Prioritize Your Tasks


You are always going to have a lot of tasks ahead of you. They will be your different social, professional and personal tasks. All of these tasks will deserve to be fulfilled but they will have different degrees of importance. This is where you have to understand the art of prioritization. You have to know which task is most important—the task whose fulfillment affects other tasks—and which is less important. Accomplish your tasks in this order. This ensures that you become more productive and earn people’s respect.


Respect Everyone for What They Are


Just as you want to be respected, other people want to be respected too. You have to ensure that you don’t slight anyone, that you give them the respect that they deserve. When you understand that others around you are also human and are prone to the same limitations that you are, you become better at handling other people.


Work on these points. If you are looking at developing an impressive personality, they are going to help you immensely.


Tips to Develop Your Personality at Your Workplace

Your workplace is one place where you have to be at your best. People are scrutinizing you at every moment, whether you like it or not, and they are judging you. Hence, you need to put your best foot forward at all times.


This might seem to be a very daunting task to you and you may even feel intimidated about it. But, what can you do about it? What can you do so that you always leave a favorable impression on everyone at the workplace? The answer to this doesn’t lie in a single aspect—you have to try and improve your entire personality. The personality that you project at the workplace should be such that it should impress people. Only then will you command respect at the place where you work.


Here are some tips on how you can go about developing that amazing workplace personality that gets you great results.


Be Knowledgeable


Always know what you are doing. You need to know everything about your job. Always keep gaining information and keep educating yourself. Learn new methods and techniques as they are introduced. When you have the right knowledge, you develop a great personality for the workplace.


Be Confident


Give out the impression that you are confident about what you are doing. If you follow the above point, i.e. if you gain knowledge, then you automatically become confident as well. You have to be sure of your decisions and your way of doing things. 


Be Focused on Your Results


Even if you are the most knowledgeable person at work, you don’t go a long way if you don’t achieve your results. This is what proves that you have the spark in you to achieve what you set out to achieve. The best way to do this is by being focused on your results. Concentrate on what you have to achieve. Keep thinking of ways and means to reach those goals.


Be Good to Your Fellow Workers


This is a social aspect that forms a large part of your workplace personality. Always be kind to your subordinates and obedient to your superiors. But, act within the premise of reason. If you see someone stepping over the line, then you should take the right action. People respect you for being firm on your beliefs, and people are also constantly checking you for the way you deal with the other people at work.


Keep these basic points in mind. If you are looking at developing a great workplace personality, these are what you should incorporate within yourself. 


How to Enrich Your Mind Even When You Are Super Busy

Everyone’s grouse today seems to be the same—there’s just too much work for me to do! It seems that everyone around us is biting more than they can chew and then they regret it, but cannot back out. This is certainly a worrisome factor, but if you played your cards right, you could do things that could give you a more enriched life. In fact, you could do a few things in that regard even without putting any kind of limitations on your current busy life.


Think about these things.


1.  Is there something that you really like to do, a real passion? You should spend time doing it at least once a week. Imagine that playing tennis is a real passion with you but you don’t get time to play it any more. Even so, you should try to wedge it somewhere at least once during the week. Or maybe you can invite your office people over to play tennis with you. They want the relaxation too. And you won’t feel too guilty about it then.


2.  Buy a good self-help tape which gives good, life-changing advice. There are many such motivating tapes that you can get your hands on. Listen to them when you drive to work. A really good motivating tape in the morning can make your day.


3.  Or, you can get some music you really like and put it into the player when you are driving to work. There’s nothing like a dose of your favorite songs in the morning when the whole day stretches yawningly in front of you.


4.  Talk to your friends when you can. This is something that can really cheer you up. Maybe you can talk to a different friend each day. This is also a great way to socialize because people don’t exactly have the time to meet their friends regularly nowadays. The best time to call them is in the lazy afternoons when everything slows down to almost a halt.


5.  Take short power naps. Do you have some important work looming in front of you that is going to take the considerable part of the evening, and you are feeling sleepy already? It is time to take a power nap. Close all doors to your room, sit on the most comfortable chair you have, draw the drapes and go off to sleep. Set an alarm to wake up after 15-20 minutes. When you wake up, let the dredges of sleep subside, and you will find yourself to be a new, refreshed person.


Try these tips to rejuvenate the inner ‘you’ even when you are busy. You will find the difference making its appearance felt soon enough.


Recreation—An Elusive Thing that You Have to Grab Hold of

In today’s hasty world, one thing that most of us have forgotten is that the human body needs to relax. We need to take time out for ourselves. Our bodies are more complicated than any machine man has ever devised. Even the best of machines requires to be energized in some way or the other and they need to rest if they have to work for a long time. But, with our own bodies—these amazing machines that nature has provided us with—we are completely laidback. We don’t realize the need of rest for our body machines. And therein lies a major problem.


Today, most people flinch at the prospect of rest. There is so much work everyone has taken up that resting seems like a taboo. It is something you should not speak of. It is something for the lazy people who can do nothing good in their lives… that’s the sorry impression we have about rest and recreation.


But this attitude can only take us faster to our graves. If our body doesn’t get the chance to recharge itself, how will it be able to continue functioning normally? How do you hope to make your body more productive the next day if you don’t rest today?


Rest is one thing; recreation is another. When we are resting, we are just shutting ourselves off from the world for a while. But when we are recreating, we do something that we enjoy. We enrich our minds when we recreate and at the same time our brain is happy because we are doing something that we love. It releases more endorphins and that’s the reason our entire body attains a state of natural felicity. This is a factor that can enhance our health in great measure.


However, the important thing is that recreation isn’t something that comes naturally to us. We have to take it. Like for hunger or thirst, we don’t have an instinct for recreation. That’s the reason we don’t ‘feel’ the need to recreate, but this is definitely something that we should do.


Whatever it is that we like to do—go for a walk, watch a movie, listen to a song, read a book, write something, talk with our friends, take the dog out, play with our children—we should do. We should spend time doing that for at least a few minutes every day. This makes our mind richer and our bodies fitter. If we want to make a well-oiled, productive machine out of our bodies, then we must not forget to give it its dose of recreation each day of our lives. 


5 Qualities You Should Imbibe Within Yourself to Be a Better Person

If you are looking at developing your personality, then there are some highly essential qualities that you should certainly not miss out on. In your quest for personal development, these traits can go a long way in making you successful.


Manage Your Time Well


People who respect time are the ones that get respect from others. Time is a limited resource—the richest person and the poorest person have the same amount of time to spend. You should understand this. The people who are successful are those who have managed their time well. Learn how to prioritize things and how to allocate the right amount of time for every task that you need to accomplish.


Always ‘Be There’ for People


You have to always be there for people around you. Help them in their times of difficulty. Even if you cannot help them materially, give them your personal support, some words of reassurance, whatever you can. And when you help people, don’t do it with a selfish intent. You will get reciprocation surely, but you shouldn’t do a good deed thinking about rewards.


Be Passionate about the Right Things


Humans are differentiated from animals because they can be passionate about things. You need to have a hobby, a special fondness for something, an activity that you zealously pursue. This could be anything from collecting stamps and reading to gardening and traveling. You should use this passion to develop yourself personally through knowledge and in a spiritual manner.


Focus on Your Work


You should be completely devoted to your profession. Your work is what defines you. It gives you an identity and a proper place in society. Hence, you owe your unstinting dedication to your work.


Realize that Life Is a Learning Process


Treat life like a learning process. There is so much that life teaches you, and you have to make sure that you learn all these lessons along the way. Even your failures enrich you, because they teach you what you should not do. A successful person isn’t one who doesn’t ever fail; a successful person is one who realizes his or her mistakes and then learns from them.


Cheering People Up: How to Do It

There are so many instances when you really want to go out and cheer someone up but you don’t know how. Then you feel limited and you let people vent out their sorrows. However, if you knew how to cheer them up, probably things would become very different. This skill—the skill of cheering people up—is a friendship sealer. You instantly make a bond with the person you are able to cheer up.


If you find it difficult to cheer people up, these are some of the ways you can go about it.


Start by separating them from the crowd. Find a situation or a place where you can be alone with them. Make them sit down. Sit down next to them. The very act of sitting down together is reassuring for people who are going through a rough time.


Do not prod them too much. Do not ask about what’s going on. A very important aspect of cheering people up is that you have to give them enough time. They have to understand that you are with them. They need to trust you in order to start talking. If there is already a trust factor between you, this will be easier. If there isn’t, you should be prepared to give them up. Maybe they will not open out at all when you first meet them. Be ready to leave it at that.


Do not ask redundant questions like, “How are you feeling?”, “What do you plan to do now?”, etc. Such questions can only bring more misery to them. In fact, you should not ask questions at all. Be with them for a while. If they want to continue bring with you, then you should take this as a sign that they want to talk with you too.


A little physical touch of affection can help. It could be a comforting shoulder given to them to cry on or a reassuring pat on their hand. This can give people a lot of strength.


When they eventually talk, listen to them. Most people don’t want advice or suggestions when they are feeling low; they just want to let it all out. Be the ears they want to talk to.


Speak objectively. Do not linger too much on what has happened with them. Do not give examples from your own life. That would be just like adding salt to the injury; like freshening up their hurt. Instead, talk normally. Most people would love that. When we are going through a calamity, the most reassuring thing is the feeling that everything is getting back to normal.


You won’t be able to be a master at this act right from your first time. But life will give you many opportunities to cheer people up, to give them consolation. 


How to Be a Friend to Your Friends

What does being a friend mean to you? Does it just mean having some company for your nights out and for those movies and a few pairs of ears to listen to when you want to talk something? Or does it just mean having someone to help you when you need some money or some other kind of favor?


Most times, people say that they don’t have friends that they count on. If you think so as well, maybe you need to look within yourself first. 


Friendship is highly relative. You have to be a good friend to people first. It is only then that you get genuine friends who can stick with you through thick and thin. You cannot be a selfish slob and expect everyone around you to give you the shirt off their back when you need it.


Though we live in times that are characterized by great strides in scientific and technological progress—in times that are called as the ‘scientific age’ or the ‘computer age’—the basic human qualities such as friendship remain the same. The same age-old values still apply.


You need to think of your friends as human. Often, we lose sight of them when we are thinking too much about ourselves. Most people have a tendency of putting themselves at the center of attraction—they think that the world revolves around them and everything else apart from them is secondary. This is certainly not the way to approach friendship. You must realize that your friends are with you for the same reasons that you are with them. Give them first what you expect them to give you—a kind word, support, companionship and everything else that you need for yourself.


You don’t want to be a fair-weather friend either, because then that is what you will get for yourself. Fair-weather friends are those who are with you when the going is good and bail out on you when things begin getting rough. You have to pledge your support to your friends. Be with them in their lean times. Even if just stay with them when they are feeling low and don’t say a word, you may be able to give them enough courage.


This is what helps you grow a person as well. A person is known by the company they keep. When you are a good friend, you are likely to be surrounded by good friends as well. This develops you as a person and helps you grow. 


A Few Aspects of Personal Development that You Cannot Ignore

You must have given a lot of thought to ‘personal development’. A lot of people are talking about it, especially people in business who want to reach their next level of success. But what is personal development? Is it just about building yourself physically and mentally, or is there something more than that? Here we take a look at the different aspects of personal development.


One of the most relevant aspects of personal development is growing your personality. You have to strive for becoming a better individual in all respects. You have to develop virtues like patience, integrity, loyalty to people and your work, better commitment to your profession and relationships, love and affection for people around you and so on. It is not about developing just one trait—you need to work on the whole package!


When becoming better, you have to focus on the following five most important areas:


®   Your family

®   Your friends

®   Your work

®   Your passion

®   Your self


Improve relationships with your family members. For them, you should be someone they want to pin their hopes on, someone they can easily share their joys and sorrows with, someone dependable. You cannot achieve this overnight, but every moment of your existence, you should try to reinforce your relationship with the family, and this takes precedence over everything else when it comes to personal development.


At the same time, you have to be a better friend as well. Be for them when they need you. Share their sorrows more than you share their joys. Help them in need but don’t make them depend on you so much that they lose their self-reliance. Show them the right path when needed and if a situation arises.


Work is what defines you. A lot of people are known by the work that they do. Be thoroughly professional at what you do. Think of every aspect. If you have a talent, use it for the better good of people. Don’t think about your work just in the monetary sense, because then it does not bring the kind of rewards you want.


Every person must have a passion. It could be anything that you love to do. Spend time on your passion; it gives you creative release. Improve upon it consistently. Let people know about your passion.


But the most vital aspect of personal development is to improve upon your ‘self’. Strive for becoming a better person each day. Imbibe a positive thinking approach even in the grimmest of difficulties and improve your behavior. Let people cite you as an example for all the good things that humankind is bestowed with.


Personal development comes through focusing on all these areas. Leave one of them, and the imbalance can be highly disadvantageous to your individual growth.