Thursday, 19 May 2022

How To Increase Productivity Without Getting Burned Out

Many people want to increase their productivity, whether they are an employee, an employer, an entrepreneur, or even a homemaker. No matter what industry you are in or even if it’s outside of a work environment, people want to be more productive in their lives. For one thing, lifetimes are limited; no one lives forever. For another thing, if they are more productive, they will get noticed by their peers and by their superiors, which can lead to greater opportunities, profits, and success. The challenge with increasing productivity is to not get burned out in the process; learn how to not get burned out increasing your productivity below.


When many people think about increasing their productivity, they think that they have to “pull all-nighters” and work non-stop in order to get more done. While you can do that, chances are that you are going to get burned out pretty quickly by taking that approach, which can decrease your productivity and even your motivation over time. Fortunately, you can increase your productivity without having to work non-stop or “pulling all-nighters.”


One way is to remain focused on the work you are currently doing. Too often, many of us will let our minds wander as we are working on something, often losing our train of thought. Then, we have to double-check our work to ensure we didn’t make a mistake while our mind was wandering. By staying focused throughout a task, you are likelier to finish the work quicker and do it a high level of quality.


A second way to increase your productivity is to get more rest. Your mind is more able to focus on work and complete complex tasks by getting enough rest at night. You’ll also remain calmer when challenges arise. People will notice that you get things done faster and that challenges don’t perplex or rattle you, which can lead to greater opportunities for you.


A third way to increase your productivity is by tracking how much you are doing each day. Set up a plan for each day on what you want to get done, then see how much of it you actually accomplish at the end of each day. See where you did well and where you fell short, then determine why you fell short. Make adjustments and changes to your work routine based on the reasons why you fell short of your work goals, then reassess yourself the following day. By doing this regularly, you’ll become more aware of how productive you are each day and want to keep striving to get more done each day. 

3 Key Distractions That Kill Productivity

In order to be the most productive we can be and achieve the greatest success we can achieve, we have to be focused and committed to our work at all times. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to remain focused and committed to our work each day due to distractions that occur. Each distraction that succeeds in diverting our attention away from our work causes us to be less productive than we should or expect to be. Learn about three key distractions that kill productivity below.


One key distraction that kills our productivity is email. Specifically, it’s the logging into our email accounts, getting a notification that we have an email, then our desire to check out what the email says. In truth, most emails are not THAT important to have to check out immediately. The few that are, those you can take a moment or so to review if needed, but the rest of them can wait until you complete the current task you are on, then taking a few minutes to go over email in between tasks, during lunch, or during a scheduled break.


A second key distraction that kills our productivity is social media. Like email, social media involves logging into our accounts, then getting a notification that we got a message or there’s new content that has been posted, and our innate desire to find out what that message or post says. This takes away our focus and time on the task we are currently working on, and, in most cases, the social media message or post can wait. Wait until a time when you are done with your current task or even after your workday is entirely over before you look at social media posts and messages.


A third key distraction that kills our productivity is worrying, especially about future tasks, family matters, etc. Worrying can cause us to lose focus and do lower-quality work because we are worrying about a future task and its difficulties that we are dreading to handle. Worrying can also be about issues away from work, such as at home with the family, etc. All types of worrying cause us to lose focus on our current task, which leads to us taking longer to complete it and becoming less productive in the process. This will only make our peers and superiors question our capability of doing high-quality work quickly and will only closed the door to greater opportunities and success we could have by being more productive.

5 Ways To Increase Production In Your Business

The more productive a business is, the more profitable it is. A business’ profitability and reputation is greatly enhanced by high production. Therefore, it makes sense (and “cents”) to make your business more productive; learn five ways to do this below.


First, eliminate or reduce distractions. This includes email and social media accounts; try to avoid logging into them at all while you are working. If you absolutely have to check on them during the day, do it during specific periods (such as break periods and/or lunch) and only during those times. Any loud noises such as from your smartphone should also be eliminated or reduced as much as possible to keep your focus on your work.


Second, have a set routine. The most productive people usually have a set, structured routine on tasks they complete and do; they don’t go about those tasks haphazardly. Try to keep the same schedule when it comes to doing specific tasks, such as checking email and social media, doing research, writing content, etc. as much as possible. This will help to make the work go more smoothly, which will enable you to be more productive.


Third, get plenty of rest. If you are sleep-deprived, you will have a greater lack of focus, which will require more concentration to get things done. This will slow you down and make you less productive.


Fourth, be sure to take breaks. Most experts suggest taking 15-minute breaks every hour. Therefore, you should be working for 45 minutes, resting for 15 minutes. Taking regular breaks keeps you focused and allows you to recharge so that you can complete the highest-quality work in the least amount of time possible.


Fifth, break down large tasks into smaller tasks. Write out the steps you need to complete a large project. Many people will look upon a large task and start to worry about it, slowing them down and decreasing their productivity. If you break down the large task into smaller tasks, you’ll be able to maintain your speed and productivity, thereby increasing the profitability and reputation of your business.


By boosting the production of your business, you can gain greater profitability and reputation from it. It’s often challenging for many to boost their productivity, but it can be done, and it only takes a few simple steps and some committed effort. By following the steps above, you can increase the productivity of your business and enjoy the profitability and reputation that comes from it. 

3 Ways To Be A More Productive Entrepreneur

More productivity leads to more profitability and a better reputation- this is virtually true in all businesses. This is especially true when it comes to entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to those who have online and/or home-based businesses. Oftentimes, these entrepreneurs have to motivate themselves to be productive, as there is no boss to tell them to pick up the pace and the productivity, as the entrepreneur IS the boss in such as business. Learn three ways to become a more productive entrepreneur below.


One way to become a more productive entrepreneur is to eliminate or reduce distractions. This is especially true when it comes to email, social media, and smartphones. As online entrepreneurs, we know we have to monitor email and social media for any customers who contact us. However, there is a time and place to do that, and it’s NOT when we are working on important tasks. Designate a few time periods when you will check email and social media, and stick to those time periods as much as possible. In addition, if you are easily distracted by your smartphone, put it in another room and out of reach; this way, you can remain productive with your work.


Another way to become a more productive entrepreneur is to get more rest. Too often, many entrepreneurs will subtract hours of sleep to ensure a product launch or other project launches on time. While you certainly want to remain punctual and true to your word, subtracting hours of sleep will detract from your focus and your ability to make smart, rational decisions regarding your business. Additionally, any other projects you are working on will likely take longer because of your lack of focus- you will have to double-check your work constantly to ensure you don’t make mistakes in it because you’ll have trouble focusing due to lack of sleep.


A third way to become a more productive entrepreneur is to take regular breaks. This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but most experts suggest taking 15-minute breaks every hour; thus, you should work 45 minutes, rest for 15 minutes. Especially when it comes to online entrepreneurs, they are often in front of a computer screen or mobile device. Over time, their attention span is going to wane and their focus is going to drop. As a result, their work quality will drop, and it will take longer to complete the tasks they need. Therefore, in order to keep the work quality high and achieve maximum productivity, take regular breaks (i.e. 15 minutes every hour). 

How To Improve Productivity Using A Strategic Plan

Improving productivity is key to raising profitability and reputation, especially for businesses. However, improving productivity isn’t that easy if you don’t know where you are faltering in terms of productivity. Therefore, you need to determine where you are being less productive, knowing why you are being less productive, and taking steps to improve your productivity. Learn how to boost your productivity using a strategic plan via the information below.


In order to improve productivity, you need to know when you are being most productive and when you are being less productive. Therefore, it makes sense to set up a plan that outlines what tasks and goals you want to achieve for the day. Outline your day much like a teacher outlines a lesson plan for his/her students. Plot out time periods of when you will be doing one task versus another task. Then, monitor your progress. 


At the end of the day, review what tasks you completed for the day and what tasks you didn’t. Also determine how long it took you to complete the tasks you completed. See if you completed the tasks on time, faster than you expected, or slower than you expected. Determine why you didn’t complete those tasks as quickly as you expected. Was it a lack of focus and being distracted? Was it some distraction that you didn’t expect or you didn’t account for, etc.? Determine whether you could have avoided or prevented the distraction, then take steps to ensure that distraction doesn’t keep you from achieving the tasks and goals you set out to achieve again.


For the tasks that you didn’t complete, again, determine why you didn’t complete them. Was it due to the fact that other tasks took longer than expected, and if so, why? Were you worried about these future tasks and the challenges they posed, which led to you slowing down your work on your earlier tasks because you lost focus? Evaluate what tasks you didn’t complete and/or get to and make adjustments to your work schedule to ensure you can get the tasks you want to complete in one day completed in one day.


By setting up a daily plan and analyzing it at the end of each day, you can see where you are being most productive and where you are falling short. You can also determine why you are falling short and take steps to improve your productivity. By doing this regularly, you will become more productive, profitable, and successful in your business. 

Top Tips To Stay Productive On Your Product Launch

When you are launching a product, it is a massive undertaking. Usually, you will recruit many affiliates in order to spread the word about your product launch so that it can gain the most customers and profits possible. Most product launches are critical to the successes of their online businesses; if the launch is a failure, it will greatly impact the business in a negative way, potentially causing the business to fail or be set back. This is why it’s vital for your product launches to go well. Learn how to be productive during product launches so they can be great, profitable successes.


One way to stay productive during your product launch is to get plenty of rest. Many online entrepreneurs want to work as hard as they can as much as they can to ensure the product launch goes well. While working hard is admirable, if you continue to push the envelope and work non-stop with very little rest, chances are high your concentration and focus will be lacking, and you will be prone to committing critical mistakes that could impede and even damage your product launch. 


Another way to stay productive during your product launch is to plan out everything you want to do and when you want to do it. Don’t do this haphazardly or in your head; write your plans down, including the schedule you want to keep. This includes sending out review copies to reviewers, recruiting affiliates, testing the site and payment buttons, etc. Failure to plan out exactly when and for how long each phase of the product launch will occur can result in failure of the product launch, severely damaging your business’ profitability and reputation.


A third way to stay productive during your product launch is to use partners and outsourcers where possible. It’s hard for one man/woman to handle everything during a product launch, and putting yourself out to exhaustion is likely going to damage your product launch. If you aren’t proficient in a certain area of a product launch, hire an outsourcer who is and/or ask a partner for help and advice in this specific area. Don’t feel as if you must do everything; if you do this, chances are the product launch will fail or at least won’t be as successful as it can be. Feeling as if you must do everything is one of the greatest mistakes many online entrepreneurs make when it comes to being productive- avoid this, and you have a much greater chance of being productive during your product launch and having your product launch being a great and profitable success.

5 Tips To Hyper-Boost Your Productivity

Increasing your productivity can lead to greater profitability and a greater reputation of your business. Therefore, it is advantageous for you to want to boost your productivity, but it is often not that easy to achieve, especially without a plan. Learn five tips below that can greatly boost your productivity, as well as your profitability and reputation.


First, be sure to get plenty of rest. Many entrepreneurs, especially those with online businesses, think they must be behind the computer and/or mobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to make it big online. The truth is is that having such a mindset is just going to weaken you, cause to lose focus, and even cause you to lose motivation because virtually no one can just sit at a computer or behind a mobile device all day and do nothing else. Even on product launches, you can’t afford to do “all-nighters” in the name of ensuring the launch goes well because you are likelier to mess up a critical aspect of the launch because of little to no sleep.


Second, break down large tasks into smaller tasks. Too often, many people will become overwhelmed and even paralyzed by a large task. They’ll slow down their productivity to a crawl and take forever to complete the task, just because it “looks” large. By breaking down the large task into smaller, more easily-managed tasks, you’ll be able to complete that task in less time than you think.


Third, use outsourcers and other people for tasks you don’t do well. Many online entrepreneurs think they must do every aspect of a product launch or other online venture. The truth is, by hiring and utilizing other people to do tasks they are skilled at doing, you can concentrate more on tasks you do well, making the overall project a better success in a shorter period of time.


Fourth, take regular breaks. Most experts suggest taking 15 minutes for every hour; therefore, you should work 45 minutes, rest 15 minutes. Working non-stop will only drain your focus and your motivation to do the work, leading to less production and lower-quality work because of more mistakes. 


Fifth, track each day in terms of goals you want to achieve and how well you do in achieving them. You’ll never boost your productivity if you don’t know where you are falling short in your goals and why you are falling short. You need to plan out each day in terms of tasks and goals you want to complete, then analyze why you fall short and taking steps to improve your productivity so you don’t fall short of completing tasks and goals in the future. 

Boost Your Productivity Using The Pomodoro Technique

Boosting your productivity can do great things for your own reputation and the reputation of your business. When you produce much great content and/or many great products, customers, peers, and even competitors will take notice of your business. Therefore, it makes sense to increase your productivity. One of the most popular ways to boost one’s productivity is by using the Pomodoro Technique.


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique that was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The process involves deciding on the task that is to be done, using a timer to set a short work time period (usually 25-30 minutes in length), then working on the task until the timer or bell rings. 


After you complete one interval, you get a short break of about 3-5 minutes in length, known as a “pomodoro.” You then put a checkmark on a piece of paper to indicate that you have reached the pomodoro or break. You then start again on the same or next task after the break is up, then repeat the process until you have four checkmarks on your paper (i.e. after you have worked four work periods of 25-30 minutes and have taken three 3-5 minute breaks).


When you have put down four checkmarks on your paper and have reached your fourth pomodoro (i.e. your fourth break), you will take a longer break that consists of 15-30 minutes. Once you return from that break, you will begin the entire cycle again where you work 25-30 minutes, reach the pomodoro of 3-5 minutes, placing a checkmark, then repeating the process again until you reach four checkmarks, then taking the longer 15- to 30-minute break.


By using the Pomodoro Technique, you can increase your productivity because you are working in short bursts, as most experts recommend you do. In addition, because the timer is there, you need to remain focused on your tasks to ensure you get work done before the bell or timer goes off. You then take a short 3-5 minute break to recharge, come back to begin work again, then repeat the process until you reach the fourth pomodoro/break. When you do, you’ve put in between 100-120 minutes of work, which enables you to take a longer 15- to 30-minute break. By giving you a “reward” of sorts when you have completed work, you’ll be more focused on the tasks you need to complete and be able to keep up your motivation because you won’t be working non-stop throughout your tasks.

How To Use Time Tracking To Boost Your Productivity

In order to increase your productivity, you need to know when you are meeting or exceeding your expectations of completing tasks and goals and when you are missing them. You can’t increase your productivity if you don’t know when you are falling short. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of how much time you are using to complete each task and learning why you are taking longer on specific tasks. Learn more on how to use time tracking to boost your productivity below.


When wanting to boost your productivity, you have to know how well you are currently performing before steps can be taken to improve. It’s much like an athlete wanting to get a better time at running, getting more base hits, hitting more shots, and/or catching more passes- you have to know how you’re doing now to know where and how you can improve. 


Therefore, you need to set up a daily plan of what tasks and goals you want to achieve, then monitor how long it takes you to complete each task, as well as long how it takes you to reach each goal. Write down how much time it takes to complete the task, then compare it to how long you thought it would take (you can write this number down before you begin).


If/When you take longer to complete a task than you thought it would, review how you went about completing the task. Did your mind lose focus while you were doing the task? Were you distracted, and if so, was it by something you could have expected and prevented (email/social media/smartphone) or by something that was unexpected (an emergency, etc.)? Were you worried about a future task you haven’t gotten to yet? 


Carefully analyze the tasks it took you longer to achieve and how much more time than you expected for you to complete those tasks. Add up how much extra time it took you to complete those tasks. Realize that you lost all of this time where you could have been more productive. 


Now, you need to take steps to rectify the causes of why it took you longer to complete those tasks. If it’s distractions, do everything possible to eliminate or reduce them. If it’s because of worry, try to calm yourself down and boost up your self-esteem. If it’s because of a lack of focus, consider taking more breaks and/or getting more sleep.


Time management can help you to boost your productivity because it aids you in knowing where you are falling short in terms of productivity and how to rectify it. Only by knowing where and how you are falling short in terms of productivity will enable you to rectify the issues and increase your productivity.