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Appreciating Y-O-U

Self-confidence, loosely defined as self-worth or the ability of a person to see his ability to judge, appreciate his qualities and trust his abilities. Well, that could be hard to swallow all at once, so let’s dissect it a bit. Self-worth seems easy at first, simply ask yourself: What am I worthy of? But when questions like these arise; a flashy car or respect, promotion or true love – the challenge starts popping its head. Oppps! Let’s put that aside and move on to the next: ability to appreciate his qualities. What are your good qualities? Will you name them? Can you make a list, perhaps? How about the not so-good qualities that you have? Are your fingers crossed that it’s not the longer list? 


Where does this come from, this self-confidence thing? Is it not innating in us all like breathing? And, what could happen if you have it, or you don’t? The truth of the matter is, self-confidence matters. It is a gameplayer which has a crucial role in your life – be it in the social, emotional, physical, etc. aspect. It should almost be always present. 


Well, the last paragraph seems a bit ideal, if you agree. This is simply because not everybody can attest to being self-confident at all times. And, those who claim does, maybe are the ones bordering narcissistic personality, eh? As they say, too much or too little of anything is dangerous. So, how are you to know that you have enough self-confidence to navigate the world around you? 


The good thing though, technology is at your back! Nowadays, there are numerous self-help books (and eBooks, kudos to the ever-applauded internet technology and its inventor), giving you the opportunity to choose which style/approach appeals to you! Self-confidence is a sure hit, just make sure you purchase the right eBook that will ease your doubts!


5 Questions to Question Your Self-Confidence

It’s not every day that you question your level of confidence, right? And, let’s admit, it’s not an easy task. So, what if you would like to know, as in right now, at this very moment, whether your confidence levels have the capacity to take you to the road to success? What you can actually do to self-assess is to answer, with all honesty, these five simple questions: 


  1. Do you fear rejection? 


  1. Your needs or other’s first? 


  1. Do you have the tendency to simply “agree” just to avoid confrontations? 


  1. How do you feel when someone “gets” what you’ve been dreaming of or wanting for the longest time? 


  1. Do you sometimes feel being possessive of friends and family? 


Okay, okay…calm down. A “yes” to more than three questions doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going bonkers, eh? It is just gives you a wider view of yourself, a means of understanding deeper the real you. But then, also take into consideration that five questions wouldn’t define you. A holistic view may need more than five and thanks to self-help books and eBooks that are abundant everywhere. You are saved (for the meantime, though). The skill you need right now is being able to know where to find and how to find those “perfect books.” 


To start with, at least admit to yourself whether your self-confidence needs boosting or just a little push. This will help you decide what will do good for you. Ebooks are advantageous because you can download it straight to your smart phone and read anywhere. You also could feel less pressured finishing an ebook because you know that you can browse it anytime, anywhere. This way, you could spend more time relishing each fact and reflecting these that are not easy to admit, even when alone with your thoughts. May the force be with you! 


What to and Where to (Look For)

What? Not true love of course, but an eBook that will help you boost your self-confidence. Who knows, true love might follow the lead! If you are one of the many needing a little boost on their confidence level and have experienced feeling more confused than ever after searching the internet, this one’s for you. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are about to unravel the secret of google searching! 


Straight to the point, search for eBooks that have self-assessment questions – this will help you a lot in understanding yourself. More so, if you are to answer honestly, the more that you will know how to handle your given situation and choose your self-care path. Next, look for write-ups that at least two exercises that aims to help you self-assess. People usually wants to read self-help books alone and confront their fears alone. It is usually trying to define, pinpoint and accept at first by yourself. Well, there is no shame in that. It can be healthy for yourself as long as you now when to ask for help, in case things gets a little out of hand. So, looking for write-ups, books, eBooks that supports self-assessment really gives an upper hand. 


As a reminder though, not all self-assessment exercises are created equal. Choose the ones that you find are respectful of your uniqueness and supports self-acceptance. What do we mean by this? Take a look at these sample exercises: being naked and looking at yourself in the mirror while reciting affirmations that help you accept your unique physique and composition versus asking you to but an expensive make-up to cover up an old scar or protein powder packs to replace your meals. I hope you see the difference. I hope you recognize the big difference between the two.


You’re Short-Legged, Now What?

It doesn’t stop with the legs, you know – the curly/straight hair, the nose, the round or slit eyes, chubby fingers, the cellulite-filled thighs…well the list could go on. You could forever criticize the one body you have that will last you your lifetime. Yes! You read that right: one body, one lifetime. Whoa. A bit overwhelming to some, but reality bites. We are given the body that we already have and accepting its beauty and flaws can save you, a lifetime of woes, and that’s a lot. 


Again, being realistic here, acceptance is easier said than done. Especially now that one is bombarded with photoshopped images anywhere – ads, television, internet, malls, etc. Where does one start? Though, one could easily schedule an appointment to a surgical doctor and have one’s body altered under a knife, will self-doubt end there? 

How about focusing on your good, nice, perfect body parts? Have you ever tried noticing how well your ears are formed? How great your smile is? Aside from that, and one of the most lasting contrasts to self-doubt and one of the more positive ways of dealing with low self-confidence is focusing on having a good personality, on being kind and being a walking sunshine with a beautiful smile that actually includes your liver. How about all that? 


Self-confidence is crucial. It is an important factor that will affect the quality of your life in the next years. It contributes even to your well-being. Take charge. You can start by purchasing a nice book that can boost your morale without letting other people know that you are processing one important aspect in your life. choose ones that easy to read and full of positive content but will not make you delve away from reality, if you know what I mean (one that will not make you believe you’re a superhuman with super abilities) Especially with eBooks, it’s handy, discreet and can make you look chill.


How Fear Define You

Good news! The monster under your bed is gone. Remember the one you’ve been fearing for throughout your childhood? It is actually just a sock that Mom have been looking for, for ages! Fears, they actually evolve. From the fear of standing, falling, first day of school, monsters that lurk during lights off, a math exam, coming home late, being grounded, talking to a crush…until they become fear of yourself – your physical self and your whole being. Am I good enough? Can I do this? Will they be better than me? Will they laugh at my jiggly arms? 


Fear can do a lot. It can also lower your self-confidence and bring chaos to your life. But we all have fears, you may say. Yes, but once these fears become out of hand and starts controlling your life, then it is time to do something about it. Be honest to yourself and know what your fears are. It is the very first step to take before trying to fix anything. This process may take long, just do a list – no judging, no defining. Then, do a simple memory game - are there some events that you remember lead to these fears? You know, you may have accidentally held a mouse tail before and hence, your fear of mouse. If this is the case, then little by little exposure may help – a picture, Nat Geo episode, pet store…So goes with your other fears.


The same ideology can be applied to the fears that you have which can be defined as more “personal.” For example, your fear of meeting new people – of course, you will never gain self-confidence to meet other people if you choose to lock yourself in your room and stalk people you want to meet via their Facebook profiles, right? Get all the help you can avail of – eBooks, workshops, talks, etc. and start getting a grip of your fears, your confidence and your life!


Why Stop Being Negative?

Let’s drop the bomb and begin this article by being negative – you will never succeed in any endeavor you choose with a negative composure and outlook. And pretending not to be one but really starting to get pissed and defending yourself after reading the first sentence, will not either. Moving on, how NOT to be one then? 


Negative or negativity, let’s define as something that is obviously not something that is positive (for the good). It is a reaction to causes stress and unhappy feelings. It has the potential to wreak havoc to relationships, destroy possibilities and chances for growth and new beginnings. How so? For example, a negative person is faced with a situation, he will assume that everything is about him – the challenge, the heavy emotions, other’s reaction. Instead of thinking a healthy way out of his situation, he will be consumed by his negativity and can become stuck in the situation. Either that he will regress or be full of anger at anything that comes his way. The result? Nothing that will benefit him. 


The above is just one sample scenario showing negativity. I in real life, the chances are aplenty, the situations – repeatedly happens. Why suffer in this kind of cycle? Being in the nega-zone lowers your self-confidence even more. When you think that everything is against you, how can you confidently face people and situations? 


Lucky you! there are a lot of self-help and self-care options available in the market that will /can/may bring out the enthusiastic, positive and happy you! Who knows, the road to self- improvement may just be ten chapters away. Start with the short ones, those that are easy to read and carry. An eBook perhaps? And of course, remind yourself that it doesn’t end at the last chapter – walk the talk and you’ll turn out fine!


Five Tips to Boost Self-Confidence

Have you ever wondered how some people whose physical looks may seem to meet magazine standards but experience having a hard time being noticed in a crowd? How about that friend of yours who seem to fill a space with his funny stories and laughter? Remember that experience of yours when somebody with a beautiful smile entered your dull meeting room and suddenly filled it with radiance? The common denominator in these three instances is self-confidence. 


Indeed, self-confidence levels affects your life in ways that it really does matter. So, if you feel like lacking in that area, how do you boost it? Here are five easy ways: 


  1. Always remember that no situation is permanent. Meaning, you have the power to change any situation you are in. 


  1. Even emotions are not permanent – sadness, joy, pain, happiness. All these can change by the minute. 


  1. What matters really is how you react to the different situations you will be faced in your lifetime and emotions you will have to go through day by day. 


  1. If you focus on the negative, then chances are, it is all that you will see. Imagine how terrible your days ahead are. 


  1. If you focus on the positive, then chances are, it is what you will see in every situation you will face, even the difficult ones. Imagine how light your life may/can be. 


And, if you notice, the list above is just five amongst the many ways to boost your confidence levels. If you want to start getting a grip at what’s essential, then there are lots of materials that can help you. Short eBooks are aplenty and comes in handy, can easily fit your lifestyle. Content-wise, to be honest, some are great while others are so-so. This is why you need to be a smart consumer and just don’t rely on beautiful covers! 


The Ugly Monsters of Today

Almost every adult issue stem from childhood. So, the best way to understand some of your quirkiness is to relive your childhood memories. But, remember to do it with preparation and readiness. If not, then you might just hurl down memory lane, hurt yourself a bit more and get stuck. Your goal is not to hate your parents more (just in case) or your bully cousin for pushing you on your 9th birthday party. What you are trying to do is to remember where the ugly monsters of today are coming from, cut it at its roots, and plant new seeds (happiness, acceptance, forgiveness). 


Where to start? Keep in mind that just like any other task in your life, the beginning may not be easy but if to stick to it till the end, you just might get more than what you’ve been expecting. Below are starter steps: 


  1. Make a list of your negative thoughts – you feel not accepted, you feel unworthy, you feel you are not capable of doing something.


  1. Trace back important events in your life especially those in your childhood that really traumatized you. 


  1. Think of the people involved in your important events and notice how you feel about them.


  1. Tell yourself that everything happened in the past and that carrying that baggage of yesterday is quite a heavy burden to bear today.


  1. Start unburdening. Start forgiving and moving forward. Come to think of it, the people you hold grudge to, may not even be aware of the hurt they may have caused you. especially if they too, are still young at the time of the event/incident. 


  1. There will be situations where adults and important people in your life may get involved in your past issues. It is a reality though that in this situation, moving forward is harder. But it can still happen. 


Strengthen your will to improve your life. Only you hold the key.


Possible Reasons Why You Think and Feel Low About You

Why do you shy out when deep inside yourself, you know that you can? Why won’t you smile and rather sulk in a corner? When you have a better idea, why do you keep it to yourself? Are you afraid to be tagged as obnoxious? Or, are you afraid to make mistakes? 


There are countless reasons why you may think and feel low about yourself. Let us list down the possible top three.

Your possible lack of education

This can be easily combatted. Educate yourself through books, eBooks, seminars, workshops, etc. Nowadays, there are hundreds of free online courses offered by schools around the globe. Education can now be accessed easier.

Unresolved childhood issues

This can become quite ugly. Unresolved childhood issues have the potential to evolve into something uglier – like low self-esteem and ruin your adult life. It comes apparent in many aspects in your life- relationships, general and work attitude, etc. So think about it and do something about it. Now is the best time, always.

Not having supportive parents or having been neglected by nurturers

This is somewhat related to the second reason but this one includes every nurturer that you have come in contact with growing up. Now that you are not a child anymore and maybe an adult yourself trying to make ends meet, you may have a better understanding of why some


Self-care Towards Self-Confidence

How do you take care of yourself? this is an important factor you should give focus to if you want to start gaining confidence. How could you face a crowd if you constantly slouch and wear dirty clothing? Moreover, how can you confidently deliver a speech or share your thoughts if you miss dentist appointments? Physically, you can start by making sure that you have a clean body. It is your vessel, the first thing that gets noticed. Before anything else, what we mean by focusing on the physical doesn’t equate to going narcissistic and scheduling an appointment to a body surgeon. it starts with accepting what you are born with, maximizing your positive traits and keeping a healthy body. Eating healthy, having an exercise routine (no matter how simple), sticking to a positive lifestyle (especially if you are 30 and up) can go a long way when it comes to self-care. 


Your thoughts, attitude and stance also matter. This are important factors to your over-all health. Remember what experts say – you are your thoughts. This means that if you always have a positive approach to things and situations, then the chances to attract diseases and ugly fights becomes far. 


Self-care is knowing which battles to fight. There are some things better left alone. Toxic relationships are one and also a big no-no when it comes to self-care. This will take a toll on you, sometimes without you noticing. Self-care is loving yourself first, before anyone else. When you start taking care of yourself, then you will start to condition your mind that you are worthy. This feeling gives you confidence and morale. If you still want to know more about this matter or want to know more ways on how to do self-care towards self-confidence, a lot of eBooks are available at the market.


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Does Your Fitness Band Really Work? (Infographic)

Which Activity Tracker is Right for You? (Infographic)


Wearable Tech & Preventive Healthcare (Infographic)


Health Trackers: A Day of Counting Steps & Calories (Infographic)


What's a fitness tracker?

Technological advancement has given rise to many smart applications that not only improve efficiency but also make tracking and monitoring of different activities easier. It's always important to monitor your progress as far as your health and fitness regimen is concerned. A fitness tracker is therefore that application or device used in tracking and monitoring fitness goals. It measures metrics such as distance run or walked, rate of heartbeat, calories consumed and sometimes even the quality of your sleep. Most of these tracking devices are wirelessly synchronized to a smartphone or computer for the purposes of regular data tracking and reporting. 

In many cases, people have fitness goals or targets, whether monthly or on a daily basis, that they hope to achieve. Monitoring the progress of your fitness regimen can be a challenge especially if you are not a certified fitness trainer or health practitioner. Fitness tracking devices give you the capability to monitor your progress and determine how far you are from meeting your targets, or if indeed you achieved or exceeded them. Most of them are wearable and can also serve as regular digital watches. Some people wear them as accessories because of their fashion forward designs. These devices have become so main stream that some firms have decided to use them in encouraging consumers to live healthily. 

The electronic fitness trackers are basically an advanced version of pedometers. Apart from counting steps, they also use accelerometers to determine distance covered, graph general physical activity and calculate calorie usage. In some cases they also keep track of and graph quality of sleep and heart rate. As you go about your fitness routines, there are various activities that you engage in such as walking, running, swimming, jogging, bike rides and normal house chores. It is important that you stay true to your goals and monitor your progress because that is the only way you'll be able to achieve your objectives. 

A fitness tracker is an ideal way to easily monitor your activity with great accuracy. You can imagine it to be an electronic finger on your pulse, measuring your vitals on a regular basis. These trackers have made use of the latest technology to enable fitness enthusiasts monitor their activities and keep track of their progress. Most people spend so much time on their smartphones or tablets which is why fitness trackers are synchronized with these devices for report displays. Trackers can also be connected to social media apps like Facebook but one has to be careful since there are some instances when private information has ended up in the internet and public domain. There are different trackers available in the market and people can therefore make buying decisions based on prices, functionality and personal style.


How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Success mostly comes through hard work and determination. A lot of people begin fitness programs and then fall off mid-way through the journey. Even with a fitness tracker that monitors your progress, it is difficult to realize your goals if you are not prepared to go the whole distance. How can you stay motivated and maintain a robust exercise routine? This is the question that a lot of people grapple with when they start exercising and realize that it is not some walk in the park. Results will only come through consistent hard work. These are some of the ways in which you can stick to your fitness goals in order to achieve any meaningful results. 

Set Fitness goals that mean something

Why do you want to keep fit? Do you want to have the ability to choose your clothes from a huge selection? Is it because you want to have the strength to play with your kids? Establish a fitness goal that actually means something to you and work towards achieving it. Some people simply want to stay healthy for their loved ones. What matters most is that you set goals that have great meaning in your life. This will help you push yourself even when the going gets tough. 

Have a source of motivation

You can be motivated to exercise by the possible end results. Think of how much your life will change for the better when you stay fit. Use this to push yourself in order to achieve meaningful results. Your source of motivation can also be your fitness goals. What is it that offers you encouragement or makes you want to succeed whenever you feel like giving up on your fitness regimen? Answering that question will help you stay focused and achieve your fitness goals. 

Consequences of not exercising

What are the consequences of not exercising? Think of all the health complications that may arise as a result of not living a healthy lifestyle. The concern for your health should be enough to help you maintain fidelity to your fitness routine. There are many health complications that come with staying unfit and that should be enough to make you want to exercise. 

Find a support group

Having a strong support system is very important in your quest to exercise on a regular basis. Your family members, colleagues and friends can provide a strong support network that would come in handy when you feel like giving up or deviating from your set goals and objectives. Lean on them for support and find the strength and motivation to carry on. Training in a group and competing against one another can also give you a strong support network.

These are some of the ways in which you can stay focused and maintain a regular fitness program. It's never easy to exercise, quite honestly most people hate it but the benefits of staying fit are many and very important. With time it becomes fun and a normal part of your everyday life. Living a healthy life is very fulfilling and joyous.


Fitness Trackers: How Effective Are They?

Health and fitness trackers have become very popular as consumers concerned about health and fitness use them to monitor their work-outs and physical activity. They consider them as ideal tools for improving their lifestyles by staying fit and keeping healthy. There are different fitness trackers that vary on functionality and even brand. Seeing that these gadgets have become so common, the biggest question then is: how effective are they? Every consumer wants to get value for money and so they'll be looking to purchase items that can fully serve them. 

In looking at how effective fitness trackers really are, it is important to dwell on their functionality and then check whether they meet the buyers' expectations. 

More data capturing 

Most smartphone fitness apps do not capture as much data as a fitness tracker can. Some fitness trackers are designed to collect extra data such as the rate of your heartbeat during physical activities or the cadence of a runner and time of contact between foot and ground. The extra functionalities of fitness trackers make them worth the cost because consumers will get value for money. For example, some fitness trackers possess smartphone features like push notifications. These gadgets basically collect data, analyze them and present them in a way that users can make comparisons and evaluate progress. It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of your fitness program without a simple way to gather data.


From a psychological point of view, simply wearing a fitness tracker can be a great source of motivation for individuals looking to stay healthy and keep fit. There are those who are very much motivated by data, a key feature of fitness tracking devices. Just by reading their physical activity figures, they can find sufficient drive to meet and exceed their fitness targets. People draw inspiration and find motivation from different quarters. Some people find exercising with friends ideal while others are driven by life goals like looking awesome at a wedding.

Healthcare transformation

This technology has greatly transformed healthcare by making it possible to monitor the progress of patients without necessarily hospitalizing them. Monitoring of important medical aspects of patients like body temperatures, rates of heartbeat, muscle motions as well as other critical data can be effectively done using these gadgets. In sports training, trackers are used to measure sweat rate which could only be done through lab-based systems some few years ago. It is common to see athletes wearing fitness trackers as they go about their daily training routines because of their effectiveness in monitoring physical activity. 

These are all key reasons that indicate the effectiveness of fitness tracking devices. They have great functionalities which serve to meet the expectations of consumers, a major requirement for any product in the current business environment. When all is said and done, it still comes down to the ability of an individual to put the collected data into use. The results will not come until you put in some good work. The trackers are supposed to aid you in your work-outs, the real work is done by yourself.


Why is it Important to Keep Fit?

It is very important to keep fit and stay healthy. A lot of people fail to acknowledge the numerous benefits of exercise routines and only begin to do so when health complications arise. Why then is it important to stay fit?

Burning of excess fat

Regular exercises will help you burn excess body fat and keep your body lean. There are many health complications associated with having too much body fat. Heart diseases that are often very fatal are mostly as a result of excess body fat. The fats can clog arteries and overwork the heart which can then result into a lot of health complications. Stroke and heart attack are just some of the health risks that arise as a result of excess body fat. 

Great physique

A lot of overweight people struggle with issues of body image yet they are not willing to do anything about it. Sometimes you see very nice clothes and you can't fit into them because of your body size. Fitness exercises will help you develop a great physique by shedding excess fat and gaining a great body. Exercising will help you get rid of cellulite and have a flat tummy. Weightlifting, a part of fitness exercise routines, is ideal for gaining muscles and molding a great body. 

Mental strength

Exercising keeps you sharp and alert at all times. It's very ideal for developing your mental strength and increasing your level of awareness. Keeping your body active also improves the functioning of the brain. There is a reason why most athletes are usually happy. Exercising improves clarity of mind and through the release of dopamine, it changes your mood for the better. Maybe the reason why you stay grumpy all the time is due to lack of exercise. Run around the blocks each morning, jog or lift weights and see how much good it does to your mind.

Building of physical strength

Fitness exercises are ideal for strength building. Regular exercise routines will build body muscles and improve your physical strength. They are also important in strengthening your back for good postures. People generally become less active as they grow older. This can be a very big challenge especially when you have small kids that expect you to play with them. Fitness routines will help you gain the much needed strength and agility to keep up with the youthful exuberance of your children. Exercising also slows down the aging process by tightening your skin and increasing your body's metabolic rate. 

These are just some of the benefits of having a robust fitness routine. A lot of people ignore them only to start developing lifestyle diseases later in life. Exercising is very important and some of the consequences of not engaging in fitness routines are catastrophic. How can you drive yourself to exercise and maintain a disciplined fitness schedule? Having fitness goals that actually mean something to you will help you develop a disciplined fitness routine and achieve your desired result. Using fitness trackers, you can monitor your general physical activity and evaluate your progress.


Simple Ways To Stay Fit

Some people imagine that exercising has to be this complicated and elaborate routine. That is far from the truth because you can stay fit in many simple ways. The most important thing is to burn excess body fat and exercise your muscles. These are some of the simple ways in which you can keep yourself fit and healthy without spending too much time or resources. 

Morning runs

This is an ideal way to burn body fat and keep yourself fit. Morning runs are very refreshing and help to improve brain functions. At this time the weather is also very favorable which means that you’ll not spend a lot of time burning in the sun. Human traffic is also at a minimum making it easier to navigate the streets and sidewalks. Get your trainers on and run for some minutes very early in the morning before you begin your day's activities. You'll find yourself very active for the rest of the day with your mood greatly improved since running triggers the release of dopamine which is essential for happy moods. 


If you can't run, jogging is a great alternative. You'll still sweat and burn calories while improving the functioning of your body organs such as the heart and brain. It improves the flow of blood to the rest of the body and makes you fit and healthy. You can accomplish just as much as the person running through jogging. This exercise is simple and not strenuous which means that even people who are advanced in age can participate in it. Fitness trackers can monitor your progress by relaying information about your heart rate and the distance covered. You can then use such data to evaluate yourself.

Nature walks

Walking helps you to burn calories and strengthen your leg muscles. You can trek or walk up a mountainous region, or just follow a nature trail and admire the natural environment. This can help you clear your mind, obtain better perspectives when it comes to making important decisions and keep your body fit. Some people assume that walking is not really exercising but the fact remains that it is a great way to burn calories. That's the reason why people who use their cars quite often are more likely to be overweight and unfit compared to those who walk every now and then.


Have you ever wondered why most dancers generally have a lean physique? The reason is that dancing makes you sweat and burn calories, in the process you get rid of excess body fat and keep fit. You don't have to go to the gym to get a flat tummy, you can achieve that goal in a fun and exciting way through dancing. In fact, this type of exercise is the most ideal for someone who doesn't have much time to engage in outdoor fitness programs like running or jogging.

These are some of the simple exercises that do not require expensive gym equipment or consume much of your time. You can do them by yourself and use the fitness tracking devices to monitor your progress.


How Does a Fitness Tracker Work?

It's always good to be curious about how things work because then you begin to properly understand the significance of their functions. A fitness tracker sits perfectly on your wrist, counting the number of steps you make, measuring calorie expenditure and monitoring the quality of your sleep. Yet just how exactly does this gadget collect information and relay it to your smartphone?

To explain it simply, fitness tracking devices measure motion. Most of the current trackers have accelerometers that track movements in all directions. Some also measure orientation using a gyroscope. The data gathered is afterwards converted into activity and steps and then sleep quality and calories. Some assumptions are made on the way to arriving at these information. 

The altimeter, as the name suggests, is a feature used for measuring altitude. It is very important in measuring the heights of mountains when you are working out at high altitudes and the number of flights of stairs taken in a day. All these information is gathered and compiled to create a general reading. The accuracy of the data will increase with the number of sensors that your tracker has. 

The sensors of the tracking device determine acceleration, duration, frequency, intensity and movement patterns. All this data collected together improves the accuracy of your tracker reading. The sensors will collect information whether you are enjoying evening walks or just dancing to your favorite music.

Other trackers have temperature sensors that check the body temperature alongside bio-impedance sensors that measure the resistance of the skin to small electric currents. Some fitness trackers make use of optical or light sensors to measure pulse by shining light on the skin. The light illuminates capillaries as the sensors take measurements of how fast your blood is flowing and subsequently the rate of your heartbeat. These sensors come in handy when you are working out and want to monitor your heartbeat. Bio-impedance sensors are however more effective in gauging your general health.

When monitoring the quality of your sleep, the trackers use a process known as actigraphy to translate wrist movements into patterns of sleep. It will ideally measure how much you toss and turn in your sleep. To measure the amount of calories burned, a tracker will add heart rate data and amount of perspiration into the algorithm plus the number of steps taken. 

Fitness trackers use algorithms that differ slightly to convert raw data into real statistics. Different trackers have different thresholds for collecting information and that's why some trackers will ignore a small body movement like stretching while others will record it. This has an effect on the accuracy of the final data presented. As you purchase your fitness tracking device, you'll be asked about your age, weight, height and gender in order to find one that greatly suits you.

The final link in this chain is the smartphone app. Once the data goes through numerous algorithms and then refined appropriately, it is presented in a format that is user-friendly. A lot of fitness tracking applications also come with the capability of adding data manually.


Benefits of Using Fitness Trackers

There is no doubt whatsoever that inactivity can lead to a lot of health related issues. Fitness trackers monitor your level of activity and display the information on your smartphone. You not only have to stay fit but also track your progress as you go about your fitness regimens to see whether you are on course or you need to push yourself further. Fitness trackers are smart devices that are highly functional and will help you keep healthy while staying true to your fitness goals. What are some of the benefits of having these devices?

Monitoring your progress

This is the most basic function of these devices because they can greatly help you to keep track of your fitness goals. They monitor your general physical activity, heartbeat rate and other factors like quality of sleep. If you like to jog, or even run in order to lose weight, you can check your progress and determine whether your are making gains or lagging behind. The trackers have a smart way of displaying information which is very much beneficial to you. It's always hard to gauge yourself but with trackers you can self-evaluate quite easily.


By knowing how further away you are from realizing your goals, you can be motivated to work even harder to achieve them. Some employers are also using the fitness trackers to motivate staff to keep fit. They set targets and reward those that achieve them. It's always great to exercise when you have people pushing or competing against you. The device allows you to see how much progress you are making which can be quite encouraging. There are many psychological advantages to this, the most significant being that people are generally motivated to work harder when there is some progress made.

Ability to personalize your exercises

Fitness trackers allow you to set your own goals. They are connected to your smartphones and tablets which means that you can very much personalize their functionality. There are people who hate going to the gym because it makes them uncomfortable. These devices can act as substitutes to gym instructors and help you keep track of your fitness exercises. You can monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments if need be. 

An up to date weight loss tool

Most people join fitness activities primarily to lose weight and fitness trackers use forward technology to help you achieve your weight-loss goals. You can check your heartbeat rate and see whether you are on course by using the monitoring tools that measure your activity levels. 

Great fashion pieces

This is not a health benefit but still nonetheless a benefit that comes with fitness trackers. They are sometimes worn as digital watches and can be very ideal pieces of fashion accessories. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes and you can therefore make your pick based on what will compliment your personal style.


Advantages of Self-Fitness Training Over Gym Membership

There are people who prefer to have gym membership when exercising while there are those who find it much better to train on their own or in the comfort of their homes. The gym has a variety of training equipment that members can choose from but there are still several advantages of home or self-training over gym membership. Fitness trackers are supposed to help those who train by themselves keep track of their progress and stay focused on their set out goals. What are some of the benefits that one would enjoy when training on his or her own as opposed to having a gym membership?

Save on costs 

This goes without saying because gym membership comes with extra costs. The fee that you pay on a monthly or annual basis will carter for the wages of the gym instructor and equipment maintenance as well as being payment for using the gym itself. This is one thing that you don't have to worry about when you train on your own. Using fitness trackers, you can jog, run or walk on a daily basis while monitoring your progress all on your own. You'll end up meeting your objectives while still cutting down on unnecessary expenditure.

Ideal for those who hate crowded places

If you are one of those people who feel uncomfortable in crowded places then the gym might not be the most ideal place for you to exercise. Exercising in your own way and in your own space gives you comfort and makes you relax when doing your fitness routines. You can therefore opt for a home gym if you can afford it or engage in the simple exercises like jogging and running that will not cost you much. Having morning runs or taking nature walks will give you peace of mind due to the serene nature of the surroundings. 

Move at your set pace

When you exercise on your own, you can determine your own pace and train at your level. Instructors at the gym sometimes tend to hurry things up or give you exercises that are difficult to perform. There is also the issue of playing catch up with those who started before you, a factor which can be the cause of unnecessary pressure. Fitness tracking devices will help you set and maintain fitness goals that are suitable for you.


Gym sessions are scheduled which makes them very rigid. You have to adhere to the set timelines or miss out. With home or self-training, you get to determine your own schedule. You can exercise whenever you feel like without the restrictions brought about by gym membership.


Sharing equipment with so many people is unhygienic especially when they are not cleaned immediately after use. When you train on your own or at home, you use your own training gear and equipment. You therefore don't get to interact with other people's sweat or bodily fluids which can sometimes be the cause of several communicable diseases.

You can train on your own and use the fitness trackers to monitor your progress. It has several advantages over regular gym membership as we have seen.


Fitness Tracker

There are many fitness trackers available in the market right now. A lot of people have finally began to embrace these gadgets and have started using them as a means of keeping fit and staying healthy. Which are some of the popular lifestyle trackers this year?

Fitbit Charge HR

Anyone who has even a little bit of information about fitness trackers must have probably heard about or come across the Fitbit Charge HR. One of the most popular lifestyle trackers this year, this gadget has iOS, Android and Windows phone compatibility. When fully charged the battery can last up to five days. It also enables Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The Fitbit Charge HR is able to automatically detect exercises such as running and cycling. It has an improved pulse tracking ability which gives you an option of setting tougher weekly fitness targets. This tracker also has a screen, an altimeter and a pulse counter to tell you how much calories you've burned during your fitness exercises. The app is wonderful and the gadget's strap makes it a comfortable wrist piece. It comes in a sleek and discreet design, a perfect fit for many people who use trackers to monitor their health. Fitbit Charge HR is definitely one of the most popular fitness trackers this year. The gadget retails at about $175.

Microsoft Band 2

This is an excellent combination of a step counter and a great exercising companion. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. When fully charged, the battery lasts for about two days. With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a better screen than the initial Microsoft Band, this upgraded version is clearly a much superior product. It has eleven sensors including skin temperature, ambient light and UV sensors. It's ideal for tracking sleep, running, the gym, cycling and many other outdoor fitness activities. It also retails for about $175 on Amazon. 

Jawbone UP2 

One thing that conspicuously stands out about this fitness tracker is that it's very light and comfortable. The Jawbone UP2 is compatible with Android and iOS, has a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a long battery life of about 10 days. It does not really do much but if you want to monitor the quality of your sleep and count your steps then it might just as well serve the purpose. This fitness tracking gadget is also very affordable and retails for about $54 on Amazon.

UA Band

This fitness tracker is as a result of a joint venture between HTC and Under Armour (UA). It is very sleek and has great functionality. The tracker's screen is sensitive to touch while the gadget itself has a waterproofing of 2ATM. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and a battery life of 5 days. The UA Band is slightly expensive but nevertheless a wonderful gadget. 

There are still other fitness trackers like Garmin Vivofit 2 and Withings Activite Pop that fitness enthusiast use. The above are some of the most popular lifestyle trackers this year. Most people prefer them because of the improved functionality and great design. With constant innovation, others are bound to appear in the market.