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4 Smart Tips to Using Credit Cards

Plastic money, which comes in form of credit cards, is really loved and highly used. There is nothing you cannot purchase with one swipe of the credit card. Credit companies make a multi-billion dollars kill every year on credit card users. This kill is made when they deduct their charges and when they fine you for late payments, transfers and over-limits. However, a credit card can be a good servant if used wisely but a bad master when used unwisely. As a matter of fact, you can even get bonuses when you learn how to wisely use your plastic. The following tips will be of great help to you.

  • There are many credit card companies to choose from; choose the best. The best credit card you can have is one that has good rates of interest and an open bonus system. Some credit cards usually have rewards for you, if you use it wisely. The rewards range from cash back to college fees for your kids. You can have a look at the customer reviews on a credit card before choosing it to be your plastic. Such reviews will give you the best image of the credit card, and the experiences of other customers will help you make the right choice.

  • Avoid carrying balances on your plastic. Credit card companies reward those who have a clean record when it comes to having balances in their credit cards. Paying off the balances usually relieves you of the burden of paying huge amounts of interest. Make it your aim to pay off any balance in your credit card ever month.

  •  Learn how to communicate with your credit card company. When you have a balance that has been forwarded to the next month, pick up your phone and talk to your credit card company and see whether it is possible for the interest rate to be cut down. However, you can only benefit from such a step if you have previously kept a clean record of clearing balances with the company.

  • Avoid cash advances like plague. As a matter of fact, use cash advances only when you are faced with an emergency and there is no other way out. It is very easy to ask for a cash advance, because when you get it you feel as if you have been given free money. However, such advances usually attract heavy interests and charges when you delay payment. 

Use these smart tips when you use credit cards and then you will not feel them to be the monster that they are usually touted to be.

Debt Consolidation and Debt Refinancing—Ways to Become Debt-Free

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you have come to the decision that you want to reduce your debts, and this is quite commendable. However, consolidating your debts is not as easy as it sounds; you need strategy and determination.


You first need to know the adverse effects that debts have on you. You may be in dire need of property, a car or starting capital for business, and you may need financing. As long as you have a trail of debts after you, then you can rest assured that no financer will look your way. Therefore, your hands become tied. 


Debt consolidation is usually the first step you should take in mending your broken credit history. Debt consolidation does not make all your debts vanish into thin air; what this does is that interest rates go down when debts are consolidated. The fact that you pay less interest on your debts means that you are able to pay your debts much faster than you would have if you had not consolidated them. There are many financers who give nice debt consolidation loans, and you should consider getting one. I must mention at this point that the better your credit history is, the easier it is to get a debt consolidation loan.


You might want to consolidate your debt by other means except getting a consolidation loan. Well, if you own a home, there is good news for you. You can put up your home for a mortgage refinancing scheme that can be used to pay all other creditors, leaving you with only one – the mortgage financier. 


However, if the above options do not suit you because you are limited due to one reason or the other, then all is not lost. You can get yourself a debt management agency to get the consolidation job done for you. The advantage with such agencies is that they can get your debts consolidated without you necessarily having a home or any other form of security. Consider consolidating your debts especially when you have gotten to a point where your debts are unmanageable. 


You can do the application online to the relevant agency. Searching for the agencies via the internet is advantageous because you have a range of agencies to choose from. Go through various agencies online before deciding on which one you will choose.

How to Become Financially Free by Year End

Becoming financially free by the end of the year is possible if you take control of your money and life style and stick to your intention as the highest priority. Even if you are in debt right now, with some planning, you can end the year with savings in the bank if you take time to do some financial planning now and make goals to help you achieve your objective.

Begin by taking a personal inventory about the true state of your financial affairs as they look today. Create two columns and in one column list the money saved and assets you have available and your regular salary or other source of income The goal of financial planning is to be able to pay the bills in the second column from what is available in the first column and still save money.

  • The second step is to create a weekly budget. Base your budget estimate on your weekly income.
  • Begin by estimating your weekly income before you pay bills or do anything else with your money.
  • Put a minimum of 10- 20% of your weekly income before bills into a savings account.
  • Then work out how much you expect to need to pay in bills this month. Include all debts as well as utility and other bills you may have or expect to receive. Ensure you budget to pay more than the minimum amount on your debts. If you only pay the minimum required you will not achieve your goal of being debt free. 
  • Divide that amount by four and this will give you a weekly amount you will need to subtract from your income to cover your end of month bills. 
  • Allocate any remaining money for personal use, to increase bill repayments or to increase savings.

The third step is to look for alternative income sources if your expenditures (not including personal use money) are greater than your income. This may mean taking a second job or looking for a higher paying job. Short-term pain will equal long-term gain. 

Stop using any credit cards and never use them to pay for food or clothes or utility bills. Repay them as soon as possible to reduce interest on repayments. 

By focusing on these steps, your financial freedom by this year’s end is very achievable. 

Managing Festival Expenses—Celebrate without Feeling the Pinch on the Wallet

Festive seasons come every year, and these are seasons in which retail traders make a killing. TV and radio stations make a lot of money on advertisements in such festive seasons. The online sites are flooded with advertisements that are very glittery and catchy to the eye. Everybody is caught up in the festive mood of the season, and the cash in their pockets starts to itch. When this happens, people start buying whatever they set their eyes on and they spend even without thinking; after all, tomorrow has its own shares of trouble, doesn’t it? So why deprive yourself of today’s pleasures for a tomorrow whose materialization is not even guaranteed?


Well, festive seasons will always come as long as there is a year and a calendar. Therefore, do not get too fussy with them. Be very practical and sensible as you spend during a festive season. Do not buy what is somewhat unnecessary; why invest $200 on a decoration that will be used for a few hours only to be disposed off the next day? Be very innovative and creative so that you will not have to buy everything. Consider going for a one-day lesson on making nice ice cream, yoghurt, ketchup and hot sauce. This way, you will never have to worry about such things when you are hosting your guests during a festive season. 


It is an all-time practice to exchange gifts, say during festive seasons of Easter and Christmas. However, it is not necessary to do so. Okay, before you kill me, let me explain why and show you how. You have a family of say seven (dad, mum and kids). You have short term and long-term goals as a family, say moving into your own home or getting a new car or starting a business. If this is so, what is so hard in having a family discussion and deciding that you will not do the religious exchanging of gifts for the sake of your family long term goals? 


It is not easy to resist spending on the glittery and expensive wares for the festive season, especially when you know that you can use your credit card to make purchases. However, resist over spending as much as you can. This way, you will be able to enjoy the whole year without paying debts you never budgeted for in the first place. Delayed gratification is the secret.

What Financial Freedom Actually Means

With the cost of living constantly rising and people’s personal debt on the increase, the question of financial freedom is in most people’s minds. How to achieve it and live a life that is debt free, or at the least, where the ability to pay every day expense’s and provide for the family without needing to go into debt is the goal for most people. 


Achieving financial freedom need not be difficult. People with a poor credit rating can turn their lives around and achieve a better rating simply by making financial goals for their life. Financial planning is not just for the rich and famous. Anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom must and should engage in financial planning. 


Financial planning is about taking control of your financial situation instead of allowing it to control you. It is about creating goals and then committing to them. The reward for this action is the financial freedom you are craving. It will enable you to be debt free and saving money regularly, while also having money to spend on the things you enjoy most in life. 


Achieving financial freedom involves three major steps that you should plan on.


Creating a budget


Creating a budget means ensuring income does not exceed expenditure and the goal of the budget is to create a life style plan that covers all expenses and provides extra for saving and personal spending. It involves not only listing the current income sources, but potential other sources to increase income if required. The interest paid on debts is a constant drain on finances. While it may seem logical to pay out small debts and then focus on the large ones, in fact paying off the larger debts first will save money in the long term. 


Living by that Budget


A budget is only as successful if there is commitment to live within the budget and resist impulse buying and anything that may cause voluntary over expenditure. The exception to this rule is the true emergency, which although not budgeted is covered by the savings plan you have put in place. If you have plans to buy household furniture or other expensive items, delay doing this you are debt free


Increasing Savings


Allocate a weekly fixed amount of money as savings. Do not compromise on this amount for any reason. It is your key to future financial freedom. 

Goal Setting Is the Key to Success

Many a time you may have heard parents or elders in your house saying set a goal in your life if you want to achieve success. You may not have listened to them then, but have regretted later. Setting a goal and accomplishing it is the only way to achieve success. There is no second way. 


Setting a goal gives you all the emotional support to move forward in life in order to achieve success. Many factors play an important role to achieve success. Motivation, optimism, pertinence, determinations, actions, confidence, faith, attitude and predicting capability all plays a major role when setting goals and in the process of achieving the goals. You can dream, and it is only you who can fulfill your dreams. Dreaming gives you the motivations to achieve success. 


When you set a goal, you have some purpose in life. Further, you must update your goals constantly to keep pace with life. If you do not update your goals constantly as you progress, then you will lose track of your way and end up diverted from your road to success. 


Therefore, the point is even if you have a huge goal to achieve in life, you have to break it up into several small steps. These small steps are your everyday goals, which only if you achieve can bring you the huge achievement that you set in your life. Thus, it is all about strategic planning and management. 


Accomplish small goals every day. To begin with, note down these small goals on a notepad, look, and visualize it every day, think of innovative ways on how you can achieve these small goals. Take the necessary action and focus on the work you are doing. Be optimistic of the results. If you do these, then are on the right path. 


It is also necessary to set deadlines as it helps you to achieve the goal within a certain time. Otherwise, you leave it for long and divert mid-way. Some people set goals that are not achievable. Avoid such mistakes as trying to achieve these types of goals are only a waste of time and confidence. You must know your strengths and weaknesses before you set a goal. Knowing your potential is very important when trying to achieve the desired goal. 


Thus, goal setting and following it strictly is an important step to achieve success in your life. Without a goal, your life is a waste. 

How to Set a Goal Successfully

Goal setting and planning are the two essential factors to get the results you desire. Making up your mind is the primary step when you want to achieve something. You may work hard throughout the day, but if you do not have the focus, that end goal, all your hard work goes to waste. Even though you can find many resources over the Internet on how to set a goal, but it is personal experience that teaches you better than any books or resources. However, still here are some tips on how to set a goal that will help you to some extent. 


First, you have to be an optimistic person to achieve your goal. You have to hop for the positive and keep faith in you. If you have any doubts, write them down in a piece of paper and try to come to a solution. If you cannot find the solution yourself, then take help of close ones or those who have expertise in the niche. 


Second, you have to visualize your wanting. Visualizations can instill confidence in you and only then you will have the “Go and Get it” attitude. Visualizations bring you closer to your wanting. You also need to visualize your steps in order to get the desired results. Analyze the risks involved in the tasks as well as the benefits involved. You must know the ratio between the benefit and risk. 


Third, jot down your goals on a piece of paper. You must write both your short-term goals as well as long-term goals. For example, if you want to complete a certain task tomorrow, write that down and write the goal you have set after a year. Write everything in a proper table format. A haphazard writing will make you more obfuscated in your daily life and you will end up diverted from your goal. Therefore, write down everything neatly so that anyone can understand by just looking at it. 


Finally, take action. Only if you set the goal without taking any action, it leads nowhere. Hence, take the actions that will make you reach closer towards your goal. Think positively and take positive steps. However, before taking any step, analyze the situation once again as to whether that step is appropriate or not. 


To top it all, enjoy the work you do while reaching towards your goal. That way you will not feel the pressure and even reach your goal happily.

Reasons for Not Achieving Desired Results

All of us have some goal in our lives or the other. It varies from one individual to the other. Earning money, losing weight, getting a contract, getting back with ex-boyfriend are some common goals set by people in their daily lives. Some people achieve their targets easily while others do not achieve their goals even if they try for many years. There may be a number of reasons for not achieving the desired results. Listed below are some reasons as to why people do not get success. 


Procrastinating is one of the major reasons on why people do not achieve the desired goals. It often happens that you dream of something, but never set into action to achieve your dreams. Alternatively, even if you chalk out a plan, you constantly push it back day after day giving some excuses. Moreover, when you really start the action, you find it is too late. Thus, you end up losing to achieve your dream forever.


You do not achieve the goals set, as you do not have a foolproof plan. Even though it may seem perfect to you, but in reality, it is not. This is because when you chalk out the plan, you make it standing from your plan. You do not think of what is going to happen when you reach the goal. Thus, the plan is one-sided. Therefore, when you work on the plan and move ahead, you have to update your plan constantly as your progress towards your goal. 


You spend most of your time thinking about the problem and fearing about the problem. Instead of spending this time wondering, work out for a solution to the problem. Seek the help of others, if needed. However, do not let others pacify you in this time rather seek solutions from them. 


When the slightest of things do not work in your favor, you obfuscate everything. Obfuscations leads complicate situations and do no good. Therefore, be calm during these times, only then things will start working in your favor again. 


Do not set for something less deserving. Once you do that, you tend to divert from your goal and take wrong decisions further ahead in life. You start feeling that you are not capable of achieving any higher dreams. 


A majority of people does these mistakes and do not achieve the results they desire. Therefore, do everything keeping a calm and optimistic mind. 

Set a Goal to Get the Desired Results

Many people want to achieve success without putting in any effort. However, they may appear to succeed for a short time, but on the long run, they are bound to fail. One can only achieve success by sheer hard work. 


Setting a goal in life is essential for a person who wants to be successful in life. To be successful in life, first you have to do is set your priorities straight. You need to know exactly what tasks you want to give more importance. After you set your priorities, chalk out a time table where you can write down the daily work you have done. This will make you more systematic in setting your goals. 


Next, focus on the task you are doing. Generally, it happens that you end up losing focus on a task if you work on it for long hours. It is not your fault; it is a habit of human beings or we can say that it is a state of human brain. Therefore, it is advisable to take short breaks in between the tasks to keep your brain focused on the task. Also, do not keep tasks pending, as when they pile up, you tend to divert from the goal. 


Take actions when obligatory. Imbibe decision-making capabilities in yourself. This is a very important factor to get the desired results or achieve success in life. If you fear to take any risks or actions when it calls for, then possibilities are you may divert from the goal that you set. To achieve success, you have to undertake certain risks at times. If you undertake the risk and do not succeed, then many people lose all hope and sets into a depression state. However, you must always have the faith in yourself to do better next time. In addition, when undertaking a risk, keep a second back up plan to enforce that can help you to come out of the situation if you do not succeed. 


Thus, reaching your goal is all about your planning and actions taken. It is easy to get the desired results if you have a proper plan to execute. Set your eyes and heart for something to get it. The craving from the heart that can give you the thing you want. Therefore, it is imperative to listen to your inner voice while out to achieve the desired results.

Tips on Goal Setting

Are you frustrated when nothing works out in your favor? Do you get depressed when you do not achieve the desired success? When you do not get the results you desire, then you tend to look for tips everywhere that can help you to achieve your goals. Here are some strategies that you can apply to set your goals and get the desired results. 


In order to achieve your goals, visualize your dreams and goals. Dreaming your goals will give you the willingness to fetch the goal. Generally, a person who does not dream has no goals in their life. Therefore, dreaming is the start of your realization to your goal. 


Think of the steps you can take in order to achieve your goal. Consulting others might help you a little, but ultimately you have to take the decision yourself. This is because you know yourself the best. Others can just guide you on which are the right ways, but you have to know the best way suitable to you to achieve goals. 


Next, do not promise anyone but yourself to achieve the goals when you have found the right way to start. Promising others often leads to breaking of promises, but if you promise yourself, then your inner voice constantly reminds you of the promise. 


After promising, sketch out a timetable that you wish to follow. However, it is advisable to change the routine when boredom sets in. Changing timetables will give you more energy and a new outlook to start afresh with a positive mind. Moreover, changing timetables also lets you find your previous faults and shows you a better and right way. The timetable should also reflect the time you are taking in doing a certain work. Say, if the timetable says that you have to complete a unit of any subject in 30 days, then you must do so. Time is an important factor when desiring results. 


Think of innovative ideas to make your goal achievement process easier. Innovative methods will also give you energy to complete tasks. 


Keep an optimistic towards your dreams. Optimism plays an important role in getting results. The more optimistic you are, the faster you are likely to reach your goals. An optimistic attitude motivates you to get the desired results and shows you the right way to success. 


Finally, be dedicated to the work you do. Dedication can bring a lot of accuracy to your work and make it perfect. 


Thus, follow these tips firmly to set your goals and reach the point of success.

Can You Achieve Success by the Use of Subconscious Mind?

It is a fact that you can achieve success by the use of subconscious mind. But the question is how to achieve success using subconscious mind. Mind is that part of a human system that has the ability to imagine. Only when a person imagines something, he or she can create that thing. Whatever you want is in full control of you, and takes place in the conscious mind. Then the conscious mind transfers it to the subconscious mind for it to imagine, that is to see, perceive, and feel. This process makes a person motivated to achieve the desired success. 


If you know the right method to use your subconscious mind, then you can get many benefits from your subconscious mind. However, it is imperative that you stay within positive influences to make sure that your subconscious mind is working for your good utility. 


You may have heard often doctors saying that most sicknesses arise in the mind. Here is a simple example of such a sickness. When the winter arrives, the atmosphere gets cold. We then, put on warm clothes and sniff our noses even if we do not catch cold. Sniffing gives a sensation and feeling that you have caught a cold, and hence is the feeling of sickness. This feeling directly relates to the subconscious mind. Thus, the doctors say that most of the sicknesses arise in the mind. However, this may not be the same in all cases. There are definitely diseases that have specific causes behind it. 


Generally, a human being uses 15% of the power of his subconscious mind correctly. What would happen if human beings used 95% of the power of their subconscious mind correctly? Then, there would not have been so much suffering in this world and everyone would have lived in peace. The life of man would change and he would have achieved success at every sphere of his life. Thus, to make a greater utility of your subconscious mind, know yourself, learn the way, and take control of your mind. This is the primary step to achieve success. 


A truly subconscious mind can help you achieve the desired success easily. However, you must know the appropriate way to turn your overtly negative subconscious mind to a positive subconscious to achieve success. Only positivity can bring success. There is no other way out. 

Does Subconscious Mind Affect Your Thoughts and Behavior?

The greatest and most beautiful gift given by God to man is the subconscious mind. Though it is highly complex to understand, yet it is the point where everything has control. A brain has two parts – conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Conscious mind is that part of the brain that controls your thought and actions. In other words, you are in control of the conscious mind. On the other hand, a subconscious mind has control over emotions and feelings of a person. Therefore, you are not in control of a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls you. 


Studies show that when you hear any news or anything, the subconscious mind is the first one to receive the information. It reaches the subconscious mind directly. Therefore, if you hear negative words throughout the day, then negative thoughts affect your subconscious mind automatically and you become pessimistic in life. Thus, always try to hear positive things, then a positivity will grow in your subconscious mind and you will have an optimistic attitude towards life. 


If you repeat something constantly, then your subconscious mind automatically accepts the fact that you were repeating. This is called affirmations due to repetitive actions. For example, if you are constantly saying something positive about an event, the chances are high that you will get a positive outcome. However, if you are repeating something negative, say you are constantly calling yourself a person with less confidence, and then chances are high that you will turn into a negative person or a person with lesser confidence. This happens because your subconscious mind has accepted the fact. 


Subconscious mind plays a major role to make a person turn healthier or unhealthier in life. However, if you can use the subconscious mind in a positive way, then it can bring a huge change in your life and change your life for the better. Since it involves emotions and feelings, therefore, it has the power to heal negativity if you are in a positive environment. However, it can have the reverse affect also. 


Thus, subconscious is a powerful tool gifted by God to Man to achieve the thing he or she wants in life. Many people yet do not know the role of a subconscious mind. It is important to bring this amazing gift of sub consciousness to the awareness of all people of the world. 

How Subconscious Eating Can Affect Us

Subconscious eating is such a habit where a person eats instinctively without thinking for a second time. For example, you are doing some work, and if anyone brings any food that you like, then you pick up the food and start eating, even if you are not hungry then. This practice of subconscious eating generally makes people fatter. It is more difficult for persons who wants to lose weight but unable to do so. The habit of subconscious eating makes them gain weight instead of losing some. 


One of the biggest mistakes that people make in their subconscious mind is that they begin to eat more when they workout with the opinion that since they are working out, they are losing calories, and so a little more intake of calories is not to deleterious for health. However, this is very wrong. The aim is to lose weight. Therefore, if a person takes in more number of calories than he is sweating out, then he does not lose any weight instead gains weight. 


Thus, to control the eating habits yourself and not by the subconscious mind, you have to play an active role. You must know yourself and have the ability to visualize your needs. For instance, you are a person with a weight of 100 kg and you want your weight to reduce to 55 kg. Therefore, you have to lose 45 kg to attain the shape. Then, your first step is to visualize yourself as a person of weight 55 kg. 


Only then, you get a positive affirmation in your subconscious mind to lose the weight and control your food habits. Along with controlling your food habits, you also need to perform some exercises under trained supervisors for correct ways to reduce the weight. Thus, this was just an example to make the understanding simpler for you. As a grown-up person, you are accountable of what you eat. Simply saying that you could not control eating is a mere excuse. 


These are all thoughts of a subconscious mind that makes a person think in such a complex manner. However, it is important to overcome the thoughts of a subconscious mind partially as you cannot overcome them fully. It is a part of the human psychological working of a brain, and therefore, trying to stop the working of a subconscious mind fully, is a matter of foolishness. 

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How to Reprocess Your Thoughts

The mind is quite a complex organ of the human body. It is amazing to learn about the working of a mind when a person is fully conscious and in a subconscious state. However, many a times, you may have wanted to change yourself and your thoughts into a new person. Before turning to a new person, you have to think of the person you want to be and visualize him or her. In other words, it is a game of mind that makes you turn into a new person. Below are some ways where you can learn techniques on how to change yourself to a new person or reprogram your subconscious mind. 


The first thing is you have to make affirmations positively. You have to empower your mind with positive questions and positive, satisfactory responses. For instance, make assertions to yourself like, “I am satisfied that I have accomplished my job.” This is a positive affirmation and works wonders for subconscious minds. 


Visualization is an important property that helps you to change into a new man and plays a major role in the powering of your subconscious mind. This visualization must be creative and you must have the power to think and feel the things you want in life. It means that you must be able to imagine it with eyes closed. The property of visualization plays a major role in the subconscious mind. 


Audio programs are also a way to boost up the subconscious mind to a higher level. Here you attain a high concentration. For example, if you hear some positive words silently at night in an audio player even while you are asleep, it makes an impact in your mind and it plays the role of affirmation in the subconscious mind.  


However, there are many other ways too, to increase the power of your mind. Processes such as hypnosis, EFT and sublime videos also make an impact on your subconscious mind. The steps to program your subconscious mind once again are simple yet tough to follow. 


Words and emotions influence the subconscious mind more than other part. This is the reason why you have the power to attract more things when you are in a happy state of mind, as at that time, the subconscious mind is full of affirmations and visualizations. 


Thus, mind is a really highly complex process which if you want to study, you have to spend years and understand its pattern of functioning through study. 

How to Understand if You Have A Subconscious Mind Or Not

Many people think that they are in full control of their life. They fail to realize the simple fact that not everything works according to their control. However, few things on this earth are uncontrollable. One among these uncontrollable things is the subconscious mind. They are not in control of man. Things may apparently appear to be in control of you, but in reality, it is not. The destiny lies in control of your subconscious mind. 


A subconscious has both its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the people unknowingly use the subconscious mind for harmful purposes than for helpful purposes. For instance, many people often think themselves to be of no use and end up committing suicide. Before attempting suicide, they repeat this point of non-utility of themselves many times. When their subconscious mind accepts the fact that they are useless, they commit suicide. 


This is just one example. These types of negative emotions often play around us that make us accept the negative fact. Moreover, it is difficult to accept something positive than something negative. A common human psychological behavior says that people accept negative things more easily than a positive thing. Negative news makes a greater impact on the subconscious mind, thus leading to easy remembrance.


Let us again take a simple example to prove this case. Do you remember the exact day when your father died? Obviously, in most cases, the answer will be yes. Nevertheless, do you remember the exact day when your husband kissed you? Some may remember this, while most others may not. Thus, you see that you remember the negative emotion quite easily, whereas it is tough to remember the positive emotion. Likewise, many emotions and feelings are both easy and tough to remember. The subconscious mind plays a major role in dealing with these emotions and feelings leading your life to a happier one or a sadder one. 


Everything depends on the environment that surrounds you. Therefore, to understand whether you have a subconscious mind or not, first you have to understand yourself, your thoughts and feelings. Once you can judge yourself, only then you will be able to understand that you have a subconscious mind or not. 


However, every human being living on this earth has a subconscious mind. The only difference is that each one uses their subconscious mind differently or you can say the environment compels the subconscious mind or every person to function differently. 

5 Essential Remedies for Depression

The first thing to recognize when speaking of depression and the different treatments for it, is that there are different types of depression. Each of these types might require a different treatment, in order to alleviate symptoms and cure the disease. Depression and suicide are very much connected to each other. Often patients who try to commit suicide are diagnosed with some form of depression or mental disorder like trauma.


A major event in a person’s life can result in ‘reactive depression’. This is when a person physically and psychologically reacts to a problem in an extreme way. Post-traumatic stress disorder is an example; this can result in a cycle of negative symptoms. 


Talking therapy is a very good way of treating depression of this type. The therapy could be with a counselor or a psychologist. It could be in a group setting or it could be one on one. Additionally, an anti-depressant might be prescribed. 


A chemical imbalance in the body can result in what is called ‘endogenous depression.’ Talking therapies are required, but this form of depression is a lot harder to treat than reactive depression. In the first instance your doctor might prescribe a number of different anti-depressants. This will help bring you to the point of feeling sufficiently motivated to take part in counseling sessions.  


Another form of depression is post-natal depression. If the mother wishes to continue breast feeding throughout the treatment it can be difficult, the medication would then be transferred to the baby through the mother’s milk. Depending on how severe the depression is, the mother might be admitted to a clinic, providing there is a mother and baby unit. When treating this form of depression, it is best to keep the mother and baby together so that their bonding process continues.


These days something that is used is ECT (electro-compulsive therapy) this is only be used as a last resort after a patient has been on at least three different anti-depressant medications without results. 


In order to increase the chances of treatments being successful, lifestyle changes must be made. It is advised that a balanced diet and abstaining from drinking alcohol will help the recovery process during treatment. 


Acknowledging depression and seeking treatment does prevent suicide. Educating people in a positive way as well as providing useful information about mental disorders and health issues is important. 


The above-mentioned methods are the most common ways to medically treat patients suffering from depression. However, aside from these, there is also a host of alternative therapies available. 


Medication, counseling groups and psychology, ECT and of course a change in of lifestyle are all methods which can help to speed up the recovery of someone suffering from depression.