Monday 25 July 2022

5 Things to Ask When Looking for a Fresh Start

That's it. You've had it. Life is just not going as well as you'd like. It's time for a change, a Fresh Start if you will. But how do you know where to even begin? Especially if you're still neck-deep in a life you want to escape.


It’s simple. You start by asking yourself these five questions:


What Are You Looking For?


Too often, what we're thinking is a change in our life is nothing more than a dressed-up version of the old. To avoid falling into this trap, start looking for real and actual change. Start by asking the hard questions: What do you want out of life? How are you not getting this? What would you need to do to attain this? What's one positive change which would place you closer to this dream?


How Many Risks Are You Willing to Take?


Fresh starts will demand a certain commitment from you, which manifests in how much of yourself you’re willing to put into the project. If you’re not willing to risk a new way of life, or much in the way of change, you’re not going to have much success. 


What is Different About the Life You’re Proposing


If you're looking for a new beginning, there has to be something 'new,' or you're not starting over at all. You are merely continuing what you've been doing all along. What is the thing you haven't done before?


What Are You Giving Up?


A new beginning means something else is ending. What are you leaving behind? Keep in mind this question doesn't necessarily imply you need to abandon every aspect of your past. Sometimes we're leaving behind only a small part of our life.


Are You Truly Ready to Let Go of the Past?


This last question can be hard because you might not know this answer until you've begun. Every fresh start is doomed to failure if you're weighed down with a lot of baggage from the past. At the very least, though, it helps to have a positive attitude about letting go and are willing to do the work to make this happen.


In the end, these questions will give you some idea of what to expect as you embark on this journey of letting go. After all, being prepared truly is half the battle. 

3 Ways to Live More Strategically

When you live strategically, you make it easier for yourself to accomplish a goal and make decisions along the way. The problem is, it can be hard to know what you need to do to live a more strategic life. If you struggle with the idea, read below for three ways you can learn to live more strategically. 


Have a Strategic Plan for Your Life


It isn't enough to decide you want to live a more strategic life. You have to create a strategy to follow. It can be difficult to follow your thoughts and dreams when they are just in your head, so it's better to write this strategic plan down. This will help you to have a narrower focus and to plan out better how to deal with certain decisions when they arrive. 


For example, if you wish to hold a higher position at your job, write that down, then write what you can do to help you get there. 


Plan Ahead for Change


If you are following a strategic plan, it can be harrowing when something in your life changes and the plan doesn’t fit anymore. But this is okay. The only way to adequately deal with change is by embracing it so you can deal with it more quickly and get back on the path you were on before. 


It’s best if you prepare for possible changes in advance. While you can’t prepare for everything, this is a strategy that will help keep you on top of your goals even when the unexpected happens. 


Be More Confident In Yourself

When it comes to living a more strategic life, you will find that it is vitally important to be confident in yourself. It will take confidence and belief in yourself to stick to your strategy when people may disagree with you or you experience times of hardship. 


If self-confidence is something you struggle with, you should employ different tactics to help boost it. Some good ways to help your self-confidence are positive self-talk, practicing gratitude, and changing your posture when you sit and walk. 


If you have decided that you want to embrace a more strategic life, it's time to create a plan to prepare for change. It would be best if you also worked on your self-confidence, so you can stick to your strategic plan even when unforeseen circumstances come your way. 

Wednesday 20 July 2022

5 Ways To Stay Fit Without Entering A Gym

Let’s face it, the gym environment (despite the diversity of options for gyms that are present in most places) is not for everyone, either due to personal preference of atmosphere, lack of self-confidence, or possibly simply logistical issues such as time or transportation, but fortunately there are a number of ways that you can stay in shape and get some exercise without ever stepping foot into a gym.


Consider the following 5 suggestions that provide a workout in an alternative setting.




Whether you go to the park closest to you and walk around for 20 minutes, or you take a day trip to whatever state park with hiking trails is most feasible for you, or even if you just take an hour to explore your town or city.


Consider it taking yourself on a tour of your town which likely would result in you either re-discovering the town that you call home or learning things about your city of which you were previously unaware.


Walking and hiking are excellent ways to get some exercise without going to a gym. Anything from a brief stroll to a vigorous hike will most certainly be worth the time and the effort, and you will be happy that you did.


Donate Your Time/Labor


Volunteering in a community garden, or with a charitable organization such as Habitat for Humanity, or any other activity of the like will not only get you moving and active without stepping on a treadmill, but the sense of accomplishment and reward that your philanthropic activities will yield will make you feel better both inside and out.


Your local Chamber of Commerce or YMCA would likely be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the volunteer activity that is right for you.


Turn Cleaning Into A Workout


Basically, most weekly or daily household chores (vacuuming, mopping, general maintenance and cleaning) involve a certain amount of physical activity anyway, so why not turn these tasks that need to be done anyway into a work out of sorts? Accomplishing this efficient use of your energy is as simple as putting on your work-out clothes and shoes, turning on your favorite work-out music, and just putting a little more energy into your movements as you get your house chores done.


Take Up A Sport That Suits You


Most every town and certainly every city has adult league teams that play a variety of sports such as softball, soccer, basketball, etc. Even if you’ve never played a team sport before, there is a good chance that you will find a sport and team that is appropriate for your skill level and physical ability.


And you might be surprised at how much you enjoy your new found activity and the comradery of your team mates, as well as you may discover a talent to which you were previously unaware you possessed which, like volunteering, will not only give you exercise and help you to stay fit but will also improve your mental and emotional health. If you find the right sport and the right team to join, it will most certainly be a win-win situation for you


Participate In An Obstacle Course


A fast-growing trend in outdoor fitness activities are organized obstacle courses, and there are options for every level of athlete, many of which are also themed which makes them more fun and interesting.


Obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder, Zombie Mud Run, Spartan Race, etc. are just 3 of the multiple options of fun obstacle course races that will certainly give you a work out but won’t make you spend time at the gym.




Sunday 10 July 2022

3 Mental Shifts to Enrich Your Self-Belief in an Afternoon

Why are we so hard on ourselves? We hold ourselves back, stuck in a comfort zone that isn’t really very comfortable after all. 


If you’re tired of negative self-talk and feeling like you can’t accomplish anything, then it’s time for a change. It doesn’t even need to take long to do. In fact, by allowing yourself three mental shifts, you’ll not only enrich your self-belief, but you’ll be able to do so in a single afternoon. Read on to find out how.


Shift the Past


It’s time to let it go! Look at all the times where you felt less than stellar. For every time you messed up, you’re going to need to forgive yourself. It’s just that simple. This might take some time to do well, so prepare to dig in, and face some things you’ve maybe been avoiding. You start by examining each memory separately and responding to those memories with a heartfelt “I forgive you.” Once forgiven, you have to move on. That’s it. While this might not sound fun, it is absolutely crucial toward success. 


Shift the Messages You’re Listening To


Not every voice in your head says something worth absorbing. What are the messages you give yourself constantly? If you’re being negative, you absolutely must change over to a more positive dialogue. Reword problems to create exciting challenges and brainstorm solutions. Change out negative words to a more positive-sounding counterpart. Your inner dialogue must switch out to the positive if you intend to succeed. Self-awareness of your internal dialogue is where you start. Notice each time a negative self-belief comes up, recognize it for what it is (an old negative belief that you can change), and switch to a positive statement until you deeply believe the new version of you.


Shift the Game Plan


Now it’s time to act. Take your goals and discover the steps needed to fulfill them. Set yourself in motion to accomplish those smaller goals. Accomplish things. It’s these accomplishments that will shift your self-belief. What you’re doing is creating empirical evidence that you’re a person capable of success with each micro-goal you accomplish. What’s more, those micro-goals will eventually add up into those grand sweeping goals that you set initially, proving you’re capable of change, and of doing great things. 


Shifting your thinking isn’t as complicated as it’s made it out to be. The key is to be aware of your thinking and holding steady to the course you’ve laid with these three rules. You’re going to be amazed at how differently you feel, and how quickly life begins to get better.


Fears That Hold You Back From Finishing What You Start

Do you constantly find yourself starting a project you have every intention of finishing, and then you simply don't finish it? 


This failure to finish could simply be you harboring several fears that are holding you back from finishing what you start.


Fear Of Failure


The fear of failure is one of the most common fears people deal with. Almost everyone will experience it at some point in their life. This fear with undoubtedly hold you back from finishing what you start. 


This fear will hold you back from doing what needs to be done to conquer things that may be difficult or out of your comfort zone. The fear of failure often leads to procrastination. So, to conquer your procrastination habit, it's time first to learn to face your fear of failure. 


Fear Of Losing Something


Although this fear isn't as common as a fear of failure, one of the reasons you may be putting something off is because of your fear of losing something. Whenever you complete a project, you will be putting yourself through changes. 


This change can be scary and may cause you to fear losing something you currently have in your life. It would be best if you overcome this fear. Change is good and realizing this is important. Even if you do lose some things along the way, you are working towards something bigger and better. 


Fear That Others Will Judge You


Another common fear is that your peers will judge you. And this one, unfortunately, could be true. If you have goals, dreams, and aspirations that might seem odd to other people, you may put them off or give up on them forever. 


You might have a nice starter train set in your closet but never act on your plan to set it up because you are worried it isn't "cool" enough. Is that any way to live your life? 


Part of life is accepting that you are okay if people judge you and your actions. You know who you are and what you are doing, so don't let others' perceptions of you change your behavior. 


Overall, if you are struggling to finish something you've already started, it's probably because of one of these internal fears. The best way to work towards finishing what you start is by learning to conquer these three fears so that you can go on to be successful in all of your endeavors. 

Why Do We Need to Leave Our Comfort Zone?

Your comfort zone is so, well, comfy. Why would you ever need to leave it? Not to mention that being uncomfortable is so …uncomfortable. However, there are several reasons you need to leave your comfort zone. Read on to find out more. 


Your Comfort Zone Won’t Grow


Do you wish you were more comfortable with certain things? You will never become comfortable with new things unless you step out of your comfort zone. This is the number one reason that you should. Your comfort zone is a huge part of who you are, and if you want to grow as a person, your comfort zone needs to grow too. If you never step outside of it, well, you may be stuck in the same place for a while. Staying in the same place isn't very fun. It can be quite boring and frustrating. 


Your Comfort Zone Might Shrink


Not only will your comfort zone not grow if you don't step outside of it, but it might get smaller or shrink. Your comfort zone is like a muscle, and it needs to be worked out frequently to stay strong and grow larger. If you stay in your comfort zone, certain things that might be slightly comfortable may soon seem scarier than they did before. Instead of getting comfier with them, they will start getting more uncomfortable. Before you know it, you could find yourself taking steps backward instead of forward. 


Not Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone is Settling


You might think that you don't care if your comfort zone shrinks. Maybe you are too comfortable with some things already. But the reality is, if you decide not to step out of your comfort zone, this means you are settling for the way things are right now. 


Are you completely happy with your life, or is there even one thing you wish you could change? Change only comes when you step outside of your comfort zone. If you are still thinking about settling, give yourself a pep talk because you are too good to settle for your current comfort zone, no matter who you are. 


Regardless of what your comfort zone might look like, it would help if you stepped out of it. If you never step out of your comfort zone, it will never grow, and it may even shrink. As a result, you won't grow as a person. Don't settle by refusing to step out of your comfort zone. Take steps to conquer your fears and expand your comfort zone today. 


Tuesday 5 July 2022

Are You Weighed Down Because You Hate Your Life?

Life can seem pretty hectic. Work, family, kids, and budget: balancing it all gets too much at times, and we feel like we’re at our ropes’ end.


We feel hopeless, isolated, and afraid. When all that negative energy combines, it can lead us to the sensation that you hate your life.


While it may seem like you’re in a rut and you’ll never escape, there is a way out! It takes a bit of soul searching and recognizing you’re not happy. Then, after coming to terms with the fact that something is wrong, you can take actionable steps to correct it.


Keep reading to find out more.


Get to the Root of Your Unhappiness


We mentioned above that the first step is to admit that you’re not happy. Once you recognize this, you become one step closer to reversing this state of mind so you can find joy and fulfillment in life once again.


But sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Change doesn’t come quickly, nor is it easy. It requires hard work, dedication, and a level of self-awareness that many of us just don’t have time for.


Or to be more specific, we don’t make ourselves a priority. So, we just keep feeling unhappy. But then, this unhappiness filters into every part of our lives, making us hate everything about it.


After all, it becomes this sense of feeling like you have this weight that’s crushing you. As a result, you feel miserable, stuck, and unmotivated.


The good news is that there’s a silver lining. Of course, there’s always hope that things can turn around for the better. But you have to be willing to put in the work.


For example, if you detest going to work every day. You hate it so much that it takes every ounce of energy in your body to get out of bed, then it’s time to look for a new job.


If you’re in a relationship where you feel tired and hum-drum rather than enjoying yourself and your partner, then leave.


Remember, you control your life’s choices. You just need to remind yourself how strong, worthy, and capable you truly are.


We do have to point out that there will be times in your life when you can’t take drastic measures to change your circumstances. That’s okay, too.


You just tell yourself that it won’t always feel this hopeless. But the silver lining is that one of the constants in life is change, so keep your head held high and always have hope that things will take a turn for the better.


Create a Life that Reflects Your Goals


One reason we’re unhappy is that we’ve strayed from our core values and the goals we set up for ourselves. Even if you never said your goals out loud or wrote them down in a diary, they’re stored deep in your mind.


Then, when the life we’re living isn’t getting us anywhere near these goals, we feel anxious and on edge. But, many times, we don’t connect the two things.


So, we keep muddling through, making us more anxious and driving us even farther away from our goals and values.


Family, friends, and society are another factor that drives a wedge between us and our authentic selves. They all have their own opinion of how we should live our lives, and they’re not afraid to tell us. Repeatedly.


Many times it’s just easier to follow along. After all, they know us better than ourselves, so who are we to doubt them?


But the reality is when you carry out another person’s idea of how you should live, it ultimately backfires because you’re not following your true path.


Be Kind to Yourself


Your inner thoughts are primarily based on childhood experiences and past influences. Oftentimes, they can be our own worst enemy.


Yet, they’re just thoughts, right?


Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. These thoughts can drive you to hate your life by repeatedly telling you you’re not capable of progress or won’t make it because you’re not good enough.


The truth is our thought patterns shape our reality. The sooner you realize that the better because then, you can start to gain some control of this negative self-talk.


Start by showing yourself more empathy and compassion.


You’re probably great at helping others in their time of need. So why not do the same thing for yourself as well?


There’s so much empowerment and self-love that comes with being kind to yourself. For starters, you’ll stop hating your life. Then, you’ll start seeing the good things instead of constantly mulling over the bad.


So, the next time your inner critic voice starts to say something, focus on something positive that happened to you that day. Over time, you’ll find it easier to overcome the thoughts that undermine your worth and sabotage your achievements.


A Final Note


If you’re dissatisfied with how your life is turning out, start by finding out why you’re feeling this way. Once you put your finger on the why, it’s time to focus on changing your thought patterns from the toxic to the optimistic and productive.


Assess what needs to change and start making plans. Once you find the path that leads to your true self, keep at it. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but if you remain resilient and work hard towards your goals, you can achieve much more than you thought possible.

Friday 1 July 2022

5 Ways Lack Of Discipline Affects Your Life

Discipline is the ability to make a decision and follow them through regardless of how hard it gets, without changing your mind. Discipline is an important component necessary for achieving dreams. A person without discipline is practically guaranteed to fail in life. This is particularly true for dreams and life goals that aren't ordinary. 


An interview of the top 10 athletes in the world on why they were great all had the same answer. Discipline. We can conclude that discipline is the first step to achieving greatness. However, what happens when one lacks discipline? Here are the ways a lack of discipline can affect your life.


It Keeps You From Achieving Your Goals


A lack of discipline will keep you from staying focused on your dreams. Without discipline, you wouldn't be able to stay in control of yourself and react appropriately to life's situations. With discipline, you're able to stay in control and focused no matter the situation.


Additionally, a lack of discipline is an indicator of poor inner strength. You're likely to give up once an activity becomes difficult even when said activity is necessary to achieve your goal. 


According to Psychologists, people without discipline are more comfortable with mediocre performances rather than reaching for more, and engaging in any strenuous activities that will help them grow. Growth requires work and effort. This makes laziness appealing to people who lack discipline.


It Keeps You From Making Wise Decisions


Sometimes, the right choices necessary to achieve our dream or live a healthy life aren't always easy. From maintaining a healthy diet to exercising regularly, to working even when we do not feel like it. 


A person who lacks discipline is not able to make the right choices especially when it will inconvenience them. For example, while the benefits of regular exercise are enormous, it requires discipline to stick to it. A person who lacks discipline is more likely to skip exercising altogether simply because it’s just too hard.


Lack Of Lack Inner Strength/Character


Dr. Steve Peters in his bestseller ‘The Chimp Paradox,’ remarks that we are already who we want to be. It’s just our minds and the choices we make that are stopping us from behaving in the way we would love to behave. For example, you might desire to be a kind person but easily lose your temper. In such a situation, you do not need to try to be a kind person as you already are kind. What you need to work on is the discipline to keep your temper in check. When you are not disciplined, everyone will see you as a hateful person because of your lack of control over your temper.


It Reduces Your Chance Of Succeeding In Life


Sadly, most goals/dreams are not easily achieved. To achieve a goal, you need motivation, hard work and considerable effort. These things cannot be done easily and require discipline to accomplish. 


When you lack discipline, you are less likely to put in the effort required to achieve your dreams. A person who lacks discipline will always shy away from tough challenges.

When you do not meet the needed requirements, you'll remain stagnant and the quality of your life will not improve.


Nothing worthwhile is achieved easily. You will have to face challenges and overcome various obstacles. The difference between success and failure is our ability to persist and persevere when faced with difficult situations.


You Will Have Poor Relationships


When you lack discipline, it is difficult to build strong relationships. The characteristics highly regarded in a relationship such as honesty, integrity, dependability, and loyalty require a strong mental character. A strong mental character is only developed through discipline. The chances of you exhibiting these characteristics when you lack discipline are low.


Final Thoughts


Self-discipline is supposed to be taught to us and instilled in childhood by our caregivers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but that does not mean we are doomed forever. You can teach yourself self-discipline as an adult. This is a major element of personal development and personal growth, since when we develop our self-discipline, it has a very positive effect on all areas of our selves and our lives.