Sunday 6 March 2022

Dealing with a Major Change in Life

Have you just had a major change in your life, something that upset you, hurt you, or made you angry or upset? When these things happen, especially when we feel betrayed or let down by people we love, it’s easy to feel that we can never trust people again. The effect of one or two negative things in our life can cause us to spiral on a path of seeming no return as our negative thought life convinces never to trust people again. We may even lose confidence in our own ability to make good decisions.


Being stuck in the past and letting the past manipulate and dictate the future is a major reason many people feel that their life does not progress once they have a traumatic or negative experience. If years have passed since the event, it is possible not to understand the significance or the impact, that incident so long ago continues to have on the actions and thought life. Acknowledging it is the first stage of healing and progression towards a new tomorrow. 


If you recognize that some incident in the past is affecting your present actions and reactions, it is wise to seek professional health. You may choose to see a counsellor or seek the help of the leader of your religious group if you have a faith in God. There are also some other things you can do to help yourself.


In your mind, picture that event on paper and currently laying on the desk that is your mind. Each time you pass your desk, that paper is open for you to look at and read. For you to stop being reminded of that incident, you need to remove it from your mind’s eye. Now imagine you have picked up that file and put it into a filing cabinet with “case closed” written on it. 


The past is the past and nothing that can be said or done will change what has happened. Having acknowledged that maybe the past is causing us to have negative thoughts, we can change them to positive ones by focusing on a new beginning and the hope of a better and happier ending. Preparing yourself today and taking positive steps today to change your thinking will create a happier tomorrow. 


Challenge yourself to see yourself not as you were in the past, but as you want to be in the future. Write down how you want life to look like ten years from now and write it as if it was a reality. Read it regularly and see how it changes your thought life to have a direction to head towards and a past to leave behind. 


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